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About Us Anything for A Smile Association (AFAS) is a non-profit educational organization established in Turkey in 2006, registered at the Adana Association’s Office. AFAS is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all members of the community, especially for those who are disadvantaged. Disadvantaged children & youth deserve a chance to succeed. AFAS works to empower the Deaf, and to develop effective education and social integration for Deaf youth at our Adana Deaf Reach Center. Our volunteer activities create opportunities for ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Adana Deaf Communication Center offers academic and vocational skills training for the deaf in a positive environment where students can excel. The center also has sign language courses for hearing and deaf invidividuals. Our children’s program focuses on improving reading, writing and art skills. The “Joy Therapy” Program has spread to many hospitals throughout Turkey, providing support for children suffering from leukemia and with long-term illnesses. “Coloring the World” Wall Mural Project has created over 55 child-friendly children’s hospital wards to- date in 20 cities in Turkey. Community Services provides support to improve the quality of life for those disadvantaged due to disability or other hardship. European Union Volunteer Services Program provides international volunteers for several centers in Adana working with children disabilities, in partnership with the European Union.

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Our progress to date:

= Most deaf children finish school (some graduate from high school, but many drop out in middle school) without learning to read and write properly. This is not because they are mentally “slow�, but rather because their teachers do not sign and thus the students do not understand them.

= To date, over 200 students have completed sign language courses here, including teachers, lawyers, hospital personnel, parents of deaf children, and university students. There are very few sign language interpretors in Turkey. By training sign language Interpretors and deaf teachers, we lay the foundation for future expansion, as well as improved quality of life for deaf citizens.

= Many deaf people in Turkey cannot find a job. This is not because they do not have the qualities and skills to work, but because of various factors. In many countries worldwide there are deaf physicians, research lawyers, microbiologists, politicians and pilots.

= In our first two years of operation, courses for deaf youth were opened in Basic Computer Skills, Graphic Design, Art, Seamanship, and Turkish Literacy (reading and writing). The students learn easily, = When a deaf person goes to the hospi- having TID interpreters or deaf teachers instructing. tal he is not able to communicate. Presently most hospitals do not have a sign = We have groups of all ages, from chillanguage interpreter. Consequently, many dren to adults, attending courses in Turkdeaf patients have been misdiagnosed ish Literacy. Some deaf women travel by and given the wrong medicine. In some bus for hours from their village to attend. extreme cases, this has resulted in death. This course is their door to career, social life, information—the world.

New courses for the Deaf in 2014 • AFAS was awarded government funding for 2014 to open three new courses for the Deaf: Pastry Chef, Hotel Services and Level 2 Graphic Design. The courses will begin in March. • We are opening a tailoring course for the Deaf, with the eventual goal that they may be able to market their original products. • In cooperation with the Turkish Deaf Federation, we will be operating a professional Teachers Development Program, to train deaf students to be Sign Language Teachers, as well as teachers for the Deaf in other academic fields. • Third annual summer camp •Deaf Center Expansion: We made our first steps in setting up our rooftop as a MultiPurpose Center for the Deaf. Local sponsors donated artificial grass, tables and chairs, sinks and other items. It will be used as a Sign Language center, where the hearing public and the deaf can practice their sign language and for other events for the deaf as well. 2nd Annual Summer Camp for the Deaf Children For the second year in a row, AFAS organized a 6-week Deaf Children’s Summer Camp, the first of its kind in Turkey. Deaf children learn arts and crafts, improve their reading and writing skills, and go on weekly outings. Optimum Shopping Mall hosted an art exhibition of the children’s work at the end of the camp. For the deaf teenagers, a 10-day pantomime theater workshop was held at the end of summer, with the group performing for classmates at the opening of the school year.

EU Volunteer Services In 2013, we hosted five volunteers from Europe (Spain, Germany, Poland and France). They helped at two different centers here in Adana for those with handicaps.

Isabel from France with child

Patricia from Spain playing with child

Lisa from Germany on outing.

Lydia from Poland in Autism school’s playroom

Community Services In 2013, we organized several fun days for the orphans at Sevgi Evler, food distribution for several Turkish and Syrian families, a toy campaign for both Children’s Day and the New Years! Photo: Aysu with a donated vacuum cleaner for one of the Sevgi Evler orphan houses.

Joy Therapy After 13 years of “Joy Therapy” at Balcalı Hospital, we began a new “Joy Therapy”program for children suffering from leukemia at the Yeni Numune Hospital. Many volunteers regularly participate in these programs and they benefit greatly from these experiences of giving to others.

We have published

The Beauty of Volunteering a 24 page volunteer training magazine inspiring people to take the step to volunteer.

Coloring the World The “Coloring the World” Wall Mural Project has created over 55 child-friendly children’s hospital wards to date in 20 cities in Turkey. The program is designed to make hospitalization less stressful for children and their parents by providing a child-friendly atmosphere. In 2013, we painted five children’s wards in three different cities.

2013 Financial Spending Breakdown

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Donations May Be Sent to: HER ŞEY BİR GÜLÜCÜK İÇİN DERNEĞİ Türkiye İş Bankası (Adana Branch / Şube 6016) TL Account (Hesap) No: 0289773 IBAN No. TR36 0006 4000 0016 0160 2897 73 TC Ziraat Bankası (458 Şube / Baraj Yolu) TL Account (Hesap) No: 46698525 – 5001 TL IBAN NO: TR88 0001 0004 5846 6985 2550 01

Anything For A Smile  

2013 Highlights

Anything For A Smile  

2013 Highlights