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From top left: Peter Fern, MD; Daniel Zwiesler, MD; Shawn Barrong, MD; Stephen Pakkianathan, MD; Jeffrey Hilton, MD Seated from left to right: Kathryn Miles, MD; Sarah Hammil, MD; and Linda Partoll, MD.

Northwest OB-GYN Northwest OB-GYN celebrates its three physicians (Drs. Fern, Barrong and Partoll), once again recognized as top physicians. With eight Board Certified physicians, a Certified Nurse Midwife, one PA-C and three ARNPS, they provide the Northwest Region with a full array of women’s health services. Northwest OB-GYN has five physicians providing obstetric and gynecology services, one specializing in gynecology, and two in Urogynecolgy (see below). With all eight physicians being Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, they provide the best care in the Inland Northwest and Eastern Montana. Specializing in minimally invasive procedures, robotic surgery and invasive surgeries when needed, Northwest OB-GYN provides diagnostic and treatment options tailored for its individual patients. Our OB-GYN physicians perform most surgeries at Providence Sacred Heart’s inpatient and outpatient facilities, with some treatments performed in-office with their new in-office procedure room. Mirenas, Essures, ablations, laproscopic surgeries, and hysterectomies are a few of the procedures performed by their experts. For over 30 years, Northwest OB-GYN physicians have been working with women to ensure healthy babies and successful deliveries. They see obstetric patients from Moses Lake, Newport, TriCities, Sandpoint and many other surrounding cities, in addition to their Spokane patients for normal and high risk pregnancies. Their physicians, working with women and their families, treat patients from infertility to delivery. Whether you are planning a family or experiencing “female problems” of any type, Northwest OB-GYN and its highly trained, experienced and compassionate physicians, providers and staff, are here to help you.

The Center for Urogynecology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery (a division of Northwest OB-GYN)

Do you need a supportive friend? When female organs try to head south or you just can’t hold it like you used to, you could use a supportive friend! One in three women will experience a pelvic floor disorder which is the medical term used to describe urine leakage (urinary incontinence), difficulty emptying or controlling the bladder or feeling or seeing tissue coming out of the opening of the vagina. The Center for Urogynecology at Northwest OB-GYN is proud to offer you Dr. Linda Partoll and Dr. Sarah Hammil, supportive friends who specialize in treating pelvic floor disorders. Dr. Patroll and Dr. Hammil are the only Fellowship Trained Urogynecologists within the greater Northwest Region, which includes Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Dr. Partoll and Dr. Hammil are board certified in OB-GYN with Urogynecology fellowship training specific to pelvic floor disorders. They offer the full range of conservative and surgical treatment for pelvic floor disorders including minimally invasive and robotic surgery at CHS Deaconess and Providence Sacred Heart Medical Centers.

Northwest OB-GYN

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