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22 Give thanks for Liz and Morag who produce this prayer calendar.


23 Give thanks for the dedication of all

those involved in the running of Messy Church. Pray for the growing number of families who come along.


24 Bless all the people who are fighting depression. Fill their heart with love and give them strength to carry on. Amen.


25 Pray for the persecuted church in

every corner of the world. Stay alert and persistent in your prayers for all believers. Ephesians 6:18

26 Pray for those in the Bible Study

Group who seek a depth of understanding through His word. May they be blessed in their journey with in-sight.

27 Pray today for the unemployed in

our community. That they may find work and enjoy the restoration of dignity through Him.

Reading Galations 5 BLESSING COMES THROUGH FAITH How did you receive the Holy Spirit? Did you receive the Spirit by following the Law. No!


Dear Lord. As your loyal people may we always be aware that you are our ever present help in times of trouble.

You received the Spirit because you heard the Good News and believed it.


Charity Number: SC004271

1 Pray for the launch of Open Doors in

Scotland. That their special calling to support persecuted peoples everywhere will be truly blessed and strengthened.

special thanks for David as he leads the 2 Give church family in worship today and who faithfully preaches His word to all of us.

3 Lord help us to honour you by showing

kindness and being mindful of the needs of others. Matthew 25 – 40

4 We pray for all those who are in Nursing

Homes, hospital or at home Lord. Be with them and their family. We pray for continued healing and also that you will always be with them when times get too much.

we pray that as today, people whom 8 Lord you have called to ministry will be gathering for a short time. We pray that you will be there among them guiding them all to where you want your children to go and share your work. Give each one strength, wisdom and peace. Amen.

9 Lord we give thanks for “The Gathering”. We just pray that numbers grow and that we can touch and reach out to somebody who doesn’t know you.

10 Give thanks for everyone who works in the

Café and for everyone who comes through their door.

16 Ask for a renewed anointing of the Holy

Spirit within the church family today as we meet to glorify His name

17 Dear God we ask for your help for our

church across the world. We ask that it experiences a greater unity. Place your hand on the places where they face harassment, discrimination and persecution all because of their love for you. Protect them Lord. Let them know that you are with them.

11 Pray the Lord would show each one of us the pathway to walk along in His service and not waste time in things of less importance.

18 Ask Gods protection and strength on the

youth of the church family as they seek to glorify God amongst their peers.

12 Bless all the wonderful works of Sutherland 5 Pray today for the lonely and mentally ill people

in our community. Ask God to meet each one of them at deepest need and pray His protection and blessing on them.

6 Give thanks today for the service chaplains

who carry out the important role of providing spiritual and moral support to our deployed service men and women.


Give thanks for the CIA project. And the many blessings that continue to be poured out on it. Give thanks for the volunteer and the local churches which support the project. Please continue to bless the work of the CIA.

House. Fill this place with the Holy Spirit and let everyone open their hearts and minds to you. Amen.

19 Pray for the Boys’ Brigade and Girls’

Brigade. Ask God’s blessing on them.

13 Pray for the Elders in our Church. That

they would seek His wisdom and guidance in any decisions they have to make.

14 Ask for Gods intervention in the evil

practice of human trafficking. Pray that the anti-slavery Bill will be passed quickly to become law .

15 Pray for those who are weighed down by worry, guilt or despair. That He will restore, comfort and free them.

20 Lord we lift up our arms in praise, our

voices in honour and we simply come before to say thank you for all your wondrous blessings that you bestow on us each day. Amen.

21 Pray for the persecuted church in

every corner of the world. Stay alert and persistent in your prayers for all believers. Ephesians 6:18

February 2014 prayer calendar