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=ZHDYHKDVFUHDWHGWKHÀUVW2Q'HPDQG3URGXFW/LIHF\FOH0DQDJHPHQW 6RIWZDUH6ROXWLRQIRU0DQXIDFWXUHUVRI$SSDUHODQG)RRWZHDU :K\VKRXOG,ÀQGRXWPRUHDERXW=GHVLJQIRU3URGXFW/LIHF\FOH0DQDJHPHQW" Imagine if you could‌put your entire product development team in one room and offer each and every team member software to support their unique day-to-day product development needs. Zweave’s Collaborative Design Studios offer an integrated product suite of software tools that will change the way you work forever.


Zdesign offers a broader set of functionality and tools to support every role and task in the product development process from designthrough production.


Zdesign costs significantly less than traditional PDM and PLM software systems that require extensive customizations to configure and support. Zdesign can be quickly implemented and was built to leverage your

)DVWHU,PSOHPHQWDWLRQ own team as a resource.



Zweave’s Value Proposition Zweave’s software supports the design processes of emerging, mid-market and large retail and apparel manufacturers. Zdesign, Zweave’s on-demand solution, lowers the time and the cost of managing the information created during the design lifecycle by streamlining design processes. The biggest challenge faced by retailers and apparel manufacturers today is managing the massive information developed by and between designers, pattern makers, manufacturers, sourcing agents and their partners in the vendor community. The apparel industry is a disconnected and silo driven environment where time zone challenges and information exchanges during the design lifecycle are currently managed in CAD V\VWHPVVSUHDGVKHHWVDQGHPDLO0LVFRPPXQLFDWLRQVGXULQJWKLVSURFHVVFDQWUDQVODWHLQWRVLJQLÀFDQW markdowns or worse, a missed season. Being on time and on trend is key to success and must be ongoing and repeatable for an organization and its development chain partners to survive and thrive.



1 Role-based access to complete product information, any stage, any time from anywhere through Zweaveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Virtual Design Studio Portals 2 Improved visibility and management of product development processes from design to delivery 3 Real time collaboration by and between product development and sourcing organizations and their partners 4 Accuracy and accountability at all levels of the process 5 Control and coordination of material R&D and sourcing 6 Coordination of color in materials, prints, graphics, BOMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and portfolios and items 7 Multi level, multi vendor bill of material coordination within tech packs 8 Vendor-based product management from sampling through testing 9 Sample management including tracking testing and approvals 10 Merchandising Management tools to support key calendar objectives from raw material purchasing to just in time deliveries

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