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Mountain Bike Cross – Country UCI Mountain Bike World Cup presented by Shimano

Not long now for the kick-off of this season's World Cup Mountain Bike UCI. Less than a month to the first evidence of cross-country and downhill, to be held in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Looking ahead to 2014, the UCI has refined a little calendar. Now the nine tests of the World Cup will be distributed over four continents. Moreover new scenarios to calendar, which now runs from April to late August are also added. Australia returns to the circuit after four years of absence: Cairns (Queensland) will host the world's elite. Méribel, France, is one of the new scenarios, and also have the honor to serve as a framework for the final test of the World Cup Downhill, Cross-Country and Cross-Country Eliminator. Pay attention to Red Bull Bike channel because we will offer a full LIVE coverage tests UCI World Cup throughout the season, starting on 12 April Pietermaritzburg. This has been another great year for the UCI World Cup mountain bike. Each round has offered flood of excitement to the fans of cross-country and downhill worldwide.

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The downhill racing were defined with the epic confrontation between Steve Smith and Gee Atherton a fierce struggle for the great supreme title. Gee dominated the first half of the season but Steve broke all winning three World Cups in a row at the end of the season and taking overall victory in extremis.

Tocancipa Colombia s Cup The 4ta race the Colombia s Cup of cross country and elimination and the 3ra race of Downhill

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prepare your bike to enjoy one of the best starts having Colombia, and see good moment.

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In the village of Santa Elena, sidewalk Barro Blanco, on Sunday ran the second Valid Venzo MTB Cup of Antioquia.

In the form of Cross Country (XCO) were again dominant riders Jonathan Botero, Fabio and Matthew Herrera Castañeda, making one, two and three in the Open event.

Once this regional event, Santa Elena medalists continue with the preparation towards the fourth Valid SHIMANO MTB Cup scheduled by the Commission for Mountain biking and FedeCiclismo on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 May at Tocancipá (Cundinamarca).

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Betancur Jhonny Rivera and Brandon were victorious in the 4th Valid Shimano MTB Cup End to Brandon Rivera (Specialized-Tugo) and Gloria Garzón (Performance TocancipáFOCUS) in the Eliminator (XCE) to comply with valid 4th Shimano MTB Cup which was last held in the town of Tocancipá (Cundinamarca) Wins.

With Rivera and Garzón, victorious complement Jhony Betancur (Quindio), Ivan Tellez (Performance TocancipáFOCUS) and Diana Montoya (Riders Warriors) among others, the Down Hill (DHI) on the second day of competition.

Presence of 104 riders on the track The slides and 23 riders on the track All Terrain Track to live with great public presence, the fourth national meeting of biking in the arrangements for Down Hill and Eliminator,

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any people have wondered if the fast & furious saga will have continuity after having had the unfortunate Loss Pack of actor Paul Walker.

This week it was learned that Universal Pictures is interested in continuing with the project that will screen the seventh installment of ' Fast & Furious ' .

On the other hand , the mortal remains of Paul Walker were buried Saturday at the Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles after a brief ceremony attended by family and close friends , including his parents were Mr. and Mrs. Walker, and his broth ers , Caleb and Cody W alker .

Although the study had reported that filming would be suspended , the project has given free rein producers are negotiating with the brother of Paul Walker to star in this new release.

As reported by 'The Hollywood Reporter ' , is expected to resume shooting in January 2015 , so Chris Morgan is already working on a new script with which you can reuse the scenes already recorded and, in turn , allows a final plausible for the character starring Paul Walker.

Cody Walker has worked in lagoons dual hollywood movies . A source told this newspaper that if Cody would accept to participate in the ribbon.

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even happened. Cap then says that, This is not freedom. This is fear...

is the sequel toCaptain America: The First Avenger and following on fromThe Avengers. It is the ninth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film finds Captain America and Black Widow going up against the assassin codename The Winter Soldier.

Plot Two years after the Battle of New York, Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America is out on a jog in Washington D.C. While jogging he is frequently passing by a man who later introduces himself as Samuel Wilson telling him that he used to work in the army but now he works in the debriefing section. After the jog, Sam and Steve have a chat about how Steve is adapting to the new world. Natasha Romanoff then arrives to take Steve with her on a mission. The mission at hand is to rescue the hostages of a pirate-hijacked S.H.I.E.L.D ship. Cap, Agent Rumlow, Romanoff and his men fight the pirates and rescue the hostages. But as it turns out Natasha had gotten a secret mission which was to receive some S.H.I.E.L.D data from the ship, to a USBstick arrousing suspicion from Steve. When back at the Triskelion, Steve is angry with Nick Fury for lying to him. Fury then takes him to the basement where there are several Helicarriers and he introduces Steve to the Insight Program. He tells Steve that S.H.I.E.L.D takes the world as it is, not as they like it to be. They are going to use the Helicarriers to fight threats before they

Later Steve visits the Captain America museum and also visits Peggy Carter in a retirement home, now past 90 years old. He also meets with Samuel Wilson again after watching him during the end of his debriefing session. Meanwhile, Fury discovers that the data on the USB is inaccessible. He tells this to Alexander Pierce, who just had a talk with the World Security Council about whether or not to let Fury continue to run S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury is on his way away from the Triskelion when he is attacked by fake cops. He defeats them but is stopped when a masked man shoots a magnetic bomb under Fury's car, flipping it over. But before the masked man gets to Fury, he manages to drill a hole in the ground with a gadget and escapes.

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Steve arrives to his apartment after talking to his neighbor, but gets suspicious when he hears that his stereo is still on. Steve sneaks in through the window and finds Fury sitting on his couch. He tells Steve that his wife kicked him out and that they might be overheard by someone, before getting shot several times in his back through the wall. He gives the USB to Steve and tells him not to trust anyone, before he falls unconscious. Steve's neighbor smashes in the door revealing herself to be Agent 13. Steve finds the gunman and starts to chase him. He throws his shield at the masked man, but surprisingly the man catches the shield with his cybernetic arm and throws it back. He then jumps of the building and disappears.

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Mountain bike cross revista  


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