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May 2014

The Pastor’s Ponderings Pastor David’s cell phone—765-330-4170 and email address — After the Easter Sunday service concluded, I went home and collapsed in a heap. Holy Week is the most demanding time of year for a pastor. There are sermons to write, liturgies to plan, lectors and assisting ministers to assign. Some nights I won't get enough sleep. The whole week can feel off-kilter, as I find myself writing my Easter sermons on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. And on top of that, pastoral needs do not cease just because it's Holy Week. Parishioners still get sick and need to be visited. There are still shut-ins to see. It's little wonder I find myself in a heap at the end of the week. You all know what it's like to be exhausted too. Caring for a sick child or parent, or making time for all your various obligations can be exhausting. But, I've noticed another kind of exhaustion at church lately. Many of you have served faithfully for many years, in one capacity or another. You have been on the altar care team, or you've served meals, or

you've taught Sunday School. And now, you're kind of exhausted. Or you've had an exhausting week at work, plus all your children's activities. You just want to sit down in the pew with your family and be fed with the word. I don't blame you. Not one bit. Since Christians redefined the Sabbath as the Lord's Day instead of Saturday, we have thought of Sunday as our one day - our one hour, perhaps - to listen to the word and receive strength through the sacraments before returning to the daily grind of our lives. Rest is a need we all have. But Sunday is also our main day for carrying out the ministry of the church. It isn't the pastor's ministry. It isn't the ministry of only a few people. It's the ministry of us all. Notice how there is no verse in Scripture like the following, "And Peter, when he had reached the age of sixty-five, decided it was time to retire. 'Let the youth pick up this discipleship thing', he said. 'I'm going to retire to my villa on the sea.'" The

apostles do not retire. The call to ministry is a lifetime call. It's a call that we received when we were baptized, and affirmed at confirmation. There's a careful balance we need to strike in the church. We need rest, but we also need many hands to carry out the work Jesus calls us to do. Jesus feeds you at the table each week; he therefore calls you to feed others. We cannot do things as we have been doing them. We cannot simply appoint a few people to carry out the work of ministry. (Think of how little rest those folks have gotten!) We must all be willing to take a part. You may find more joy; more fulfillment in caring for your corner of the vineyard than you thought possible. There is so much that we can do, with God's help, for this corner of the kingdom. I pray God gives you the strength and courage to take up the challenge. And if you have already, I pray that God gives you the strength, help, and rest you need to persevere. See you in church! Pr. David

May 2014

March Council Minutes

Congregation Council met on March 11, 2014. Present: Pastor David Fleener, Pat Gillis, John Hendricks, Denise Hile, Cindy Knote, Allen Stallsmith, Linda Stanley, Chris Stroble and Linda Walker Absent: Scott Clamme, Chris Coy, Megan Stroble and Neil Stroble Linda Walker called the meeting to order and Denise Hile gave devotions and a prayer. Pastor David read the minutes from the previous meeting. Chris Stroble made a motion to accept the minutes. Denise Hile seconded the motion. The motion passed. Pastor’s Report: Pastoral Care: Pastor David gave his monthly report and highlighted his activities for February. Those statistics for the Pastor and the Soul Care Team are available and published in his report. Handbook: Pastor has been focusing on a thorough handbook for the deacons. Next he plans to meet with the trustees and the financial secretaries. He said that the ELCA recommends that two people open all envelopes together to insure that it stays honest and trustworthy and for protection of the financial secretaries. They also recommend that they count the money at the church and leave it there until it is deposited. Denise and Megan will meet with Pastor David to discuss this matter after church on Sunday. Christian Education: Two young people will be confirmed when testing is completed on March 17, 2014. Bible Study will continue on Thurs-

day evenings on the Book of Amos. Mission and Ministry Team: The first meeting was held on February 24th. Their focus will be on how Zion can be more “other” - centered (toward the community and the world). John Hendricks made a motion to accept the Pastor’s report. This was seconded by Cindy Knote. Committee Reports—Parish Education & Youth Report: Pastor David said that Isola Banter is working on crafts for Bible School. The Pastor is hoping this will take place the last week in June. Chris Stroble pointed out that this would be the award week for Little League and T-Ball. He suggested July other than 4-H Fair week would be a better time for Bible School. Worship/Music/Memorial Committee: The piano lid is finished and we are waiting for it to be returned. An additional $575 to pay for additional repair work was approved by the council. Land Use Committee: There was no report, but the pastor said that they are talking about a cement area for outdoor worship and some benches that could not be stolen. John Hendricks made a motion to accept the Committee Reports. This was seconded by Cindy Knote. The motion passed. Council Reports—Deacons: Allen Stallsmith gave the statistics regarding attendance and communion for the month of February. Attendance has continued to be low due to the terrible weather. The pastor approved two disbursements from the Deacon’s Fund for utilities. He also stated the the Deacon’s Fund is low at the pres-

ent time. Elders: They are working on the handbook. Trustees: The garage door has been fixed. The pastor said that the water softener in the parsonage may need work. John Hendricks told him to call Jake Holsten. Cindy Knote said that the kitchen door is not wide enough for the new style wheelchairs but there were no ideas for a solution to this problem. Treasurer: Pat Gillis gave the treasurer’s report. The general fund had a balance of $2,930.39. She said that the general fund is down due to the poor attendance during the bad weather. John Hendricks made a motion to approve the Committee Reports. This was seconded by Allen Stallsmith. The motion passed. Old Business: Zion has been invited to join the Blackford County Chamber of Commerce. There is a fee of $65.00. Pastor has talked to other churches who have joined and they said that it has helped them increase visibility and networking in the community. There was some discussion pro and con. The pastor recommended that we try it for a year. John Hendricks made a motion to that effect. This was seconded by Cindy Knote. The motion passed. Telephone/data/internet program - ATT Uverse? No discussion. Pastor needs volunteers to put together a handbook defining the roles of each congregational council position. (Continued on following page.)

May 2014

March Minutes continued...

Hymn Sing Sunday

Lectionary Readings

The pastor needs delegates to the annual Synod Assembly on June 5-7 by March 31st. New Business: Allen Stallsmith made a motion that our Lent and Easter offering be divided between the Local Food Panty and Grace Village. This was seconded by John Hendricks. The motion passed. The Council is responsible for the food for the soup supper before the Lenten Service on March 19th. Cindy Knote and Linda Stanley will bring soup. Denise Hile will bring sandwiches and Linda Walker and Megan Stroble will bring desserts. A motion to adjourn was made by Allen Stallsmith and seconded by John Hendricks. The meeting was closed by praying the Lord’s Prayer. The next meeting is scheduled for April 8, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. with devotions by Chris Stroble. Respectfully submitted: Linda Stanley, Recording Secretary

Sunday, May 11th, we will have a Hymn Sing. Members may turn in hymn suggestions on May 4th on the information sheet attached to the back page of the bulletin.

3rd Sunday of Easter - May 4th 1st Reading - Acts 2:14a, 36-41 Psalm 16:1-4, 12-19 2nd Reading - 1 Peter 1:17-23 Gospel - Luke 24:13-35

Ascension of Our Lord

5th Sunday of Easter - May 18th 1st Reading - Acts 7:55-60 Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16 2nd Reading - 1 Peter 2:2-10 Gospel - John 14:1-14

Thursday, May 29th, we will have an Ascension Service in the fellowship hall beginning at 7:00 p.m.

The Gideons

4th Sunday of Easter - May 11th­ 1st Reading - Acts 2:42-47 Psalm 23 2nd Reading - 1 Peter 2:19-25 Gospel - John 10:1-10

The offering collected on Gideon Sunday for the purchase of Bibles totaled $358.

6th Sunday of Easter - May 25th 1st Reading - Acts 17:22-31 Psalm 66:8-20 2nd Reading - 1 Peter 3:13-22 Gospel - John 14:15-21 Ascension of Our Lord - May 29th 1st Reading - Acts 1:1-11 Psalm 47 2nd Reading - Ephesians 1:15-23 Gospel - Luke 24:44-53

Times Change on May 25th Sunday School at 9:00 AM Worship at 10:00 AM

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Greeters Barb Hardwick—Tom and Peggy Willmann Roger and Judy Willmann—Dorothy Hale Charles and Betty Walker—Chris and Tiann Coy Edi Tarter and Larry Gibson—Barb Hardwick

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May 11th

The Zion Herald

“Happy are those whose strength is in God, In whose heart are the highways to Zion.”  (Psalm 84:5)

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Zion Herald: May 2014  

Pastor ponders the call of the baptized; Council reports, Ascension Eucharist, and more!