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Tell The Story You Want To Tell With The Ideal Business Cards Business cards have been around since the 17th century. They originated from Europe, where aristocrats used them to announce their arrival. Now used as a means of networking and creating business, these cards evolved into a popular wallet-sized paper carried and shared by the majority of professionals worldwide. Today, smartphones keep our contacts and our calendars readily available. None of the apps currently in the marketplace have managed to recreate the elegance and ease of the basic, sleek business card despite the best efforts of tech-savvy individuals who have tried to find ways to integrate business card trade into smartphone technology. The business card remains a staple in any business professional’s arsenal, even in today's digital environment, and is likely to remain so for many years. Designing your business card might be a daunting task. Creating a fresh and memorable contribution to a tradition that's more than three centuries old isn't an easy feat. However, by following a small number of simple guidelines, you will be well on your way to making a bold business statement in wallet-sized miniature. Many of today’s cards still incorporate technology into their design, although society hasn’t agreed on a method of digital business card trade. For instance, business card layouts can include a QR code that links the card to a company or personal internet site. If you want to inform others of your social media presence, wallet-sized cards are a simple way. Including your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn information together with your phone number and email address is a way to suggest to potential clients that you are tech-savvy. Keeping up with these social media accounts allows you to reach out to those clients in many different ways. When designing your business card, it is essential to think about what your prospective customer would most like to see. If you market a product created for men, as an example, you probably wouldn’t want a business card covered in hearts and flowers. Make certain that if you use a slogan that it attracts the type of clients you’re looking for and won't offend those clients by being too crude, too outdated or too childish. It is important to take the customs and beliefs of your international clients into account when designing your card if you do business overseas. Printing business cards in the language of the country you're visiting is also viewed as proper etiquette. You will be far ahead of your competition when you invest time to do so. You must incorporate your own personality and style while at the same time maintaining an awareness of your potential clients’ desires when designing your personal cards. From classic to contemporary or hip to historic, a card can exhibit any number of personal tastes. There are both playful and serious fonts which can be printed in lots of colors. You can also make a statement with the sort of paper you choose to print the card on. From glossy to flat to textured, the options are endless. Finally, it is crucial that, whatever your design decisions, your important information should be easy to read and understand. If your telephone number is lost in a pretty pattern or your email is invisible amidst a sea of sparkles, it doesn't matter how visually appealing the card is; it won’t Excell Print & Promotions, Inc

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Tell The Story You Want To Tell With The Ideal Business Cards count for anything. As you contemplate what your clients would like to see and how you would like to present yourself, be sure you don’t lose sight of the fundamental intent behind the business card: to make it simple for people you meet to contact you later on. If you give out creative plastic business cards to clients and customers, you'll receive a lot more attention. More specifics on Excell Print & Promotions are obtainable at the organization's website,

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Tell The Story You Want To Tell With The Ideal Business Cards