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Vagrant Strands Equipment list o Instruments ƒ 3 Triangles of different “pitches” ƒ Suspended Cymbal (sufficiently textured, on a straight stand) ƒ Tam-tam ƒ Guiro (mounted or otherwise secured) ƒ 3 identical glass bottles with tapered necks ƒ 2 large tin cans (ex. large coffee cans) ƒ small tin can (in relation to the other cans) ƒ 3 woodblocks of different “pitches” ƒ 3 tom toms of different “pitches” o Mallets ƒ Basic Mallets • 6-8 pairs of mallets of different hardnesses, from hardest to softest (in addition to mallets listed below) • 2 hard mallets • large soft mallet • 2 large medium mallets • medium mallet (with a fairly hard stick) • small brass mallet ƒ Special Mallets • 4 triangle beaters • 4 wirebrushes • 4 wood (snare) sticks • superball mallet ƒ Other Implements • bass bow • large coin (quarter or larger) • handful of small coins (pennies, dimes) • rice • (water) ƒ Other Equipment • 2 mallet platforms • 2 mallet bags • small, square instrument table • rectangular instrument table with smooth surface • 7 or more towels or other “covers” • large rack for suspending the bottles • 2 “stoppers” (ex. thick wadded-up fabric)

Vagrant Strands Percussion Setup Covered Instrument Table Woodblocks Guiro

Bottle Rack (bottles suspended upside-down) Large Water-Filled Can

Table Cover

Suspended Cymbal

Small Empty Can (below) Water-Filled Bottle (above) Instrument Table With Smooth Surface Rice Filled Bottle Empty Bottle Table Cover Large Empty Can

Left Mallet Platform (covered)

(direction of tilt)

Large Tom-tom

Medium Tom-tom


Right Mallet Platform (covered)

Mallet Bags (hanging)

Tam-tam Floor Towel

Small Tom-tom

Floor Towel

Vagrant Strands, for solo percussion  

for unpitched percussion (3 triangles, suspended cymbal, tam-tam, guiro, 3 woodblocks, 3 aluminum cans, 3 glass bottles. 3 tom-toms, and a w...

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