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Integrity Supply, Inc. Offers High Temperature Flue Tape at a Great Price Integrity Supply, Inc. enables its customers to buy high temperature flue tape at a great price. The product is made by the renowned brand, 3M. This flue tape can be installed around the seams in hot air ducts. Talking about high temperature flue tape, a representative of the online store stated, “3M High-Temperature Flue Tape is the most efficient method to stop hot air leaks where they start, which is at the seams of your heating ducts. In addition, you can use 3M High Temperature Flue Tape around windows and doors to help keep cold air out.” He also said, “It stops hot air leaks and is proficiently used on surfaces up to 600 degrees F (315C). At Integrity Supply, we are an authorized supplier of 3M and other leading sundry manufacturers and provide you with items at the most affordable prices with superior quality. Integrity Supply also recommends Sanding Sponge and Tamper Proof Sealant by 3M.” The online store also offers sanding sponge and tamper proof sealant from 3M. The other brands that are associated with this online store include Purdy, Corona, Shurtape, Generac, Norton and many more. The construction supplies that can purchased online from this site include specialty brushes, line striping equipment, masking film, drop cloths, safety equipment, manual transfer switches, etc. Free shipping is provided on orders over $100. They can also reach the company through its social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. About Integrity Supply, Inc . Integrity Supply, Inc. was established in 2000 as a wholesale distributor to provide the highest-quality paint, safety and construction related supplies from leading manufacturers throughout the United States. Integrity was founded with its customers in mind by providing just-in-time delivery at affordable prices. It has established relationships with key manufacturers

that absorb the inventory holdings costs and marketing funds, allowing Integrity to pass on the savings directly to the company's customers. It strives to continue to be the value-leader by delivering superior products at a fair price with unmatched service. For more information, please visit

Integrity Supply, Inc. Offers High Temperature Flue Tape at a Great Price