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Autumn Edging ever closer to the garden’s final blaze of colour... In contrast to the lushness of the Summer months, the fading glory of your garden in Autumn can provide a completely different but no less stunning sight - especially if you have plants which capture the simple beauty of a dew-drenched cobweb or a frost-encrusted seed head. Some of the season’s boldest colours are in the many fruits and berries that ripen at this time of year - providing a feast for the eyes and for the appreciative wildlife. Autumn is a time for some truly spectacular plants - a few of our favourites include...

Asters, Grasses, Maples, Pyracantha and Winter-flowering Heathers

Divide overgrown perennials.

Prune evergreen plants to shape. Aerate your lawn.


Reduce watering of houseplants to slow growth through the winter. Protect late crops with fleece if necessary.


Protect tender plants from wind

‘When the bold branches bid farewell to rainbow leaves... Welcome wool sweaters.’ B Cybrill

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You’ll need: A 35cm terracotta or plastic container with a depth of approx 30cm, good quality multi-purpose compost, crocks or gravel, three pot feet and... 30 x blue Crocus 12 x Narcissi Tête-à-Tête 10 x dwaft Tulip ‘Pinocchio’ 6 x winter-flowering Pansies

1 Preparing your container and adding your tulips Add crocks or gravel to the bottom of your container. Half fill your container with compost and space your tulip bulbs evenly over your compost surface.

4 The final touches Finally, position your pansies in the top of your container and carefully fill any remaining gaps with compost. Give your pot a good water, and place in your chosen position, making sure that it stands on the feet to ensure free drainage - and voilà, get ready to enjoy your 100 days of colour!

Plant new perennials, climbers, hedging and trees.

Tidy your hedges and prune your trees.

Follow this simple container recipe for fantastic colour in your garden during the darker months and throughout Spring.

3 Adding your crocus Repeat this procedure with your crocus bulbs, making sure they are evenly spaced and upright, before covering with another compost layer.

Plant out Autumn bedding plants.

Plant a Winter container that you can see from the window.

100 days of COLOUR

2 Adding your narcissi Cover carefully with compost so that just the bulb tips are showing and then place your Tête-à-Tête bulbs, evenly spaced, on the surface. Then cover with more compost so that the bulb tips are just showing.


Clear vegetable crops which have finished and dig in manure or compost.

Beat the Winter blues with

After the show… After flowering, feed your plants with a high potash feed, let the leaves die back naturally then lift the bulbs and plant out in the garden ready for flowering next year. For loads of other great ideas visit BPN Prime on our website at

Inspired 2016 - Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre  
Inspired 2016 - Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre