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So, you've saved long and hard with the intention of buying a guitar. Your hard earned cash is starting to burn a hole in your pocket and you want to get down to the guitar store quick smart to pick up that little beauty that's been sitting in the shop window for the last few weeks. If you don't get there soon, someone else will snap her up and you'll be left crying into your beer. It's a familiar story that I, and countless others before me, have gone through. And now you're going through it too. I know you're probably worried about missing your chance of owning that special instrument that you've been keeping your eye on, but I wager you'll also be worrying about rushing into a decision and making a bad purchase. I know I was when I bought my first guitar. But fear not! The mysteries of how to buy a guitar without getting ripped off are about to be revealed to you. In this article, I'll be sharing with you the key things that you need to look out for when purchasing a guitar. The first decision you need to make before researching which guitar to buy is whether you should get an acoustic or an electric guitar. These are the two main categories and the one you decide to purchase should be determined mainly by the sort of music that you'll be playing. It would not be appropriate to buy a nylon-strung acoustic guitar if your main interest was in playing death metal. And a baroque classical piece composed by Bach won't sound quite right through a heavily distorted cheap electric guitar plugged into a Marshall stack. Most people realise this, but these are extreme examples that I am using to prove a point. It becomes less clear which guitar you'll need if, for example, you want to play the blues. You can play the blues on an acoustic or on an electric, it's simply a matter of taste and style. The best way to determine what kind of guitar you should buy is to look at your favourite guitarists and take note of what they play. Do they have an electric or an acoustic, is it steel strung or nylon? If they've got an electric guitar, what kind of pickups does it have, single coil or humbuckers? Answer these questions and you'll start to get a much better idea of what your ideal guitar might be. One of the most important things you need to get right when choosing a guitar is the ergonomics; does it fit you correctly? Only you can answer this question, and you need to try out lots of guitars to get a proper idea. If you have small hands, consider buying a 3/4 size guitar. They are not just for kids and it's not cheating to buy a smaller guitar. It is simply a matter of getting the right tool for the job. I mean you'd be crazy to purchase a push-bike that was too big for you to reach the pedals, so what's the problem with buying a smaller guitar if it means it's the correct size for you? It's the same idea.

The other key thing to consider when buying your axe is the price. There is an old saying that tells us "you get what you pay for", and this is true, but only up to a point. I would recommend that you avoid buying a very cheap model if you can afford it. The best advice is probably to buy the best you can afford without going overboard. As a beginner, you'll not appreciate the finer qualities of a super-expensive top of the range model anyway. But by the same token, you don't want to buy something that has poor intonation and goes out of tune all the time because corners were cut in the production process. So think middle of the road in terms of price. If you bear all of these points in mind, you'll have no problem making the best choice when you're handing over your cash and finally buying a guitar that's best for you.

If you need more advice on choosing a guitar, head on over to the guitar instructions website. You'll find lots more info there, including guitar lessons for when you take delivery of your brand new guitar.

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==== ==== To learn how to play guitar with the best online method check out this website ==== ====

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