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112 • March • 2014

Whether for breakfast or cocktails with friends, this is one spot in the kitchen where everyone gathers.

the initial plans for a more spacious feel. One of the entry walls is recessed and piped for water, designed to someday accommodate a large-scale waterfall feature. Until then, this space is home to a leafy gathering of bromeliads. At the far end of the hallway near the home’s bedrooms is a floor-to-ceiling mirror, an optical illusion that elongates the hallway and makes it seem to stretch on infinitely. The main living area is perfect for entertaining, something the Harringtons like to do. The living room has comfortable leather armchairs, a shaggy area rug, and a cozy gas fireplace with a deep hearth and a flat screen television above. The adjacent kitchen is one of the spaces the couple changed significantly in the design phase. This room was expanded from the original plans in an effort to make the space “a whole big entertainment area,” Linda explains. Next to the kitchen counter is banquette seating around a circular table that fits eight comfortably on leather benches. Both Mike and Linda are vegetarians, and Linda loves to cook. She can stand at the stove and then pass plates onto a clever addition Mike devised—a built-in lazy Susan on the tabletop. She can spin the roundabout to send dishes out, and guests can spin it again later to pass back the empties.

Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living 102  
Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living 102