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French Flair Fery Haghighi, Fery’s Catering When I was studying French cuisine, I was intrigued by the “Croquembouche” cakes. In France, these cakes are used as wedding and baptism cakes. The name of the cake translates into “crunch in your mouth” due to the crunchy texture of the caramelized sugar, which is used as the glue to hold the cake together. The choux pastry puffs: cream puff shells with a hole on the bottom, are filled with pastry cream in a variety of flavors and dipped in liquefied sugar; then stacked on top of one other into a spectacular tower, then the whole thing is decorated with spun sugar resembling yards of golden thread. Flowers, candied almonds or other small decorations can also be placed throughout and around the “cake” to further individualize the piece. This traditional French wedding cake is both beautiful and fun, and until guests bite into their profiteroles, they can’t even be sure which flavor they selected! The most memorable Croquembouche I recall making had a butterfly theme; as the bride and groom were cutting their cake, hundreds of butterflies were set free around them. It was a wonderful scene!

Miniature Magic Judy Rozier, Sweet Frostings Blissful Bake Shop Here at Sweet Frostings we are seeing a rise in the trend of nontraditional wedding desserts. In the last year we have done miniature fresh fruit cobblers, miniature New York style cheesecakes with a gingersnap crust, chocolate and ancho chili pots de creme, balsamic strawberry shortcakes with fresh whipped cream, and complete dessert bars that include up to 20 different desserts. We are also seeing a rise in dessert bars that include several small wedding cakes, all with different flavors and styles. A refreshing change to the ordinary.   We have had many brides and grooms ask for specialty items. Desserts that have great meaning in their lives. If you have a special request, just ask. If it has to do with sugar, we can probably do it.  Most people think we just do cakes and cupcakes, but our bakers are incredibly talented. Whether your style is ice cream sundaes with abundant toppings, baklava, or apple pie, don’t be afraid to ask for the wedding dessert that suits your personalities. Most caterers and bakers are more than willing to take special requests, so don’t be afraid to think creatively. Not only will your celebration be a more accurate reflection of who you are, but you’ll also create a dessert experience your guests won’t soon forget. That sounds like good luck, no crumbs in hair required. 150 • February • 2014

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