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Realizing the true value in today’s cellular and billboard leases.

Crescendo Capital Trust Crescendo was founded to provide landowners with cellular towers, rooftop antennas or billboards on their property the power to harness the economic potential of income generated by these ground leases and realize the true value of these assets. Founded by a team of talented innovators with deep experience in finance, telecommunications, real

estate and law, Crescendo partners with property owners to provide custom financial solutions that maximize the potential value of a landowner’s holdings. Crescendo professionals have provided solutions and generated significant capital payouts and income for individuals, businesses, nonprofits, municipalities and other government entities.

Now is a very exciting time for property owners whose assets include active leases for cellular towers, rooftop antennas or billboards. Until recently, your opportunities were limited to collecting whatever monthly rent your tenants had agreed to pay, for as long as they needed your site. This arrangement worked well for tenants and provided some monthly income that you could use or save for the future. Unfortunately, it also allowed your tenant to cancel their leases, often with little notice and no recourse. Now however, your cellular or billboard site can provide you with much more than the monthly payments you are currently receiving. You can maximize the value of your site leases by converting them into large immediate cash payouts to build wealth, make major purchases, expand your business, pay off debt or whatever purpose you desire. Crescendo Capital Trust can make this possible without you having to relinquish ownership of your real estate or take on any debt. And we eliminate the risk of possible lease cancellations or rent reductions. As the innovator in helping owners capitalize on the value of cellular or billboard leases, Crescendo will create a custom payout solution for you that delivers maximum value. You receive either in a lump-sum payment at closing or you can opt for our unique deferred structured payout plan and receive payments over a 1-3 year period. We work with you to ensure you get the highest cash payout today and optimize the value of your property to ensure you get the benefits from any new leases or upgrades in the future. This isn’t a loan; there is nothing to pay back. Crescendo is purchasing your ground leases and will receive its income from the cellular or billboard companies. Crescendo can manage the site for you and work with you to seek and share any additional revenues from new leases or the addition of new equipment on the site.

Creating Wealth, Expanding Opportunities And Reducing Risk For Property Owners.

Crescendo Capital Trust was founded by experienced industry professionals who saw the opportunity to access the untapped potential in cellular and billboard leases to deliver significant value to the leaseholders. Utilizing their unique expertise, deep industry relationships and access to significant capital resources, Crescendo professionals are able to address missed opportunities, capture additional revenues, quantify and minimize risk, optimize tax benefits and create large cash payouts to fit the needs or our client partners. The Crescendo team has developed site marketing and capital solutions for thousands of landlords, including: individuals, business owners, commercial property owners, churches, nonprofits, municipal and government entities.

Leverage Our Expertise And Capital To Create A Unique Wealth Opportunity.

WE WORK WITH YOU We listen. Once we understand your financial needs both today and for the future, we can custom structure a solution for you. Our team of financial and industry professionals go far beyond the expected and the ordinary. Share in the bright financial future achieved by other Crescendo success stories. YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE We know that you do not want to be subjected to harassing, high-pressure sales calls. You just want to know the facts of our deal with you, straight and simple. At Crescendo, you will not find low-ball offers, bait-and-switch tactics or closing surprises, but you will find a team of seasoned professionals ready to develop solutions for you. SHARED SUCCESS When you win, we win. Our success is built on our ability to provide our clients with financial solutions to maximize the value they receive from their cellular or billboard properties. It’s that simple. THE TIME IS NOW With interest rates at historic lows, Crescendo can offer above-market payouts. As interest rates rise, lease payouts may decline so this may be a great time to take action. The tax code could also change limiting capital gains and other deferred tax strategies. Why wait and take the risk?

“The Crescendo experience was seamless. They understood the legal and financial issues of my cellular lease and funded my deal in a timely basis. I highly recommend the Crescendo team to other cellular landlords.� Sprint landlord in major urban city

“Our nonprofit organization was able to tap into new found cash for our NGO activities through the Crescendo financial program. The Crescendo team was able to fund our deal while satisfying our existing lenders. A win, win for all concerned. We highly recommend the Crescendo team to other NGOs and other cellular landlords looking for innovative financial solutions� NGO and Verizon landlord in a major city

Whether you are seeking to get immediate capital out of your cellular or billboard leases, or are concerned about the possibility of cancellation or rent reductions, Crescendo’s experienced professionals can provide valuable insight into the current value of your holdings, updates on the latest industry news and offer alternative options to best address your situation and your needs. Should you decide to partner with Crescendo, you also benefit from our extensive site marketing and site management offerings which may result in additional income to your sites while relieving you of the hassles of day-to-day site management.

CRESCENDO ADVANTAGES Tailored solutions and payouts - We custom tailor our transaction to ensure you receive maximum after-tax value and payoffs to fit your specific needs. Maximized upside potential - You get the significant upfront payouts plus opportunities for additional revenues due to aggressive site marketing and site management. Unmatched access to capital - We are able to provide maximum up-front payouts with no delays or constraints due to funding issues. Reduced Risk - You are protected against losses due to industry consolidations, rent reductions or lease cancellations. You Retain Control - It’s your property. We just help you manage your site. Our interest is in your leases. We don’t encumber any additional property or claim ownership of anything beyond our agreement. Professional site management and site marketing When you partner with Crescendo, your management hassles are over. Plus you may have the opportunity to get more revenues from new income generated by our aggressive site marketing program. Simple processes - We believe in keeping things simple when it comes to negotiations and documentation, plus our closing are prompt and worry free.

Partnering For Growth And Opportunity With Crescendo Capital Trust

We Offer Customized Solutions To Meet Your Specific Needs. Because of their broad experience in finance, law, real estate and telecommunications, Crescendo professionals can craft customized solutions and payouts that meet the specific needs of a wide variety of owner-partners. Individual Property Owners Get the cash you need to build wealth, reduce debt or to make that dream come true. Working with Crescendo you maximize your payouts, reduce your risk, eliminate site management hassles and retain control of your property. Businesses & Commercial Real Estate Owners Crescendo payouts are a great source of capital for expansions, debt reduction, new equipment, etc. Our simple process provides large timely payouts, possible tax savings and an end to site management distractions.

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Municipalities & Government Entities Crescendo solutions can provide the capital you need to deal with budget shortfalls and rising capital expenses. Our structured payment programs can offer increased payouts that fit your fiscal budgeting constraints and enable you to avoid incurring new debt or raise taxes. Churches & Other Nonprofits The struggling economy has placed additional challenges on religious and nonprofit organizations. Crescendo cash payout solutions have been a real blessing for organizations seeing new sources of capital to fulfill their missions without having to resort to additional capital campaigns or offerings.

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