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60 • March • 2014


Unfortunately this is a lesson Jessica experienced the hard way. Jessica explains that she has had her weight loss journey ups and downs along the way due to get-fitquick schemes and trying a majority of the major fad diets. What works you might ask? Good old fashioned, well-balanced nutrition, whole foods and steady meal frequency is the healthy lifestyle golden ticket. “The quicker the results, the more unstable the outcome,” says Jessica. “After doing an extreme quickfix diet, most people go on a week-long binge and consume more calories and processed foods than they would have before they started the diet. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. One can start now by implementing small changes throughout the remainder of this year.” Essentially, a lifestyle diet is the key, but there are baby steps along the way toward a lifestyle plan that is certain to promote physique transforming results and the ultimate, unwavering healthy lifestyle that is battle hardened to American convenience foods and diet derailers. Step Two: start making gradual changes Don’t focus on eliminating items that can have an adverse effect on the outcome. Focusing on which foods not to consume can actually lead to wanting more of those foods. Instead, try adding healthy options such as veggies, fruits and whole foods. Also, branch out and try new healthy recipes, which can taste delicious and promote positive feelings toward health foods without feeling deprivation. A key to follow with any nutrition habit is to track portions and listen to one’s body. Don’t eat just to eat. Ultimately, food is a fuel source and not a pastime. Step Three: add any activity into your schedule Being physically active during the day will help with mental clarity, boost your energy and improve overall health. Again, make gradual improvements. If being physically active has not been in your routine, then committing an hour to daily

physical activity may not be a realistic starting point; rather, commit to 10, 15 or 30 minutes of activity, five days a week and gradually increase activity time or intensity when ready. Step Four: understand that fitness can be performed anywhere There are plenty of physical activities one can do anywhere. In fact, unless one is truly focused on one’s routine and educated with equipment, a gym can be a distraction. Jessica believes through her personal experience and that of her clients, that one can get a quicker, more effective workout from home, at work or outdoors. Turning one’s body into a gym is the most affordable, practical and efficient method for results. Jessica’s online fitness network, Workout Anywhere, embraces these core concepts and can train anyone, anywhere to burn fat calories and build lean muscle with a minimal time commitment. In addition, Jessica’s program teaches users how to make gradual lifestyle improvements that are easy to follow, highly effective and for all fitness levels. Workout Anywhere is the perfect membership based community for lifestyle workouts, meal plans, recipes and lifestyle training through mobile devices, computers, tablets and televisions. Jessica’s final thoughts for Spokane are “treat health and fitness like a marathon and not a January sprint!” Starting over year after year is mentally defeating. Gradually improving is a more positive path and easier for the mind and body to adjust to. Make small improvements this year, and by next year you will be rewarded with a healthy lifestyle, rather than a fitness highlight. Cheers to a successful, healthy lifestyle change! Justin Rundle is a Certified Personal Trainer with six years of training experience. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Whitworth University, and is the Mount Spokane High School Strength and Conditioning Coach, and the owner of www.workoutanywhere. net (online personal training and dieting assistance).

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