David Hill

London, GB

I am a greaphic design and want to put my skills to good use. I am hoping to create a Boccia E-zine, the idea of it is to take a comprehensive look into every aspect of Boccia from training examples to personal player stories and profile. Boccia is a difficult sport to explain; many people just describe it as bowls played in wheelchair – which certainly doesn’t do it justice. People that play boccia knows it has a lot more going for it. It is a sport driven by skill and accuracy and requires good focus and decision-making. Not to mention an internationally recognised sport played in over 50 countries and also a feature Paralympic sport since 1984. The E-zine will not just a newsletter written by just me, it will be a community where anyone can share their views and opinions on the sport. It is my aim to also inspire newcomers to try out boccia.