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What Harm in a Word My nine years old grand nephew asked me is the word gay was a bad word? I said to him “I am gay am I bad”? He said “No way Uncle David!” As I thought of it I had already made up my mind that in fact being gay was not bad but it was used in a limited way at the exclusion of black. To all my same gender loving brothers I have a proposal for you. I purpose that we as Black people drop the word gay to define us. If you do a Google on the word gay what you will get is the some-what colonial inspired white way of knowledge of white middle class gay men,. It is necessary for you to qualify the word gay with the words black or African American.. What use have we as black people holding onto a word that represent us as a second class qualifier. We African Americans have a history of self defining ourselves as Africans, or niggers. It is time that we as same gender loving men define ourselves and I propose that we use the word, Settian a word that I coined from the African-Egyptian God Set brother to Horus, here is a bit about Set, more info on him can be had on the net. It was also said, during these contending of Horus and Set, that Set had sought to support his claim to the throne by showing Horus was submissive to him, and consequently seduced Horus, with lines like How lovely your backside is. They had interfemoral intercourse, with Set taking the top role, but Horus secretly caught Set's semen, when he ejaculated, and throws it in the river. Subsequently, Horus masturbates, and secretly places his resulting semen onto lettuce, which Set then unknowingly eats, as it was his favorite food. To prove his dominance to the other gods, Set explains to them that Horus submitted to his advances, and calls forth his semen as evidence, but it answers from the river. Horus then calls his own semen forth, which answers from inside Set, making the gods feel that Horus was the dominant one, and therefore the rightful heir. In later versions of this myth, it is Thoth's magic that causes the semen to respond. To self-define ourselves with this subjection we give relevance to am ancient African God that is apart of the ancestors' history of the black man on the gracious and honest earth.

I12-08-2010 n the days when black men starched their jeans I came of age The days of 1973 hitch hiking home I was picked up by a white guy and he gave me a blow At 20 year old my second shame The first getting my first hard on Didn't know what to do with it felt strange Those ways the days of Strawberry Letter forever And Dr. Funkinstine fucked the air waves Those was the days when Slyvester sang God Bless the Child And I knew that she was singing to we We tight curly haired hair protesting the warmth of our dicks We plumb lips and broad nose form African blood We gate keepers of both masculine and feminine souls I developed a taste for white meat Chalk pink dicks but that soon faded And black blood filled cocks became my rage James brown told me that black was beautiful And I took it to heart and blackened my ways And bent my back to the black fuck of a stiff black dick In the tightness of the sweatyness of my hole Those was the days of learning to be bold So what I reap now its paid for and this poem is A gift in the cause of black men loving black men The men of my heart the men whose weight I gladly bare And the dicks I suck in the name of my sexual God Is to share their warm seeds of cum on my willing tongue -

There is a handsome God There is a handsome God Like a bare back black man Reposed half hidden by the sheet A bear built God bold willing To pump and pack life into the hole To sweat his skin against mine This God have an erect prink prickly With sons of seeds little swimmers Of whom he is physically This God gold glow against his skin Stander of a man

This bold black bag Of African wisdom inherently hidden Will not hide his love of me This sexual power pure as male sex Seeks to set his seared foreskin Within me and teach me and tight me And spill his sons within me There is a handsome God Who lay his fat to my lips And we sweet the salt of life And we worship the prick of life And we know that all Gods Are sexual that life may grow.

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