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There is a new and free eBook titled "Guitar - How to Get Started." This book was written to provide information on buying a guitar, which chords to learn first, tuning the guitar, understanding chord diagrams, holding the guitar and how to take care of a guitar enabling every beginning guitarist to have a successful and enjoyable start. Whenever anyone attempts to teach themselves any new skill, there is always the danger that a lot of useless information will be gathered or that the tools that were used were simply inadequate to get the desired results. This also applies when a person attempts to learn to play the guitar. Three essential ingredients are required; 1) the desire to learn, 2) a playable guitar, and 3) the right information or method. Knowing where to start is crucial. The eBook "Guitar - How to Get Started" provides the information that aids a person in selecting or evaluating a guitar to ensure that they have a playable guitar. Most importantly, the strings must be easy to press, the guitar must be easy to get in tune and it must sound in tune when it is played. The first chapter is dedicated to informing the readers without being technical in what to look for and what to avoid. Once the person has the guitar and the guitar is in tune, then the key is to know what to learn first. Holding the guitar, placing the arms, holding the pick and how to place the fingers are frequently skipped by many guitar instructions. However, they are all covered in the eBook along with the 15 "must-know" chords. If a person has the desire to learn to play the guitar, then this book will answer the main questions and solutions regarding having a playable guitar and having the right information or method. The eBook can be downloaded for free at or at. It also comes with a 7-part email mini course titled, "7 Useful Tips for Beginners" which elaborates on the information in the eBook.

Brian Hawthorn has been a professional musician for more than 35 years. He has also taught hundreds of people to play the guitar, some of whom have become professional musicians and teachers themselves. Brian is also a sales consultant for a music store chain in Eastern Canada. His focus is on helping beginners get a solid start at learning to play the guitar. He has written guitar books for beginners such as: "Guitar - How to Get Started - 5 Easy Lessons" which is found at and "The Easiest Way Guitar Method" at

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==== ==== To learn how to play guitar with the best online method check out this website ==== ====

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