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Promotion of tolerance On this last classes we had seen some interesting readings as: Without tittle, American Flag stands for Tolerance, and my so called enemy. All of them were interesting, but let´s talk about what we think about it. Every one of this readings have something in common; they share a particular idea that is “how to accept others”, each read had a part that talks or we can think that it is related with.

As for example “My so Called Enemy”, I really like this Reading because it talks about people who migrates to the US to search a better way to live, and it relates how did they had to adapt to each group that were there on that like refuge; that´s why, it is related with accepting others… The second one we have read, is the American Flag Stands for Tolerance; this one talks about a guy that burns a flag in front his country (US) and most of the people was not agree with that because they took it as a respect mistake, so here the example is that he was not accepted… And finally the last Reading we have read was Without Tittle, it makes reference to an lonely guy, that maybe he got abandon when he was a child, it relates about how his dad, do everything to give them meat, but they don’t have an exactly good relation as in other readings.

I can conclude that even if we feel like denied of some people, we must don´t care, because we may know that there´s people outside that would appreciate us mora tan others can. So you must get a good Friend, not just a Friend…



Me and Nature Every day I wake up in the morning and there are you as shine as a led light Down of you there´s something greenish Is soft as a skin of a baby Over this, I can see creatures All of them are different Some of them are bigger than others or stronger than others. I am walking on a hot place and I can feel down of my feet slippery and when I turn my face in front of me I can see a pond, a big one, that doesn´t have an end and someone comes up to me and tells me That everything around me is called NATURE. -David Camela



If you forget me- Pablo Neruda I want you to know one thing. You know how this is: if I look at the crystal moon, at the red branch of the slow autumn at my window, if I touch near the fire the impalpable ash or the wrinkled body of the log, everything carries me to you, as if everything that exists, aromas, light, metals, were little boats that sail toward those isles of yours that wait for me. Well, now, if little by little you stop loving me I shall stop loving you little by little. If suddenly you forget me do not look for me, for I shall already have forgotten you. If you think it long and mad, the wind of banners that passes through my life, and you decide to leave me at the shore of the heart where I have roots, remember that on that day, at that hour, I shall lift my arms


and my roots will set off to seek another land. But if each day, each hour, you feel that you are destined for me with implacable sweetness, if each day a flower climbs up to your lips to seek me, ah my love, ah my own, in me all that fire is repeated, in me nothing is extinguished or forgotten, my love feeds on your love, beloved, and as long as you live it will be in your arms without leaving mine.



The Maze

One day on September 8th of 1991 a scientist named Wayne Collins had a baby with Romanoff that was an Agent of the FBI, the name of this baby was Rooney, he grew up in a place where it lacked the love of his parents, during his childhood his parents were all the time away from home and did not co-existed with him most of the time, this made Rooney began to feel hatred for people, because thanks to them their parents were not at home much time as he could wish. On 2001 Rooney and his parents were on his 10th birthday party on his house, when suddenly some people came in and started to shoot all sides, and some of those shots gave them to his parents and kill them. Rooney had a hard childhood, the government sent him to an orphanage to take care of him, but there he had to work hard if he wanted to have good treatment, if he works in a good way, he has the right to a good food, good room and free time after his work hours. On the orphanage he met a guy named Shawn Michaels, he suffered almost the same situation as Rooney, the only thing that changes between them it was that Shawn’s Parents died because they drank a bottle that was poisoned with a lethal toxic. They become very good friends, they helped each other on their daily works, they played together on their free time, basically they do everything together. The time passed and they wanted to escape from that place because they were not comfortable, both were 22, so that means they have the enough age to take care of themselves, but there was a problem, when they wanted to ask to get out of the orphanage, the principal said ‘’NO’’, they didn’t know the reason why, so Shawn asks why…


Shawn: Why can’t we go out of the orphanage Sir? Principal: You are here to work for us, there is no people who wants some guys like you that know nothing about life, what else do you want? here I give you food and a place to live and sleep. There is no place where they give you these just for working some few hours a day. I don’t know why you want to go out of this place… Shawn: Sir I respect your point of view, but we want to do something with our lives, and I think this is not the right place where I can find what I am searching, so I ask you politely to let us go free. Principal: I understand that you want to get out of here, but both of you have to pay your debt… Shawn: Which debt are you talking about? Principal: The debt consists on that you have to work for me, till I want you to work for me, so if you want to be alive, just do what I tell you! Shawn: What you didn’t know sir, it was that I am not asking you permission… Rooney: I recommend you to start searching for two new workers dear sir!

Rooney and Shawn let the office of the principal, both were angry, because they didn’t know anything about a debt, they felt like cheated, so they started to plane a plan…It was kind of hard, because the principal sent more guards to protect the exits of the orphanage, the only way to get out it could be to dress up as the same way the guards do but Shawn and Rooney do not have that kind of dress, so there was another problem... They were plaining their escape for around 4 days, because it was kind of difficult. Time passed quickly and they did not have any idea that can have the possibility to let them go free, but there was the idea they have thought before, the one about to dress as a guard. Outside their room were 2 guards, they thought that if they managed to stun them, they could take their clothes and dress them, so that's what they did. At first they were scared, because they thought they were going to fail, but then they remembered so much harm they had done to them, so they made the decision to do it so they could go on.


Already having the costumes of the guards, they decided to leave their room and look for a door to leave the orphanage, but as was already known, there were indeed many guards around, which caused that there were more chances that they were discovered. But at that moment, it did not matter, because they had already done fifty percent of the work and it was not the moment to surrender, so they were brave and passed among the several guards that were there. About a hundred steps you could see a door, which could be the possible exit of the orphanage, so they rushed the steps to try to get as fast as possible, but during the journey, they saw a guard enter that was announcing that Rooney and Shawn had escaped from their room, this meant that they were going to start searching inside the whole orphanage until they could find them, this made the situation difficult, so Rooney and Shawn started walking faster to the door to be able to leave, But what they did not know was that at the exit of the orphanage there were two guards who saw who left and who entered the orphanage. When they arrived at the exit, indeed, there were two guards there, so they were forced to fight against them. After leaving the guards unconscious, they began to run as fast as possible and try to hide from the people who were looking for them in the forest. They hid very well in the forest, there they stayed for a whole night so that the next day they would continue on their way to the city. After spending the entire night in the forest, Rooney and Shawn decided to start walking in the direction of the city, Danville was the city where Rooney came from, it was an hour walk away, it was the nearest town that was there, so they began to travel to Danville. When they arrived in the city, Rooney met some friends he had when he was a boy, that friend was Murphy, he was an FBI agent and he told them both if they did not want to work in the FBI, how they did not have a job, they accepted. Murphy gave them a room in their house to sleep while they got a house in Danville. The next day Murphy took Rooney and Shawn to the FBI office to talk to the directors about which job they would work. Shawn was assigned to computer research because he had a great ability to decode binary codes. While Rooney was assigned to the FBI's secret section, in this section were those who knew how to fight and were going to investigate the cases, he was chosen for this section because he was very good at fighting and was very clever.


In his first days of work of Rooney, they put him to work in some simple cases and easy to solve but his main objective at that moment, was to find the people who had assassinated his parents, to be able to receive the revenge that he wanted. He told his boss that he wanted to work on unresolved old cases, in order to find the case where his parents were murdered. His boss told him that he agreed, to start looking for the case that he wanted and work on it, and that once he found something interesting, he would notify him. Rooney started looking through the old cases in the office, until he found what he was looking for. The first thing he read in that document were these 9 empty and very sad words: "Mr. and Mrs. Collins are murdered in their house" When Rooney read these words, he was shocked because he did not think he would have that opportunity to know anything about what happened that day. He began to read the document, and found that this massacre was caused by a group of Russians who did not get along with Mr. Collins. What Rooney did not understand was the reason why his father had problems with Russians if he did not do anything wrong. He continued reading the document and found that his father was the one who packaged his products, but these were narcotics. It was there that Rooney realized that his father was not good at all. As he continued reading, he found something that was going to help him a great deal in his investigation to find out who was responsible for the murder of his parents, and that was the name of one of the men who participated in the massacre. The name of that Russian man was Frank, he was in jail, but no one had asked him anything about the case, because this case was null for the FBI. So Rooney went to the jail where Frank was and asked him a few questions ...

Rooney: Hey Frank, it's a pleasure to have you face to face. Frank: Who are you? Rooney: Do you remember Sept. 8, 2001?


Frank: No, I only remember January 1, 2002, when I was put in jail ... Rooney: Well, I'll explain what happened that day. I was enjoying my party of 10 years with my parents in my house, when suddenly people came, apparently they were Russian, what happened was that they started shooting at my house and killed my parents ... Frank: Oh sure, I remember. Yes, I was there that day, you cried like a girl. (Russian laughter) Rooney: I would beat you to death but we're in a police station, I just came for one thing ... Frank: Do you want me to give you information? Rooney: I just want you to tell me who sent you and who were involved on that day. Frank: HAHAHA! My boss was Charlie Puth, he sent us, me and 3 other men, but I do not know where they are. Rooney: I would thank you for this information, but really deep down in my heart I want to see you and your colleagues dead, but that's fine, thank you and bye. Rooney already had the name of the one who sent to kill his parents, so he needed to find him and know where he was, so he went to the office to find Shawn to help him investigate the case. Shawn searched the web for information about this man "Charlie Puth", what he found was that he was a Russian commander who was engaged in drug trafficking and the problem he had with the Collins was that Charlie did wrong a few accounts of his merchandise and he thought that Collins was stealing money, that's why Charlie sent his people to kill them. But where was Charlie? Shawn managed to locate Charlie, he was in a bar near Hell's Kitchen, a neighboring town of Danville, so Rooney went to look for him ... Rooney went to the bar to look for Charlie, then inside the bar shouted: "where is Charlie?", He heard a voice that said "you have it here," then Rooney turned and definitely saw that it was Charlie ...


Charlie: Why are you looking for me young? Rooney: Do you remember the Collins? Charlie was shocked, he knew what had happened, then asked Charlie: Why do you ask for them? Rooney: I am the child who survived the shots of your people. Charlie: And why do you come 12 years later? Rooney: Because I've come to take revenge ... Rooney started to hit Charlie, Charlie was big and strong, but Rooney knew how to fight very well, so he ended up winning the fight and arrested him. He took him to jail and that's how he could get revenge for what he had suffered.

Rooney continued to investigate cases in the FBI, bought a house together with Shawn and both made a great team of investigators. The FBI awarded them for having solved an old problem and for arresting the perpetrator of several homicides.




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