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Manicure for Healthy, Beautiful and Attractive Nails Manicure can be taken by men and women both for the treatment of hands and nails. Especially it is important for woman to aver her beauty and tidiness. If your nails are not beautiful naturally, you can make them beautiful with the help of these techniques. Proper care and balance diet will make them attractive. Often men attract more towards the physical beautiful of women so it is important for them to make their nails neat and clean.

Following Thing-Scan be used during Manicure

Polish Dryers Aromatherapy Oils Sloughing Lotions Paraffin Wax Machine Nail scissors Emery board

Cotton wool and buds Tissues Enamel remover Cuticle Remover Nail Cleansers Nail Bleaches


Procedure for Manicure

Wash your hands. Remove nail polish For removing cuticles use cuticle remover For removing cuticles use cuticle remover. To flake off the person’s hands and remove dead skin With the help of thoroughly washed and sterilized equipments push back cuticles. Now shape the nails. Before applying colored enamel to your nails to protect the nail plate from discoloration, always use a base coat. Always have regular manicures to maintain your nails

Benefits for Manicure

 Give splendid look to the nails.  Removes dead skin.  Look beautiful and healthy nails.  Prevent from diseases.  Stress free from massage  It inhibits most nail disorders or diseases.

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Manicure at The Spa At Kona Beach Hotel  

Manicure will enhance the health of fingernails and toenails, promoting faster growth and maintaining wellness Moisturize cuticles. During a...

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