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ŠBecky Willan, Christian Johnsen & David Hawksworth 2009 All rights reserved; no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior permission, in writing, from the publisher. Cover Art - ŠSarah Dyer

Within these pages are the thoughts of people like you. They wanted to tell you about things they care about. Things affected by climate change. So we gave them 140 characters to do so. They come from every continent, but they hope for the same thing. Now you have these stories in your hands. What’s worth saving in ThisPlace? The choice is yours...

Most of the written content in this book has been kept in its original unadulterated 140 character text format as submitted via twitter and our website, so please excuse the use of abbreviations and internet short hand. Thnx 2 U all ;)

When my kids ask me in 10 years ‘what was your generation doing while #thisplace burned?’ I want to say I tried my best to inspire change Andy Hobsbawm, UK

Bangalore’s cozy weather and our green cover, the pink flowers, yellow ones.. that am afraid my kid may not see when she grows up @adropofwisdom, India

Bangladesh is already drowning, house under water, floating schools. They had a very low carbon footprint. It’s us drowning them @hyperlocavore, USA

My entire city of Bombay. #thisplace will start sinking once water levels start rising. Thats 17 million people affected right there. NM, India

Amsterdam - The canals. They’ll all be under water. Andrew, Netherlands

We have named our daughter Ada. It means island but will she be able to see real islands when she is my age? You’ll decide now Ozan Sonmez Turkey

Healthy cod stocks in the North Sea and, in turn, the best fish & chips in the world from the chippy on Cleethorpes sea front Andrew Boyers, UK

Our array of birds. Please don’t let any more species become extinct. @Promette, UK

Koalas: No Tree, No Me. With a 3-5째 warming in #thisplace, only suitable areas are those that we have already clear-felled and urbanized Christine Hosking, Australia

The ability to grow food in African regions like Darfur which can keep communities together and helps prevent war. Anonymous

The Swedish winters. I’m tired of the mild weather and the lack of snow! Where’s the powder? Anonymous, Sweden

Franz Josef glacier 1 of most amazing/beautiful things i’ve ever seen - want it to be there when my kids & their kids grow up Matt Gill, UK

Lets kick out R commitment phobia 2 act rationally so 2 allow all living species the chance 2 aspire 2 more than just survival David de Rothschild Earth Citizen

What’s worth saving in #thisplace? Coral reefs. They are beautiful, tranquil and provide a home for things. If they die it’ll be very sad. Anonymous

The fish in the sea! Apparently there will be no fish left by 2041 if we continue like this... Jonte Edvardson, Sweden

Male sea turtles on coast of SW Turkey- increase of 4°c will eliminate male offspring in #thisplace due to female sex bias in warmer waters Jane Tuna-Akatay, Turkey

The seasons - spring flowers and new life; long summer days; crisp and golden autumn mornings and winter frosts. Julie, UK

#thisplace 4 me is Somerset. I used 2 walk through bluebells in Spring woodlands with my dad. They could disappear & my kids won’t see them Helen Wright, UK

the hill tribes that gave me hospitality in Thailand rely on rain seasons 4 their living in #thisplace...those seasons are now disappearing Anonymous

Evergreen forests the world over -the decline has already begun and is tragic. You must take this seriously and act NOW. David Wheeler USA

Your great grand child’s tree house Anonymous

Mango trees are worth it John Jones UK

Grandparents who don’t cope very well in summer heat waves Melissa, UK

Green spaces for children to explore Anonymous

Only an economist or a madman would believe in infinite growth on a finite planet... Mr H. Daily happy, healthy people worth saving. Dan Burgess, UK

What’s worth saving in this place? Easter Island... as a testament to people who didn’t manage to do it the first time! @counterpointer, Malaysia

Honey bee’s. Don’t know if it’s climate change, know they are dying. So much depends on them in #thisplace. No bee’s no honey no sweetness. Helena, Portugal

The honey bee, as over 1/3 of food supply relies upon them for pollination, thus sustaining world food production & ultimately us Tasha, UK

Wildflowers, bees, all noses and knees Lara Doucette, Canada

armers of the high(Mother Andes have nce with Pachamama ce Pachamama (Mother 00’s with of years. Protect. ’s of years. Protect. Headers and farmers of the high Andes have ke, Peru lived in balance with Pachamama (Mother e, Peru Earth) for 1000’s of years. Protect. @Barbaradrake, Peru

Our history, our present, our futures, everything Nishad, India

Please don´t think about the past or future. Do something now! Joakim Lars Nilsen, Norway

Hope for the future Jacopo Italy

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Name Location Date What’s worth saving in ThisPlace?

Name Location Date What’s worth saving in ThisPlace?

Name Location Date What’s worth saving in ThisPlace?

Name Location Date What’s worth saving in ThisPlace?

Name Location Date What’s worth saving in ThisPlace?

Artists in order of appearance

Sarah Dyer Molly Maine Martin Ursell Cornelia O’Donovan Ella Hudson Siobhan Maguire Aaron Miller Simon Cook Darren Luchmun Jonny Glover Jessica Allan Jake Abrams Polly Spencer Matthew Frame Lauren Summers Jon Burgerman Elizabeth Cummings

ThisPlace09 Concept Creators

Becky Willan Christian Johnsen David Hawksworth Max Longstaff (Web Design)

This book was produced as a collaboration between ThisPlace09, Art and Things magazine and DIY WOMP. Special thanks go to the editors of Art and Things magazine and all of the illustrators who were invaluable in bringing this book together. For more information on any of the artists or the magazine contact -Jamie Fewery - , or Siobhan Maguire - Design - Siobhan Maguire & Molly Maine

Special Thanks

Tom and Jonny at Greentomatocars for their sense of aventure in making a road trip to COP15 possible. Andy Boyers for his help whilst we were trying to make ThisPlace09 grow Melissa Cooper for her help, support and patience, whilst we spent countless days using her house as an office. Simon Henry and everyone at Cantate for helping us to make the book as sustainably as possible, on paper from sustainably managed forests, supported by FSC and PEFC procedures, using a mixture of vegetable and oil based inks.

The generosity and kindness of...

David Willan & the team at Circle Research Lynne & Rod Hawksworth The Body Shop plc Brian & Jenny Willan Catherine and Dean Gripton for Susie, Lois & Vanessa Hayden Pearson Helena Johnsen Helen Wright ID Comms Tom Denford & David Indo Jane Tuna-Akatay John Overaasen Patrick Johnsen Alex Sykes, Andy Boyers, Chloe Rumfitt, Chris Pearson for Louise & Eva Mae, Etta Dale & Ed Martin, Katie Chapman, Matt Gill, Natalie Cooper, Niall Murphy & Simon Pont

This book is a gift to you. In return you can give it to someone else and explain what started at COP15, Share with them all that has been accomplished, And all that still needs to be done to protect ThisPlace for them


This book was created from tweets collected off people around the world to answering one question, "What's worth saving in this place." The...


This book was created from tweets collected off people around the world to answering one question, "What's worth saving in this place." The...