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Why do we all like pizzas? Kids enjoy them because they’re fun to play with. The elderly like them because they’re easy to chew. The poor eat them every day because they are cheap, especially when frozen. They also believe social healthcare will redeem as they were made by Dr. Oetker. The rich order them on Friday night because they are sick and tired of sushis and foie gras. Across all social classes and ethnic groups, pizzas are unanimously appreciated. Some prefer them in the Napolitano way: stone-baked, old-fashioned margarita. Nothing like the real stuff. Others would rather wear plastic gloves and eat their greasy so-called pizza hidden under a thick layer of juicy pepperoni in a bowling arena lost somewhere in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. But whether you like it vintage or gross, pizza belongs now to popular culture as it combines the simplicity of its shape with a radical creative power. Everyone can make their own pizzas in the way they want by adding the toppings they’ve always dreamed of. The only limit is the human brain. And that is quite a significant variable to be taken into account.  Far from culinary terrorism such as raviolis, pizza has become THE most customizable food. If the sky might not be the limit, at least you can still pile up mozzarella, sausage, artichoke, ham, olives, tuna*, eggs or mushrooms until your creation has reached the top of the oven. Then turn up the heat. Then wait up to 12 minutes. Then admire your piece of art. And finally eat it. Pizzas are fun. Pizzas taste good. Pizzas are easy to make.  Pizzas are art. Based on this assumption, graphic designer David Crunelle wanted to assess a simple idea: if design is the most efficient when it strengthens a deep and clear message, how can you create a nice image with absolutely no link to its headline? In other words: if there is no message to stress on, would the creative work become worthless?  questioning the relationship between the image and the message, he By took this tremendous opportunity to try innovative techniques and diversify the graphic genres he has been working on. The result is a suprising combination of abstract art pieces and delirious slogans. Just as Doggy Hendrix once said, keep in mind that “pizza is the new black.”

* The author declines all forms of responsibility if you happen to choke after eating seafood.


All contents copyright Š David Crunelle Published by Navalorama - July 2012 No part of this publication may be reproduced except in small part for review purposes. Give pizza chance. Contact info :

limited edition printing of 66 hand-numbered & signed copies 1st editon


pizza is the moonwalk of food and you know it

Pizza Is The Moonwalk Of Food - David Crunelle  

"Pizza Is The Moonwalk Of Food" - graphic design collection of pizza related non-sense.

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