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Your Backyard, Your Oasis photo courtesy of Copper Creek Landscaping

by Stephanie Regalado


hen you think of your outdoor space, what comes to mind? Does it beckon you to come on out and exhale, relax, and unwind? Or does it wave a honey-do list in the air (there’s mowing and weeding and edging and planting to do, after all)? With the outdoor living movement in mind, more and more homeowners are creating outdoor spaces that actually pamper them. Yes, it is possible to create an outdoor living space that takes care of you, not the other way around. Matt Burton, president of Copper Creek Landscaping, has been doing just that for more than 20 years. “The concept is simple, we want to bring elements from the indoors to the outdoors,” he says. “Simply put, we are creating outdoor rooms for people to live in. Due to the limited season in our area, when the weather is nice we want to be outdoors.” This includes all of the elements, Matt says, from cooking food outdoors to growing food in gardens, to watching the sun go 120 • March • 2014

down by a fire. “Some clients want us to create a lifestyle for them.” Some of Copper Creek’s clients desire a lake house until they check into the costs and the maintenance along with the time travel time there and back. “It becomes easier and cheaper to create that for them in their own back yard,” he says. “Some people want to spend more Special Advertising Section

time with their family in the yard, so a pool or a sports court or a fire pit can create a bonding experience.” Matt explains that overhead structures are popular, as well as pergolas. Add outdoor lighting and a fireplace and you have an outdoor room. “People are looking for ways to create a special outdoor space that is different than their neighbors and

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