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Road to 2012: South African Minister Visits Rev Dr Makhenkesi Stofile, South Africa’s Minister of Sport and Recreation, visited St Mary’s University College, Twickenham to see where his national team will base their Pre-Games training camps for the London 2012 Olympics. The team will stay at Lensbury Ltd in Teddington and use St Mary’s as their training base together with local sports venues, all of which are part of South London’s Go South Go consortium of local authorities and sports organisations. After a tour of the St Mary’s facility Minister Stofile said “the athletics track is excellent, and I’m very impressed by the way the facilities have been integrated together.” St Mary’s and Lensbury were chosen by South Africa in 2009 from a strong South London offer prepared by Go South Go, and in preference to offers from other elite training centres. Ian Smith, Director of the South London Partnership, said: “Go South Go was formed to allow South London to make the most of the opportunities associated with London 2012 and I am sure that the partnership of St Mary’s, Lensbury and the individual sports venues will deliver an excellent programme for South Africa.” The Minister was shown the University College’s existing sports facilities and sport science/sports medicine services, and had the opportunity to look at the plans for the new sports centre that will be ready for Spring 2011 in good time for the first full visit of the South African squad.

St Mary’s University College Students’ Union

The Minister was welcomed on behalf of the University College, Lensbury, Go South Go and the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames by St Mary’s Principal Dr Arthur Naylor, who stressed the value of the partnership for London 2012 and the high profile of the University College as a High Performance Centre for Sport. Dr Naylor said: “We were delighted to be chosen by South Africa to host their Pre-Games Training Camps for 2012 and we look forward with great enthusiasm to helping them achieve their ‘12 from 12’ medal target.” A presentation of the St Mary’s sports kit was made to Dr Stofile by two of University College’s best endurance runners, Steph Twell and Andy Vernon, both of whom won Senior National Cross-Country titles in Leeds at the weekend. The Borough was represented by Council Leader, Cllr Serge Lourie, and the Cabinet member for Youth, Sport and Leisure, Cllr Liz Jaeger, who is also a governor of the University College. Serge Lourie said: “It is a great pleasure to support St Mary’s and Lensbury in providing training camps for South Africa and we know that they will enjoy their visits to London’s most beautiful borough.”

The annual School of Human Sciences Student Research Forum will be held on Friday 23rd April at 3pm in the Waldegrave Drawing Room. Students will be displaying a range of poster presentations from various research areas in school from nutrition to sport rehabilitation, from biomechanics to sport sociology. All students from all year groups are welcome to attend this exciting event, which is an excellent way to look back on the past academic year and get some ideas for dissertations!

To keep up to date with what is happening here at the SU, follow us on SMSUPresident, join the official union Facebook group which is SMSU, and listen to ‘The SU Show’ Monday mornings 10-11.30 at

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SIMMSNews Summer 2010


from the Editor

Michael Hayes interview

If anyone had any doubts at the start then I hope upon seeing the second edition of SimmsNews you all now know, we’re here to stay. Despite this, for such an engrossing and satisfying venture, the truth is, only a fraction of the University College actively contributes whilst the nameless thousands can be seen reading, debating and (I hope) enjoying the end product. And to our revered resident paid academics (also known as lecturers) we plea for you to get involved.

Hello Michael, it’s not every day that we are able to catch one of the senior staff for an interview, so first can I thank you for taking the time to talk to SimmsNews; I hope that all our readers (including myself) can gain a better insight into your role at St Mary’s and plans for the future. For now in the present, what is your opinion on SimmsNews as a project and your thoughts on its function at the university?

Yes, we do understand that even you have a home to go back to, that the reason you’re here is not to mark overdue assignments handed in by inebriated ‘athletes’. However, as we are advised to balance coursework, memorise exams, succeed in our extracurricular activities, whilst also growing and maturing into young professionals (again, I hope!) I implore the staff population of St Mary’s to exhibit their acquired expertise outside of the compensated remit and show us how a real article is written. Now, enough of that rant and back to business. Here before you is the new and improved SimmsNews paper and, though I may be excused for my innate sense of over-ambition, the speed of response has been outstanding. To all those students involved in both the first and second edition, not only have you laid the foundations for future Simmies to influence and commentate on their time at University College, but through your efforts have already galvanised our beloved institution into affirmative action; for this, I thank you all. In terms of the content of this edition, we’ve tried our best to listen to the people that really matter, our students. More and more columnists have addressed the issues that you wanted to read about, whether that be responses to contentious topics, a deeper insight into the media arts world or for all the gym freaks, ‘more sport!’ The second edition is a sign of things to come, nowhere near the all singing all dancing 100 page publication that we plan for the future ... I’m only joking, but you see where I’m going. From the first to the second publication we’ve already made vast improvements just from the help of a few more students who wanted to contribute to the establishment that they call home. I won’t waffle on or bore you with my theories on world domination ... I’d just like to reiterate my appreciation of all those who have worked hard already and am ever looking forward to working with more of you to continue taking this project on. If we aim for perfection, we’ll end up with something pretty good. Take care all. Peace x

We grow by what we share, and we share what we have in common ...

I was delighted to see SimmsNews come to fruition in January and I believe that it has been very well received by both students and staff. Any initiative which is student driven and focused on student needs is to be applauded. So really I want to congratulate the editors in this exciting venture and wish them well in the future. It will be important for them to embed a structure in the editorial team that will provide some continuity in the years ahead.

That leads us nicely onto one of your reputed talents and another example of the extra work going on ‘behind the scenes’ at St Mary’s. Having been informed that you’re currently editor of the ‘Pastoral Review’, could you please explain the message of the review and your reasons for taking on such a significant burden on top of Vice Principal? I have been the editor of the international journal ‘The Pastoral Review’ for the last six years and so it pre-dates my time as Vice-Principal. ‘The Pastoral Review’ is published six times a year, it is in the region of 98 pages or 45,000 words and is designed to support those engaged in pastoral ministry both lay and ordained in the English speaking world. We have contributors from across the world who bring to the Journal a global perspective to what it means to be an effective pastoral minister in the contemporary world. The Journal is published by The Tablet Publishing Company in London who have their archive housed at St Mary’s. My role as editor is to offer oversight of the publication, but much of the day to day work is carried out by our editorial administrator, Stephanie Bennett, and is further supported by an excellent and engaged editorial board. On a personal level, it keeps me connected to my academic discipline which is theology.

Now looking to the future, the construction of a new state of the art gym complex, the coming of the South African Olympic Team and the recent visit of Education Minister, David Lammy, all bodes well for St Mary’s as an institution. Could you explain to the readers how this progress will affect them on a human level and what future students can come to expect from the University College?

So do you find that the values of the ‘Review’ help to reinforce and uphold the ethos at the University College? And do you think enough people are aware of the traditions that have helped to build St Mary’s as a Catholic institution? While both have very different roles their values are similar. A key value it seems to me that a Catholic institution or publication brings to any endeavour is that of human flourishing. As a community, we grow by what we share and we share what we have in common. This value of human flourishing is about providing opportunities to enable all of us to develop fully, both intellectually and spiritually, so that we can take an active role in the development of our society. We should always be seeking opportunities to share in the delights of the vision that St Mary’s brings to Higher Education. St Mary’s has a distinctive but inclusive mission and I would say the same is true of The Pastoral Review.

Essentially, all this bodes well for the raising of our profile as a rich and exciting academic community. Perhaps in the past, and for various reasons, St Mary’s hasn’t always raised its own profile, but recent visits by those you mention and others, including very recently the visit of the Irish Ambassador, help us to raise our profile both nationally and internationally. This is a good time for this to happen and it demonstrates to prospective students what a great place St Mary’s is.

Well thank you, Michael, not only have you shared with us your passion for writing and philosophy, but you’ve also painted a bright picture for everyone currently and soon to be involved with St Mary’s. The future is ‘Blue and White’, as they say. I hope you’ve enjoyed our interview, thank you again for your time and I gladly leave you the last address to our readers.

St Mary’s Careers Service Do you want to make a difference to a young person’s life as well as gaining valuable skills for future employment? Volunteer directly with children and young people, or in Barnardo’s shops or offices, or raise vital funds. Depending on your interests and skills, Barnado’s can make sure that you find the right volunteering opportunity to suit you. Find out how you can volunteer with Barnardo’s : Visit the Careers Service, J3, Tuesday 9th March, 1pm-2pm

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Careers Service

make it happen ...

SIMMS Life As my time as a student at this University College draws to a close, I find myself asking the inevitable question that every final year student asks themselves at some point in their Simmies career ... ‘where has the time gone?’ I cannot help but wake up every day of late with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia as I recall past memories and times spent at this University College, wondering what life would have been like if I had accepted the place offered to me at Brunel! I know for certain that I would have been made to feel ‘unwelcome’ on Wednesday afternoons down at Lensbury by the Simms FC ‘MOB’ – no doubt I would have been subjected to torrents of abuse by Fordey and the lads with songs referring to my skinny legs (courtesy of my mother) and the good old fashioned ‘ginger chant’ (even though as I sit and write this article, my reflection in the computer screen will argue my hair is Blondey/Brown with only a slight red tint in certain lights). St Mary’s is such an extraordinary and distinctive institution and I find it difficult trying to describe my feelings towards a place where I have been made to feel so welcome over the years. I think that my experiences here speak volumes, and perhaps words themselves are not worthy in an attempt to sum up my time spent here. I think what I am trying to say, and what most of you will agree with, is that unlike other universities, there is an enormous sense of spirit and character juxtaposed with the St Mary’s experience.

Get Involved However, I am a firm believer that at our University College you get out what you put in and, although I have been labelled ‘Bizzy’ (derogatory term used to label those that are seen to be ‘overly-keen’), I have always tried to fully commit myself to any aspect of university life that I have been involved in. Having always been a sports enthusiast I immediately got involved with the St Mary’s Football Club. Sport at St Mary’s is like a tributary of friendship that runs through the uni connecting everyone, eventually leading into the sea of what effectively is university life. For me personally, being a part of a club or society is what has made my St Mary’s experience so worthwhile, and it was Jason Arday (last year’s AU President) who got me involved so heavily in sporting life at Simms and who opened my eyes to a perspective that made me realise how much I could potentially do for this University College. I have learnt from him and my other friends that you have to make a commitment to this University College, as we are not in a position at the moment to be as privileged as other institutions. We must come together in an attempt to drive this University College forward so that future Simmarians may reap the benefits from the foundations that we lay for them. That, to me, is what being a ‘Simmie’ is all about.

Frank Wilson

Skimmies on the Piste! By Nicole Jackson When Wasteland 2010 was advertised I jumped at the chance to ski again and so did 60 other Simmie revelers. It’s easy to say that Val Thorens has officially been renamed 'Skimmies on the Piste'. The 22 hour drive to the Alps was not enough to stop us; everyone’s spirits were high and the coach was overfilled with excitement. The resort was just the place for the wild Simmies boys and girls to let loose. With the nights filled with music and lots of dancing, not to mention the adventures of the days’ escapades for the boarders and skiers, it was one of those holidays you never want to forget. Whether it was some of our seasoned professionals who managed to enjoy off-piste snow or the daredevil beginners bombing it down the slopes, Val Thorens allowed everyone to experience something new. Being one of the smallest Uni groups around didn't stop us from bonding and making our presence known (in a good way).

The UV night was definitely the pivotal point, as it saw 60 people walking around in what looked like white jump suits. Upon entering various clubs it was clear that hours of hard work hadn't paid off as no-one glowed in the dark, but we surely were noticeable. We looked ridiculous, but felt untouchable. However, it was the Thursday night that was the big one! All the ‘Skimmies’ joined forces and went to rave it up Twickenham style. Val Thorens was just one amazing week that needs to be relived: the meeting new people, the parties and the overall experience made it feel just like Freshers’ Week. For those who had never skied before it was like stepping into the unknown but due to the Simmies spirit many of those inexperienced adventurers skipped past the lessons and just went for it. It was hilarious when in the evening some of the boys looked like they were in more pain than if Mike Tyson had punched them, but it was all part of the experience. When the week came to a screeching halt, we were all exhausted, every muscle had been used, and we certainly didn’t have the strength to handle the coach breaking down, or the patience when we got lost. Yet the whole trip was eventful and I can honestly say that I can’t wait for next year. Hopefully, more of you will come and try and outdo the antics of ‘Skimmies on the Piste 2010!’

Hi my name is Jonathan Miller. I am a third year studying Physical and Sport Education and my aim is to be a PE teacher. I was sitting in the refectory with Lawrence one day and we were discussing how many things we have been a part of at St Mary’s and how much we have achieved over the three years. This prompted me to inquire about how to get an article in the University College newspaper as I would like to encourage others to GET INVOLVED. At present I am the assistant manager of one of the men’s football teams here at St Mary’s, which is a role I have thoroughly enjoyed. There have been so many ups and downs this year, however, it has been a good experience and I would like to thank all the players who represented the side. Prior to the assistant manager role I have always looked for ways to GET INVOLVED. In my first year I wanted to do something completely different, so hung up my hockey stick after nine years and tried my hand at volleyball, which was quite an experience. At first it was extremely hard, but I persevered and eventually got into the team. I was also made volleyball social secretary in my first year. This experience made me want to GET INOLVED even more and upon investigating I found that there is so much to do here, for example, you could set up a new society or a new sports club which does not yet exist at St Mary’s. Joe Martlew and I are currently trying to set up a lacross team here at St Mary’s and I know a few other students are attempting to set up a handball team as well. As we all know, completing a degree is hard enough and sometimes very strenuous, but I believe that university is not just about getting your degree then bouncing. For me, it is also about your experiences and what you do while taking your degree. I think it is important to also step out of your comfort zone and embrace new challenges, which is definitely something I have done over my three years; for example, delivering dance aerobics classes to St Mary’s staff and students. If you search you will find and I, Joni Miller, guarantee that if you are willing the make the effort there are many ways in which you can GET INVOLVED and reap benefits for yourself and for others. An example of this is Aim Higher which is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in coaching in schools and teaching PE lessons, and it also looks really good on your CV.

By Jonathan Miller Aim Higher helps young people to get into higher education and they do this by getting university students to go into schools and share their experience with the pupils while coaching them sport; giving them an idea of what they can achieve if they remain in education. Another way to get involved in sport at St Mary’s is to get familiar with Matt Shurlock who is the Sports Development Officer. Through Matt I have gained valuable experience in coaching and I have been involved in numerous events such as RSMA day, which involved 100 kids from south east London competing in a multi-skills activity day, St Mary’s Classics (an annual UK Athletics event) and many summer coaching camps. On top of that I was also able to complete a variety of different coaching badges which is important for the job I want to do when I graduate. Also through Physical and Sport Education staff, such as Lorna Goodwin, you can get involved in Special Olympics and other fantastic sporting events. There is a variety of opportunities to GET INVOLVED and improve your skills in other ways and a further example is RAG week. I have been on the RAG committee both this year and last year and I do recommend getting involved in it. RAG week has been very successful this year and has raised a lot of money for charity. RAG week gives you a chance to be creative and think of fun ways to make money for charity. It also gives you satisfaction to know that you are helping others. During this year’s RAG week I organised a five-a-side football tournament to raise money for charity. SMUC Radio is another way to GET INVOLVED and get your views across live on the air. SMUC Radio has been very successful and there are opportunities for you, the students, to further that success and be innovative. We also have our own newspaper, which is an unbelievable opportunity get our views across and express our feelings about the things we are passionate about. So GET INVOLVED. There is so much more you can be a part of here, I have only mentioned a few. My advice to you is to get out there and be productive because there is a lot to do and you will benefit a lot from it. Through getting involved I have improved my confidence, organisational skills and my ability to manage, so yet again, I tell you all to GET INVOLVED!

St Mary’s Windsurf Club Every event is like Freshers’ Week and membership is free!

Go to pages 6 and 7 for more pics.

Open to all (beginners – learn to windsurf if you have never done it before) Contact Joe at or for information on events, see what’s going on at St Mary’s Windsurf Club group on facebook Events include: Instruction, accommodation, party, breakfast, event t-shirt, demo kit and prizes Choose from events around the country – open to all – for beginners, competition, or just party tickets to support the club. If you want to go to a Student Windsurfing Association event: 1. Join St Mary's WINDSURF CLUB 2. Sort out travel arrangements and event (see SWA link) Remember – keep updated on the website:

President: Joe 07800 845 289 St Mary’s University College Students’ Union



SIMMSNews Summer 2010


Your SU

2010 Elections Timetable Saturday 17 April Campaigns begin (at the SIMMStock Festival)

When I come back to visit in the following years I will see many positive changes My time as President here at St Marys is nearly up. This makes me sad but at the same time excited as I know, when I come back to visit in the following years I will see many positive changes. This is mainly due to the SU team that are motivated and passionate about improving our services and increasing the student experience.

Wednesday 28 April Hustings, 6pm in the SU Hall

Thursday 29 April Postal/Email/telephone vote deadline*

Friday 30 April Election day!

Seats SU President Siobhan Bellot Samir Idriss Libby Povey AU President Kerry Boyd Jonathan Miller Nick Reynolds Frank Wilson RAG Chair (No nominations received) Executive Committee Joseph Ball George Harris

Further information, role profiles / job descriptions and nomination papers are available from Sarah Carney, SU General Manager, either in person, via email or by phone 020 8240 4131.

If you feel you have what it takes to help the team take the Students’ Union to new heights, you must put yourself forward for a sabbatical or executive committee position. Not only will you learn valuable skills for a working environment but you will have an amazing year and lots of satisfaction in the knowledge that you really are making a difference to student life at St Marys.

Inside SU With the shortening of the academic year, this semester is jam-packed full of activity for Team SMSU. Along with our usual weekly social events we have just seen another great RAG Week go by, are getting ready for the annual elections, the new SIMMStock Festival, the annual Sports Dinner and Awards Ceremony, the Summer Ball and Thames Boat trip, as well as the end-of-year trip to Amsterdam.

New shop! Why go all the way to Twickenham when you can call in at the SU? Our new shop, just next to the new SMUC Radio station on the first floor of the SU, is up and running with a wide range of new products including sweets, health food snacks, stationery, toiletries, greetings cards, wrapping paper and stamps (as well as our wonderful St Mary’s Fairtrade hoodies of course)! If there’s anything else you’d like us to stock, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

*Postal/email/telephone votes are available for those not able to vote in person on 30 April due to course commitments, teaching practice or absence from University College due to illness. Information about postal / email / telephone voting is available from the SU General Manager on request either in person, via email or by phone 020 8240 4131.

We also have a new student hub with a free laptop and wi fi service — so if the LRC is full and you want somewhere to study and chill with good company (Linda, Dave, Tarik and Mark, to name but a few), feel free to come along.

New SMSU website We are hoping to have launched our new website by the end of March. Dave Hayes has been doing a fantastic job in getting it ready for us and we’re aiming to sell tickets for the Summer Ball online from 17 April at the SIMMStock Festival. The website will be interactive with a social networking facility and lots of things that I’m reliably informed are called ‘apps’ and we hope ALL SIMMIES register with the site to create a virtual online community (

2010 elections Friday 30 April is election day! Nominations for the 2010 elections need to be with us by 12pm on Thursday 1 April 2010.



It’s the season of SIMMStock and the Summer Ball which I am positive will prove to be the best events of the year! SIMMStock has been my pet project and my main worry, but has grown into an event that has far outgrown my initial ideas for the day, which I am so happy about. I am sure that I will come back in a few years and find that we have massive names headlining, so do not miss out on the first ever SIMMStock, just so you can say you were there. We also have some big plans for the Summer Ball ... watch this space!

ensure this gets passed on to your future president, whoever that may be. It is very important that you vote wisely this year, as I want all the hard work from the last couple of years to be left in capable hands, which I am sure will be the case. One Love.

It has been an absolute pleasure representing you for the year, although it has gone far too quickly. I feel there is still so much left for me to do but I will

Your Executive Committee has been working harder than ever this year and members are currently developing new, exciting, CV-enhancing Vicepresident roles. So this year we are welcoming nominations from students for the following seats:

Sabbaticals SU President AU President

Executive Committee RAG Chair Vice-president (representation) Vice-president (entertainment and events) Vice-president (fundraising) Vice-president (communications, marketing & media) Vice-president (welfare & advice) Vice-president (Board of Trustees)

Ben Solomon SU President

writing the student written submission for the quality assurance audit (among other things!). The Quality Assurance Agency will be auditing St Mary’s this year on the quality and standards of your education and learning. Along with the University College’s evidence, the SU will be sending in evidence direct from students and for this we need your help. We are holding a series of focus groups and will be sending out surveys and initiating online discussion, etc. So please keep your eye out for the logo below and do your bit to help us help you, simply by telling us what you think.

Sarah Carney SU General Manager

This has been such an excellent year for the SU — largely because we have had two excellent, skilled, hard-working and dedicated presidents in the shape of Ben and Iain. They have also been backed up by a really focused and active Executive Committee, the members of which have had to make some really tough decisions from time to time on how the SU should be run. Even if you don’t want to stand for election yourself, whether or not we continue with this good work is largely up to you and which candidates you choose to vote for. St Mary’s has one of the highest election turnouts across all universities and this year we want to make that better than ever. This is one election where your vote really will make a significant difference. So please help us to continue to build the SU and make it better for you and the students who come after you by electing some top-dollar people with the right skills and attitude to take up from where Ben and Iain leave off in August. Please make sure you vote — and vote wisely!

Have your say about your education and learning with QAA When everyone else has sloped off to sun themselves in various locations at the end of May, your SU President will continue to be hard at work

St Mary’s University College Students’ Union

Theatre & Fashion

Happy 400th

Director Interview : Lindsay Clark As ever, the Drama Society here at St Mary’s University College continues to excel, and this semester is putting on no more than THREE full-scale Productions! Blimey, amongst all the rehearsals, how do they find the time to study? SIMMSNews spoke to one of the driving forces behind this Season of Productions, 2nd Year Drama Student Lindsay Clark, director of Accidental Death of an Anarchist, to give you lucky readers a sneak preview of her upcoming production:

Q. When taking on the role of Director, what things do you have to consider and plan from the get go? There is so much to consider and plan for when you begin directing a play and as I am completely new to the role of ‘Director’ it is just as much a learning curve for me as it is for all the cast and crew members. I think it’s really important to have a strong concept of how you want the play to look and how you want it to be received by the audience from the beginning, but I think a good director should always be looking for new ideas and inspiration from the actors too. I kind of see directing as more of a collaboration between everyone, rather than just the director’s visions.

Q. Hi Lindsay. For those not in the know, can you briefly explain what Anarchist is all about?

Q. Anarchist is best described as a very comedic play. Is directing comedy harder than, say, straight Drama?

Accidental Death of an Anarchist is probably Dario Fo’s best known play. The play is based on events in which an anarchist by the name of Giuseppe Pinelli, either fell or was thrown out of a window on the fourth floor of a police station in Milan. Although the play is based on this event, the story itself is fictional and is presented as a farce about police corruption and impersonation. The play focuses around the character, Maniac, who is presented during the play in many different disguises. Maniac uses these disguises to lure the police officers into a false sense of security, to allow him to get to the bottom of the case of the anarchist.

It’s difficult for me to say, seeing as I haven’t yet had the opportunity to direct any straight Drama pieces! Obviously the aim of comedy is to make people laugh and that is a really challenging concept as not everyone has the same sense of humour. But then again, as all human beings think and feel differently then surely this is just as much of a challenge for straight Drama plays too? I don’t really know the answer to that yet. I guess directing anything is hard, but then what’s the point in doing it if it’s not going to be a challenge?

Theatre Review:

Q. What has been the hardest part of the creative process so far? I think the most difficult part so far is thinking of new ideas when an original idea doesn’t work as well as you had hoped. Blocking some of the scenes has been really hard too! Towards the end of Accidental Death of an Anarchist things begin to get very hectic and very fast paced which makes blocking very difficult.

Q. And finally, can you sum up for us and our readers, in just 3 words, why we should come see Accidental Death of an Anarchist? Crazy ... funny ... and it includes Fluffy Handcuffs (yeah, ok, so I cheated a bit!).

Lindsay Clark was speaking to Matthew Dennis Accidental Death of an Anarchist opens on the 24th March


A new style for spring By Matt Dennis Storytelling is perhaps one of the most important aspects of our society. Laugh if you will, but without it, life would be so much more boring and empty. Whether it’s done through the medium of books, theatre or simply a school kid lying about his lack of homework, you cannot deny that storytelling is a crucial part of our everyday lives. That sense of escapism, the power of imagination, that thrill of diving head first into uncharted worlds full of wonder and magic ... nothing on earth can top that. So kudos to the recent St Marys Theatre production of Arabian Nights; a fantastic, entertaining piece of drama that celebrates the power and wonder of storytelling. A series of short plays within a play which, in turn, is also within a play (whew!), Arabian Nights opens with a group of travellers offering the audience a story in return for shelter and food. This served as a brilliant and subtle opening, which instantly had the effect of making the production more personal for the audience, drawing us in as theatre rightly should. As the play continues, the stories begin. It starts with the intriguing tale of a mad King, betrayed by his Queen and distrustful of all women, who is slowly redeemed by the stories of an intelligent and talented young woman known as Sharazad, who cunningly uses the power of story to spare her own life. The play then veers off into several other directions, as Sharazad regales the King (and the audience) with four separate stories, each of which are both charming, enthralling and imaginatively staged. Performed by Third Year Drama students, this production truly evokes a visual magnificence, which only helps to sink the audience deep into the exotic worlds of Arabian Nights.

St Mary’s University College Students’ Union

The design work on this production is nothing short of sumptuous. The costumes and sets are both colourful and beautiful and catch the eye straight away. The attention to detail is superb, and whilst limited (particularly in the use of set), the cast and crew make an extremely successful stab at bringing a realistic and eye-pleasing look and feel to the production. That’s not to say the design work overshadows the performances. Every actor and actress here gives 100%, if not more, and they approach their various characters with gusto, giving both hilarious and sensitive performances throughout. It would be wonderful to mention each and every one of them by name and rave about each individual performance, but lack of column inches forbids it. However, special mention must go to Fahad Salman, whose performance as the Group’s Leader was spot on perfect, containing just the right amount of gravitas and dignity to command attention, and create an amazing sense of child-like wonder at the prospect of storytelling within each and every one of us. Mention must also be made of the four musicians, whose music added a real sense of the exotic and truly had this reviewer believing he was in another continent altogether. Overall, Director Patsy Burn delivers here a fantastic and thought provoking production on the importance of story and its power to humanise as well as entertain. The pace, the design work and the performances are a marvel to behold, and help to create a solid and enjoyable piece of theatre that truly appreciates the medium it was born out of. No doubt, it’s definitely a story worth re-telling.

It’s official, spring is just around the corner and the sun is coming out to play. The masses will begin to migrate back to sun-bed shops and the joys of Primark to pick up the latest teeny tiny miniskirts and board shorts; but what about the barnet? The winter months play havoc on the hair, with the constant bombardment of cold snowy conditions combined with the air con hair killer. Your locks will be left looking damaged, dry and dull. If you’re like me, finding a hairdresser is like finding a lover; they need to know your wants, needs and desires, they need to be a good listener, pick you up when you’re feeling down and, most of all, be excellent with their hands. This is a lot to ask and even harder to find, but I have the answer. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, Medulla Hair Design in Teddington. This independently own and run hair salon is head and shoulders above the rest. With its unique boutique-chic inertia, fun, funky and friendly staff, this is the place to go for a good session for the soul and to get your hair looking lively again. Medula cuts and caters for both female and male hair, from just a cheeky trim to a drastic hair overhaul, the team at Medulla will fulfil your hair hopes and dreams. Unlike mainstream hair salons in the area, you won’t leave the salon to only walk two minutes down the road and see someone else rocking out the same frow. Their unique cutting style and meticulous attention to detail leaves you with a spring in your step, and with a haircut that’s one of a kind. The great part is, you won’t have to take out a new student loan to pay for it. Medulla’s prices are great, and they’ve kindly offered 10% off to St Mary’s students if you mention Simms newspaper when booking a cut and blow dry (not with the director). So, before you start planning your spring time fun in the sun, book a hair appointment at Medulla today, and get yourself looking sexy for spring. With 10% off a cut and blow dry; you can afford to treat yourself.

The blueprint we received was extremely simple: Attract thousands of people to Ham House to celebrate their 400th Birthday on the 23rd May. As a group of students in our final year of university, throwing a party didn’t seem too problematic; but the community of Ham and the National Trust’s enthusiasm for the area presented us with an opportunity to achieve something more. We are contacting representatives of the area, of local schools, businesses and social groups, trying to unite them in a celebration of Ham itself. Many participants will embark on a parade through Ham, proudly displaying their contribution to the community. The parade will end in the gardens of the magnificent Ham House, where the carnival atmosphere will reach fever pitch as thousands gather to sing in harmony with local choirs and wish Ham House a happy 400th Birthday. I spoke to Michael Billington, a local resident and the Guardian’s Theatre critic for over thirty years to get his articulate opinions on the potential of largescale participatory events. “Events like this can inspire a community to examine the rich history of their community. There are so many stories to be told that they can reignite a sense of local pride.” The residents of Ham have plenty to be proud of. The area has a well documented and celebrated regal history and benefits from a village mentality which enables it to function differently to many other parts of London – with a large community influence. Like the politicians fighting for control of the country and the local borough constituency, Billington firmly believes in the importance of community. “It is important for obvious democratic reasons; it encourages involvement, which can only ever be a good thing.” Throughout an illustrious critical career spanning over three decades, Billington has witnessed many participatory events and ‘Community Theatre’ shows made by amateur dramatists. He believes they are a fundamental part of British life: “Every town always has its own amateur drama society. It can be completely astonishing and push professional theatre forward. They deal with what is happening around us. They can act as a community focus in a time when City Centres in particular are extremely lifeless. With participatory events, you become part of the evening out.” On the 23rd of May 2010, residents from the boroughs of Richmond and Ham & Petersham will participate in a parade celebrating the richness and diversity of the community they are proud to be a part of. Given the nature and scale of the event, I asked Michael Billington if he believed the project could work: “Yes, I think it can, because the very essence of the event means that the bulk of people will be participating. There will be very few people merely spectating; therefore everyone will feel a commitment to the event.” Michael Billington’s support and enthusiasm for the event is both refreshingly humble and greatly appreciated. As the day fast approaches, we now need the support and involvement of all residents who are proud to hail from this leafy corner of south-west London and wish to celebrate its immense diversity. Anybody wishing to help out with the project, either in the development or on the day, please contact us on We hope this can be an extravagant and successful event and your help in achieving this goal would be greatly appreciated.

Find them at 150 Stanley Road, Teddington, TW11 8UD, Tel: 020 8977 2070 or on facebook: Medulla Hair.



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Remember the Day!

They say that these years are some of the best years of our lives … well that’s for you to decide, but I’m almost certain everyone involved in the above pictures would include these times as best cherished. “Remember the Day” is for all those who want to remember the unforgettable, reminisce the dear past and capture uni magic in a flash. Feel free to send any of your key moments to SimmsNews and all of you can share your moments that make these, perhaps, our richest years.



St Mary’s University College Students’ Union

Picturess courtesy of Clare Hanchet

St Mary’s University College Students’ Union



SIMMSNews Summer 2010 Sport St Mary’s Netball This year for St Mary’s Netball has been a success for all four teams! Our aim was to get students of St Mary’s aware of the club, and to understand what a great club it is. With help of our great social sec’s we have had a very triumphant year in socials, games, and charity work. Our night in the SU was a total hit yet again due to our social sec’s promoting around the campus and members of the club encouraging friends to come along too. Additionally, we arranged a charity game in February with the Football team, and raised money in need of the Haiti Earthquake. We were fortunate enough to raise over £150, which contributes to helping those lives which were drastically affected due to this natural disaster. Our three teams in BUCS have all had a great season, and players have grown from strength to strength. All Captains and Vice Captains have had a huge impact on the club, and are significant parts of the equation and reason why St Mary’s Netball has been so successful this year. We have been really fortunate with our new coach Marc Beniot, who has supported, encouraged and helped every player progress this year. Lastly we are really happy about our additional team whom we introduced this year. The fourth team of St Mary’s Netball Club have also had a smashing season in winning the majority of their games within the ULU League, and have promoted St Mary’s Netball Club only in a positive light. Overall if you are an enthusiastic person, who loves to take part in Netball, but also enjoy a night out with the girls, this club is perfect for you. St Mary’s Netball Club embraces all new members and encourages those who are thinking about joining to swing by. Thank you girls for making this year so unforgettable.

Hannah & Hayley Netball Presidents St Mary’s netball 3rd team have had a cracking season so far! We have played eight games losing only one and have won against teams such as Reading, Surrey, London metropolitan and Royal Holloway. We also have drawn twice with Imperial Medics who are racing for promotion this season. With two games to go, Reading away and London Met, we hope to thrash them and pull ahead on goal difference. The whole team have trained hard and put in 110% in every game which has paid off with all the results to date. Our team have progressed in every aspect of our game with Captain’s Player of the Season so far going to Nicola Smith (vice. captain). She has been playing a completely different new position and has worked hard in every game, and training session to improve. All in all it has been a great season so far, and well done to everyone!

Victoria Coulson Captain 3rd Netball Team


Rugby Union By Kerry Boyd For a club that looked non-existent at the start of last semester, it has been an exciting year for St Mary’s Men’s Rugby Union. After last year’s success with the 3rd XV winning the league in their first year together, the 2nd XV and 1st XV having a convincing mid table finish, there was lot to overcome collectively and live up to. At first we as a club had many obstacles and barriers to get around such as finding coaches for the 2’s and 3’s, finding funding to allow the teams to travel and for the 1st team the task of overcoming minus 3 points in the league before they even played a game because of problems the previous year. What it took was commitment, dedication and hard work from the senior members of the club and a great bunch of freshers to get everything up and running again! All three teams have had a great season; with a special mention to the 3’s run by Jon Darby, a second year student, and Alex Newberry. The team has gone unbeaten for the second season on the trot in their league, including results such as a 107-0 win over Imperial Medics 3’s and a 78-7 victory over Imperial College 3’s. The second team battled away in a tough league, whilst being managed by another student Danny Reid; Danny being the only student coach in the entire league with other universities paying for coaches. The 2’s had huge wins against 1st teams such as Royal Free, King’s College and Imperial College. The games the 2’s did lose were always marginal such as the 5-0 loss to Portsmouth 1sts and a 15-10 loss to the league winners’ Imperial Medics 1XV. Our 1st XV had a season of ups and downs.


Starting with a deficit is always difficult but when you are in the premier competition playing against the best student players and teams in the country it is even harder. Swansea was the first game of the year and for our team it was a must win as they had been promoted only the season before. On a day of tough windy conditions the lads won 11-10 to set a marker for themselves and for the rest of league.The next eight games were a lot different with the team at time decimated by injuries and illness. For a club that runs three teams at such a small institute this affected us on all fronts; morale was low and player’s heads started to drop. We were travelling to Wales, Bristol, Bath and Gloucester, battling these teams and coming so close yet just unable to get the results we needed.

First up Bristol at home, the lads won 13-0 and the ball was truly rolling. Secondly Exeter away. This was the biggest fixture of all three as a St Mary’s Rugby team hadn’t won there for 20 years. After a 5 hour coach journey and a tight collective spirit we won 25-23, it was incredible and suddenly with one game left and one point behind Swansea the club as a whole was flying. In the final game we needed Swansea to lose to Hartpury and we had to beat Bath. Last season Bath beat us in the knockouts so the lads had even more inspiration to beat them. After a close game we won 21-19. It was a memorable day, and even though we had not heard the other score yet the crowd were amazing. In my 3 years at St Mary’s it was the biggest and loudest crowd I had seen and a definite contributor to our success. Sadly Swansea won which meant relegation. The amazing thing was this team put more heart and soul into the last four games than had ever been seen and truly did themselves and the club proud. Now they are in the trophy knockout competition, so if you see them on the main pitch stop and support, help them bring silverware back to St Mary’s! Go to pages 6 and 7 for more pics.

Bowe brace ends English Grand Slam Dream England 16 – Ireland 20 A brilliant brace from Ireland’s Tommy Bowe was enough to clinch a memorable victory for Declan Kidney and his side at Twickenham. Two tries from Bowe and one from Keith Earls put an end to England’s grand slam aspirations. It also now makes France firm favourites to run away with the title. Five minutes into the match and Ireland score to silence the English crowd. An excellent grubber kick from Jonny Sexton puts Bowe in for his first try of the evening. Sexton, who replaces the more experienced Ronan O’Gara at fly half, steps up and misses the conversion. 5 minutes in and it’s 5-0 to the men in green. 10 minutes later and England respond with some points of their own. Jonny Wilkinson, who missed a kick earlier, fires a shot at goal through the uprights to reduce England’s deficit to 3-5. England contained Ireland for the majority of the half. Martin Johnson’s men had most of the possession but failed to convert it into points. Half


At Christmas we were sitting rock bottom with zero points looking at certain relegation, with 4 games left to go. The first being the reigning BUCS champions Hartpury. The boys went there with a positive attitude, having fun but just losing 20-7. This filled everyone with a positive buzz and with three games remaining, two at home and one away, suddenly there was hope again.

an hour into the match and Ireland score again, this time through the boot to make it 8-3 to the ‘Men in Green’. But no sooner then 6 minutes later, Wilkinson eradicates the last score with a penalty of his own to make it 6-8 going into halftime. The second half begins with England dominating possession once again. Wilkinson has an attempt at goal, but misses. 53 minutes in and Ireland are given a dubious penalty that allows Sexton to give them great attacking possession in England’s 22.Unlike England, Ireland make use of their good attacking position and score through Keith Earls. Sexton misses the conversion to make it 6-13 to Earls and co. However, England hit back immediately with a try of their own. England rookie, Dan Cole, scores under the post for his first international try. Wilkinson scores the conversion 13-13; game on. Possession goes back and forth between both teams but the suspected concussion of Ireland

captain, Brian O’Driscoll, seemed to give England a slight edge. England capitalise on this and with their next attack convert their pressure into points. Wilkinson fires over a right-footed drop goal to give England a 16-13 lead with 9 minutes to go. Ireland however, burst back into life. From the top of the line out, Paul O’Connell drops the ball down to Tomas O’Leary who drew the English defence to allow Bowe to race through to score his second of the match. Sextons replacement, O’Gara, knocks over the conversion to give Ireland a 4 point lead. 16-20 to Ireland. England did pressurise the Irish defence. But their last attack was in vain as Ireland steal the ball, boot it deep into touch and end England’s dreams of a grand slam.

Niall Kelly

St Mary’s University College Students’ Union

Football A dramatic turn of events is probably the best way to describe the football season for all the lads involved at St Mary’s. As the annual takeover prepared all six managers for the season ahead, the newly formed committee ensured that all operations ran smoothly back in October as Fresher trials were arranged and took place at the Simms FC Fortress ‘Stad de Lens’. The 2009/10 season once again brought an influx of promising, enthusiastic 1st years, as each manager assembled his squad in typical ‘dog-fight’ fashion. With all six teams ready and waiting for the season to commence, the atmosphere around St Mary’s began to ignite as the Simms FC ‘buzz’ brought about a sense of excitement for players, managers and fans alike. However, the start that Football President Nick Reynolds had been hoping for was not to be, as all but one team lost their opening fixtures on day one of the season. It was Lawrence Torz-Brown and Johnny Millers’ 3rd team that began the season with a blue & white bang as they ran out convinving winners away to Surrey 1sts 3-1. All credit due to the 3rds as they continued their opening win with 2 more consecutive wins before hitting a losing slump that saw the lads lose six out of their next eight fixtures; their only two wins coming from their mutual home encounter with friendly rivals St Mary’s 4th’s. Despite their best efforts, the 3rds currently lie 4th in division 3A with one game remaining. Tor Webster’s 4th team, who also play in the same division, had hoped for a more successful season to the one they currently find themselves in. However, perhaps the league has proved to be a tad too demanding for the boys that have fought so valianty week in week out trying to gain some winning momentum. The 4th teams’ fate was sealed last week at Lensbury where they were undoubtedly defeated by an in-form Surrey 1st team who sent Tor’s men into relegation with a convinving 4-0 win. The division directly above sees James William’s 2nd team compete in a very strong league that boasts the likes of Reading and Portsmouth 1sts. James’ resolute training methods didn’t quite pay off this season as despite the 2’s best efforts, they sit bottom of the league with 2 crucial games remaining. With only one domestic league win all season, which surprsisingly enough came against Portsmouth 1sts, James’ 2nd team will look to finish the season with maximum points to ensure their survival and not share the same fate as the 4th team. One positive taken from the 2nd teams’ morbid season is that James has fully commited himself to the boys involved and ensured that regular training sessions took place – an attitude that the football club has been trying to promote in it’s student managers for quite some time. A criticism may be that there is a fine line between professionalism and extremism which the majority of the squad players seemed to not adhere to. Jumping back down the league ladder to Tier 4A sees Sam Wise’s 5th team struggle more than usual in a division that they have reigned over so dominantly in recent years. The 5th’s have always been a strong side within Simms FC as they have attracted good players within a comfortable atmosphere that has seen them win league titles in recent seasons. However this year has proved to be more of a struggle for Sam Wise’s men as they lie 2nd from bottom with 3 games to play; the 5ths should feel confident that their good form will return and ensure their safety and a respectable league position come the end of the season. The newly formed 6th team, steered by manager Nick Champness, have only one game remaining in their Simms FC calender which, if they win, should garuntee their survival. As a newly formed team, President Nick Reynolds had optimistic hopes for Champness’ side who have pleasantly surprised everyone by offering more opportunity for those players involved with the football club. Nick Champness had this to say about his experience as a manager this year: “I have a strong admiration and regard for every single individual that has worn the coverted 6th team jersey this year. It is my

St Mary’s University College Students’ Union

duty, however, to place before you certain facts about the present posistion we find ourselves in. Possible relegation. I repulse the idea that relegation is imminent. It is because i am sure that our fortunes are still in our own hands and that we hold the power to save the future. We must acquire at least a point away at Chichester”. The popular saying of ‘save the best til last’ certainly applies to Frank Wilson’s 1st team this season as they have proved to be the most successful team within the St Mary’s football community. Gaffer Frank Wilson already had a solid foundation to work with from last years squad, however there was still much to improve on if the lads wanted to challenge for title honours and cup glory. Wilson set out to instil a sense of professionalism and this soon caught on with the players involved as the 1st team took part in the clubs very first pre-season campaign that began on July 1st. Manager Wilson expressed his feelings by saying this when asked about his experiences as manager this season: “It was almost a year ago that I sat the lads down in a meeting after I was ellected 1st Team Coach and we spoke about our aspirations and what we all wanted to achieve as a squad. We already had a good foundation to work with and the players already involved seemed eager and willing. What was great to see as a coach was the fact that all the boys adopted a real sense of professionalism and a willingness to learn from the beginning and managed to sustain the same great attitudes throughout the season. Pre-season was really enjoyable as numbers were consistent and everyone that took part gave me their all which is exactly what I wanted to see as a coach. It was no coincidence that our hard efforts in pre season paid off as the boys took part in 2 pre season tournaments and came away convincing winners in both which was fantastic for me, the boys and the club. We also arranged friendly fixtures with semi-pro outfits Walton & Hersham and Horley Town which was a first for the club and great exposure for the boys involved. When our season finally came around back in October, we didn’t have an ideal start and we were beaten in our opening game away at Brighton and then in our 2nd game at home to Buckinghamshire. I think what we fail to realise is the pressure on anyone that plays 1st Team football and the pride and stress each time they put on a Simms shirt. So to see the lads respond in such a way that turned a dreary start to a positive run was what really inspired me as their coach; they never once doubted their own ability and we went on to win nine out of our next ten games finishing runners up in the league to Brunel (who we smashed both home and away) and got to the Semi-Final of the National Cup. This season the players have looked after themsleves and one another and should be proud of their efforts. We have had players involved in the England Universities set up where I was asked to help coach the Southern region, and we have had players asked to represent Middlesex County as a result of their consistent form in the 1st Team. Playing 1st Team football creates so many opportunities for players to go on and reach new heights. Above all, it gives you an opportunity to represent St Mary’s at the highest level and that is something to be proud of. I would certainly relish the chance to coach the boys again next year as there is so much potential at St Mary’s and we are on our way to becoming a big noise in BUCS football!” With the season drawing to a close for all six teams at Simms FC, the club still has the Varsity to look forward to as that will see the 1sts, 3rds and 5ths compete against local rivals Brunel; the 3rds & 5ths playing home adavantages at Lensbury, and the 1st team travelling to Brunel for an exciting evening encounter playing under Brunels impressive flood-lit facility.

St Mary’s EPACC Athletes Perform Superbly at the 2010 BUCS Cross-Country Championships Athletes from the St Mary’s Endurance Performance and Coaching Centre (EPACC) provided a powerful display of cross-country running in the BUCS Championships held at the University of Stirling. GB internationals and defending champions Andy Vernon and Steph Twell ran impressively to win their respective individual titles and secure important points in the team competitions. St Mary’s won the men’s competition by a considerable margin beating Birmingham and Loughborough. Andy Vernon’s dominant run set the mark for the day and fellow GB internationals Mitch Goose and Ben Lindsay did not disappoint finishing in third and fourth, with first year student Ronnie Sparke making a strong debut to secure the next team position. In the women’s long race Jo Harvey ran a smart race to follow Steph Twell home and finish in fourth place. St Mary’s had four runners inside the top 20 and good performances from all involved earned the team third position. Prior to the men’s B race the team huddle saw St Mary’s captain, Ben Lindsay, match the inspirational surroundings with an equally impressive team talk. The competitive desire of the University College’s runners to beat their university counterparts was obvious throughout the day. In a hard fought final race the strength in depth provided by the St Mary’s EPACC won through with sufficient points scored to gain yet another team first position. Ben Lindsay said: ‘The endurance setup at St Mary’s is incredibly strong and has been reflected in our performances at the BUCS Cross-Country. The input of coaches Mick woods and Craig Winrow is vital; all of our runners access not only their coaching but also the excellent facilities and support services. Being a part of the St Mary’s EPACC programme involves a lot of hard work but it’s also a lot of fun and days like today provide the payoff.’

Twell and Vernon Win Titles at the Saucony English National Cross-Country Champioship The 2010 National Cross held at Roundhay Park, Leeds, marked a significant event for the St Mary’s Endurance Performance and Coaching Centre (EPACC). The prerace favourites, Steph Twell and Andy Vernon, repeated their recent success in the BUCS Cross-Country, to win the senior titles. Noteworthy for this achievement alone, it is also the first year that both national cross titles have been won by students from the same university; a good indication of the excellent endurance programme that exists at St Mary’s. Steph Twell, three time European Junior Cross-Country Champion, won the 8km race in 27:52 beating her nearest rival by an impressive 15 seconds. Jessica Sparke and Emma Pallant, both athletes coached by Mick Woods and working out of the St Mary’s EPACC, finished high up the field in seventh and eighth respectively. Faye Fullerton, a former St Mary’s student, finished in fourth position. The men’s 12km race saw a tussle between Andy Vernon and another St Mary’s EPACC runner, Moumin Geele, with Vernon continuing his excellent form to finish nine seconds in front with a time of 38:01. Steve Vernon, another former student of St Mary’s, finished in third position.

Oh to be a Simmie!

Simms Fc

St Mary’s Athletes in Action at the Aviva World Trials

Jo Harvey completed a successful day for the St Mary’s EPACC by taking the junior women’s title.

Andrew Osagie

St Mary’s athlete Andrew Osagie ran a PB to finish third in an exhilarating 800m clocking 1:47.71 to be the first British runner home, finishing well inside the qualifying standard for the IAAF World Indoors in Doha. Andrew’s coach Craig Winrow, a former GB international at 800m, stated: ‘When Andrew first arrived at the University College he was a relatively inexperienced athlete but in just over three years he has made significant progress. He is a talented runner who can perform at a world-class level and the support provided by the programme at St Mary’s and the London Marathon will help him to develop further.’ Unfortunately Mo Farah, another athlete working out of the St Mary’s Endurance Performance and Coaching Centre (EPACC) had to pull out of the 3000m due to a cold. However, strong representation for the Centre was assured with both Andy Vernon and Scott Overall making the standard for the World Indoors in 7:49.84 and 7:50.66 respectively. Another athlete currently working out of the St Mary’s Endurance Performance and Coaching Centre is Mike Skinner (3000m) who also competed in the finals at the Championships. After the Aviva Grand Prix UKA announced the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team to compete in the IAAF World Indoors in Doha. After his strong run Andrew Osagie was selected for his first senior international debut. Scott Overall was selected for the 3000m and even though he made the qualifying time Andy Vernon declined the opportunity as his season is structured around other races. Rose Anne Galligan, a current St Mary’s student, has been selected to compete for Ireland at the World Indoors, after running at the Spanish Championships and significantly improving her 1500m PB to 4:12.72 from 4:15.13. Former students added to St Mary’s strong presence in the endurance events. Gemma Turtle won the UK 3000m title with Faye Fullerton finishing fourth and Neil Gamester competing in the 3000m final.



SIMMSNews Summer 2010


Quiet Corner Who are we? We had no rights, were never seen picked out from the crowd Criminals we’re often deemed People campaign to get rid of us the law set us apart in the world Please leave me, no need to make a fuss Still socially enslaved, please emancipate me Spreading my wings and taking it all in Remove these bars and set me free Guilty until proven innocent Judged before were seen We are Ethnic, renamed only recently

Shadow Silent Scary Please don’t disappear Dark Follower With you I have no fear Suddenly you’re gone and so am I We were here together and together we die ...

etc ... etc etc ... etc confused? well so am I What to do next look up to the sky the sharp shooting pain piecing through my brain lost in the woods I’m going insane etc ... etc still confused? you have driven me to the edge lead me down the wrong lane gave me crazy thoughts caused tremendous pain etc ... etc Confusion is just your game

Look swishing in and out ever rock carving into my soul corroding everything it touches back and fourth change of direction faster and higher bashing me out the way enjoying the sand? please don’t drag it away a storm is brewing a tsunami is fast approaching look at me, i’ll never be the same

A Day in the life of a 3rd year By Ellie O’Conner and Jonathan Miller I’ve just arrived at Uni Finally gonna start the dissertation But as usual walking in I get Waylaid in conversation I find a spot in the library Set up for my ‘productive’ day But first I need some water A trip to the ref I say An hour later I return The library’s filling up, I’ll aim for 300 words by lunch It’s one now, what the ... I’m typing in the website I need for my assignment But Facebook’s the only word I can type When I’m stuck in this confinement I’m sitting in the library It’s almost four o’clock The girl sitting opposite Is being such a distraction I’m staring at my screen 6 O’clock is getting near I don’t understand how anyone Can write books for a career! My computer screen is still blank It’s now coming up to eight I sit and think about the ways That we procrastinate ...

Moments Thought ... By Ranako Daley There is still no escaping the enormity of the model, Time has taken building years to perfect The academic precision of its surreptitious entrapment. He knows but most do not Seem to realise the full extent; for some it is obvious Yet others accept the reliable monotony, their faithful humdrum Thus taking pride in a system which neither knows Your name doesn’t care whether Smith or Cemal. Ignorance seeks race, anger similar but a misguided passion. Any conclusion cannot prove conclusive but a logical few see this. A model harking to the ancients. Egypt studied The stars for the truth. No limit means new laws Based on the high. Then the middle to the base. As particles of the sea, the individual is lost in the scape When together are Tsunami waves herded by the force. Such were the Pharaohs, the Hebrews the powerless horde Swept in the crest of meritocratic will, Used to create from sand a civilisation, in dunes a flourishing land. Back to us, yawn, spread out and look about. The very same goes on today. The model has been perfected As no one calls us Jews as a term of offence But we are them. Sacrificed to a machine, Amazon castles Replaced by glass citadels, enforced labour now Labelled minimum wage. Look around you and realise! The model designed to be invisible yet it Interminably grinds poor humans to feed the beast. Why can’t you see? To live is to understand, Then adjust perspective and act. Now be part of the model. It helps some, it could help you. Use the model, to ascend the altar Until one has reached the height of his own pyramid. Now build from the top, encourage poor Humans to slave, earn, live, burn in your own furnace. Feed your beast and maybe you might be successful ...

So now the library’s closing Output for today is none But my fellow ADD victims rest assured You’re not the only one.

Starkham Handshake

Sunday Times

Merely a symbol, their notice of intent To demand from the bearer A promised sum. Delicate and pretty. Designed to flatter and beguile The fool to whence it’s sent. A reminder of a power; she smiles Yet is conceited. She owns you, not This piece of paper detailed with arbitrary numbers. The one that truly matters, the value one remembers Fundamentally it is artwork. A micro master piece for the rich and the poor, No hallmark of DaVinci or Michelangelo. Millions, even billions their only measure of worth. To paint the face of a woman in silver, To proclaim the owner of the bearer on every note Is to laugh at a nation of addiction, Sell the masses a gift they don’t own.

By Penelope Reynolds We speak night time thoughts in an early bed. You look down into your mug of tea with a shyness, An embarrassed excitement running through your restless fingers. I watch the change in your fingers stroke, as you handle your cup As if it was my breast, whilst words slowly penetrate pursed lips. Our charged bodies shuffle closer to one another, The temptation making the hairs on my skin come alive. Looking up from the cup your fingers are exciting, exploring, You smile a smile at me which I know is mine alone. You have filled my thoughts with the colour and curves of your body. A body which has a hold on me that is not human, but animal. You light up a cigarette to tempt me further, I watch As plump lips suck and pull a smoke which fills your mouth. The mouth that speaks secret verbs, turning my lips wet.

By Ranako Daley

Question the truth, The richest own the version Readily for sale.

Please Stop! Cretin why do you suddenly care?

By Nicole Jackson Page


The heat of our bed is growing, as our bodies pulse hot, Needy blood through separate skin, drawing each other closer, Close enough to taste the smells of last night’s indulgences. You will find no Sunday Times in this bed. No supplements needed.

St Mary’s University College Students’ Union

City Crossword

Sudoku 5


5 1


1 3 6 1 2

9 7


9 7 4

9 6

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SIMMSNews Summer 2010


Media Review

Andi Peters Interview

From St Mary’s

Firstly, I have to thank you for your time Andi and for giving us the opportunity to gain an insight into your busy schedule. For all those that may be unsure about what it is that you do, could you sum up for us your day to day role and the some of the obligations that come with them?

Now bearing in mind St Mary’s has a massive media culture taking SMUC Radio and our own SimmsNews into account, what advice could you give to budding media moguls and what route do you think is imperative for them to follow?

No two days are ever the same for me as I wear many hats. I like routine so start each day as early as 6.00am and like to get any outstanding ‘paperwork’ done before a visit to the gym. I am a TV Presenter, Producer and also manage and run Andi Peters’ Models.

Having a media qualification will always help you get a grounding and general understanding of media BUT common sense is the quality I always look for in anyone I employ. In my time as a Producer I’ve employed over 2000 people and for the most part they start as a Runner and work their way up. Be prepared to make tea and photocopy for a while. The Head of T4 now, started as a runner for me as did the Head of Entertainment for ITV Studios Productions.

to the big screen ... well almost!

So from early beginnings on ‘Live and Kicking’ to hosting the 2009 ‘Golden Globes’ you’ve shown a natural aptitude and understanding of TV and media, even making the definitive jump to a cameo role in Pixar’s ‘Toy Story 2’. For all our readers, explain how you started on the road of presenting and how did that career choice lead to your later achievements in the media industry?

Media students, Summer Harl and Adam Partington, have landed themselves ‘dream jobs’ as TV presenters for Futera TV. The pair have been busy filming the first episode which is due to be broadcast online on March the 28th. Futera are the proud creators of the World Football Online trading card game which is taking the world by storm … think Pokemon cards for football fans! The craze is sweeping the nations overseas and is set for big sales here too; so much so, they decided to make a TV programme about it ... enter Summer and Adam. The Canary fan and Evertonian make an unlikely duo, but were selected from a day of auditions to host the show. Since then they have been in and out of the studio, learning lines and mastering their autocue reading techniques. With both being no stranger to being in front of camera, Summer claims it’s been an enjoyable experience so far: “Getting to talk about football all day is great as Adam and I are massive fans. We’re working with some great people and are really excited about the series.” The twosome have already secured interviews with the likes of World Cup player, Rory Fallon, even swapping the studio for the long trip up North, taking their ‘keepy uppy challenge’ to the training grounds of Everton and championship sides West Brom and Ipswich Town. SIMMSNews would like to congratulate Summer and Adam and wish them all the best for the series.

I started presenting TV shows when I was 18 and therefore didn’t go to Uni. I don’t regret not going but do feel I missed out on pot noodle and sleeping on sofas. When I got my first TV job there was a huge element of luck as a TV Producer heard me whilst I was working on Radio Top Shop in Oxford Circus as a Saturday job. Throughout my TV career I’ve always wanted to keep learning and my quest for knowledge has never stopped and so it was a natural progression to become a Producer.

Ever tried to work out why kids today are going stark raving mad? You see them nowadays, throttling one another in the streets, yelling abuse at poor elderly passersby, driving around in stolen cars PLAYING THEIR BLOODY MUSIC TOO BLOODY LOUD, and generally being little idiots, making us poor teenagers look obsolete by comparison (it’s so annoying, that’s our job they’re stealing, what is this country coming to? etc, etc ...)! Some would blame the outbreak of the so-called ‘Little Bastard’ virus on a number of things: bad parenting, lack of positive role models, the Labour Government and Aliens to name but a few. Some blame the television. Quite rightly, too. For you see, in my opinion, the telly is most definitely a culprit here! But not for subjecting our poor little darlings to graphic images and violent concepts, oh dear me, no. Instead, I firmly believe, that the recent downfall in quality of children’s TV is a major contributing factor!

Now step forward in time to today and suddenly everything on Blue Peter looks so much more different and wrong! It’s trying to be cool and edgy.


Stand by what you believe, even if that means standing alone

To be successful you must be prepared to work hard. Look for the detail in everything … that’s what makes the difference. How, do you imagine, that a Big Mac tastes the same wherever you buy one? London or Los Angeles. When you’re in Pizza Express look at the spine of the menu on the table … it should be facing the door. RETAIL IS DETAIL. Lying in bed will never make you successful. Stand by what you believe, even if that means standing alone.

Matthew Dennis Talks Telly: Think of the Children ...!

Let’s have a look, shall we? Take Blue Peter, CBBC’s flagship children’s TV programme. Fun, educational and interesting, presented by adults who actually appeared to give a toss about educating kids, presenters like Matt Baker and Konnie Huq, who went above and beyond the call of duty to entertain.


So Andi, we’ve heard about your life and loves and read a script for the rise of a modern day gentleman. Again, thank you for your time and I hope we can catch you again soon for an update on your hectic yet prolific life. To end, in a few of your own words what do you think is the most important factor in not just success in media but life in the real world?

The subjects covered have become the kiddie equivalent of reading Hello Magazine. Screw the interview with Peter Andre, where’s the interesting educational stuff? The presenters are just as bad, if not worse. They are much younger and even more annoying, as if the producers are aiming to portray them as the older brothers and sisters you never had, instead of the cool school teacher you never had, which is a stupid move ... brothers and sisters are idiots! Every kid hates their older siblings with a passion. I don’t even have any, but I still have the urge to smack them in the head! All this in an attempt to be hip and cool? Bad move. ITV has fared even worse with its children’s TV output. Hell, they’ve pretty much given up, stuffing it all on one measley digital channel, where there’s nothing homemade or new for the poor little buggers. If kids want to watch cartoons after school nowadays, they’d best avoid ITV1, unless they particularly enjoy watching The Alan Titchmarsh Show. In which case, they need to have that beaten out of them, pronto! Yes, there’s countless 24 hour channels available for the kids, but watching them is an unfeeling and cold affair. CBBC & CITV used to do it so right – fun, genuine presenters who made you feel like you were hanging with the cool kids at school; loads of fun, interactive bits for the kids and shows that were

clever, entertaining and watchable: Byker Grove, Live & Kicking, Grange Hill and, obviously, Blue Peter to name but a few. But now times have changed. It’s all about CGI and Flash Bang Effects, and looking ‘high tech’ and ‘edgy’. The warmth and the love and the care have all gone, replaced with cold, unfeeling, boring crap, and presenters with all the talent and awesomeness of a dead rat! There’s nothing there for children to relate to and if I were a kid watching this, I’d be left feeling quite alone and friendless. I’m in no way stating that the lack of anything decent on children’s TV is the problem behind the rise of young offenders in the United Kingdom. That would be stupid and wrong. However, do consider the thought, that if there was perhaps something decent, involving, encouraging and positive on television for children, like in the good ol’ days, then perhaps kids would be less inclined to misbehave. It’s an extreme view, I know, and there are many more important factors attached to the issue, but at least consider my point. And on that depressing note, let’s end on a tiny bit of nostalgia. All together now: ‘By-ker Grove. By-ker Grove, Oooo, Byker, Byker, By-ker Grove!’ Oh, sweet memories ...

St Mary’s University College Students’ Union

Chris Evans Interview As a former fellow Simmie and also as a friend, I wish you a warm welcome back, Chris. For all those students reading this article you may not necessarily be a familiar face (that's not to say unmemorable!) so I'll leave it up to you to explain your extraordinary circumstances. From your perspective, how significant was being based at St Mary's in helping you make your current career choice? Getting into modelling was an unexpected opportunity for me. I really enjoyed my time at Simmies and studied Sports Rehabilitation along with my brother, Simon. I still have a huge interest in the subject, although modelling has taken a step up in my life and wasn’t a planned or structured move whatsoever. I guess it’s all about being in the right place at the right time, so yes, in that sense, St Mary’s did aid in my current career choice.

Looking back further than St Mary’s, did you ever aim to be in the fashion industry or did you have other ambitions? I've heard more than a few rumours that both you and your brother were keen rugby players at Worcester Academy for a while, so at what moment did sport take a back seat and the modelling really kick off? Well, I was very young when I was scouted to be a model so, at that stage in my life, I was a little too naïve to know what I wanted to do career-wise. I will always love sports and playing rugby; rugby was my main passion at that point. In fact, it all started on the way home from rugby training when we were spotted by Andi Peters who runs his own fitness model agency. He believed that I, along with my brother, could have great success as models, so we decided to give it a go. Rugby had to end though; couldn't risk the injuries and bruising which happened quite a lot in training. Need to keep a pretty face for the camera!

So to the present, things seem to be more than looking up for you; regular stops at foreign airports, castings for world renowned designers and parties the majority of us read about in magazines. All the glamour aside, for many the lifestyle of a professional model looks fairly easy. Could you break down for our readers the requirements needed in particular to be a fitness model and how that impacts on your training, routine and diet? I have been really lucky over the last couple of years; modelling has been a massive eye opener for me. I have met some amazing people from all over the world, working with famous photographers on some really high end brands. Chris Evans (left) and Simon Evans (right)

Over the last few months alone I was sent to Milan for a few weeks, then later to Tokyo for nearly a month. I was boarded up with models from New York and LA and we had a great time. I never thought I’d be given an opportunity like this! There is definitely a glamorous and fun element to modelling: being invited to club launches, parties, shows and just general invites to really cool places ... but all glamour aside, as you said, there's a responsibility that goes with trying to be a successful model. There's a commitment you make to your health that's really key; working out and being really dedicated to it, always eating healthily (which is so hard as I love chocolate, although Nando’s is never an issue!) as well as always keeping your mind open and sane.

St Mary’s University College Students’ Union

Lastly, what does the future hold for Chris Evans? Are we to expect billboards adorned with chiselled torsos or could you see yourself more behind the scenes of the industry? Well, I couldn’t tell you what the future holds for me but, naturally, I have high ambitions like anyone would. I really enjoy my job at the moment, being one of the main shirtless greeters for the Abercrombie and Fitch store on Saville Row and, as I have mentioned, there are some really fun perks to the job, so who knows what opportunity may come my way next?

I’m always happy and open to explore different parts of the industry and venture into other avenues of modelling. Based on what I have experienced so far, I am really excited for what the future holds for me!

Well, it's been great talking to you, Chris, and from everyone involved in SimmsNews we wish you all the best. Good luck and a last thanks, especially to yourself and Andi for the picture. To all our female readers, enjoy!



SIMMSNews Summer 2010 Student Voice Coming Out Gay By Joanne Harker

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." Such is the advice of Dr Seuss, and however nice it would be to adopt such a mantra, there is still the great anxiety with being open about ‘who you are’, especially concerning homosexuality and ‘coming out’. Thankfully our generation is one of a tolerant majority that seems quite comfortable with the concepts of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Despite this there are a remarkable number of young people who still find themselves inhibited from confessing their sexual inclination to friends and family, for fear of the reaction they may provoke. Obviously one of the greatest obstacles is religion and the beliefs of a strictly religious family. The burden of ‘coming out’ can be overwhelming, and the necessity of some kind of statement is all the more problematic if you are not entirely certain where you stand yet. People can feel the pressure of declaring themselves one way for life. Let us clarify one thing; sexuality is not split into two extremes of homo-sexual and heterosexual, there is more of a scale on which we all occupy slightly different positions. University is notoriously a time in which many people will explore their own inclination and test boundaries. We tend towards a natural assumption of heterosexuality (no one ever had to ‘come out straight’) and taking the choice of standing up and declaring to the world that you are different – different perhaps from what those closest might have thought of you. It is a difficult thing for anyone to judge how friends and family will react, and many people struggle through years of their lives in outward and worse, inner denial, either submitting to an unwanted chastity or hiding their relationships from those close to them. I have heard ‘coming out’ horror stories, but often it is found that however homophobic or religiously minded you might perceive someone to be, when it comes to the people we love, most (though admittedly not all) of us are prepared to reconsider. A friend of mine found out his sister had been gay for ten years without coming out to the family. They were certainly shocked at her sexuality, but that could hardly compare to the fact that she had felt so scared as to keep an entire part of her life secret from them. Of course, standing up and making the declaration is a terrifying thing to do and one can never judge the reaction before it comes. Interestingly, the said reaction very often comes in the form of, "yeah, we know. And?" It is worthwhile remembering that with so many different opinions about pretty much everything, it is impossible for any of us to get through our lives without someone taking offense to our way of living, our sincerely held beliefs and opinions; it is at least best that the lifestyle we choose should be the one that is true to ourselves. The truth, no matter how difficult it may be, will always be better than life wasted in a lie.




A Vote for a Voice Everybody has an opinion on politics, especially in the current climate with a general election looming over Britain. It is something that affects every aspect of our lives and this is reflected in the way that it dominates conversations and causes heated debates amongst friends. We judge people on their personal politics and yet an alarming number of young people don’t vote. During the rumination of this article I’ve spoken to many students, both undergraduates and graduates and apathy towards voting as well as a general lack of knowledge is not uncommon. Are we really so secure in the political status quo that the question ‘what is the point?’ has become valid? Assuming that most of the population view democracy as a positive thing, why on earth did only 61% turn out to vote in the 2005 general election to attempt to perpetuate it? Granted this was an improvement on the 59% of 2001 but it is still shockingly low considering that it is compulsory to register to vote upon turning 18. Every day the media is saturated with the voices of discontent people criticising the government about Afghanistan, the treatment of troops, immigration

policy, the benefits system, the NHS, the education system, taxes; the list is endless. One has to wonder, in light of the poor voter turnout, does everyone with a negative opinion on the current government express their discontent by utilising their right to vote? British people’s agitation with the governmental status quo is a long and inevitable tradition simply because there is no such thing as the perfect Prime Minister or an ideal government. After all, one man’s fascist is another man’s freedom fighter. The sad truth is that political utopia does not exist, and due to natural and constant conflicts of interest within society and human nature it probably never will. However, the democratic process allows the general public to have a say in what should be prioritised so that, hopefully, no singular thread of extremism can prevail. Britain, like every other country, has its issues but we are fortunate enough to live in a democracy. The democratic process gave women the vote, legalised homosexuality and abortion, implemented student financial aid and pioneered free health care. These things are the outcomes of many different political

parties but are also the products of the democratic process, sparked by the dissatisfaction of society and implemented by people voting. Students are the next generation of ministers, advisers, diplomats and war-mongers. It’s vital that young people take an interest in politics and use their right to vote. Even if you harbour no natural interest in politics, how and by whom the country is run affects your life in every conceivable way. There are websites, blogs, leaflets and television strands, all of which contain the main policies of the various political parties and some of which explain the entire manifesto. Take an hour out of your day to be possibly bored but hopefully interested by what Britain’s potential future leaders have to say. We’re fortunate to have the right to vote, there are many countries which are not democratically free. Voting allows every person a small voice with which they can contribute to change. Your vote is significant because your voice has a right to be heard. Your opinion matters and has the power to shape the political future.

Hannah O’Shea

Should footballers who “score away from home” be selected for their club/country? By Joe Jenkins John Terry, Ashley Cole, Wayne Rooney.

with the wife of a United physiotherapist. Docherty had, the previous season, led Manchester United to FA Cup glory, yet the moral failings of the man still resulted in his sacking.

What do they all have in common? Yep, you guessed it! They’ve been all caught

So should Terry, Cole and co be allowed to play for their country/club despite their antics? Of course they should! Football is football. What happens off the pitch and on it are entirely separate and that is how it should be.

playing away from home! Is this our business? Do footballers have a right to privacy or do they give that up when they sign on the dotted line of the 50 grand plus per week contract? Should we expect a certain standard of morals/behaviour from our footballers? Of course we should. These players are earning in a year the amount of money that most people won’t even earn in a lifetime. These players are heroes to many of the children growing up in today’s society. Ask a young lad in Hackney what they want to be when they’re older and more times than not they’ll say footballer. This in itself is fine, but while we are all happy that they want to copy their idols’ behaviour/achievements ON the pitch, how can we tell them to look up to these players as role models if their off the field behaviour is far from squeaky clean? Surely people who are in positions of power and constantly in the public eye have a responsibility to behave in a way that sets a positive example? This is much more of an issue now than it used to be. Back in the 60s and 70s there was the odd “rogue”

Of course these players are role models but purely for their talent with a football as opposed to anything else. They are never cited as great examples of men (but they are – John Terry was voted “Dad of the Year” just last year!). What good would it do the country long term if these players were blocked from playing for their country because of their off the field behaviour? We would have a considerably weaker national team but would our moral standards improve? Or would we just be cutting off our nose to spite our face?

such as the infamous George Best, but the majority of footballers were settled, polite, well behaved and maintained a sense of dignity both on and off the pitch. The best example of how things have changed comes from the story of the former Manchester United manager, Tommy Docherty, who was sacked after news broke that he had an extra-marital affair

What are your views on this? Let us know by emailing us at A selection of comments will be published in the next edition of SimmsNews. St Mary’s University College Students’ Union

Irony of Postion

By Ranako Daley capitalise upon it. Rather than respect and cherish other’s creativity we replicate and earn from it. The fundamental concept of marvels such as our London or the prime example, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa standing at 2625 metres and a casual 160 floors, expresses wholeheartedly our intelligence and perseverance but also a disrespect for all to be appreciated as natural. And I’m not talking about organic produce or Fairtrade flapjacks, I’m pointing at man’s inability to be homogenous in any ecosystem in preference for financial progress and individual gain. Another example, a new company called ‘The Ladders’, for only ‘£50k+ people’, identifies and praises those capable of generating vast sums, encourages each ego to prosper and move up the ladder of hierarchical meritocracy (pre-established, of course).

I invite you to ponder with me, consider the interminable dimensions on life and touch on the concept of perspective. It is my driving belief (only my opinion!) that we nowadays, as a species, are completely unconscious and out of touch with our surroundings; and I’m not only referring to our relationships with each other but to the very place that made us. Earth. Take energy consumption for example. The average person’s carbon footprint is 10 million tonnes That’s the equivalent of filling 24 million balloons with carbon. Whilst I can’t pretend to comprehend these figures that scientists churn out, I must admit that not even I think everything’s OK. The last few years our summers haven’t quite been like the ‘old days’, and how about the snow? I fondly reminisce of school days directing cavalry over sheeted hills but can appreciate their rarity as unique. However, with snow levels recently hitting 6 inches in rural London and temperatures falling well

below zero, surely we have to question the route of our existence; not to mention Mother Nature dropping a mere sprinkling of her gift and the juggernaut known as London is brought to her knees. The point I’m getting to is that our nature, the intrinsic will and faith that propels us as human beings and leads us to countless feats of heroism and ingenuity, is tragically intertwined with a gradual breakdown of the very environment which sustains us. These are not words of a prophet or some evangelical door-to-door salesman; the idea is simply that of a complete awareness of self and surroundings and the reasons for our fate. This part of the argument can be a lot easier explained. Capitalism, or commercialism; they define different things but truly are the same beast. The rumbling behemoth that is Man’s civilisation is built on a core of principles that, rather than facilitate nature, chooses to

A Walking Love Story There’s not all that much to me, to be honest. I live a pretty average, middle-class life, I get average grades for a probably less-than-average amount of work and, all in all, I’m happy. I guess. Well, an average amount of happy, at least. This mediocrity that I’m so content to just mindlessly traipse through is entirely self-inflicted. I just seem to drift through life, not caring about anything, not believing anything … Actually, that’s a little bit of a lie. There’s one thing I believe in with absolute certainty; that I was put on this earth to fall in love. Yep, that’s right, I’m an overly sentimental pillock! Anyone who speaks to me for longer than ten minutes will know that I wear my heart on my sleeve. In fact, I wear my heart all over the place; I’ve got four tattoos, all holding some sort of relation to my trials and tribulations in my quest for romance. My mother likes to refer to me as a walking love story. Whenever I explain my ‘stories’ to people, I’m always met with eye rolls and laughter, so I won’t bore you with long-winded explanations of them all. I’d like to tell you the story of my very first tattoo as I’d like to think its pretty interesting. So the date was the twenty-second of June 2008. I was at a gig by a very nice acoustic singer-songwriter called Joshua Radin, in Shepherd’s Bush. I was standing next to this girl. Well, technically I was standing next to three or four girls as the place was pretty packed. But there was one girl directly to my left

St Mary’s University College Students’ Union

By Felix Carey

who was just the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Naturally, being the nervous wreck that I am, I couldn’t look at her. However, mid-way through a song, I felt a tap on my shoulder. ‘Hi” she said, in an adorable American accent. “I’m Beka.” Now, being a bumbling Englishman, I, of course, stumbled all over my words, eventually managing to introduce myself, and didn’t stand a chance from there on out. The next few hours are somewhat of a blur; all I really know is that I didn’t end up catching the train home like I should have done. No, instead I ended up walking around London all night with a random American girl. We went to a bar until closing, sat on the lions in Trafalgar Square from about 2am to 5am and then headed to get breakfast at McDonalds in Piccadilly Circus. I spent the rest of the day showing her St Paul’s, the Tate Modern, Covent Garden and everything I could think of, before heading to Heathrow. We said goodbye, we kissed and then I left. I sat outside terminal three, motionless for an hour and a half waiting for her plane to take off. Waiting until I knew for sure that she wasn’t coming back. And she didn’t. It had been twenty-two hours. The most beautiful twenty-two hours of my life. So my first tattoo? It reads: “Forever and a day; two hours too short.”

Our parents only wish is for their children to be ‘successful’ and in the words of the now reputed Drake all the everyday man wants is the money, the car, nice clothes and garden equipment. Fairly simple things but their affect on our Earth is obscured by a selfish submersion in getting our dollar, my cut, what we all deserve. I am, as I’m sure are we all, indifferent to the babblings of politicians and environmentalists who claim to predict the course of time and the immediate consequences on the earth; I’m convinced that something that has evolved and subsisted for the last 4.54 billion years is undeterred in its resolve to live on. However, what I ask you to investigate is the perspective that (no personal fault of your own) we, as the human race, are doomed to challenge nature and its limits, defiant in our eternal chase for perfection and glory, each attempting to leave a legacy built on endeavour, wisdom and cash. For those who witnessed Ozymandius’ grave or early discoverers of Tutunkamun’s tomb, we are reminded of the briefness of our precious era yet all the while the devastating impact on our original Mother and provider. The longing question is when, when will it all stop?

Leonora Paasche responds to “Why is Abortion a Dirty Word” In response to the article “Why is Abortion a Dirty Word”, I believe that Hannah O’Shea has highlighted a topic that indeed needs to be revisited. This is especially so in the light of the explosion of the amount of abortions that have taken place in the last four decades since the legalisation of abortion in 1967. More often than not, society views abortion as a quickfix solution for a woman in a crisis of unwanted pregnancy. I would like to address the problem of the increasing and deafening silence of the media with regard to one of the victims of an abortion; namely, the woman. What is not spoken about is the damaging and detrimental effects of an abortion to a woman’s psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. One just needs to scour the internet to realise that countless women are struggling and suffering alone as a result of a past abortion. This suffering may not materialise immediately after an abortion, indeed, the initial feeling may be one of relief. However, there are real scenarios of women suffering from an abortion many years after it happened. Due to the fact that the issue of ‘post-abortion syndrome’ has not been adequately addressed by society and by medics, women feel as though they are suffering alone. After all, if an abortion is not that bad and if it is not obliterating a human life, why would anyone take their pain seriously? Should they not just ‘get over it’ and continue with life? Some women are not just suffering psychologically but have been left infertile after an abortion. I refer readers to the organisation British Victims of Abortion, a nonreligious group made up of various women in society who have one thing in common – they have been scarred from their abortion experience and they want to be silent no more! If we are an open society that stresses autonomy, surely women ought to be fully informed about this? I believe women deserve better than abortion!

Leonora Paasche MA Bioethics student

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"Let your lifestyle reflect the value of having a relationship with God." Every Tuesday 12-2pm in the SU Shop/Office All staff and students are most welcome to drop in at any point and stay as long as they want. Come along to find out more about yourself and others. For more information, join the Facebook group ‘SMUC Interfaith Society’ or come and drop by. St Mary’s University College Students’ Union

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Propaganda launches a London residency at O 2 Academy Islington with Alex Zane announced as resident DJ That’s right – on Friday 30th April the UK’s biggest indie club night, Propaganda, will return to London to launch a new weekly residency at O2 Academy Islington. And there’s more to get excited about too, as Propaganda favourite Alex Zane will be digging through his record collection each and every Friday as resident DJ to ensure London is treated to the finest of Indie aural delights. "It's about time that the UK's biggest Indie night found a permanent home in the Capital, and I can't wait to start my residency. The best music on the best night of the week" – Alex Zane Every week over 10,000 people attend Propaganda nights across the country, with the UK’s biggest musical stars playing the best new and classic indie music.

Combined with cutting edge décor, special effects and music videos incorporated into every set, Propaganda create a now legendary multi-sensory extravaganza. Past guest DJs have included Lily Allen, Zane Lowe, Vampire Weekend, The Cribs, Kaiser Chiefs, Pendulum and live sets from Delphic and Miike Snow. In addition to Alex Zane and Propaganda creator DJ Dan in the main room, the ‘Pop’aganda DJs will be mixing up an eclectic blend of pop, dance and D’n’B in O2 Academy2. Alex Zane also makes his return to radio presenting following a year break with the launch of ‘The Propaganda Radio Show with Alex Zane and DJ Dan’ on NME Radio. Prepare for the night ahead by listening every week at 6pm-8pm from Friday 30th April.

Fair Trade

NOTES TO EDITORS Club Night: Propaganda Frequency: Every Friday (from 30th April) Shows to note: Friday 30th April – Propaganda London Launch Party Drinks promotions: Vodka mixer – £2.50 / Double £3.50 VK Bottles – £2.50 Carlsberg pints – £2.20 Main Room – O2 Academy Islington Alex Zane (E4/Rude Tube) and DJ Dan (Oasis aftershow DJ) will play an audio-visual DJ set mixing the best new and classic indie music O2 Academy2 Islington ‘POP’ aganda DJs mix up an eclectic cocktail of pop, dance and D’n’B

Venue: O2 Academy Islington Address: N1 Centre, 16 Parkfield Street, London, N1 0PS Door Times: 10:30pm-3:30am Admission Prices: £5 adv / £6 on the door Box office: 0844 477 2000 / Media Contacts PROPAGANDA Ben Molen, Beatnik PR, Insanity Group 5 Little Portland Street, London W1W 7JD T 020 7927 6222 F 020 7927 6223 Email:

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Our Coffee High quality Fair Trade Colombian Arabica bean

Our Tea Rainforest Alliance Certified, Organic and Fair Trade

Love one Water All profits go to building unique water play pumps in Africa

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St Mary’s University College Students’ Union

STUDENT memberships aare rree available a v a i l aable b l e at at

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Fringe trims Ladies wet/dry cut Ladies cut & ďŹ nish

Gents cut & ďŹ nish Kids 12-16 Kids 7-11 Kids 0-7

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Earn 1 years Earn No Claims Discount in just 6 months!*

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Pllease for calll today ili s more deta

* Includes use of the gym, swimming mm pool and studio classes

Student car insurance‌


Blowdry/set/ďŹ nish Hair up/style (per 45 mins)

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Single foil (max 10)

Partial foil Half head foil ž head foil Full head foil Free hand

th E e S xc tu lus de ive nt Bo to E nu nd s A sle cc igh ele ra to r


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Temp Weave Braid DREADLOCKS In

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Students are entitled to 10% off when presenting proof O.A.P’s are entitled to 15% off mon + tues Weddings / promos / groups / home visits can be arranged in and out of salon hours - notice is needed & travel costs may incur

The quickest way to build your NCD! OPENING HOURS

At Endsleigh we understand that as a student getting yourself on the rroad oad for the ďŹ rst ďŹ time can be expensive expensive. That’ That’s s why we’ve cr created rea eated eated the Student Bonus s Accelerator A l - a 6 month m policy which gives you the equivalent of 1 years No Claims Discount in just 6 months. tel:

MON 10-7

TUES WED THURS FRI SAT SUN 7.30- upon 10-7 upon 10-5 upon 5.30 request request request

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0800 028 3571


Community Drama performance at Box Hill

Expect from us intimate acoustic line ups and the grimiest raves, whilst also offering you the most exclusive London Clubs.

Welcome to

Undergraduates from St Mary’s University College’s Applied Theatre programme will be taking part in a site-specific outdoor performance of Aucell on Friday 7th- Sunday 9th May 2010 at the Old Fort in the Box Hill National Trust site in Tadworth, Surrey. In the lead up to the performance the St Mary’s students will be working with school pupils from Box Hill’s local schools to develop their creative skills in preparation for the performance. Applied Theatre Lecturer, Matthew Hahn, said, “I am pleased with the hard work and focus that the students have given to the Box Hill project. It was quite a daunting task to create from nothing, except a location, a fully realized production.� Applied Theatre Undergraduate, Hayley Louise Horn, said, “Our performance shows that theatre can happen anywhere and is not limited to buildings. The skills we have gained doing this project – writing, directing, budgeting, designing – will definitely help us in the future as we apply for facilitation jobs and community theatre jobs once we graduate.� For more information about the show please contact Matthew Hahn on Tel 020 8240 4000 Email

St Mary’s University College Students’ Union



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