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2014 Conference Extra

Welcome to the 2014 Conference Extra Newsletter Conference returns to the south coast in 2014 and we are guaranteed a very warm welcome from the Bournemouth team. The theme this year is 'Showtime' and there are plenty of surprises planned over the four days. This newsletter includes information for those attending any of the Conference events and/or the AGM. It will also be of use for those that plan to watch the AGM as it is streamed to the club website ( Those watching on the internet will have the ability to vote in the trial on-line voting experiment we will be conducting. This year the on-line votes will not actually be included in the final decisions, but if the trial is successful then on-line voting will be available at future AGMs. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at Bournemouth, and hope that as many others will view the on-line broadcast of the AGM.

National Conference and AGM Timetable SHOWTIME PROGRAMME Thursday 12.00


Venue Royal Bath Hotel (RBH) “ Green Room, RBH


Box Office Opens Green Room Opens Guests assemble for the Welcome Party Welcome Party Buffet

07.30 09.30 09.30 10.30 17.15

Golf Competition Transport Trip to RNLI Trip to Compton Acres 41 National Council Meeting International Greetings

Canford Magna Poole C anford Cliffs, Poole Mirabelle Suite RBH De Vere Suite RBH

18.45 19.45

Red Carpet Reception Gala Ball Begins

Pavilion Ballroom “

08.15 08.30 09.30 10.00 11.30

41 AGM Transport Begins 41 AGM Registration Opens 41 AGM Opens Tangent Lunch Registration Opens Tangent Lunch Commences

Lifecentre , Moordown “ “ De Vere Suite, RBH “

19.00 for 19.45

Restaurant, RBH



13.45 18.30 for 19.15

Tangent AGM Commences Final Party

“ Pavilion Ballroom

Showtime Closing Ceremony

Green Room, RBH

Sunday 10.30

National Conference and AGM Locations


The Life Centre - 711-715 Wimborne Road, Winton, Bournemouth BH9 2AU Tel: 01202 530265 Shuttle buses will run early morning from the Royal Bath Hotel – and back at the end of the AGM. See the Notice Board in reception for times. LC P

Many of the ‘Yellow’ or ‘More’ buses pass the Life Centre from Bournemouth town centre. The journey by bus takes about 20mins. Limited Parking at Moordown St Johns Primary School playground in Victoria Park Road opposite. Signs will be displayed in Wimborne Road and stewards will be on hand to direct you.

Transport to the Life Centre The 41 Club AGM is being held at the Life Centre which is a few miles from the Conference Hotel. Shuttle buses will be provided at peak times or there are service buses to the venue if you travel outside the shuttle bus schedules.

Car Parking in Bournemouth

Can't Attend the AGM ..... Then

There is no on-street parking in the centre of Bournemouth. The Royal Bath Hotel has limited parking available. This is valet parking and is on a first-come firstserved basis. Please note that cars parked at the hotel cannot be removed until the Sunday. If the hotel car park is full or you require your car during the conference period then please use one of the surface car parks in the town centre. Parking costs about £12.50 per day.

As last year we will be video streaming the AGM live onto the Association website, if you cannot attend please ensure that your Chairman hosts his Club members to listen to the debate and stimulate discussion.

For the AGM special arrangements have been made for parking at a school near the Life Centre. Please see the map on the previous page.

Additionally, this year we are trialling Electronic Voting. Your Club Chairman will shortly be receiving a unique access code allowing him on the day to not only Hear and See the AGM live but also to Vote on the important issues affecting the Association after discussing them with you. These electronic votes will NOT count towards the overall vote but are for testing purposes only THIS year. I am trying to promote the equivalent of Street or Chairman’s Parties throughout GB&I and encourage inclusivity in all our business. Please join in!

Please note any member of 41 Club can attend the AGM and observe. There is no limit on numbers – everyone is welcome!

SIXTY NINTH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING AGENDA 1. Welcome by the National President 2. Purposes and Objects 3. Apologies for absence 4. Appointment of Tellers and Scrutineers 5. Confirmation and Adoption of the Minutes of the 68th Annual General Meeting held on 13th April 2013 in Llandudno, North Wales 6. Matters arising from those Minutes 7. To receive the National Council’s Report for 2013 8. Receive Resolutions 9. Election of Officers 2014-2015/7 10. Adoption of National Treasurer’s Report and Accounts to 31st December 2013 11. Presentation of the Budget for 2015 12. Agreement of the Budget for 2015 13. Appointment of Independent Examiners 14. Presentation of Trophies and Appreciations 15. Installation of National President 2014-2015 16. Installation of National Vice-President 2014-2015 17. Installation of Officers 2014-2016/2014 - 2017 18. Any other Business relevant to the AGM 20. Time, date and place of the 70th Annual General Meeting 9.00 a.m. – Saturday 18th April 2015 – Harrogate International Conference Centre

Resolutions Submitted By National Council RESOLUTION 2 RESOLUTION 1

National Council Propose that:

National Council propose that:

Rule 9.4 is amended:

Subject to the National Board being satisfied that the electronic web voting system tested at the Bournemouth AGM in April 2014 is a viable tool for future use, it is empowered to change the necessary rules to implement the system for the AGM in Harrogate in 2015 and thereafter.

This is achieved by deleting the words ‘not less than eight and not more than twelve’ and insertion of the word ‘five’ in their place in two separate sentences and deletion of the word ‘postal’ after ‘a’ before the word ‘ballot’.

RATIONALE: The rationale behind this proposal is to enable all Constituent Clubs of the Association to have a voice and more importantly a vote at the AGM. At present Voting Delegates that attend the AGM and those Clubs that elect to give their proxy vote to a Voting Delegate (subject to the conditions of rule 17.3) can vote. Individual Clubs have voiced their discontent in being unable to vote due to the distance required to be travelled and or the cost of the Annual Conference. The introduction of Electronic Voting allows individual Clubs to view and listen to the AGM via the Video Streaming and having listened to the debate and discussions make an evidence based decision on the proceedings and have it recorded as an integral part of the AGM process. This resolution when passed will eliminate the need and use of Proxy Voting. Existing Rule 17.3 Every constituent club shall be entitled to send one delegate, appointed from its full members, who shall not be a current member of the National Board, to a General Meeting. Each constituent club shall have one vote on any resolution at a General Meeting (subject to Rule 4.6). Such vote shall be given either by the voting delegate appointed by the constituent Club from its own membership and attending the meeting or by a proxy voting delegate, who shall not be a current member of the National Board. Any constituent Club may appoint a proxy voting delegate from another constituent Club to attend the General Meeting and vote on its behalf providing that the name of the proxy delegate shall have been registered with the National Secretary not less than 72 hours before the Meeting. A proxy voter may also vote for his own club but may not be a proxy voter for more than one club. Members of more than one club may carry a single vote for each club of which they are members.

RESOLUTION 3 National Council propose that: Rule 9.10 is deleted. Rule 9.10 reads: In the event of a Region being restructured prior to the 2008 Annual General Meeting any serving National Councillor in office following the 2007 Annual General Meeting shall automatically become the National Councillor for the Region in which his club is situated but his length of service shall be deemed to have commenced from his original election. RATIONALE: Rule 9.10 relating to the 2007 restructuring of Regions is obsolete, does not relate to current practice and is hence not required.

The rule will then read: The National Secretary shall give constituent clubs five weeks’ notice of an election in their Region. Nominations accompanied by the written consent of the nominee and relevant details in accordance with Rule 6.6 shall be submitted to the National Secretary by the notified closing date. In the event of there being more than one nomination the National Secretary, or such other person appointed by the National Council, shall arrange for a ballot to be conducted, the closing date of which shall be five weeks after the ballot documents and relevant details of the candidates have been circulated. Canvassing for election as a Councillor is prohibited save that a candidate may submit to the National Secretary for circulation by him an election address in such format as shall be approved by the National Council. The National Council shall decide if any prohibited canvassing has taken place in which event that candidate shall be disqualified from that election. RATIONALE: With the current development in Information Technology, the Association’s database of member e-mails and our move from Paper Mailings to Electronic Correspondence there is too long a time interval in the minimum and maximum timings for notice and receipt of nominations for National Councillor Elections. By reducing the time intervals the time for a region to be without a National Councillor can be reduced by two months and in the case of a contested election a total of four months. The same rationale is applicable for the deletion of the word ‘postal’ allowing the National Secretary to make use of modern technology.

Voting Delegates Each Voting Delegate must bring to the AGM a Voting Delegate Authority Form signed by either the Club Chairman or Secretary, authorising the delegate to vote on the Club’s behalf. This form will be required at Registration in order to obtain a Voting Pack. This does NOT apply to Proxy Voting Delegates. Amendments to Resolutions Any amendments to a Resolution seeking to amend the Association's Constitution, Rules or Standing Orders must be received IN WRITING by the National Secretary no less than SEVEN days before the AGM. Any amendment must be proposed and seconded by a constituent Club. Speaking at the AGM Delegates may speak at the AGM on any subject; however this may only be for a maximum of THREE minutes. A traffic light system will be operated to time speeches and after three minutes the sound system will be cut off. Anyone speaking should announce his Name, Club Name and Region before speaking. Delegates are reminded that the AGM is recorded for the purposes of recording the minutes. Delegates are also reminded that the AGM is being Video Streamed onto the Association website.

Resolutions Submitted By Constituent Clubs RESOLUTION 4 Bournemouth 41 Club propose that: ‘The role of National Council and the position of National Councillor be abolished as soon as possible and in any event by no later than the end of the seventieth Annual General Meeting of the Association in 2015 and that the National Board be instructed to make timely recommendations for the future governance of the Association with a view to the new governance being introduced from the end of the seventieth Annual General Meeting’ National Council OPPOSE THIS RESOLUTION RATIONALE: The rationale behind this proposal is Clause 3.1 (b) of the Constitution and Rules of the Association sets out the “Purposes” of the Association. The structure of the National Board (consisting of the National Officers) was recently revised to better reflect and achieve those Purposes and improve Governance. So far, it has not been possible to reflect and better achieve those “Purposes” and improve Governance below National Board level. Under the present management structure, the National Board has no power to submit recommendations to the general membership of the Association without having first obtained the approval of the National Council, a body which consists of the National Board and the National Councillors, wherein the National Councillors hold sway in view of their numbers. This enables the National Council to block recommendations by stifling them at source, which would be unfortunate if they were recommendations which might be

thought by the general membership to be ones where the National Council had a vested interest in preserving the status quo. Such defeated resolutions are unlikely even to come to the notice of the general membership as having being discussed at all. This resolution is an attempt to empower the Board to bring new ideas and recommendations for the Governance of the Association to the general membership. In any event and further to and apart from the above, there is another reason why the role of National Council and National Councillors should receive fundamental critical consideration and it stems from the Association having made a considerable investment in technology to improve communications. Fast, high quality, cost-effective communication between National and almost every member of the Association is now possible. This has brought two further advantages in that the message spread by National is consistent (and not “interpreted” by National Councillors) whilst also actually being spread (and not forgotten to be spread by National Councillors or not being spread because there is no sitting National Councillor in a Region). As a consequence of just the investment in technology and communication alone, it is felt that the previously accepted need for a National Council has gone and that the role of National Councillors is superfluous too. Underpinning this resolution is a belief that new Governance should be put in place by the Association and that the best way to achieve that objective is for the Association to empower and instruct the National Board to put forward proposals to the general membership of the Association to achieve such new, improved Governance, unhindered by a National Council and National Councillors both of which should be abolished.

Notes on Proxy Voting The membership is reminded that proxy voting can be used at this AGM. The Proxy Delegate voting rules are as follows: Every constituent club shall be entitled to send one delegate, appointed from its full members, to a General Meeting. Each constituent club shall have one vote on any resolution at a General Meeting (subject to Rule 4.6). Such vote shall be given either by the voting delegate appointed by the constituent Club from its own membership and attending the meeting or by a proxy voting delegate. Any constituent Club may appoint a proxy voting delegate from another constituent Club to attend the General Meeting and vote on its behalf providing that the name of the proxy delegate shall have been registered with the National Secretary not less than 72 hours before the Meeting. A proxy voter may also vote for his own club but may not be a proxy voter for more than one club. Members of more than one club may carry a single vote for each of clubs of which they are members. To summarise:

AGM on their behalf That person must be a member of a fully paid up constituent Club The Proxy Voter can vote for his own club or clubs as well The Proxy Voter can have two or more votes. i.e. for his own Clubs and for the Club he represents as a proxy voter. The National Secretary must be informed by the Club appointing that person the name and details of the Proxy Voter IN WRITING to arrive THREE days before the AGM. Information may be sent to the National Secretary by: email ( or Post: 78 Portchester Road, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 8QJ. PLEASE NOTE THE NATIONAL SECRETARY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RECEIVE POST PROXY VOTER DETAILS AFTER 9.30 ON WEDNESDAY 23RD APRIL 2014 AS HE WILL BE IN TRANSIT

Any Club can appoint someone from another Club to vote at the

For those attending the AGM as the Voting Delegate, please ensure the Chairman or Secretary completes and signs the Voting Delegate Form (FORM A) and they bring the completed Form with them to the AGM to register. Failure to follow this may prejudice your Club’s vote.

Board Reports for 2013-2014 National President - Martin Green It seems very odd to be writing an end of year report at the end of December. It seems like only yesterday that David Smith placed the presidential jewel around my neck and an unforgettable journey began. In my life. I have always been one of the ‘back room boys’ – never the ‘leader’ or the ‘man at the top’. Becoming President was not initially in my comfort zone, but it is surprising how quickly you get into the role – in reality you don’t have time to think about it!

have all been working very hard on different initiatives to increase numbers – but it is an uphill battle. However, I do sense wherever I go that this concern is only ‘at the top’, and at Club level very few seem worried about this. I’m afraid that unless we do address this at every level, our erosion will accelerate and in ten years we will have halved our numbers. I really believe we Wherever I have been I have been made very welcome. I have found must provide a legacy so those who follow us can a good and generous spirit everywhere. A spirit that reflects enjoy what we have done. everything that is good about having been a Round Tabler. In reality I have enjoyed the company of the other three we are still Tablers – just older versions! National Presidents in the Round Table Family this year, Stephen, Wherever I have been accompanied by my wife Maria, she too has Ruth and Karen. The biggest strength we have is when we are been made very welcome, in fact in many cases, as she has been together – not just at the ‘top’ but at all levels. The best events I have handling my ‘bookings’, she has sometimes been more well-known attended this year have been where they have been joint meetings, than I have! where either Tablers are present, or when the Ladies get involved. I There are of course an enormous number of thank-you’s I need to cite Nuneaton’s Beetle Drive as one of the best – perhaps viewed by make. To everyone who has made both Maria and I so welcome, for some as extremely ‘crass’ but in spirit and fun – most enjoyable. the gifts we have received in some places to commemorate a visit, to Internationally I have been made most welcome at both the the Board and Council for their tireless and often unrecognised work Switzerland AGM and the Swedish HYM. What has become very on the Association’s behalf, to the team at Marchesi House for their clear at both of these meetings is that ‘membership’ is a key issue support, and to the guys in Abingdon and Isis Clubs who have in many worldwide and most countries see the future of 41Club as working cases driven me around the country. And of course to Hyundai who closely with Round Table. An excellent example of this has been Old have continued to provide us with a Presidents car – a hugely Tablers Deutschland (OTD). In Germany 85% of Tablers join 41Club. important benefit to the Association. In the UK we convert 20-25%. OTD have worked really closely on a And then there is Maria. Without Maria none of this would have been possible. She has worked like a demon sorting bookings, clothes, gifts, dry cleaning, drivers etc. and without her I know I would have floundered. It has also been a huge pleasure to work closely with Macmillan Cancer Support. At the time of preparing this, I am unclear how much we have raised for them, but I have been amazed at the enormous generosity that I have seen in 41Club to support this much needed charity. Sometimes the generosity can catch you unawares – Bracknell, who out of the blue gave me a cheque for £1,000, Mallorca €2,000 from a coffee morning, Barry Durman riding a bike from Marchesi House to the Moulin Rouge, Ken Griffiths running the Great South Run, and even the anonymous £10 note that arrived in the post from ‘someone in York’. To everyone who has supported in some way or another – many thanks.

joint Community Service initiative with Round Table in Kenya. Transfer from Table to 41Club is almost ‘automatic’ – perhaps there is something we could learn here? Also, of course, we have to make sure the Tablers have something to join worth joining. A Tabler leaving Round Table at 45 is very ‘age conscious’. He has been involved in a wonderfully stimulating experience in Table. Please put yourselves in his shoes and ask yourself if your Club offers something for this guy to make him want to join you? My best wishes go to Jim Smith and his wife Chris for next year. Jim has been a real ‘rock’ this year, and I know he will serve the Association well during his Presidential year. It is a huge privilege to be National President and to wear that wonderful jewel of office. I hope I have served the Association well during 2013 and I wish everyone well for the forthcoming year.

Throughout the year I have spoken at nearly every event about my concerns for our membership numbers. The low numbers in Round Thank you all for giving me that privilege. Table, coupled with the poor conversion rate of Tablers to 41Club is slowly eroding our numbers. The members of the National Board Martin Green

National Vice President - Jim Smith The e-mail from National Secretary Manny to submit my report for the AGM papers was a reminder as to how quickly the year is going and that it will not be too long now before I take over the Presidency. During the year I have often joked with members on some visits that the National Vice President role is the easiest on the National Board as they don’t really have a portfolio. That may be the case as the members of the National Board work very hard on behalf of the membership but I have found this year extremely busy. Forward Planning Forward Planning is the role of the National Vice President. Not only in preparing for the year as National President but as Chair of the Forward Planning Committee. Forward Planning is really about how

can we do better in engaging with the Membership, how we can improve the retention rate of Tablers due to leave Round Table and how do we work alongside the rest of the member Associations of the Round Table Family. This year has seen us working on two major initiatives. Firstly I am delighted that we have been able to come to an agreement with Round Table on the sharing of membership data, overcoming potential Data Protection hurdles at last. More on this appears in Duncan Kennedy’s Membership report. This is a major step forward and we would like to thank the Round Table Board and their Chief

Executive Cait Allen for their help in achieving this.

this is work that must continue.

We have also been working on our ‘Communications Strategy’. In the 21st century the cornerstone of any membership organisation is its ‘IT Strategy’. We have reviewed ours and found it wanting. We are about to embark on a project to re-build our web site, which hasn’t been touched for over 10 years, and incorporate it with a Social Media strategy using the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In. Whilst Social Media may not be for everyone it is used heavily by our younger target market and can assist us in broadening our reach. The IT Strategy is a major part of our whole communications and you will have seen that we are communicating with the membership more by e-mail now which is not only more inclusive but saves us money. More news on the web site will be given at the AGM.

Round Table Family Representatives from the National Boards of the 4 Associations meet up twice a year and the National Vice Presidents chair the representation from each Association. As I write this we still have our second meeting of the year to come. These are very useful meetings to share successes, concerns and opportunities to work together for the future. One of the key issues on every agenda is membership. There is no doubt that by working together as a family we are stronger and one of our key roles as members of 41 Club is to support Round Table. I hope that a number of you were able to get out and support a Round Table, even if your own is closed supporting another local club, following my November Newsletter article. My club did. We were made very welcome and the Round Table club were grateful for the support with their Santa Sleigh. We also had a lot of fun. One other thing that has come from our discussions is the need to support Membership in both Round Table and Ladies Circle. We have approximately 17,000 members. If just 10% of us made an introduction of a potential member to Table or Circle just think what a difference that would make not only to Round Table and Ladies Circle but to 41 Club and Tangent in the future. We all know people who are in the right age bracket be they family, friends or work colleagues. Let’s make an effort to help Round Table and Circle and ultimately ourselves. To cement this work a formal Memorandum of Understanding on working together has been signed by the 4 National President’s during the year. It’s been done at National level now we need to encourage it to work at Local level.

These two items are key to our future but as you will see from the budget and Treasurer’s report they do cost money. The National Board believes there is a real justification for this spend. The web site is the cornerstone of our communications policy. At the moment it is old technology, very tired and very inactive. If we communicate with potential members from past Tablers or those just about to leave Round Table to be effective our communication has to point to the web site. Feedback tells us that just one look will confirm their suspicions that we are inactive and not worth joining. We have a real opportunity this year with the agreement on Table database. From an initial view we will be e-mailing around 10,000 past Tablers who are not members of 41 Club in one hit. We will then be able to follow that up with other communication and direct contact. This is a golden opportunity for us to grow our membership and improve the rate of transfer from Round Table to 41 Club. We acknowledge this is not the only thing that needs to be done but it is a much needed platform. I urge you to support the budget for this. We have also been working on improving the link with Round Tablers to encourage them to join 41 Club as the ‘Club of Choice’ after Round Table. A small committee from the National Board plus Brad Parkes and John Payne from Round Table and Simon Trevelyan from the new Lichfield Spires 41 Club have been working on this. We have been assisted by Engelbert Friedsam of the German Old Tablers Association. In Germany they recognised the issue of Tablers not moving on to 41 Club some 7 years ago and started work on a series of initiatives. During that time they have improved their transfer rate from around 20% to 83%. We believe our own transfer rate is around 25%. We have made a good start but

Out and About During the year I have had the opportunity to travel around the country visiting Clubs on behalf of President Martin. I have also been able to take my golf sticks with me on a few occasions to join in Regional Golf Days. Wherever I have been the hospitality has been terrific and I have enjoyed many days of fun and fellowship. Preparations for next year are well under way and I know there will be many more days of fun to come. If you haven’t booked something for me to visit next year please have a look at the diary on the web site or give me a ring. I would love to come and visit you. It is a great honour to serve as your National Vice President and I am really looking forward to next year as your National President. Jim Smith

Immediate Past President - David Smith Looking back through the valedictory reports of my predecessors as IPP they invariably seem to contain the authors’ thoughts for strengthening, improving, changing this Association of ours. There is however nothing so ‘past it’ as a Past President and I suspect those reports, once read, are consigned to gather dust in the archives held in Marchesi House. So you will not find any “pearls of wisdom” in this report chiefly because I firmly believe that the direction our Association takes in the future will be rightly determined by the clubs and members and not by the musings of an outgoing member of the National Council. Over the past ten years I have had a lot of fun in your company for which I shall always be grateful. I have absolutely no regrets about putting my name forward as National Councillor for Region 6 (later re-numbered as Region 10) nor for undertaking the various jobs within the Council which came my way. I have had the privilege of meeting numerous ‘like-minded men’ on the Council all of whom have, in the true Round Table way, shown me immense courtesy, friendship, understanding and who have shared in the fun and banter which inevitably flows, along with the beer, when Round Tablers get together. You see, I still regard myself as a Round Tabler. OK, I may not be entitled to wear the badge any more but achieving the age of Forty several years ago did not mean that suddenly all the principles and ideals which I’d followed would be cast aside. For this reason, I firmly believe that the overriding purpose of our Association is to promote

and support Round Table and for our members to live up to its Aims and Objects. As I’ve pointed out many times, Old Tablers Sweden have a motto – “Still Tabling” – and that could equally apply to us. In addition to the members of the National Board and Council I would also like to thank: the members of the Llandudno Conference Committee who organised such a magnificent extravaganza last April; 41ers all around the country who were unstinting in their hospitality during my Presidential Year; the members of my own club, Long Eaton who turned out in force to the Conferences in Jersey and Llandudno and who ensured I never travelled alone to any function: and last but not least my beautiful wife Kay who was always there for me – thank you darling, love you lots. In conclusion, may I wish you all good health, much happiness and lots of fun – remember at heart you’re “Still Tabling”! David Smith

National Secretary - Manny Martins The Third Year of our contact with Round Table for them to provide administrative services at Marchesi House has gone extremely well. We held quarterly performance reviews (where we have discussed the detailed KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and monitored hours to ensure we achieved the best value for money. This has proved very successful and we have completed the third year inside our agreed hours and have enjoyed the benefits of having the full team at Marchesi House at our disposal. We have established our headquarters at Marchesi House, with the meeting facilities at our disposal, and moved our archives into the building following the 2013 AGM. The establishing of the Archive Room and its setting out are due to the ceaseless endeavours of our Honorary Archivist Hugh Milward. During the year David Andrews and Beverley Wall (Marchesi House staff) have worked diligently on our behalf. I wish to record my thanks to all the staff from Chief Executive Cait Allen and Office Manager Beverley North to Sam Merry and David Andrews for their support over the year. Over the course of the year we have continued to strengthen our systems to enable us to move forward to support our Communications Objectives. SharePoint (data storage in the ‘Cloud’) is enabling us to securely store and archive our documentation and making it easier for Hugh Milward to access and manipulate the archive document centre. I have run a series of sound bite workshops to keep National Council members up to speed and become familiar with the systems. Our Mailing List system is functioning well allowing us to communicate with all of the membership that have e-mail addresses on our CAS system. We could do with more members supplying their e-mail addresses so we can communicate to an even greater audience. Despite giving their e-mail address to us – we are regularly reported by our members to ISP’s (Internet Service Suppliers such as AOL and BTInternet) for sending out Spam! The repercussions of this happening could result in these ISP’s ‘blacking’ us. The consequences of the action by this minority could affect a large number of our members if it continues with ISP’s getting tougher on organisations that send out Spam. With over 17,000 members in our Association – we still have a long way to go

until we can communicate with all of our membership. I would like to take this opportunity of assuring everyone on our mailing list, that we never send out ‘unsolicited mail’ or ever share our address list with a third party. I believe that all the Constituent Clubs should have a say in how the Association is managed. In order for that to happen they all need access and representation to our decision making meeting - the AGM. This year - 2013 - we video streamed the AGM via our website for all to see. Following the live event we maintained a video on the website for the rest of the year. Next year – 2014 – we will be again video streaming the AGM (ongoing from now on) and introducing electronic voting – so we will in 2015 eliminate Proxy Voting but ensure that ALL Clubs can vote on all the proposals,resolutions and elections. The cost of this has been offset by publishing the AGM papers on the website instead of mailing all Clubs twice (in November and March) with these documents. I wish to thank the Association International Officer Dave Campbell for his assistance in delivering these systems. As I visit Clubs I have been asked what does ’National’ do? I prepare the ‘National Council Report’ with contributions from each member of that elected body for information - and following the National Council Meetings I draft the minutes – both of these are published on our Website for the benefit of all members. Please read the reports and minutes to review what the National Council has done and achieved throughout 2013. These can be accessed through the Secretary pages and gives a flavour of ‘What National does’. This is my second year as National Secretary. I sincerely hope that I have provided you with the services you required promptly and professionally. Manny Martins

National Treasurer - Mark Fairchild As another exciting year of debits and credits comes to a close, I find myself trying to remember what I have achieved this year. Looking back I reckon I can claim the following:

viewed, but I have not had any questions from anyone yet so I suspect the answer may be not many.

Capitation requests and reminders have been revamped and now include our bank details so that you can pay online. This should cut down the workload for Marchesi House staff, or at least give them less opportunity to buy doughnuts on the way back from paying in cheques each week (or is that just me that does that?)

Chasing late capitation fees remains the biggest niggle, although this has been helped once again by Beverley and David’s at Marchesi House’s perseverance in chasing the stragglers. By the end of the year we were down to just 22 outstanding, 4 of which are pending disaffiliation and another 9 having paid at the time of writing this report.

Corporation Tax has been brought up to date, with the initial demand and fines issued when I registered online reducing from £13k to a few pounds of interest. A procedure has been written to aid future National Treasurers, which should avoid any problems in the future. Quarterly income and expenditure accounts have been produced and published on CAS. I’m not sure how often they have been

This may seem a short report but please note that are two further descriptive sets of notes in Appendix E explaining items within the Accounts for 2013 and the 2015 Budget. Mark Fairchild

National Communications Officer - Ray Hill For me 2013 was a year of consolidation and investigation. Consolidating what has already been achieved in communications and investigating what changes urgently need to be made to improve both the service for existing members and the attractions for potential members. As planned there have been three editions of the ‘The Magazine’ during 2013. Despite rising costs, especially for postage, we have maintained the overall cost at over £1,000 per edition less than it was in 2010. In addition we have begun to attract some paid-for advertising to help offset the costs. Not a great amount at the moment but it is a start. The main drive has been to make it a magazine of interest to members, potential members, their families and any member of the public finding a copy, rather than just the same old, same old that many club magazines drift into. It is one of the Association’s main public facing assets and copies are now supplied to the five major libraries in Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, as well as to the British Library. Some of the older features are gradually disappearing as the Internet provides a much better service, consequently there will be no more small ads or diaries. One feature that is unfortunately disappearing is the ‘Grumpy Ex-Tablers’ column. Reg Hewitt has been the inspiration behind this column and he has decided to hang up his pen. I must thank Reg for keeping us all amused for so many years and I for one will really miss the ‘Grumpies’. For the first part of the year the Newsletter was in the capable hands of Paul Molley, the Regional Councillor for Region 11. As Paul has now moved on to the Membership Committee I have resumed editorship of this publication. The very nature of an on-line newsletter allows it to be more current for the time-critical items. My aim is to produce a Newsletter at the beginning of every month plus a special edition giving every member access to the AGM reports and motions. The Club Forum on Yahoo has fallen into virtually total disuse. There is normally a flurry of activity around the time of the AGM but there has been no new content for over six months now. Yahoo Groups have run their span and are very restricted compared with other media. It has therefore been decided to close down this forum, but

a more up-to-date media forum will replace it, and we look forward to more members expressing their views. The Club website has become a major concern. The look and feel is very dated and it is maintained using very old, very restrictive software. Indeed it has become extremely difficult to manage the site and Webmaster David Hewitt has done an excellent job maintaining it for us. David will be retiring as Webmaster at the Bournemouth AGM and the whole of the National Council pass on their thanks to him for an excellent job over the last ten years. Initial planning has already started for a brand new, much more user friendly and interactive website, which will be appearing during 2014. For the past 18 months I have been working on a marketing plan to promote 41 Club to those many thousands of ex-Tablers who have, for many varied reasons, never joined our Association. The very nature of our Association and its rules make marketing a very difficult activity but over the next 12 months you will be seeing the fruits of that research. There is no magic wand that will produce new members or new clubs, but we have many ideas on how we at National can help you at club level to find new members. It will need to be a partnership. If you are happy that your club will soon close then no action is needed by you, but if, like the majority, you are interested in continuing the friendship then we have plans that will help your club and the Association to thrive. Also we will be doing everything in our power to help recruit new members to Round Table and Ladies Circle, helping form new Tables and Circles wherever possible. Phil Ellis has been doing a sterling job all over Ireland to put the ‘I’ back into RTBI. This is the final year of my initial three years in this office. May I thank everybody who has contributed in any way over the last three years, without your help communications would be very difficult (and very boring for the readers). Ray Hill

National Membership & RT Liaison Officer - Duncan Kennedy There has been a large amount of activity on the membership front this year. During the year negotiations have been taking place with Round Table about us being able to use their database to contact all past Tablers over 45 for whom they have details. As I am sure you will appreciate there have been a large number of discussions about this especially over the issue of data protection. This has now been resolved following direct contact with the Information Commissioner’s office. These negotiations have resulted in an historic agreement which we hope will greatly benefit both organisations. Round Table will be emailing all these ex-Tablers explaining what is going on and asking anyone who does not want their information passed on to say so. Under the agreement we are to receive the members contact data of those who have left Round Table but never joined 41 Club and in the future we will receive the data annually for those retiring from Round Table. We will then have access to those details which, subject to certain requirements, can be passed on to National Councillors and Clubs to make contact to invite along to 41 Club. At the beginning of the year President Martin tasked me and my committee to identify 20 new potential Clubs by the end of the year. It has transpired that (and this has been strongly believed for a while) there are a large number of unaffiliated clubs out there that consist

of all past Tablers. Following on from the great work put in by members of my committee the following are potential new Clubs. I am sure you will clearly see that this is in excess of 20. However, the work is nowhere near done as we need to liaise closely with these potential Clubs to bring them to affiliation. I know that my committee (Phill Ellis, Nick Lawton, Paul Molley, Godwin Stewart and Sean McCormick (and his deputy Des Fulcher)) has put in a lot of time and effort to bring this to fruition. This is not an overnight task but with the start we have I really feel we are in a position to have a large number of new Clubs in the next few years and it would be fantastic if the list above could be reduced to nil. Unrealistic you may say but we have to give it a go. I believe that special mention should be made to one of my committee, Phil Ellis, who has taken on the mammoth task of trying to rejuvenate 41 Club and Round Table in the whole of Ireland. He has been working closely with Round Table, Tangent and Ladies Circle to reintroduce the concept of the Round Table family to Ireland. He is working to charter and re charter several Round Tables and is currently also working on a number of 41 Clubs. We have already affiliated 3 Clubs this year – Bicester 41 Club,

Torquay 41 Club (both of whom were towns where the Table did not have a 41 Club) and Selby FortySwan 41 Club. Bootle Crosby & District 41 Club has been re-affiliated. I am hopeful that by the time of the AGM there will be more to report. Unfortunately, we have disaffiliated Axe Valley & Lyme Regis 41 Club due to age and lack of numbers.

unlikely to happen for a number of years but surely we should be doing something now. Gentlemen as you go through your daily life please be on the lookout for potential Tablers (and Circlers). If we can all over a period of time introduce just one Tabler each into the organisation we will not only be instrumental in helping to secure the future of Round Table but also of 41 Club.

Although almost everything I have said above relates to membership of 41 Club we must not lose sight of our obligation to support Round Table and to help it grow. This is where our members have to come from and without a strong Round Table organisation we will eventually see our numbers reduce completely. Now, this is

As this report has to be prepared before Christmas I hope to be able to provide an update at the AGM. Duncan Kennedy

National Fellowship Officer - Barry Durman Please keep looking at our Association website and 41 Club Facebook page for news on all fellowship events from golf to charters, conferences to privileges. Conference I should like to thank Andrew Mackereth (Conference Chairman) and his small team who worked their socks off to produce the best Conference for many years. This was my first conference as National Fellowship Officer and the comments of delegates especially those having never been before were "we'll be back next year". It is many years since the Conference has been held in Wales. The Welcome Party had over 220 attending and took over the ground floor of The Imperial Hotel, what an atmosphere! The help from Venue Cymru was incredible and nothing was too much trouble. The dinners for nearly 550 on both nights - for The President’s Banquet and The Final Night Party were outstanding with quick and organised service. Musically the highlight was John Prescott (Tom Jones) who brought the house down on the Saturday Evening. Without the sponsorship of MSC Cruises, Clogau Gold and several others it would have been difficult to provide such a brilliant event.

supplier, writing its value down as we did so. You will see the effect of this in the accounts. Platinum Privileges The Hyundai deal was and still is excellent – I personally know of 9 members who have saved money using this scheme. If you were/are considering a new car you need to look at this deal. Wider Wallet – - a truly money saving deal – was taken up by over 250 41’ers who were using their cards every single month. Or it might have been their wives. Puma Hotels are absolutely lovely in smashing country locations as seen in the recent magazine issues. Again I have had feedback from members that have used this initiative and were well pleased with both standard of hotel, facilities and locations. Millennium Way

Next year 2014 we will be at Bournemouth 2014 under the Conference Committee Chairmanship of David Brown (National Councillor Region 23). A great programme has been arranged.

We have had increasing numbers of hits on this website each month throughout the year and the take-up of walks increased significantly.


As part of the Round Table Family a number of 41 clubbers attended the Royal British Legion Remembrance Sunday service and the march past the Cenotaph in London this year. Simultaneously, there was a moving non-religious service at the National Arboretum near Lichfield on the same morning, with about 50 people from the 4 Clubs. This was followed by a lunch, organised by Lichfield 41 Club which was a great success.

This National competition based on the Regional heats was organised by Ken Donald (National Councillor Region 2). The final was played by all the winning foursomes at Ladbrooke Park south of Birmingham. My own Club, Shirley Late Knights managed a home victory. Sales Sales from our new website in 2013 were very encouraging and are up 18% to £27935.07 with our commission up 39% to £7367.94. During the year we paid for all the stock from EGD, our old sales

Remembrance Day

2013 has been a hectic year with no shortage of Fellowship events, so thank you for participating in them. Barry Durman

Association International Officer - Dave Campbell The 41 Club International AGM April 2013 The 2013 the International AGM was hosted in Interlaken by 41 Club Switzerland. Eighteen countries were represented, Israel and Morocco being absent. At the AGM the business of the organisation was conducted, and included the following agenda items; Resolutions Tabled (To be voted at the 2014 International AGM) The following resolutions were tabled by the Board. Existing: 3.2 (g): A decision to expel or reinstate a member Association shall require a two-thirds majority of the delegates present and voting. Proposed Change: 3.2 (g): A decision to expel or reinstate a

member Association shall require a 75% majority of the delegates present and voting. Existing: 9 (h) The quorum for a meeting shall be 50% of the members of the International Council. The business shall not commence until a quorum is present and shall be adjourned at the time if it is not maintained. If there is no quorum present one hour after the time appointed for the meeting, the meeting shall take place with the International persons present. Proposed addition: 9 (h) The quorum for a meeting shall be 50% of the members of the International Council. The business shall not

commence until a quorum is present and shall be adjourned at the time if it is not maintained. If there is no quorum present one hour after the time appointed for the meeting, the meeting shall take place with the International persons present. Apart from rule changes all other decisions shall require a simple majority of the International Councillors present. Existing Rule : 12 (a) These rules shall not be altered other than by a two-thirds majority of the delegates present and voting at an Annual General Meeting. Details of any proposed modification or additions must be submitted to the Secretary by 1st February in any year for circulation with the notice of the next AGM. During a HalfYearly Meeting all questions regarding 41 INTERNATIONAL can be discussed, and all questions that are not specially reserved to the Annual General Meeting can be decided. Proposed change 12(a) These rules shall not be altered other than by a 75% majority of the delegates present and voting at an Annual General Meeting. Details of any proposed modification or additions must be submitted to the Secretary by 1st February in any year for circulation with the notice of the next AGM. During a Half-Yearly Meeting all questions regarding 41 INTERNATIONAL can be discussed, and all questions that are not specially reserved to the Annual General Meeting can be decided. Resolutions voted on Management Existing : The objects of the organisation shall be carried into effect by an International Council which will also be responsible for administration and future development.

commence until a quorum is present and shall be adjourned at the time if it is not maintained. If there is no quorum present one hour after the time appointed for the meeting, the meeting shall take place with those present. Proposed : Rule 9(h) : The quorum for a meeting shall be 50% of the members of the International Council. The business shall not commence until a quorum is present and shall be adjourned at the time if it is not maintained. If there is no quorum present one hour after the time appointed for the meeting, the meeting shall take place with THE INTERNATIONAL DELEGATES PRESENT The resolution was withdrawn. Additional Rule 3(a) 2 Proposed by South Africa Associations whose affiliated clubs have the option to extend their membership to Ex-Tabler friends on the condition that the rules of admission of such members are in line with the standard practice of Round Table. Such friends of Ex-Tablers can only enjoy our fellowship and will not have the right to participate as delegates nor will they have the right to vote or be nominated to vote. The resolution was carried. Additional Rule 12(c) 2 Proposed by Germany Any resolution moved at a 41 International AGM (whether adopted or rejected) may not be brought forward for reconsideration at the following AGM. In case such resolution is brought forward at a later Annual General Meeting it needs to be tabled again before it is voted. The resolution was carried.

Proposed : The objects of the organisation shall be carried into effect by an International Council which will also be responsible for administration and future development OF THE ORGANISATION It was felt that since it does not really make much difference, less tampering with the rules the better. The motion was withdrawn. Officers Existing : Rule 5(e) In the event of more than one nomination to host the Vice-Presidency or more than one candidate for the post of Secretary or Treasurer, the Association in the case of Vice Presidency and the candidate in the case of Secretary or Treasurer will be requested to address the Annual General Meeting. Guidelines on procedure will be issued by the Board prior to the AGM. Proposed : Rule 5(e) In the event of more than one nomination to host the Vice-Presidency or more than one candidate for the post of Secretary and Treasurer, the Association OR THE CANDIDATE will be requested to address the Annual General Meeting. Guidelines on procedure will be issued by the Board prior to the AGM. The resolution was carried. Duties Existing Rule 6(a) The International President shall be the Chairman of the international Council, the International Board and every meeting held in the name of 41 INTERNATIONAL. In his absence, the International Vice-President shall take the chair. If neither is present, a Chairman shall be elected from those present. Proposed : Rule 6(a) The International President shall be the Chairman of the international Council, the International Board and every meeting held in the name of 41 INTERNATIONAL. In his absence, the International Vice-President shall take the chair. If neither is present, a Chairman shall be elected from those INTERNATIONAL COUNCILLORS PRESENT. The resolution was withdrawn. Meetings Existing Rule 9(h) : The quorum for a meeting shall be 50% of the members of the International Council. The business shall not

Addition to Rule 3(b) 2 Proposed by International board From the year 2013, it has been adopted that for the expansion and growth of the Organisation, that countries having less than 3 clubs will be eligible to join as full members. Until these countries grow to 3 clubs and above, for matters relating to voting, fees payable & hosting, they will be governed by Rules 7(a), 10(d) and 10(f) respectively. The resolution was carried. Hosting for Vice-Presidency 2015-16 One nomination had been received from Germany, their candidate being Engelbert Friedsam Hosting for HYM 2015 One nomination had been received from Great Britain & Ireland (To be held from 23rd to 25th October in Birmingham) Webmaster The incoming web master Erik Liljencrantz presented his plans for the forthcoming season. He informed that the web site and .org are now merged and that is also registered. He demonstrated the mobile web service being planned and invited members to try it out. He pointed out that this could be the basis for up to date directory information as the info can be uploaded by members themselves at any given time. He further mentioned that a redesign of the web site is on the cards and plans to fetch revenue by inviting advertisements. Award of Merit The 41 International Award of Merit was presented to Ulver Oswald from Germany for his commendable work for the Young Ambassadors programme. Ballot for International Secretary 2013-2016 There were 4 candidates for this position, Dr. V. Siddharthan from India was elected Appointment of International Archivist

There being one candidate for this position, Vaughan Harris of GB & I was appointed International Half Yearly Meeting 2014 The HYM will be held in Blenheim on the weekend 31 October to 2 November 2014. Various pre and post tours are being organised in addition to the world golf competition. International President President Krishna Kumar elaborated his plans for extension to countries like Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Kenya, Uganda, Suriname, Malta, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Nepal

The HYM was held on Saturday 26th October at Orenas Castle in the south of Sweden. President Christoph Haenssler confirmed that Malta will be affiliated in Korsor and that the Netherlands were progressing well with their application to become full members of 41 international. He also reported that a strategic working group of incoming Presidential officers was now in place, thus enabling future officers to plan ahead with common objectives. Looking ahead, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are being helped to form associations.

In addition to the International AGM in Switzerland, I have visited Germany, France, Italy, Austria, South Africa, Zambia, Belgium and Sweden. I would like to thank all the 41 Club members in those countries for their outstanding hospitality and fellowship.

Grateful thanks go out to the members of my International committee for their help and support. We continue to develop the information available to members and will be reviewing the way that it is presented on the website. The opportunity to serve as your International Officer is a real privilege and I have enjoyed representing GB&I overseas. I would encourage fellow members to visit clubs in other countries where they can experience, at first hand, the extent of the friendship & fellowship offered across our worldwide organisation.

Half yearly meeting 2013

Dave Campbell

Visits 2013

National Councillors' Liaison Officer - Terry Cooper I can’t believe that I’m approaching two years in the recent post of national Councillors’ Liaison Officer as the time seems to have passed so quickly which is an indication, I guess, of me having a fulfilling role. The training we delivered to Councillors’ at the end of last year has worked well for the Association enabling councillors’ to make more meaningful visits to their Clubs. They now attend armed with a PowerPoint Presentation or set of questions and answers that fit most situations and give a better insight into the workings of the Club at National level. We have appointed several Deputy National Councillors’ this last year and I heartily recommend that job to any member who fancies a try at a National post. Being a Deputy NC is a lower commitment and gives the candidate an opportunity to try out a National role first to see if it’s for them. Deputies achieve two things, they help to spread the load in the bigger geographical Regions, plus as has happened this year already can quickly step up to the full National Councillor role if a sudden vacancy occurs. Talking of vacancies moves me on to one of the most frustrating parts of my role the fact that however hard we seem to try we always have a couple of Regions, not always the same ones I hasten to add, without a Councillor. If you know your Region is currently without a Councillor and you fancy a try then please give me a call. I promise you, and having spent four years as a National Councillor in the past I know from first-hand experience, that Councillors have a wonderful time of fun and fellowship.

was to look at the number of Regions we had currently and to see if that number, and their geographical location, was still right for us in 2013. My conclusion was that we may be able cut the number of Regions by 5 dropping to 20 from the 25 we had in 2012. However this process needs to be handled carefully and compassionately as the last thing we want to do is upset you, our membership. So with evolution not revolution we’ve combined four Regions in 2013 dropping the number down to 23 at the end of this 41 Club year. Early next year we hope to achieve a further reduction of one and then, only when the time is right, a further two as we progress. Finally can I again encourage Clubs to invite their National councillor along to a meeting? National Councillors really are nice guys you know and they are there to support you, many run Regional events like dinners, golf days and quizzes. I firmly believe the National Councillors role performed properly is the best job in the Association and is the cement that keeps us all together and moving forward. Please support “your Councillor” and invite him along to your next meeting. Remember we on the National Council are your elected representatives and we welcome your input and suggestions. My contact details are readily available on the 41 club site so if you have a suggestion give me a call. Terry Cooper

One of the areas I was tasked with reviewing when I took on this post

Candidates For National Office There is only one candidate for each of the following three vacancies: National Vice-President (who shall be National President- Elect)

Association International Officer David Campbell - Westerham & District 41 Club (Second term of two years)

Terry Cooper - Clevedon 41 Club (This will result in a vacancy for National Councillors' Liaison Officer. Nominations will be taken from the floor.)

National Communications Officer Ray Hill - Northwich 41 Club (Second term of two years)

Accounts For The Year Ended 31st December 2013

Notes On The Accounts For The Year Ended 31st December 2013 At the end of the year, our accounts show a surplus of £7,073.33, which has been added to our reserves. There are a number of variances which deserve some explanation: Capitation collected has increased slightly, assuming that the 14 clubs who have not yet paid for 2013 do so. (The accounts include a debtor accrual for those that hadn’t paid by 31st December). In April our sales contract changed from End Game to VIP Solutions, who also run the Round Table sales. As a result we were contractually required to buy out the remaining stock held by End Game, some of which was obsolete or hard to shift. Following discussions with Barry Durman (National Fellowship Officer), we have revalued some of the stock to a more realistic selling price. This has been shown as a separate line in the accounts (£3,204.54), rather than simply reducing the sales profit of £3,348.69, so that cross year comparisons of sales will remain meaningful. The printing and stationery underspend is offset by some of the AGM overspend, as I have allocated the costs of producing the AGM papers, delegates packs and associated paperwork against that budget, so that we can monitor the true cost of our AGM. The balance of the AGM overspend relates to venue expenses, which will fluctuate from year to year depending on the location of the conference. Note that the decision to email AGM notices and papers has already produced a saving in 2013 – the November paper mailing would normally cost us around £1,500. Presidential expenses show a significant increase on 2012, but they are still well under budget. This will inevitably fluctuate from year to year depending on his geographic location and the number of visits made. Cost of conference includes the costs of the Associations guests (Table and Tangent Presidents), plus any other costs not attributable to the AGM. For Llandudno, this included charges for the hire of rooms to hold the various committee meetings, registration

and sales stands which formed part of the overall conference package. I wasn’t happy with this approach, and future conference budgets will not include this charge. Club visits by National Councillors have increased this year, resulting in higher costs. You will recall that at last year’s AGM we introduced a change to the expenses regime, reducing the mileage amount paid and increasing the weekend allowance for attendance at National Council meetings. Although this change did not take effect until 2014, an analysis of the 2013 expenses shows that Council travelled 58,327 miles in 315 round trips and were paid £22,013 for their mileage. Under the new scheme, this would be reduced to £14,581, a saving of £7,432. Offset against this, they also claimed 67 weekend allowances for the AGM and 2 Council Meetings, a total of £8,375. This would increase to £10,720 under the new rules (an additional £2,345), but the overall saving to the Association would be £5,087. The depreciation charge is higher than budgeted due to the capitalisation of IT expenditure in 2012. As our budgets are set so far in advance, this will always happen where capital expenditure arises in a year, a point to bear in mind when considering the planned website redevelopment. Fixed Assets included three items which are now obsolete (a shredder, roller banners and roller system, the latter two using the old branding). These have been written off, reducing the value of our Fixed Assets by £2,455, along with the depreciation which had accrued against these assets of £2,453. The residual value (£2) has been charged to the I&E account. Archives expenditure is above budget as we are now paying for the hire of a room in Marchesi House to store them. If you happen to find yourself in Birmingham during office hours, do go along and have a look, it is likely to jog a few memories. Mark Fairchild National Treasurer

Budget 2015

Sales and advertising income have both been r educed by £1k to reflect what is actually achievable rather than the Board’s aspirations.

The Conference Officers budget has been increased by £1k to enable him to attend 4 of the 12 big regional events each year (Red / White Rose dinners, Dorset Knobs etc.). No doubt the additional cost will be partly offset by increased sales while Barry Durman National Fellowship Officer remains in the post. The budget has also been renamed to Fellowship Officers expenses to reflect the fact it covers both roles.

The Admin postage and stationery budget has been reduced as all correspondence with clubs will be electronic. The residual budget allows for the occasional exception.

The council expenses for club visits has been increased to cover the expected level of visits by National Councillors (2 visits per month / 20 per year).

The AGM budget has been reduced to reflect the reduced postage costs associated with the mailings it generates. An additional budget line has been introduced to cover the cost of webcasting the AGM and the introduction of electronic voting. This is dependent on the necessary resolutions being passed in Bournemouth, but I have assumed they will be to be prudent.

The depreciation budget has been increased on the assumption that the proposed web development is undertaken and the cost of it capitalised and depreciated over three years.

The 2015 budget as published on the following page has been agreed by Council. The significant variances from 2014 are listed below:

The home presidential expenses budget has been cut, as in past years National Presidents have not used the full amount to carry out their duties. The National President’s international expenses budget has been increased by £1k to cover the cost of the National Vice President attending the International Half Yearly Meeting (HYM). This is to ensure he does not turn up at International events completely unknown when he takes Office.

Based on a membership of 16,600 members, the capitation fee would need to increase by a whole pound to £13.50 per year. This will leave a small deficit for the year, assuming all budgets are fully spent. I am not proposing any increase in the mileage allowance, which remains at 25p, or the weekend allowance for council meetings which stays at a maximum of £160. Mark Fairchild National Treasurer

Budget 2015

2014 agm extra  

The extra AGM edition of the monthly Newsletter of the Association of Ex-Round Tablers' Clubs

2014 agm extra  

The extra AGM edition of the monthly Newsletter of the Association of Ex-Round Tablers' Clubs