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restaurant review Hay J's

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

mashed potatoes and mushrooms. The asparagus, which was cooked to a light crispness—and provided the accompaniment to two of our entrees—rounded out the meal perfectly. We ordered Chicken Marsala Risotto ($19), which turned out to be a bowl of wine-tinged comfort food. The chicken was tender and moist, cut into bitesized pieces, and accompanied by red onion, wild mushrooms, arugula and garnished with a light serving of shredded cheese. Make no mistake: there is nothing light about this dish. The flavors combined well, though the risotto was ever so slightly soupier than we would have liked. (I finished the leftovers the next day and found the consistency to be perfect). This was the perfect dish for a chilly evening. Having heard so many raves about the halibut offerings at Hay J’s, we took the bait and tried the Parmesan Crusted Halibut ($27). It was beautifully presented and topped with a lemonthyme buttercream sauce that my guests couldn’t stop raving about, and coupled with the asparagus and basmati rice 164 • March • 2014

Butter Head & Bleu Salad

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