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a short fairy tale based on a true story.

Once upon a time and still is, in the land of spaghetti, pizza and mandolino, there was a young creative talent. His name was

Davide Barco.

He was working as art director in an advertising agency, based in Milan...

But he always knew that his heart belonged to a place far away, over the ocean. So one day he decided to go to the United States of America to join back with his heart...

...and try to do it in the agency of his dreams.

Before starting his amazing journay, he sent a magical presentation to that agency... clicking some strange symbols it was possible to discover everything about Davide.

And as soon as the mighty women and men from that agency discovered Davide’s works, they answered him...

The end or a new beginning?

Davide's fairy tale.  
Davide's fairy tale.  

A fairy tale based on a true story.