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elcome to the Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre magazine - we hope you enjoy it and find it useful, interesting and inspiring.

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lthough we provide far more than a traditional garden centre, we’ve held onto the positive values you’d associate with an independent family-run business - we offer great products at great prices and excellent service provided by friendly, knowledgeable staff. And we like to get involved in our community too, supporting a variety of charitable causes and projects in local schools.


e hope you enjoy our magazine and feel inspired to visit us soon...

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f you’ve visited us recently you’ll already know that we offer so much more than a traditional garden centre - if you haven’t visited us before, or haven’t been in for a while, you might be surprised by the number of departments and the enormous range of goods that we now offer for our customers’ homes, their lifestyles and of course for their gardens!

Happy Gardening!




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Diary Dates 2015 Mother’s Day - 15th March Easter Sunday - 5th April Father’s Day - 21st June



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Save the dates of our popular annual events and start planning for this year’s Hanging Basket & Container Competition!

Annual Bonsai Show 18th & 19th July


Map © OpenStreetMap contributors - competition launch May, judging late August - see website or ask in store for details

Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre - ‘great ideas to get you growing’

Bypass Nurseries - your local independent

garden centre with a great deal to offer...

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Cascade Swimming Pools

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The Spring Festival

Christmas Charity Evening

Join us to celebrate the arrival of Spring in a riot of colourful plants, demonstrations and lots more to see and do.

Join us for a great start to the festive season with carols from local school choirs, a visit to santa, mulled wine, mince pies, Christmas crafts, special offers and lots more.

7th-15th March

4th December

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The Perfect Gift

Looking for a special and individual gift? Visit our Gift Shop - we have a huge range of gifts, so no matter what age you’re buying for, or whatever the occasion might be, we’re bound to have something that’s just right! Our great selection includes… Gifts for children Gifts for the nursery & new baby Glass, pottery & ornamental gifts Gifts for special occasions & celebrations Delicious gifts for foodies Gifts galore for gardeners Plus all those lovely items that make our homes truly personal - and gifts for Easter, Mothers’, Fathers’ and Christmas Days too!

Next time you’re in need of a special gift come and take a look at our Gift Shop.

And don’t forget Houseplants! Our extensive range of houseplants together with decorative pots and containers make wonderful living gifts that keep on giving!

Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre - ‘great ideas to get you growing’

Master Gardener

The UK’s Bestselling Gardening Glove

Buy One Get One Free *


* subject to availability

Master Gardener gloves are thorn resistant - great for pruning and all other gardening tasks.

Ladies’ pack contains 3 pairs of dotted palm cotton gloves with a fashionable polka-dot pattern.

Protect your knees with a thick cushioned kneeler pad. Lightweight and easy to carry around the garden.

Men’s pack contains 1 pair of rigger, canvas and PVC coated gloves.

whilst stocks last


Spring is the season of promise... Starting with a profusion of colourful spring bulbs that rid us of the drab, seemingly colourless months of Winter and ending in longer, warmer days that hint at the Summer to come. Spring is the busiest time of the year in the garden... It’s the time to prepare for the Summer months when we’ll really be able to enjoy the colour, the scents, the produce - and get the chance to relax in our gardens and entertain family and friends. But it’s not all about preparing for later in the year, lots of plants are at their very best in Spring, including...

Daffodils, Crocuses, Fritillaria, Tulips, Wallflowers and Wisteria

Grow potatoes

The humble potato has to be the unsung hero of the vegetable world. One of the easiest vegetables to grow, they are also extremely versatile as well as being very tasty and great sources of vitamin C, minerals, fibre and starch. Plant and care for your potatoes following our planting guide and you’ll give yours the very best chance of yielding a bumper crop which, with careful storage, could last you until it’s time to plant again next year!

1 2 3

Prepare your soil Potatoes can be grown in practically every type of soil - prepare your ground by digging it over and then rake roughly level.

Prepare your planting trench Mark out your first trench using a line and dig along this to half a spade (6”) depth. Add some fertiliser such as composted manure or pelleted chicken manure. Plant your potatoes As you place your seed potatoes into your trench, make sure that you plant them 9” apart with the rose end (the end with the most ‘eyes’) upwards. Then use your rake to back-fill your trench using the soil you excavated earlier. Repeat this process, spacing your rows 18” apart, until all your seed potatoes are planted.


Prune bushes and shrubs to encourage new growth. Clear debris, old stems and weeds from beds and borders and mulch with compost or bark Plant summer-flowering bulbs.


Edge and feed your lawn. Sow greenhouse vegetable crops. Spray roses against disease and be vigilant for signs of pests. Prune spring-flowering shrubs once flowering is finished.


Top Tips for Potato Care

Feed and top-dress your acid-loving plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Camellias with ericaceous plant food and compost. Earth up your potatoes. Plant salad crops successionally to ensure a regular supply.

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush. Doug Larson

Hoe any weeds as soon as they emerge. When your potato plants show through the soil, earth them up. Repeat the earthing up process as your potato plants grow so that your potato tubers remain covered in soil. Water liberally in dry weather. For a full guide to choosing varieties of potato, planting seed potatoes, tips to care for your growing crop and some interesting potato facts visit

Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre - ‘great ideas to get you growing’


Bright ideas for even the smallest of spaces

From a country estate to a townhouse garden, balcony or urban roof terrace, with Cole & Bright’s solar lighting even the smallest of outdoor spaces can be transformed into a beautifully illuminated haven. With such a large range to choose from, while space may be limited the possibilities to enhance it needn’t be. Easy to install and with up to 8 hours run-time, go solar and enjoy beautifully lit evenings all summertime long.

Find your nearest stockist at

Cole and Bright Lighting

Love your garden? Join us at BPN Prime - Available from all good garden centres

Foodie Heaven

Satisfy your appetite for great food with a visit to one of our foodie departments - or really indulge your taste buds with a visit to both!

The Kitchen Shop Our Kitchen Shop offers a delightful range of kitchenware, cookware, utensils, food storage and presentation in styles to suit different tastes, from the very traditional to the very contemporary. So whether you’re looking for something specific, looking for inspiration or a special house-warming gift, we’re sure to have what you need – and quite a few things you may not have thought of! And when you’ve found whatever it is that you need to help prepare, store or serve something delicious - take a look in our food department for some truly wonderful ingredients...

Speciality Foods If you appreciate good food and have a taste for the finer things in life, you’ll love our wonderful range of speciality foods! Made using top quality ingredients, with a passion for excellence and sensational flavours, our speciality foods include jams, chutneys, olives, sauces and marinades – and lots more.

Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre - ‘great ideas to get you growing’

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The Craft Shop Craft Supplies

New Friends

The Craft Shop is a real favourite with crafts people near and far - it’s so much more than somewhere that stocks an incredible range of craft supplies catering for a wealth of different craft interests…

We also run sociable craft groups where you can learn new skills, share ideas and make new friends.

Scrapbooking Decoupage Card making Beadwork

Knitting Drawing Painting Parchment

Whatever your craft interests you’re sure to feel at home - we cater for crafters of all ages and abilities – and our staff are on hand to give expert advice from their own practical experience.

New Ideas Whether you’re completely new to the wonderfully engaging world of crafts or a seasoned crafts-person looking for new ideas and inspiration - join us for one of our ever popular Craft Workshops and Free Demonstrations.

Scrapbooking Our friendly scrapbooking sessions are held on the first Friday of every month from 2:30-4:30pm. Simply bring along your own projects, die cut machines and dies, masks and embossing folders - and ‘scrap’ to your heart’s content with likeminded people!

Knit & Natter Join our weekly Knit & Natter Group, every Monday 10.00-12.00. Friendly and informal, it offers the chance to learn to knit, exchange ideas over tea or coffee – and have a natter and make new friends.

Our workshops and demonstrations cover all manner of crafts, for dates and details check out our event calendar at or call 01473 310604

Knitters Raise Funds for EACH Members of the Knit & Natter Group joined the rest of Bypass Nurseries to raise funds for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), the charity selected for our Christmas Charity Evening in 2014. The group knitted and crocheted all manner of wonderful soft toys, baby clothes, hats and gifts which were then sold to raise money. Together we raised a fantastic £650 and would like to thank everyone who bought one of the Knit & Natter group’s items, purchased a raffle ticket or made a donation during our Christmas Charity Evening.

Sow’s ear to silk purse! Decopatch the crafty way to up-cycle old and unloved items. Great for anything from ornaments to pieces of furniture - ask in store or visit our website for details.

Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre - ‘great ideas to get you growing’

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“Great ideas to get you growing!”

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visit our website or ask a member of staff.

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Summer The lazy days of Summer are what gardens are meant for... If you prepared well in Spring, you should be able to sit back and enjoy your garden come the Summer months. There’s less work to do - it’s really a time for nurturing and maintenance, a time of feeding, watering, pruning and dead-heading to ensure that your garden keeps looking at its best, and that any crops you have sown deliver a bountiful harvest. Although there’s still work to do - make time to really enjoy your garden and the wildlife it attracts at this time of year. A great many plants are at their showiest during the summer months - a few of our favourites include...

Dahlias, Sunflowers, Fuschias, Petunias, Geraniums and Passionflowers

Feed and water fruit, vegetables, containers and baskets. Plant out tender vegetables and Summer bedding plants.

Removing fading flowers by dead-heading encourages your plants to continue flowering to attract pollinators – which means that you can continue to enjoy more beautiful flowers and great looking plants. While dead-heading isn’t complicated, it is important to use the right technique for the type of plant you’re working on and the right tools for the job, which include fingers, horticultural scissors and secateurs.

A quick guide to dead-heading roses. Roses are an iconic garden flower and they benefit from regular dead-heading. In the case of roses you can dead-head for more flowers, or to encourage a more pleasing shape to your plant – the two techniques are different and here we’re concentrating on deadheading to promote flowering – we’ll write about plant shaping on another occasion.

Take hold of a faded bloom, follow its stem to the node where it joins the parent stem – make sure that this stem doesn’t contain any buds that are yet to flower, and then cut it off with a sharp pair of secateurs.

Lift and divide overgrown clumps of bulbs.


Prune hedges now that birds have finished nesting.

Always make dead-heading and pruning cuts to roses at an angle of about 45 degrees – this will ensure that rain and water cannot sit on the wound and cause rot.

Encourage new flowers by dead-heading regularly. If it’s dry, raise mower blades to keep grass longer, and greener!

Dead-head well and you’ll be rewarded with lots more flower buds and ultimately more beautiful roses!


Prune wisteria to encourage new flowering spurs for next year.

Keep your fruit and vegetable plants supported as necessary to avoid damage.

The floral displays that we enjoy in our gardens are part of our plants’ reproductive cycle. To produce seeds for the next generation, plants need to a attract pollinators such as bees - once pollinated the flower’s task is complete and they fade away - the plant then puts all of its energy into seed development and even the foliage can start to wilt.

Rose blooms that are passed their best are easy to identify, and it’s a good idea to dead-head them before they drop their petals and make the garden look untidy.


Prune summer-flowering shrubs once flowering is finished.

Prolong your display...

‘Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability’

Sam Keen

You’ll find lots more information about the different techniques needed for a range of different plants, including Petunias, Begonias and Pelargoniums in the BPN Prime section of our website at

Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre - ‘great ideas to get you growing’

NEW Ultra Twist

Watering with a twist!

A unique 2-in-1 spray gun that takes only a second to twist and quickly turn into a sprinkler. The new exciting Ultra Twist makes life even more convenient in the garden for those who want to save precious time and expense. Simple! Growbag Waterer




19 .99

Aquasolo® Keeps your plants alive while on holiday!

No pipes! No timers! No fuss! Four capillary water spikes deliver water from the 15L reservoir direct to the plant roots. Water level indicator and quick refill access point. Bases include three vertical bamboo cane holders.




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5L Standard Pressure Sprayer Easy to use Pressure Sprayer for accurate and cost effective application of insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and water- soluble fertilisers. Translucent bottle for accurate chemical mixing with integrated pressure release valve 5L Pressure Sprayer


2 in 1



Aquasolo Single Pack

An inexpensive and easy to use indoor watering cone, that takes the worry out of going away. Just fill a plastic drinks bottle with water, attach the cone, and place into your flower pots.

Compact Reel with 25m Hose Hose Reel with 25m of Hose, fittings and Spray Nozzle



£ .99


- 3 pack + 1 FREE







19 .99

Seasons Pico Reel with 10m Hose Perfect for small garden spaces. Compact, lightweight and easy to rewind, the ‘Seasons’ Pico Reel range is available in three different colours - Lime, Purple & Pink. They can be effortlessly manoeuvred around the garden with maximum ease and enjoyment. PICO REEL





29 .99

Meet the experts... Marcus - Outdoor Plant Expert I’ve always been interested in plants and I studied at Otley College for a National Certificate of Horticulture before starting work at Bypass Nurseries 14 years ago. I really enjoy my work here, I’ve been able to continue training and and have also won a Horticultural Trade Association award in retail plant care. Desert Island must have: I would take Lonicera Fragrantissima – a scented honeysuckle which would keep me in perfume and flowers – and needing regular pruning , it would also give me something to do! Lucky number: 7, my High School basketball shirt number. Interesting Fact: We all know that 21st June is the turning point in the calendar when the days start to become shorter, but it’s a good reminder that you can start pruning shrubs!

Lynette - Craft Shop Manager I’ve enjoyed all sorts of crafts all of my life - I’m always busy knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking and making cards. I’ve worked in the Craft Shop for the last 10 years - it’s always interesting seeing the new craft ideas come along, and fun introducing other people to them at our demonstrations and workshops. Desert Island must have: I’d just want my crochet hooks and plenty of wool! Lucky number: 13!

Favourite colour: Black - although I know that it’s not actually a colour!

Interesting Fact: I have thirteen grandchildren and three great grandchildren - so I’m never short of new knitting projects!

Tina - Houseplant Expert I trained as a florist at Otley College – you learn far more than just the artistic and creative aspects of the role, I also learned a lot about plants and plant care - and the creative side of my training has been really helpful with my work in the Gift Shop too. Desert Island must have: I think it would have to be a citrus fruit tree – maybe I could use the lemons for my gin and tonic! Favourite colour: Purple, just because! Interesting Fact: I was under 25 outdoor bowls English champion for three years.

Mark – Indoor & Outdoor Furniture Specialist & BBQ Expert My background is in engineering, which means that I can appreciate the craftsmanship in the furniture and BBQ products that we sell. It also means that I am able to show and explain the benefits that quality products offer to our customers and advise them on the best ways to care for their chosen products. Desert Island must have: A BBQ - no gas, obviously so it would have to be a charcoal wood-burning barbecue – all I’d need to do then would be to catch some fish! Interesting Fact: I’m local now, but I was born in Tripoli, Libya and have travelled extensively around the world both for work and pleasure.

Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre - ‘great ideas to get you growing’

Ronnie – Garden Sundries Expert & Assistant Manager I’ve worked at Bypass Nurseries for 27 years - starting as a part-time till operator. I then worked in a full time role in the Garden Sundries department, before moving to Houseplants and Bedding Plants before returning to Garden Sundries – including tools, fertilisers, plant treatments, lawn care, water and irrigation products, plus Autumn & Spring bulbs Desert Island must have: I’d want to do zen gardening, so I’d need a tool... One of our cultivating tools with interchangeable heads would be great - and I could use them to write messages in the sand too! Interesting Fact: My favourite dish is spicy Portuguese chicken – which I cook at least once a week! It’s an easy to prepare one pot meal which is juicy, hot, spicy and delicious!

Gill - Bedding Plant Expert I started working in Bypass Nurseries’ growing nursery 14 years ago, pollinating plants - before moving to the Outdoor Plant department where I’ve developed my knowledge of bedding plants. I love working in my own garden too, where I’ve learned through experience what works and what grows where - I’ve made mistakes, but I now have the expertise to rectify them - expertise I’m always happy to share with customers. Desert Island must have: It would have to be a geranium – they’re bright and cheerful, they don’t mind the heat and they make me happy! Interesting Fact: Siamese cats are a passion I’ve indulged for over 40 years – currently I have two, Cleopatra and Sienna.

Carol – Speciality Foods I’ve worked at Bypass Nurseries for 8 years, I’m responsible for the delicious range of jams, chutneys, sauces, biscuits and all of the other edible treats available in the Speciality Food Department. I have an HTA Garden Retail diploma which is more focused on my oother responsibilities here working with houseplants and outdoor plants Desert Island must have: I’d take some chocolate bisuits - a little luxury to help make me feel better! Favourite Colour: Lilac, becuse it’s calming. Interesting Fact: I’m really interested in Geneology - and have traced my family history back to the early 1800s... my ancestors are all from Suffolk, and they mostly worked in agriculture.

Sheila – Centre Manager I started working at Bypass Nurseries 20 years ago having studied at Horticultural College. My first role involved looking after plants, then I was promoted to head of department, assistant manager and then centre manager - a role I’ve enjoyed for past 10 years. I’m responsible for the wide range of products that we stock and for ensuring that we continue to deliver the excellent customer service that Bypass Nurseries is known for. I’m still passionate about plants and really enjoy seeing the new ones that become available each year. Desert Island must have: My iPad - so that I could keep in touch and up to date with what’s going on. Interesting Fact: I love shoes. I currently have over 60 pairs - all stored in boxes with photographs on the front so I can easily find the pair I want!

They’re all happy to provide friendly expert advice - just ask!

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Life Outdoors Garden Furniture

Make the most of your outdoor spaces and enjoy yourself while relaxing or entertaining family and friends with our comfortable, stylish garden furniture. Whether you’re looking for family dining furniture, intimate bistro sets, luxurious loungers or comfortable benches, our fabulous furniture ranges offer something for everyone, at prices to suit all budgets - so come and take a look around, and try some of our garden furniture on for size...

Hartman The quality cast aluminium Rocco, Amalfi and Berkeley collections offer ergonomic designs of understated elegance which are lightweight yet strong and comfortable, and include a range of styles and colours.

Alexander Rose Our quality selection of beautiful benches from Alexander Rose offer comfortable, traditional seating to suit any garden. We also stock a fun and sturdy garden set for smaller bottoms – perfect for those Summer tea parties!

A Mir Our A Mir ranges of furniture offer everything from relaxing to dining for up to eight people. Whether you choose traditional or contemporary designs - you are assured of great style, exceptional durability and low maintenance.

Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre - ‘great ideas to get you growing’

BBQs & Garden Heaters We stock a wide range of equipment dedicated to providing cooking facilities, soft light and warmth for extending those evenings - choose from: Quality gas or charcoal barbecues Stylish clay or iron chimeneas Cosy fire pits Economical patio heaters Fuel and bbq accessories

Come and check out our range... And get ready for your next garden party!

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Bypass Nurseries - A Family History

Bypass Nurseries was founded in 1937 by the current Managing Director’s father, David Fenwick, making us a true family business. In the early days our main activities were nursery growing, at our original site on the old Colchester ‘bypass’, from where we get our name! From this base the company grew and at one time there were Garden Shops in Colchester, Ipswich, Bury St. Edmunds and London.

We have always recognised that our customers are the most important influence upon our business and we strive to make every dealing with our company a positive and memorable experience. These photographs show some of our early work and a few of the workers who helped to make Bypass Nurseries what it is today.

The original nursery business soon diversified into the highly specialised area of seed growing – with a particular emphasis on primroses. At its height the nursery was harvesting something in the region of 50 kilos of primrose seed under contract from companies in France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Holland. From our earliest days we’ve been committed to providing excellent quality, service and value to our customers, and our aim today is to provide the local communities in which we operate with superb quality plants and garden products and attractive ranges of garden furniture, BBQs, gifts and much more.

Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre - ‘great ideas to get you growing’

*Swimming Pool DIY Kits *Pool & Spa Chemicals *Above Ground Pools *Pool Toys & Inflatables *Maintenance Equipment *Pool Refurbishments *Automatic Safety Covers *Telescopic Enclosures

Cascade Pool & Spa Supplies Head Office Tel: 01449 723656 (09.00-17.00) VISIT OUR SHOW CENTRE: Bypass Nurseries, Capel St Mary Tel: 01473 310547 Spring/Summer (Mon-Sun ) – CLOSED Wednesdays Autumn/Winter (Saturdays only)

Bypass Nurseries - In Your Community We’re committed to providing support back into the communities in which our customers live and work. We undertake a range of activities in our community, including raising funds for local charities, and we are particularly proud of the way in which we make great use of our expertise to help schools and nurseries to promote...

Supporting Local Charities

Happy, healthy children. Surely the goal of every parent, teacher and community. Research by the Royal Horticultural Society shows that gardening can lead children to embrace a healthier lifestyle, while developing confidence, responsibility, social and communication skills. And the pursuit of health and happiness is at the root of the many school and preschool gardens around the country – and it is in this area where we feel very well placed to work with local people to create a real ‘community garden centre’ feel. These photographs show a few of the schools, nurseries, projects and children we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Giving back to the community in which we work is very much business as usual at Bypass Nurseries – and this includes supporting the work of charities selected by staff each year. We’ve supported a wide range of charities over many years, raising over £400,000 and helping them to raise their profiles by working with us on-site. We are always busy supporting our nominated charities in a range of ways - but never more visibly than during our annual Spring Festival and Christmas Charity Evening fundraising events. For more information about Bypass Nurseries and our community activities and charitable events please visit our website -

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Autumn Edging ever closer to the garden’s final blaze of colour... In contrast to the lushness of the Summer months, the fading glory of your garden in Autumn can provide a completely different but no less stunning sight - especially if you have plants which capture the simple beauty of a dew-drenched cobweb or a frost-encrusted seed head. Some of the season’s boldest colours are in the many fruits and berries that ripen at this time of year - providing a feast for the eyes and for the appreciative wildlife. Autumn is a time for some truly spectacular plants - a few of our favourites include...

Asters, Grasses, Maples, Pyracantha and winter-flowering Heathers

Divide overgrown perennials.

Prune evergreen plants to shape. Aerate your lawn.


You’ll need: A 35cm terracotta or plastic container with a depth of approx 30cm, good quality multi-purpose compost, crocks or gravel, three pot feet and... 30 x blue Crocus 12 x Narcissi Tête-à-Tête 10 x dwaft Tulip ‘Pinocchio’ 6 x winter-flowering Pansies

1 Preparing your container and adding your tulips Add crocks or gravel to the bottom of your container. Half fill your container with compost and space your tulip bulbs evenly over your compost surface.

4 The final touches Finally, position your pansies in the top of your container and carefully fill any remaining gaps with compost. Give your pot a good water, and place in your chosen position, making sure that it stands on the feet to ensure free drainage - and voilà, get ready to enjoy your 100 days of colour!

Plant new perennials, climbers, hedging and trees. Reduce watering of houseplants to slow growth through the winter. Protect late crops with fleece if necessary.


Protect tender plants from wind

Tidy your hedges and prune your trees.

Follow this simple container recipe for fantastic colour in your garden during the darker months and throughout Spring.

3 Adding your crocus Repeat this procedure with your crocus bulbs, making sure they are evenly spaced and upright, before covering with another compost layer.

Plant out Autumn bedding plants.

Plant a Winter container that you can see from the window.

100 days of COLOUR

2 Adding your narcissi Cover carefully with compost so that just the bulb tips are showing and then place your Tête-à-Tête bulbs, evenly spaced, on the surface. Then cover with more compost so that the bulb tips are just showing.


Clear vegetable crops which have finished and dig in manure or compost.

Beat the Winter blues with

‘When the bold branches bid farewell to rainbow leaves... Welcome wool sweaters.’ B Cybrill

After the show… After flowering, feed your plants with a high potash feed, let the leaves die back naturally then lift the bulbs and plant out in the garden ready for flowering next year. For loads of other great ideas visit BPN Prime on our website at

Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre - ‘great ideas to get you growing’

Products marked 速 or TM are trademarks of The Scotts Company (UK) Ltd and its affiliates. Evergreen Complete contains MCPA, mecoprop-P and ferrous sulphate. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Love your garden? Join us at BPN Prime -

Pine Furniture Interior design is all about our homes reflecting our lifestyles and personal tastes – so it’s important to pick the right pieces of furniture! Pine is a great natural and sustainable material for furniture - it provides a longlasting, practical furnishing solution that is beautifully warm in appearance and easy to care for.



So whatever you’re looking for in pine… dining table and chairs TV unit coffee table blanket box chest of drawers bookcase ...or one of the many other items of solid pine furniture we have to offer – you’re sure to find something to suit your style. Our stylish solid pine furniture is designed and manufactured in the UK. All pieces are available in smooth or rustic pine finishes and they can be made in bespoke sizes to suit individual needs too.

The Finishing Touch Traditional or modern, minimalist or shabby-chic, interior design styles are brought to life with the addition of those finishing touches that make our homes a reflection of our personalities. Between our Furniture Shop, Gift Shop, Kitchen Shop and Garden Centre departments we offer an enormous range of... Mirrors and Clocks Ornaments and Picture Frames Houseplants, Pots and Containers and a great many other of those individual finishing touches that make our homes our own.

Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre - ‘great ideas to get you growing’

Fireplaces & Fireplaces & Fireplaces & Woodburners Woodburners Fireplaces & Woodburners Woodburners

• Woodburners • Woodburners • Electric Fires •• Woodburners Electric Fires • Gas Fires •• Electric Fires Gas Fires • Logs & Kindling - ORDER NOW Gas Fires •• Logs & Kindling - ORDER NOW • 6 Months Interest Free Credit •• Woodburners Logs & Kindling ORDER NOW 6• Full Months Interest Service Free Credit Installation •• Electric Fires 6 Months Interest Free Credit Full Installation Service • Gas Full Fires Installation Service • Logs & Kindling - ORDER NOW • 6 Months Interest Free Credit • Full Installation Service

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Winter is a time of slumber in the garden... ...which is probably just as well as working heavy, wet or frozen soil isn’t many gardeners’ idea of fun! The Winter garden is often best enjoyed through the window, from where wild birds can be watched and nature’s quiet but relentless progress can be observed as the first shoots break through the hard earth with a promise of warmer times ahead. There may not be much to do outdoors - but Winter is a great time to research new ideas and plan ahead for the gardening year and springtime activites ahead. While many plants are dormant, some provide Winter colour and interest - a few of our favourites include...

Cyclamen, Holly, Hellebores, Irises, Snowdrops and Poinsettia

December Harvest Autumn sown winter salads.

Plant fruit trees, canes and bushes as long as the ground isn’t frozen. Repair fences or garden buildings.


Clear snow from evergreen trees and shrubs. Prepare your greenhouse for young plants and seedlings. Buy your seed potatoes and chit to give them a head start.


Prune summer-flowering shrubs. Sow seeds in your greenhouse. Put up a nest box to encourage the flutter of tiny wings! Lightly trim winter-flowering heathers.

Feed the birds...

and reap the benefits! By creating your own garden bird haven, you’ll be able to enjoy their beautiful songs, appreciate their lovely colours, you may get to watch them raising their young families - and you’ll benefit from the very efficient natural pest control that birds will provide when visiting your garden.

What do I feed them with? To attract a wide variety of birds, you need to provide a variety of food and accommodate different feeding habits. There are many different seed mixes available for feeders, birdtables and the ground. Peanuts are popular, as are sunflower seeds which are an excellent year-round food - nyjer seeds attract goldfinches and siskins. Bird cake, fat balls and food bars are excellent Winter food and can be provided in containers such as coconut shells or tit bells, or placed on your bird table. You can even make your own bird cake by pouring melted fat (suet or lard) onto a mixture of ingredients such as seeds, nuts, dried fruit, oatmeal, cheese and cake, using about one-third fat to two-thirds mixture. Stir well in a bowl and allow it to set in a container of your choice.

What can I expect to see? With a table and feeders you can expect to see a whole range of species including starlings, sparrows, blackbirds, blue and great tits, robins, greenfinches and collared doves. Hopping around underneath your feeders, you can expect to see dunnocks, thrushes, wrens and chaffinches. If you’re lucky you may even see rarer visitors such as great spotted woodpeckers, nuthatches, coal, marsh and long-tailed tits, blackcaps, siskins and bramblings – and you might see sparrowhawks hunting for prey! Feeding birds is only the start - putting up nest boxes will encourage ‘Winter is a time of promise them to stay, and bug, bee, frog, bat and hedgehog boxes will attract because there is so little to yet more fascinating and beneficial wildlife into your garden.

do - or because you can now and then permit yourself the For more information and loads of other great ideas for your home and garden visit BPN Prime on our website luxury of thinking so’ Stanley Crawford at

Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre - ‘great ideas to get you growing’

Christmas at Bypass Nurseries We love putting on a real festive show for our customers every Christmas. We design a different Christmas Shop every year - offering all of the festive essentials and those little extras that help get everyone in the mood... Real and artificial Christmas trees A huge range of tree decorations Decorative wreaths and festive ornaments Novelty figures and Christmas lights Santa sacks, cards and wrapping paper And there’s our annual Christmas Charity Evening* when we welcome Santa to his Chistmas Grotto, enjoy Carols sung by school choirs, mulled wine, mince pies, festive crafts and more in support of a charity chosen by staff. *Christmas Charity Evening 2015 - 6.30-8pm Friday 4th December - save the date!

Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre - ‘great ideas to get you growing’

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Inspired 2015 - Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre  
Inspired 2015 - Bypass Nurseries Garden Centre