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David Christenson Computer Technology Timpview High School



NAME OF NOMINEE ___David Christenson______________________________________________________ SCHOOL ___Timpview High School_________ CATEGORY ____Computer Technology____________

List up to six activities, honors and awards relating to your category. • • • • • •

Fourth Place in the Nation in Help Desk: Provided with an all-expense paid trip to Anaheim, California to compete at the 2009 FBLA National Leadership Conference in Help Desk. First Place in the State in Help Desk: Won first place in the Help Desk category at the 2009 FBLA State Leadership Conference. The competition combined a test of computer problem-solving skills and client interaction in a role playing scenario. Second Place in the State in Cyber Security: Placed second in Cyber Security at the 2008 State Leadership Conference (my first FBLA competition). Also competed nationally in Atlanta, Georgia in this category. Placed in two additional categories at 2008 State: Placed fifth in Introduction to Technology Concepts and sixth in Network Design at the 2008 State Leadership Conference in Ogden. Placed in three additional categories at 2009 State: Placed fourth in Network Design, fifth in Technology Concepts, and sixth in Networking Concepts at the 2009 State Leadership Conference. First in three categories at 2009 Region: Placed first in Networking Concepts, Technology Concepts, and Computer Problem Solving at the 2009 Central Region FBLA competition, as well as second in Network Design.

Choose one of the above, describe it briefly and explain why it was meaningful to you. What did you learn and what did you accomplish?

It is hard to explain the excitement that comes with winning first place in anything, particularly at the state level. Before the presentation portion for Help Desk at the 2009 State Competition, I had the chance to talk with my competitors while we waited. I learned that in a lot of ways my competitors and I were similar. We talked about the various projects we’ve worked on with computers that had both directly and indirectly prepared us for the competition. I was intimidated but also fascinated by the level of expertise that my competitors had. This interaction made hearing my name as the first place winner in Help Desk all the more meaningful. I felt a great sense of responsibility in representing Utah at the national level in California, so I knew that I had to do everything I could to prepare. The Help Desk category is one that is not particularly easy to study for in a traditional way. I would be given a multiple choice test about computer problem solving skills followed by a role playing scenario with a judge acting as a client with a computer issue. Computer problem-solving and people skills are not things that can be easily learned from traditional study methods. So I took it upon myself to help as many friends, family members, and teachers as possible before the national competition. There is rarely a shortage of people needing computer assistance, and in the months leading up to the competition I helped people with things like installing operating systems, replacing hardware, resolving network issues, and removing viruses. This firsthand experience with a very wide range of issues helped me substantially in being comfortable with whatever the competition could throw at me. Not only did I learn how to solve unique real-world problems, but I became proficient at explaining what the problem was and developing analogies to explain complex computer concepts to people with little computer experience. It was also exciting to meet students from around the country in Anaheim and to share high school experiences and our expertise about computers. I learned a lot from the people I interacted with at the conference. Not only was the conference a worthwhile experience for me, but my efforts to prepare for it provided me with valuable skills that I will use for the rest of my life.

STUDENT ENTRY FORM (page two) List up to six activities, honors, awards and accomplishments that relate to the leadership and citizenship qualifications. • • • • • •

Eagle Scout Award: Received the award at the age of 14. Member of Debate Club: Joined the debate club in its first year at Timpview High School. Member of National Honor Society: Active in the National Honors Society and was a member of the Junior Honors Society in middle school Member of Stake Youth Council: Currently serve on my church’s Stake Youth Council, which plans events and activities for nine congregations. President of two quorums: Served as the president of the Deacon’s Quorum and Teacher’s Quorum. Duty to God Award: Earned the Duty to God award as a deacon and teacher in my church, and am currently working toward receiving the award as a priest.

Describe two or three unique things about yourself and relate them to your category, if possible. Include challenges you have overcome and describe any distinctive experiences that have affected you. From a young age I knew I loved computers. Of course, playing games and surfing the internet was fun, but it led to an intense desire to learn how computers worked, how games were made, and how the internet came to be. As I studied the hardware, software, and networks that were beginning to become a huge component of our world, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Before long, I was having more fun fixing computers than I was playing video games. Three years ago I created a website to help people who were shopping for computers. I didn't charge; I just enjoyed doing the research. They'd tell me what they needed, and I'd send a recommendation for a computer and where to buy it. I learned a lot as I did this, and I received positive feedback from the several dozen people who used my service. (They had no idea I was only 14.) I've also bought inexpensive computers to experiment with Linux operating systems and various network/server environments. This has helped me become familiar with computer concepts that I would not have come across under normal circumstances. Two years ago I used the expertise I had acquired to build a computer. How do you think your involvement in this category will enrich your life? I look forward to studying information technology at a university and having a career working with computers. No other field is developing as quickly as the computer industry. As technology continues to advance rapidly, it improves the efficiency of businesses and home life, advances health care, and provides recreation and enjoyment. It will be rewarding to contribute to the technological momentum that is changing our world.

Computer Technology

2009 Region 1st Networking Concepts 1st Technology Concepts 1st Computer Problem Solving 2nd Network Design

2008 State 2nd Cyber Security 5th Intro to Technology Concepts 6th Network Design

2009 State 1st Help Desk 4th Network design 5th Technology Concepts 6th Networking Concepts

I have competed in a variety of computer-related categories at multiple Future Business Leaders of America events. Most events are tests of computer and networking knowledge. Help Desk and Network Design have a presentation element in which one must provide a solution for a scenario.

USU Invitational 3rd Technology Concepts

Computer Technology Awards and Activities I took first place in the Help Desk category at the 2009 FBLA State Conference. This qualified me for the national competition in Anaheim. The Help Desk competition involves two parts. The first is a multiple choice test about computer concepts and problem solving. The people with the highest scores advance to the finals. The finals in the Help Desk Competition at state and nationals involve a troubleshooting scenario with a judge who acts as a client. After a brief period to prepare, finalists give a presentation and interact with the judge, fielding any questions he/she might have. My response was judged on both the technical accuracy of my solution for the problem, and the clarity of my explanation to the judge. It is important to provide both a technical explanation of the problem along with a simplified version that could be easily understood by those with little computer knowledge.

To the right is a computer that I built in late 2007. I use this computer for intensive tasks like video editing. The specifications are: 2.4GHz Intel Quad Core Processor overclocked at 3.33GHz, 3GB RAM, ATI HD2900XT, 400GB HDD, Abit IP35-E motherboard, 700W power supply, 24� Monitor, and Logitech Z-5300e 5.1 speakers.

At Timpview High School, as part of my computer management period, I manage the school’s network. This involves repairing computers, wiring, creating and deploying images, and assisting faculty and staff with computer questions and problems. I also assist students in programming and web design classes.

Computer Technology Web Development

This is a personal website I designed with HTML and CSS. It is used as a blog and for hosting files for friends and family. It is hosted on my personal server at my home on Windows Server 2008. In addition to web hosting, this system is used as an FTP, file, and media server. I also frequently use Remote Desktop to manage the server and access files when I’m away from home.

I have also created and edited various pages of the Timpview High School website. This is a screenshot of a site I made for the school’s game club. Additionally, I created a custom Timpview High School theme for the Mozilla Firefox browser that was installed in the school’s computer lab. I ran a website called where I helped people choose the best product (most commonly computers and TV’s) for their needs and where to go for the best deal. I received very positive feedback from my clients and although the service was offered for free, I received multiple tips.

Computer Technology Classes and Software I have taken the following courses:  Computer Technology  Web Page Design 2  Administrative Procedures  Computer Programming  Computer Management (two years)  Multimedia Development I excelled in all state tests, which qualified me for the skill certificates to the left. Through these classes and my own independent study, I have developed proficiency in the following programs: Adobe Creative Suite Creative Suite 2, 3, and 4

Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007

Adobe Audition, Sony Acid, Audacity, and Fruity Loops

Operating Systems  Windows 98  Windows XP  Windows Vista  Windows 7  Windows Server 2003  Windows Server 2008  Ubuntu  Fedora  OpenSUSE

Overall Scholarship Academic Recognition Academic Letters    

Social Studies Business English Computer Technology

Of the 1.5 million students who took the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Qualifying Examination, I was one of 34,000 students who received a commendation for outstanding performance.

Overall Scholarship Schoolwork and Debate

I have utilized my skills with computers to add creativity to my school work. This is a screenshot of a website I built for an AP English assignment.

Debate Topics Public health concerns justify compulsory immunization. Economic sanctions ought not be used to achieve foreign policy objectives. Records of an individual’s home Internet use ought to be protected from unreasonable search and seizure by the government.

I am an active member of Timpview High School’s Debate Team which was started this year. I have found that the skills I’ve learned in debate team have been very helpful in school and in my interaction with people.

Overall Scholarship Extra Curricular and AP

At my first DECA competition I placed first in a business test that was taken by every student in attendance. I was told that my score was high enough to potentially win at the state competition which is to be held on February 25-26th. I also placed 2nd in my event of Retail Merchandising.

AP Courses I’ve Taken:

I am an active member of the National Honor Society.

AP US History

AP English Language

AP US Government

AP English Literature

AP Calculus

Overall Scholarship Travel and Study Abroad

I lived in the Brigham Young University London Centre for six months of my freshman year. During this time I took English 300 and Humanities 202 as well as completing the requirements for Travel Study credit. I frequently visited museums and historical locations during this time. I learned a lot through my interaction with these students and in exploring London.

Countries I’ve Visited           

England Wales Scotland Ireland France Italy Greece Turkey Mexico Guatemala Belize

As I have traveled, I have learned about the history and cultures of the countries I’ve visited. It has been my privilege to explore many museums and study history at the sites where they occurred. My travel has given me a greater perspective of the world.

Citizenship Eagle Scout

I earned the Eagle Scout award in 2006 at the age of 14. I organized and executed my project of creating Child Identification Kits for local children. Over 2100 children go missing every day, and my project was designed to help this problem. Police search efforts are made much easier if these kits are available.

I ran two tables at an elementary school to create and distribute identification kits to students attending Parent Teacher Conferences. These kits included a picture, DNA sample, and fingerprints of the child. There was great interest in the project and the tables were consistently busy.

Citizenship Church and Scouting I have earned 21 merit badges:  Archery  Art  Basketry  Camping  Citizenship in the Community  Citizenship in the Nation  Citizenship in the World  Communications  Emergency Preparedness  Environmental Science  Family Life  First Aid  Forestry  Indian Lore  Nature  Orienteering  Personal Fitness  Personal Management  Pioneering  Swimming  Wilderness Survival

I have received the Duty to God award as a Deacon and a Teacher, and am on track to complete the final level of the program as a Priest. The Duty to God award requires service to the community, involvement in church and family, and reaching goals related to mental, physical, and spiritual development.

Citizenship School Newspaper

I write for the Timpview High School, Thunderbolt. I have contributed to the newspaper by writing, taking photographs, and contacting companies to sell advertising space. It has been a great experience publishing stories for the school’s popular newspaper and conducting interviews with students and faculty.

Citizenship Service

Over the past few years I have participated in many service projects. Twice I have helped the Food Bank sort the cans of food that have been donated. I have also assisted with activities at RAH (Recreation and Habilitation Services), a center for people with special needs on two different occasions (see photograph). Other service projects include repainting and doing yard work for a community center, removing graffiti, and shoveling snow or raking leaves for nearby widows and families.

I also frequently help the teachers at my school with their computers. This has included installing new software or hardware, teaching how to use programs, and solving computer problems. I enjoy using the knowledge I have acquired about computers to help people.

Leadership Church and Computers

I have served as the President of both the Deacon’s and Teacher’s Quorums within my church. I held weekly meetings with my presidency to discuss upcoming activities and how the quorum was doing.

I was chosen by my Bishop to serve on the Stake Youth Council. I attend monthly meetings and assist with activities and programs. I also help plan this summer’s Stake Youth Conference that will involve service projects and activities for personal development. During the six months that I lived in London I was in charge of the computers and the network at the BYU London Centre. I assisted professors with their computers and media presentations, fixed problems on the laptops of the forty students living there, managed and improved the efficiency of the router, and maintained the computers provided by the university for the center.

Sterling Scholar Portfolio  

My portfolio for the sterling scholar competition.

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