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How to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Working Great All Summer Click to edit Master subtitle style

 If there is one thing that can really throw a

wrench into your summer comfort, it’s wonky air conditioning.

 Just because you flip the switch and hope for the

best doesn’t mean that it’s going to run smoothly during the hottest days of the summer.

 The whole point of having air conditioning in the

first place is to enjoy your summer in comfort. Spending your indoor time with a film of sweat on

Clean Outdoor Condenser  As dirt and debris build up on

the outside of your outdoor condenser, you may notice the A/C output begin to suffer.

 With wind and different

weather patterns, it’s normal for the outside cabinet to get dirty. It’s your job to keep it clean if you want your air conditioning unit to run at top efficiency.

Clean Outdoor Condenser  Using a regular garden hose, spray off the dirt

from the condenser each time you notice it piling up.

 This is all it takes to keep the unit clean and

functioning properly.

 Also, it’s wise to keep at least a couple feet of

space between the air conditioning condenser and any bushes, trees or other outdoor greenery or décor.

Keep the Unit Level  Most air conditioning units that you see are

positioned on a flat surface for a reason.

 If the unit is on an uneven surface, it won’t be able

to drain properly which will affect performance.

 A flat patio stone or concrete slab is the ideal

surface for the unit to rest on.

 If you’re having your air conditioning installed by

professionals, see that they use a heavy slab or

Plant Some Shrubs or Trees  For many people, the fact that

they have air conditioning to protect against the heat is more than enough. However, there are ways to make you’re A/C unit run more efficiently.

 Shrubs and trees are one way

to do that.

 As an overall efficiency-

Seal Off Leaks  It really doesn’t cost a lot to buy the materials

you’ll need to seal leaks around doors, outlets and windows. You can usually get what you need for less than $20.

 However, if you do seal all the leaks that are

letting warm air in and cool air out, you could end up saving up to 20% on your summer cooling bill.

 It may take a bit of time to figure out exactly

where all the leaks are, but once you do, seal them

Basic Troubleshooting Tips  Sometimes, your air conditioning isn’t working

how you want it to, but it’s anything but a serious problem. Before you run to the phone and call for service, try some of these simple fixes first.  Check the thermostat to make sure it’s in the ‘Cool’

position  Set the temperature setting on the thermostat so it is lower than the actual temperature in the room  Check to make sure the condenser unit has power  Check the electrical panel to ensure the circuit breakers are on

How to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Working  

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