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Deep Tissue Massage

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Deep tissue massage is a distinct type of massage in which we use deep finger pressure and long strokes. It is used to cure certain physical diseases. In Deep tissue massage pressure is more intense. By using deep finger pressure and slow, firm strokes, it is used to treat a variety of physical ailments .To release the person from pain or tension and to increase the pressure various tools can be utilized.

4 basic steps for deep tissue massage

 Passive motion  Active motion  Muscle stripping  Negative pressure

Deep Tissue Massage

Precautions  Before massage do not take heavy meal.  For pregnant women massage should be done by massage therapists.  Many people ask for more pressure. This just won’t happen.  Take warm bath to reduce soreness and relax muscles after the massage  After deep tissue massage it’s important to drink a lot of water after otherwise you might get soreness the day after a massage.


 Deep tissue massage helps to improve body posture.  It improves blood pressure.  It helps in treatment of edema or swelling.  Reduce muscle cramping.  Deep tissue massage helps in Curing fibromyalgia.  Mobility, physical performance and posture improve.  Prevent Carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Deep tissue massage a chronic pain reducer