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Film Studio in London So, you are looking for Film studio London huh! Well, film studios are core part of film industry without it; we won’t be able to see any movie. If you are visitor to the London city for the first time then the London studios can be quite interesting thing for you guys to take a look on it. At the end of this article I am sure you guys have enough knowledge about film studios in London city.

ABOUT STUDIOS IN LONDON; SOME BASIC INFORMATION Here below I have just shown a map to give rough idea about the available major film studios in different portions of London city.

The London city has tremendous, highly equipped studios with great infrastructure. From the beginning London has record of making great studios for film making. It has history of creating some of the biggest wonders in the world including most popular sound stages in the world. It has a record of creating largest sound stage in the Europe named, Pinewood’s oo7.

London has large number of studios in it, which causes it to get a chance to host big numbers of films at the same time. If you start looking around the studios in the London you will find variety of studios offering different stage sizes, some of the great hospitality you can get during the production of any film starting from wifi technology or you can see a very well equipped kitchen in studios from where you can get fresh food any time. Studios in London located in almost every famous location so that you can get ease in transportation as well. London also has underwater stages also.


There are some major studios in the London which are dominating from the beginning.

The first name that comes in my mind when talking about London studio is “Pinewood Studio”. This is one of the most popular studio in London. This is a part of pinewood group. This studio has its foot prints in many big countries starting from USA, Canada, Germany and Malaysia also. Provides speechless facilities like water and underwater filming, location filming, accommodation to production team as well as post production also.

Harry potter and deathly hallows was shot at pinewood studio. For more details you can click

This Studio Elstree is leading Television and film studio now a day in London. Studio provides 6 sound stages and one silent stage. Having London’s two tallest stages in it. Provides quality accommodation as well as catering services as well. Highly developed dressing rooms which are designed by some of famous interior designers.

Host some famous TV shows like famous dance series called “Dancing on ice”, “who wants to be millionaire? “And last but not the list “Big Brother” also. You can get more details on

3 Mills studio, a huge studio contains 14 stages, 10 rehearsal rooms, more than 200 production offices, spreaded in 20 acres land. Facilities are countless; it provides green rooms, period buildings, screening rooms, 24x7 security and the list goes on. What more you guys can expect from any studio!

Some famous films you may find associated with 3 Mills are: Fish tank, Fantastic Mr. Fox etc.

Well, this is all about Wimbledon Studios. This is the new born baby in the studio industry but growing so rapidly with its latest production house. Contains 4 stages among them 2 are large sound stages equipped with all the latest amenities. One stage for green screen and the last one is still on the way to be constructed. For more details click on

A Shapperton studio is part of Pinewood studios. Located near Heathrow Airport. Contains 14 stages. 7 large studios and 5 medium size studios. Audio post production facilities are available also all other film production facilities are there.

Ealing Studios located in north London. Contains 4 stages. All the facilities like offices, workshops, meeting area etc. You can get more details on

Twickenham Studio located in south west of central London. Contains 3 sound stages/ provide facilities like indoor tank, post production centre, recording, dubbing, ISDN and video etc. For more details click

So these are some of the famous studios in London. Apart from all the above studios there are number of few studios which leads the film industry. Dragon studio, The paint hall studio, British National studios, Camberwell studios etc.

Film Studio in London  

So, you are looking for Film studio London huh! Well, film studios are core part of film industry without it; we won’t be able to see any mo...

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