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Five reasons why David is the right choice for Hampstead and Kilburn 1. Experienced PPC, councillor and

for Hampstead and Kilburn

David talking to a small business owner in West Hampstead.

campaigner – will fight hard to get our council candidates elected


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Experienced leader, team player and builder – long history and proven track record recruiting deliverers, motivating volunteers and remembering to say thank you

Kilburn for Hampstead and Dear Member

Experienced fundraiser – many years skills of leading and running fundraising, both work and Lib Dems: donors, trusts, events Delivered winning local and national campaigns – will stand up for liberal values and progressive policies across Hampstead and Kilburn Truly passionate and knowledgeable about Hampstead and Kilburn – after living in London for 41 years and still working all his life in London.

David Buxton skilled to defend the vulnerable people, which the Conservatives are so desperate to scrap. David wants to be a people champion for local community, education, health and social care, jobs and small business in Hampstead and Kilburn.

David spoke about deaf and disabled children at the Liberal Democrats Spring Conference 2013, pressing on the Coalition Government to stop local authorities cutting important education support services to deaf and disabled children.

David set up Liberal Democrats Disability Association in 1991 after a few years as one of Paddy Ashdown’s disability advisers. This grew from 4 to 175 plus members.

SMS/Phone: (see below) 07720 916515


Twitter: @DavidBuxtonLD

Note: David is deaf, you can SMS him or call him via his sign language interpreter.



Printed, published and promoted by David Buxton, 4 Norris Close, Livingstone Park, Epsom, Surrey KT19 8BF.

As a Chief Executive of a national deaf charity, David travels extensively in the UK and Europe, meeting the Ministers, MPs, Peers, senior Civil Servants, MEPs and local government decision makers, to ensure deaf people are properly represented no matter who they are. He is highly

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David Buxton with his wife Bronwynne and son named Joshua, ten years old with a mild CHARGE Syndrome. We love visiting National Trust sites, walking in the countryside and eating at old pubs with green space!

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David Buxton: the best choice to win in 2015

David Buxton – Record of Action I am lucky to have had a 30 year career that has taken me to so many different places and situations. When I was both voluntarily and professionally working on the human rights and equality programme, for example the outreach project in the Eastern European countries, I saw shocking inequality, discrimination and inhuman treatments that changed my own attitude to become a more effective human rights and disability campaigner since 1985. I will never forget that challenging and lifechanging experience.

David campaigning with the team in Eastleigh to win the recent Parliamentary By-Election - canvassing, delivering leaflets and letters, for weeks. David campaigning on the doorstep during council election

These experiences, and many others, led me to join the Liberal Democrats in 1988. Now I am asking for your support to stand for Parliament for Hampstead and Kilburn.

David being interviewed on the Community Channel TV about services to young people.

Rising from local to national campaigner – winning! David is an innovative campaigner with a proven track record of winning support, driving campaigns and energising communities both locally and nationally. Winning support David has run for Parliament twice, the last time in Lewisham East where he achieved a swing against Labour and the Conservatives • In 1997, fighting Labour in Lewisham East, he maintained the LibDem’s share of the vote despite a Labour landslide victory • In 2001, fighting Labour, again in Lewisham East, he increased the parties vote by 5.2% with gains from Labour and the Tories • From 1997, David and his team fought hard to increase the number of councillors in Lewisham from 3 to 17 by 2006. • In 2010, Liberal Democrats came second at the General Election from a poor third place in 1997. • David’s policy in 1997 of keeping to an agreed strategy led to more votes, more support, more helpers and more new members. • David will set out and then lead a clear campaign for Hampstead and Kilburn, working with members, activists, councillors and supporters to win more local support and gain more council seats in 2014 and build towards victory in the General Election in 2015.

Winning campaigns David is an experienced campaigner. Among his successful campaigns: • “Free Ian Stillman” national campaign. Ian was falsely imprisoned in India. Fair Trials International said “one of the worst miscarriages of justice ever”. David lobbied the Prime Minister, the Foreign Secretary and other MPs, achieving success within two years. • British Sign Language national marches in Westminster, pressuring the government to recognize BSL as a language in its own right. Success in three years. • Lobbied Ministers and senior MP’s for 18 years to improve access for disabled candidates. The Coalition Government agreed to set up a new Fund. • Led a local campaign for 2 years to get the council to demolish the unsafe, derelict Sefton Arms pub in the middle of the community. The site will now be used for new housing. • David will work with local councillors and activists across the diverse constituency of Hampstead and Kilburn to raise public awareness of community issues and concerns.

Building winning teams David has a great record of building and energising local communities: His motto: “build organic, not a machine” • In Epsom & Ewell he dramatically increased the teams of helpers and deliverers in a strong Labour held ward. He fought hard to campaign and win a council seat. He won the seat in 2007 by 70 votes • He set up a local Residents Association for 450 homes, organising community fun days and public meetings. • David set up Surrey Deaf Forum to bring deaf residents together, empowering them to influence the decision makers. The group grew from 12 to 100 deaf residents. • David will work with the local party and councillors group to set up “Victory 2014” and “Victory 2015” teams to raise the Liberal Democrats profile and campaigning presence across all communities, winning more support and votes.

Winning against Labour and Conservative You may say fighting and winning against Labour in urban areas of Southwark and Lewisham is not the same as fighting and winning against the Tories in rural Surrey. David says “I speak from experience: I’ve done both” To win, it’s essential we show how Labour’s action locally doesn’t match their rhetoric nationally. We will show how Labour are failing the people of Hampstead and Kilburn. A failure to deliver by both Labour and the Tories is our most powerful weapon and the reason why the Liberal Democrats must stay in government.

1 ton David Bu...xmake me your first preference!

David Buxton H&K A3 Leaflet  
David Buxton H&K A3 Leaflet