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Walking on Water BAsED On MaTthew 14:22–33; John 6:15–21; mArK 6:45–52

but god SeNt jEsuS TO be tHE sAvioR Of The worLD—not the conqueror of armies. WHEn jeSus SEes ThAt THE crOwD WaNtS To FORCe him to bE A king, He qUickly calLs HiS discipleS away from the crowd.

we should leave before this crowd starts a riot. Launch tHE BOAT aNd CroSs tO The otHER SiDe Of ThE seA. I WilL Join yOU latEr.

aS tHe DisciPLES ROw ACrosS The sEa, jeSus GOES Up oN A MOuntaiN To PRAy. that night, On THE seA oF gaLilEe… hOW wilL Jesus catch up to us without a boat?

guys, loOk! what’s that?


it’s a ghost!

no, it’s our loRD! master, do you want me to come join you on the waves?


peter iMmediATELY jUMps out of The Boat... ...AnD WAlks On wateR toO!

as long as peter’s eyes are on his savior, the waves supPort him. but when peter takes his eyes ofF the Lord and remembers thE WiNd AnD THe roUGh waVEs, He lOSEs fAith aNd BeginS To siNk.

LOrD! SAvE me!

PeTER, WHy diD YoU dOubt Me?

after JesuS rEsCUeS pEteR, ThEy climB into THe bOat. ThE WiNd Dies down.

You ReAlLy arE tHe sOn oF GOd!



The Action Bible sample - Jesus walking on water.

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