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WNLP Newsletter

March 2009 Volume 1, Issue 1

Marlene Is Now Director of Alumni Programs David Curry has asked Marlene Hamilton to develop an Alumni Department for the graduates of both the men’s and women’s New Life Programs. This will include tracking successes and trials as these men and women move into a life of recovery. Marlene will be in daily contact through the internet using tools such as FaceBook and Texts to direct them to inspirational teaching, motivation and daily encouragement. She will also develop interactive small groups, coffees, events and personal support. Marlene’s comments: “This gives me the privilege to focus on the men and women who have worked so hard to complete our New Life Programs. Our deep investment in their lives must go further than the

graduations. Healing and change is a process that continues with time, and we want to be a part of life transformation that lasts for eternity and in turn reaches out to others. We are thrilled when we see our alumni connected in churches in our community and continue to grow in Christ. We are excited as they develop healthy relationships with family and friends while becoming productive citizens of society. I love that I will get to hang out with them and celebrate success while extending a loving hand of wise accountability. It’s a dream job come true with more fulfillment and fun than I could ever have imagined! My home base will be out of New Life Square…so let the adventures begin!!”

Barbara Curry and Jann Sonntag threw a smashing Valentine Brunch! Some people seem like they have the warmth of the morning sun in their spirits and more gentleness in their hearts than words can describe. Some people have an amazing way of touching the hearts of others, in a time and place where the nicest feelings and the deepest gratitude all come together. Thank you for the warm hospitality and wonderful party you threw for us all! Sincerely, WNLP Miracles

The Tongue and Troubles Daily Devotionals - Around the Word in 365 Days From:

Psalm 50:1-23 There is one promise of God that will be fulfilled in every life. Jesus said, "In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world" (John 16:33). Because we live in a fallen world, there will always be trouble. This psalm reveals two important responses we should have when trouble comes our way. Verse 15 exhorts us to call upon the Lord in our day of trouble. Verse 23 exhorts us to praise the Lord and to order our conversation aright. If we will call upon the Lord in the day of trouble, the promise is He will deliver us. If we will praise the Lord and order our conversation aright in the day of trouble, He will show us His salvation. The moment we enter troublesome times, we should first pray—and then we should be careful about what we say. God will be glorified when we do these two things. If we fail to call upon God in our troubled times, the hope of being delivered through or out of the trouble will be slim. Preventative medicine is better than a cure. A lot of the trouble we find ourselves in is selfinflicted. We have submitted to fleshly lusts instead of following the Spirit. The preventative medicine to keep us out of trouble is God’s Word and prayer. We can prevent the majority of troubles in our lives if we are not anxious about anything, but instead pray about everything. If we stay in God’s Word daily, chances are we will be able to discern the origin of the thoughts we have throughout the

day. Our thoughts usually come from three sources: God, our own flesh or the devil. We will only be able to recognize the counterfeit if we know the Truth, and we find that in God’s Word. We only can take those thoughts captive to Jesus if we recognize who gave us those thoughts. Another preventative medicine is to be careful about what we speak. There is a proverb that says, “He that keepeth his lips is wise; he keeps his soul from troubles.” We get into trouble many times just because we have not been wise in our speech. David, when he wrote this psalm, knew that the only way God could be glorified in our lives was if we learned to order our conversations aright. The tongue is the red carpet we throw out to Satan to walk right into our lives with his special delivery of troubles. Even if we guard our tongues, pray about everything and stay in God’s Word, some troubles will come our way simply because we live in a corrupt world. Tribulation is in the world and always will be until the Lord sets up His kingdom on earth. The moment trouble comes knocking on our door, we need to begin to praise the Lord because we know He is in control. His plan is to work good out of what Satan means for evil. The moment we begin to praise the Lord, a glory shield is placed around us because we have ordered our conversation aright. We will not be overwhelmed by whatever trial is facing us. We will be at peace and can experience the fullness of joy in the presence of the Lord.

Events in March

WNLP’s welcome New Director, Gloria Hall WNLP’s had the opportunity of meeting Gloria briefly last month when she brought us a fun perspective from the book “Who Moved My Cheese?” a subtle way of viewing and preparing for change. Well, our cheese and hers, has definitely found a new “Hall” to find itself in; and the sharpest cheese is none other than herself. We at the Family Shelter and Women’s New Life Program are blessed with the transition of Marlene heading up New Alumni Programs and Gloria as the Shelters New Director. We look forward to her fresh ideas and new objectives in addition to her sense of humor. As we get to know each other, we expect to develop another new relationship that will be an integral component in the paths of our new lives… Stay tuned as next month’s issue features more about Gloria…

Upcoming Graduates th

Expected graduates for April 10 are Millicent Gardner, Kelley Harmon, and Passion Lizarraga. It looks like it is going to be quite a festive and formal occasion. Prepare yourself for nothing less than the best, at this conclusion of the first phase of their new walk. This program has introduced a new way of life. The graduates are considering this event to be the closest thing in the Northwest to the Grammys. Savor every moment we have left with them as they prepare themselves to stroll down the Red Carpet into the next phase of their new lives. March 2009 Sun






































2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

WNLP Newsletter God has blessed us with our newest WNLP’s

Christine Ramero Linda Garner

When God changes the light in your life from red to green, you can accomplish things that you tried to do at other times, but could not perform. What an exciting time it is to suddenly find your engine kick into gear, and your turbans turning in harmonious production. Your tires screech from a dead stop to jet speed in seconds and bang! You are on the road again! ---- T.D. Jakes

Alida and Oliver move on to a new adventure… February 26th was Alida’s last day with us at CLC. We can look forward to seeing her at Graduations and she plans to continue her involvement with WNLP’s at Graceland as a volunteer. She will be working as a case manager at Goodwill Industries. Some of us may have the pleasure of crossing her path

Welcome to

professionally in the future. Her email address is now: and she looks forward to interacting with us through Facebook, so please feel free to give her a “nudge” every now and then. See you at Graceland Alida…

We have cordially been asked to join “Facebook”, a social website that enables us to communicate with our family and new friends we’ve met here at the Tacoma Rescue Mission. Hopefully it will encourage us to network with each other, staff and alumni, as well as people who will be an asset in our “New Life”. We can use it to enjoy exchanging pictures, give each other a nudge or an encouraging word or just say hi. Invite your new friends and family members to log on. See you there…

WNLP Newsletter  
WNLP Newsletter  

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