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aS aS jEsuS jEsuS WAlKs WAlKs aLOng aLOng SolOMoN’s SolOMoN’s pOrcH pOrcH AT AT the the TEmPLe, TEmPLe, tHE tHE peoPlE peoPlE SURrOunD SURrOunD hiM. hiM.

Did Did yOU yOU aS jEsuS HeaR HeaR ThAt? ThAt? WAlKs aLOng HE HE claiMS claiMS To To SolOMoN’s be be gOD! gOD! pOrcH AT the TEmPLe, tHE peoPlE SURrOunD hiM.

HoW HoW LONG LONG wilL wilL YoU YoU kEeP kEeP uS uS WaiTing? WaiTing? if if yOU yOU ARE ARE the the mEsSiaH, mEsSiaH, TelL TelL us! us!

HoW LONG wilL YoU kEeP uS WaiTing? if yOU ARE the mEsSiaH, TelL us! I I Did Did telL telL You. You. bUT bUT yOu yOu DoN’t DoN’t BElieVE BElieVE The The tHinGS tHinGS I I hAvE hAvE dONe dONe in MY FaTHEr’s in MY FaTHEr’s NAme. NAme.

I Did telL You. bUT yOu DoN’t BElieVE The tHinGS I hAvE dONe in MY FaTHEr’s NAme.

Stone Stone him! him! ArREsT ArREsT HiM! HiM!

But But jesus jesus calmly calmly walks walks away, away, and, and, strangely, strangely, no no one one tries tries to to stop stop him. him.

A Loving Father

JesUS JesUS lEAVes lEAVes jEruSaLem jEruSaLem ANd ANd COntiNUEs COntiNUEs To To pReacH. pReacH. thE thE PHAriSeEs PHAriSeEs COMplain COMplain BecAuSE BecAuSE he he sPENDS sPENDS Time Time witH witH sinNERS. sinNERS. so so JesUS JesUS TELls TELls theM theM a a STory STory AbOut AbOut a a Based on luke 15:11–32 mAn two sONS. onE mAn WiTH WiTH two sONS. onE daY daY The The yOUNGER son COMeS to THE FAther… yOUNGER son COMeS to THE FAther… faTHER, faTHER, I I WAnt WAnt To To ruN ruN mY mY Own Own LiFe. givE Me LiFe. givE Me my my ShaRE ShaRE of of YOUr YOUr MoNey MoNey nOW. nOW. I I don’t don’t want want to to wait wait for for YOu YOu to to diE. diE.


if if yoU yoU wanT wanT thE thE mONeY, mONeY, you you MAY MAY HaVE HaVE iT. iT. I’lL I’lL Divide Divide my my pROPErtY pROPErtY BeTWEen BeTWEen yoU yoU AND AND yOuR yOuR brothER. brothER.

JesUS lEAVes jEruSaLem ANd COntiNUEs To pReacH. thE PHAriSeEs COMplain BecAuSE he sPENDS Time witH sinNERS. so JesUS TELls theM a STory AbOut a mAn WiTH two sONS. onE daY The yOUNGER son COMeS to THE FAther… faTHER, I WAnt To ruN mY Own LiFe. givE Me my ShaRE of YOUr MoNey nOW. I don’t want to wait for YOu to diE.

if yoU wanT thE m you MAY HaVE Divide my pR BeTWEen yo yOuR brot

tHe tHe yOUnGEr yOUnGEr SoN SoN mOVes mOVes FaR FaR AwaY AwaY To To AnOthEr AnOthEr CouNTRy CouNTRy… …

The Prodigal Son  

The Prodigal Son

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