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Building Code Specified For Deck Railing There are countless options to select from amongst the material used and the design ideas when it comes to deck railing for your home. Decks have grown to be pivotal points for the outdoor spaces in homes and homeowners are vying to make them the envy of their neighbors. They are the perfect places for hosting barbecue parties for friends and family and to make their decks look simply awesome one must choose the design for their deck railing with utmost care since this is going to make your deck look so much more inviting. Is deck railing a necessity? It is most unsafe to have a deck railing systems without a railing more so if there are little children in the house; a deck and a railing go together to make a perfectly safe place either to have outdoor parties or play time for the kids. Apart from making it a safe place for the children having deck railing is compulsory as per the building code and you could face a lot of hassles with the law if you do not adhere to this safeguard. The building codes differ from state to state but usually it is mandatory to have a deck railing for a deck that is more than three feet above the next lower surface. And they even specify the height that the railing should be built to offer the best fall protection and it is usually at least 30 inches or more. The building code also specifies the space that is to be left between the verticals to ensure that it is not possible for kids to slip and fall through those gaps. Materials that can be used for the deck railing One can use a variety of material to build their deck and their railings and can use different materials for these two purposes. Most homeowners prefer composite wood for the base of the deck since it is more durable than the other options but for the railings they could use something different that looks aesthetically more appealing such as glass balusters that offer higher visibility. One must ensure that the material along with the colors used for the deck and the railing complement the rest of the house. A lot of homeowners use stair newel post designs using solid stainless steel cables for strength and durability and opt for glass balusters for the aesthetic appeal. Glass has an elegance of its own and apart from that is very easy to maintain. Some truly sophisticated deck railing designs can be built using a combination of steel and glass. Another popular choice for deck railing is wrought iron that can be designed in an ornamental fashion to add a charm and elegance to your outdoor space. Strength and beauty are the two main features offered by this material but using metals such as iron are not advisable in areas near the seacoast since this metal rusts easily.

The other materials that can be used for deck railing are aluminum, and PVC and they can also be designed in combination with wood to make it visually more appealing.

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Decks have grown to be pivotal points for the outdoor spaces in homes and homeowners are vying to make them the envy of their neighbors.

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