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Tips for Choosing the Best Cigars!!! Written by David Dadson

“If I cannot smoke cigars in heaven, I shall not go!"

There once was a time when every civilized gentleman was expected to engage in the manly practice of cigar smoking. Happily, this seems to be a practice that is slowly returning and becoming more and more mainstream. The only bad thing about this is the fact that many men today do not really have a clear idea on how to choose the best quality cigars. If you love the traditional art of choosing—and then smoking—a fine cigar, read on for some excellent tips and advice on how to do just that.

Try Going to a Local Cigar Club

A great tip for choosing the best cigars, especially if you are sorely lacking in experience for this endeavour, would be to visit a local cigar club, according to an Art of Manliness article. The great thing about such a club is that the workers have likely already done all of the hard research and testing for you; they already know what the best cigars are. They will also have a good supply and possibly even a knowledgeable tobacconist who can take you by the hand and guide you through the choices.

Initially Avoid Higher-Priced Cigars If you are choosing your first cigar, staying away from the higher priced options is a great tip. The idea behind this advice is that you simply don't have the experience to be able to distinguish the elements involved in an expensive cigar. You will not be able to savor what it is that actually makes those pieces higher priced and give them their higher quality.

Focus on the Basics The next thing you should do is find a shape you like that will feel comfortable actually smoking, according to a recent Cigar World article. There are long, round cigars, as well as short, stubby options. So, really spend some time and see what appeals to you as far as shape and size are concerned.

From here, look at those cigars and make some judgments. Yes, in this case you really can judge a book by its cover. This means paying close attention to the wrapper. This is just another term for the outermost leaf of the cigar. It should be applied (or rolled together) perfectly. There should not be any tears or gaps.

Look at Color and Feel Take a closer look at the cigar and notice the color itself. You want to choose a cigar with a nice, even color. It should absolutely not be mottled, spotted, or have an uneven color or sheen. Also, avoid cigars that feel dry since this could be a sign that they are either old or have not been kept properly. Of course, it is possible to rehydrate a cigar which has not been kept at its proper level of humidity, but this is not something you should be concerned with at this point.

Feel the cigar as well. You want something that just seems to be well put together. It should be consistent, firm, and just well filled with tobacco. You do not want to see any weak spots or divots, as these could be signs that the cigar has started to deteriorate from the inside.

Good Tobacco Being able to tell whether or not your chosen cigar has good tobacco will come with experience, but there are tips to give you a good indication, according to a post on the Sports Shooter site. Smell the cigar to try and get an idea of what it might taste like when smoked. You could even remove the outer wrapper and the take a deep sniff. Although this might be a bit of an unsatisfying explanation, an ordinary cigar will just smell ordinary. There will be nothing that makes it stand out in your mind. One of the best cigars will give you something special. This could include a smell which gives off spicy, fruity, or even woody fragrances. If the cigar smells like something that you think you might enjoy actually smoking, then give it a try. If not, move on and find something else that seems more appealing.

Bottom Line

The final test of a good cigar is in the smoking. Sometimes, you need to smoke the same brand and size of a particular cigar a few different times in order to really discern its quality and consistency. It should also be noted that a better cigar will taste differently depending on when it is smoked.Focus on the tips above to help get started and you will be able to identify a few favorites in no time. Everyone will have some brands or styles that they seem to enjoy and gravitate to more than others.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Cigars  

Here are some few tips you can follow while ordering a Cigar. Following these tips you can end up in ordering best cigars for yourself.

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