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Consulting and Training in Strategy, Management & Development

Mission • Enhance Efficiency, Productivity & Competitiveness through Developing Talents and Technical Assistance, Capacity Building, Institutional Development and providing Value Added Management & Development Solutions.

Vision • To be the Leading Provider in Management & Development Solutions in Western & Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Gulf Countries, Russia, Central Asia & Africa and thrive to become a Key Global Player.

Values • • • •

Stakeholders’ Satisfaction and Loyalty; Proactive Thinking & Innovative Mind; Integrity, Professionalism & Ethics; Corporate Citizenship & Advocacy. 2

Management Mix®

Training Solutions

Design & Development of investments Project

Management Mix Solutions



Management Mix速

Management Consultancy Solutions

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO)

Partner with International Financial Corporation (IFC) Business Edge program Management Mix速

• Management Mix is the local partner of IFC – Business Edge to support the growth of SMEs in all the Lebanese regions by providing training courses to develop the competencies of businessmen & women. • Management Mix has now seven certified trainers to deliver IFC - Business Edge training courses.

Management Mix®


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Banking & Finance


Cement & Readymix

Renewable Energies

Clothing & Fashion


Food & Beverages Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics Luxury HORECA Healthcare Oil & Chemicals

Contracting & Engineering

Distribution & Retail

Public Sector & Government


IT 7

Management Mix速

DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS • • • • • • • • • •

Strategy & Policy Formulation;, Diagnosis, & Analysis, Technical Assistance, Capacity Building, Institutional Development, Curriculum Development, Project Development, Project Management, Project Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation.



MANAGERIAL SOLUTIONS • • • • • • • • • •

Strategy Formulation, Process & Risk Management, Talent Management, Organization & Restructuring, Marketing & Branding Policies, Sales & cross selling policies, Customer Service Practices, Management Information Systems, Financial & Investment Advisory, Corporate Social Responsibility.


• • • • • • • • • •

Market Studies, Market Surveys, Labor Market Surveys, Feasibility Studies, Strategic Business Plans, IPO Preparation, Inward Investment, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Intelligence, Export promotion .

Conferences 8

Management Mix®

Our Training Solutions 1000 Strategy 9000 Resources

2000 Processes





7000 Customers

4000 Structure

6000 Sales

Management Mix速

5000 Marketing

Upon your request we will send you the complimentary list of courses 9

Our Specialized Training Solutions Banking & Insurance Pharmaceutical


Education & NGO’s

Public Sector

Fundraising Media

Healthcare Management



Management MixÂŽ


Our Training Process 1-Competency Gap Analysis

2-Training Needs Assessment

3-Training Program Design




Deliverables Deliverables CGA Report

4-Conducting the Training Program (CTP)

Methodology Active Participation

TNA Report

Group Discussions

Handout : Methods and Tools


Exit Report - Individual

Real Case Studies

Exit Report - General


Certificates – Training “Passport”

Experience Exchange

Test Results

Self Evaluation Tests

Management Mix®

5-Evaluating Participants’ Performance (EPP)


Some of our In-House Trainings: Holcim has implemented International successfully the integrated

“Management Mix experts helped us in implementing successfully the BS 18001, ISO 14001. Currently we are implementing the ISO 9001, and in parallel a Talent Management System “.

Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental Integrated Management System with Management Mix.

Mr. Vincent Fretay

Mr. Vincent Bouckaert, GM, HOLCIM

Industrial Manager, YBC Pernod Ricard Group

Trainings delivered to 400 managers & staff on process management were very helpful, we are extremely delighted.

“We are implementing the 9 innovative steps of Management Mix”.

Mr. Stepan Guyshian Mr. Hassan Kabbani

VP, Confederation Internationale du Credit Agricole (France) CEO, ACBA-Credit Agricole

CEO, MobiNil Orascom Telecom Group

“VivaCell-MTS & Management Mix are in a partnership since 2006 having objectives to develop the competencies of our Managerial staff and the staff of the Contact centers (more than 600)”.

Mr. Ralph Yirikian, CEO, VivaCell-MTS Group Management Mix®

“Effective collaboration in delivering IT Risk Management & Business Continuity Management”.

Working with Management Mix in delivering ISO standards Trainings through strong partnership.

Dr. Jayasree Prasannan Director of Training, Middle East & Africa, BSI Group

Dr. Rainer Vianden, Director of Certification TUV Rheinland Group


Some of our In-House Trainings: Gulf Countries Designing & delivering a Leadership Development Program for 72 team leaders.

Design & delivery of training course on Quality Management Systems for the staff of Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA)

Mr. Hamad Al Sibahi Director of Planning, PIC

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Qassimi

Petrochemical Industries Company

Chairman, Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority (SEWA)

A special program was designed to the Commercial Staff of Zain during the Co-branding with Vodafone & Unmbrella Branding.

Design & delivery of a Training Program on Marketing Strategy trainings since 2004 which have great impact on our graduates.

Mr. Adnan El Ali

Dr. AhmedAl-Shatti, CEO, Zain Bahrain , Member of the Group Board of Directors / Zain Reengineering the customer service center which resulted in the reduction of the customer waiting time.

Mr. Ahmad Shehii Director of Planning, Dubai Municipality

Management Mix®

Director, Kuwait Investment Authority “IT Risk Management training was really interesting & helpful for information security management”

Mr. Aballah Al Suwailmi Chairman, Saudi Stock Exchange ,TADAWUL

Design & delivery of a Customer Service and Sales courses for the staff of the Call Center & the touch points. Mr. Imad Mirza, HR Development Manager, 13 Kuwait Financial House

Some of our Public Trainings: Middle East “Excellent trainer’s methodology, very motivating course and information shared between all participants”.

“The training was very satisfactory. The presentation was clear and the interaction was pleasant”.

Mr. Jihad Tannir

Mr. Samer Daouk Product Specialist, La Roche Ltd.

Chairman, A.C.M. Security & Real Estate “The training was very good and satisfying; I learned lot new things and so many confusions are made clear”.


very satisfied and would like to repeat by attending other trainings”.

Ms. Tania Khaddaj HR Manager, Malik’s “I really liked the seminar especially the topic was very interesting and the trainer’s methodology was excellent”.

Mr. Tony Aoun Quality Manager, Lebanon Chemicals Company Management Mix®

Mr. Joe Saliba GM, Bijouterie Antoine Saliba “I liked most the test part and the application of the methodology, especially when we had to recruit a candidate trainer during live simulation”.

“I liked the interaction between the trainer and the participants, where the participants’ input was very useful”.

Mr. Shady Khoury

Mr. Dany Fakhoury GM, Sell Fast

Head of Training & Development, Debbane Group


Some of our Conferences & Events “The conference organized by Management Mix was really perfect in every way which was interesting and challenging to all of us”.

“Effective collaboration in the Arab Financial decision makers, Arab Stock Exchanges, Arab Clearing Houses, Arab Brokerage Firms, and Arab Investment and Commercial Banks ”.

Mr. Eric Bertrand Head of Business Strategy , NYSE Euronext

Mr. James Martin GM, Middle East & North Africa NASDAQ OMX

“The 1st Regional Conference on Quality & Integrated Management Systems in the Mediterranean & Gulf Countries was organized under the Patronage of the Prime Minister”.

“Very inspiring and well organized conference, good networking opportunities”.

Mr. Tony Weeresinghe CEO, Millenium IT London Stock Exchange Group Al Mubasher sponsored the IT Risk Management & Business Continuity Management Training. Mr. Mohammed Rashid Al Ballaa Chairman, Al Mubasher

Management Mix®

Mr. Rafic Hariri Prime Minister, Lebanon

“For the second consecutive year Management Mix managed with a considerable success the Annual Regional Conference of the Union of Arab Stock Exchange with the participation of major executives from Arab Financial & Stock Markets”.

“The 1st Talent Management Conference was organized under the Patronage of the Prime Minister”.

Dr. Fadi Khalaf

Prime Minister, Armenia

Secretary General, Union of Arab Stock Exchanges

Mr. Tigran Sargsyan 15

Management Mix速

1- Strategy Management Solutions to define Corporate Strategy: 1- Corporate Mission, Vision, Values 2- Strategic Orientations & Strategic Objectives The Value to your Organization 1. Clearer idea about company’s long and short term goals 2. Better idea about corporate competitive environment 3. Comprehensive framework to assess the corporate Strategy and Performance Deliverables: • Corporate Strategy Map • Strategy Implementation Framework • Strategic Scorecard Management Mix®


2- Process & Systems 1- Quality Management Policy and Process-Mix 2- Identifying & designing the processes 3- Re-engineering and optimizing the processes, 4- Management Standards (ISO 9000, OHSAS 18000, ISO 14000, ISO 22000, BS 25999, BS 31100, ISO 50001…) 5- Total Quality Management (EFQM) 6- Good Management Practices: GMP, GDP, GLP, GSP, GHP) The Value to your Organization 1. Increase of Efficiency , decrease of non conformity costs 2. Continuous Improvement of the Management System 3. Organization & Standardization of organizational Processes 4. Effective Risk Management Framework Deliverables: • Customized Process Map • Customized Management System SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) • Risk SIM (Severity Identification Matrix) • Operation Dashboard (KPIs) Management Mix®


3- Talent Customizing a Human Resources Management System 1. Talent Management Policy; 2. Design and Develop a customized Talent Management System; 3. Competence Based Talent Management; 4. Policies & Procedures: Talent Acquisition, Development, Retention, Transfer, Performance Appraisal, Career Planning, Salary Scale…).

The Value to your Organization 1. Clearly defined Talent Management Policy to match Corporate Strategic Goals 2. Improved Talent Management Policies 3. Capacity Building and continuous development of the staff Deliverables: • Corporate Talent Management Policies • Competency based Job Descriptions • Corporate Chart & Code of ethics Management Mix®


4- Structure Offering customized corporate structure to meet corporate Strategy 1. Organizational Policy; 2. Organizational Re-structuring 3. Clearly defined lines of Command, and 4. Communication 5. Corporate Job Classification/Layers 6. Standardized Job Descriptions

The Value to your Organization 1. Alignment of positions 2. Optimized Management 3. Dynamic Structure

Deliverables: • Customized Organizational Structure • Communication and Reporting System • Cross Departmental and Hierarchical Coordination System Management Mix®


5- Marketing Corporate Marketing Strategy Development 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Monitor Mix (Competition, Clients, prospects…) 4 P’s (Product, Price, Promotion, Place) Branding Policies (Umbrella & co-branding) Corporate Social Responsibility International Marketing & Export Strategy

The Value to your Organization 1. Efficient Marketing Strategy 2. Improved Corporate Advocacy 3. Increased and Boost Revenues Deliverables: • Corporate Marketing Strategy • Marketing Communication Plan • Business Intelligence System 21

Management Mix®

6- Sales Approaches to organize & optimize the Sales: 1. Sales Policies & Procedures 2. Distribution and Point-of-Sales Management 3. Cross & Selling Up Selling methodologies The Value to your Organization 1. Effective management of the Sales Process 2. Cross Selling and Up Selling techniques implementation 3. Increase in Sales

Deliverables: • The 7 Steps Sales model of Management Mix Optimizing your Sales Process • Sales Monitoring & Reporting system • Employee Sales Handbook Management Mix®


7- Customers Approaches to improve Customer Service, and increase Customer Satisfaction, and Loyalty: 1. Customer Policies & Procedures 2. Customer Charter 3. Q & A Guide 4. Customer Complaint Management 5. Customer Loyalty Programs

The Value to your Organization 1. Increase in the satisfaction of the Customers through Effective Customer Service 2. Increase of Loyalty of Customers 3. Improve in Customer Risk Management Deliverables: • Customer Service Evaluation & Audit • CSR Handbook & Call Center script • Customer Risk Management Matrix Management Mix®


8- IT Develop a Management Information System: 1. IT Policies & Procedures 2. Roadmap for implementing CRM 3. Information Security (ISO 27001) 4. CMMI, and TICK IT 5. IT Service Management (ISO 20000) 6. IT Continuity Management (BS 25777) The Value to your Organization 1. Full utilization of IT Solutions to the benefit of the corporation 2. Reduction of Costs 3. Enhanced Security Deliverables: • Management Information System (MIS) • IT Risk Management Plan • Documentation Management System Management Mix®


9- Resources Management of Financial & Physical Resources 1. Financial Management 2. Assets Management 3. Physical Resources Management 4. 5 S 5. Business Continuity Management (BS 25999) 3. The Value to your Organization 1. Optimized Resource Management 2. Control of Waste (Muda) 3. Optimized Financial Risk Management

Deliverables: • Asset Management Model • Business Continuity Plan • Financial Management System Management Mix®









Assess the Current System (ACS)

Develop an Action Plan (DAP)

Design the System

Implement the System

Test the System

Corrective & Preventive Actions (CPA)

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

Deliverable 1

Deliverable 2

Deliverables 3

Deliverable 4

Deliverable 5

Deliverable 6

Deliverable 7

Diagnosis Audit Report

Action Plan


Operational System

Data collection & analysis

Improvement Action Plan

Final Report

-Policies -Procedures -Risks -KPIs


Management Mix速

Food & Beverage Moulin D’or, Lebanon We developed the talent management system in which we defined the recruitment policies and organized group interview sessions for selection followed by training needs assessment and performance appraisal.


PIC, Kuwait We conducted a mini MBA program to 72 team leaders based on a competency needs assessment and designed a system for measuring the improvement of their competencies..

Food & Beverage National Food Products Company, Abu Dhabi We contributed in developing and enhancing the talent management system and we defined an organizational restructuring methodology.

Finance & Banking ACBA-Credit Agricole We developed the talent management system including policies & procedures covering recruitment & selection, job descriptions, training needs assessment, performance appraisal, career path.

Sport & Leisure Grand Sport We enhanced the human resources policies and procedures; we recruited the management Management MixÂŽ & employees of the organization; trained them and also monitored their performance.


Food & Beverage Mr. Vincent Fretay, Industrial Director, YBC Pernod Ricard “ We have implemented successfully the BS 18001, ISO 14001. Currently we are implementing the ISO 9001, the ISO 22000 and in parallel a Talent Management System . All of the above were realized and are being realized through our partnership with Management Mix .”

Manufacturing Mr. Vincent Bouckaert, General Manager, HOLCIM We implemented an Integrated Management System including Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental Integrated Management System with Management Mix.

Service Mr. Awad Al-Wadaani, Deputy General Manager, KAFCO “Management Mix experts contributed to develop Strategic Planning and Controlling the Corporate Processes and designed a Balanced Scorecard”.

Finance & Banking

Management Mix®

Mr. Stepan Guyshian, Vice President CICA-Confederation Internationale du Credit Agricole (France) & CEO, ACBA-Credit Agricole “ Management Mix experts have developed the Strategic Planning, Processes, HR and executed the Restructuring of our Bank, developing 3 levels of structures: Branches, Regional Branches & Corporate Headquarters. We are implementing the 9 components of Management Mix.” 28

Finance & Banking Mr. Aymen Samawi, CEO, Abu Dhabi Financial Services “Thank you for a good value conference and networking event.”

Finance & Banking Mr. Nondas METAXAS , CEO, Cyprus Stock Exchange “I was impressed by the quality of the Intelligence, Regulations & Solutions in Arab Financial and Stock Markets conference led by Management Mix.”

Finance & Banking Mr. Bassam Ramahi, General Manager Exchange Solutions, Shuaa Securities “The conferences was a great forum for exchanging experiences and information; highly recommend for attending next year”.

Finance & Banking Mr. Yves Couturier, President, Groupe Agrica (Groupe Credit Agricole) “ Management Mix experts enhanced a the Restructuring of our Bank, and developed 3 levels of structures: Branches, Regional Branches & Corporate Headquarters. We are implementing the 9 components of Management Mix.” 29

Management Mix®

Finance & Banking Arab Leasing Corporation, Algeria Management Mix has contributed to a Key Turn project for lunching our company by developing a Corporate Strategy, the Processes, the Organizational Structure, the Talent Management, developing the Marketing , the Sales, the Customer Service, the MIS and the Resources Management.

Food & Beverage National Food Products Company, UAE Management Mix led the Re-structuring, and 9 successful Certifications, in Quality & Food Safety Management.

Public Sector Dubai Municipality, UAE Management Mix enhanced the reengineering of the Customer Service Center, and increased the satisfaction of our stakeholders, by reducing the Customer Waiting Time.

Manufacturing ITB, SHAGOURY GROUP, Nigeria Management Mix has implemented successfully the Occupational Health & Safety Management System based on BS 18001. Management Mix速


Food & Beverage KSARA Beverages Management Mix implemented successfully the Quality Management System at KSARA, based on ISO 9001 Standard.

Healthcare Al Makassed Hospital Management Mix led the implementation of the Quality Management System and the preparation for Hospital Accreditation.

Healthcare Al Rasoul Al A’ azam Hospital Management Mix led the implementation of the Quality Management System, and the preparation for Hospital Accreditation.

HORECA Moulin D’Or , Bakery & Restaurant Management Mix is leading the implementation of an Integrated Quality & Food Safety Management System at Moulin D’Or.

HORECA Roadster Diner, Restaurant Management Mix has implemented a Food Safety & Quality Management System at Roadster diner. 31 Management Mix®

Food & Beverage Food & Beverage Chateau Kefraya Management Mix implemented successfully the Quality Management System at Chateau Kefraya, based on ISO 9001 Standard.

Finance & Banking Healthcare Blom Invest Blom Invest participated in a training course on “Risk Management in the Financial Market” delivered jointly by Management Mix and London Stock Exchange Academy.

Finance & Banking Healthcare Riyad Capital Riyad Capital participated in a training course on “Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): Fundamentals and Practical Applications” delivered jointly by Management Mix and iShares / BlackRock.

Banking & Banking HORECA First National Bank (FNB) FNB participated in a training course on “Best Practices in Intelligence & Innovations in Financial Products & Services” delivered by Management Mix.

Finance & Banking HORECA Islamic Financial Securities IFS participated in the regional conference on “Intelligence, Regulations & Solutions in Arab Financial & Stock Markets” organized by the Union of Arab Stock Exchanges and Management32Mix. 32 Management Mix® .

Banking Food & Beverage Healthcare



Oil & Chemicals Service

Telecom Management Mix速




Regional ,

























Management Mix速

Technical Assistance to ELCIM for the Implementation of Cluster Based Activities for SMEs (122270), Ministry of Industry, 2,2 Million Euros - 2006-2008 - Republic of Lebanon

Capacity Building for Quality, Metrology, Accreditation Body and Standardization Body (122120), Ministry of Economy and Trade, 3 Million Euros – 2006/2008 - Republic of Lebanon

Consulting Services for Food Safety and WTO Accession Ministry of Health, 1 Million USD – 2010/2012 - Republic of Kazakhstan Appui a la Qualité - Programme PME II (129171) Ministry of Industry, SMEs & Investment Promotion, 7.5 Million Euros – 2011/2013 Republic of Algeria 35

Management Mix®


GOPA Consultants

European Profiles

Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment (SWEDAC)

TÜV Rheinland Group



Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN)

Société Française d’Exportation des Ressources Educatives

Dansk Fundamental Metrology (DFM)


European Consultants Organisation (ECO)

International Executive Service Corps (IESC)


Management Mix®

Management Mix速

Wisdom Tower, 3rd Floor, Ayios Pavlos & Kadmos Avenue, Nicosia, Cyprus Tel: +357 96 691022, Fax: +357 96 691044

Ring Building, 4th Floor, Fouad Shehab Avenue, Beirut Central District, Lebanon

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Management Mix is a European Company providing Consulting and Training solutions in Management & Development. Management Mix implemented a...

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