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David Burrowes MP December 2013 Christmas Card Competition Winner Ella Ayers (5F, St Pauls)

A Christmas Message from David What is your best and worst Christmas song? I hear that Cliff Richard's "Mistletoe and Wine" schmaltzy song has been banned by Costa Coffee because it was the most hated according to their customers. Although Cliff Richard may not be to everyone’s liking, Christmas is a great time for family and friends to get together and most of us like the "logs on the fire and gifts on the tree" experience. However, Christmas is difficult for some, particularly in challenging financial times, and especially for the elderly and those who are lonely. It has been good to see groups like the Southgate Chamber of Trade and Southgate Homebound and Disabled Association hosting Christmas meals for the infirm in our community. Christmas does often bring out the best in people, like a number of constituents who go into central London and help CRISIS provide food and shelter for the homeless. I am pleased that by next Christmas there will an Enfield winter night shelter organised by local churches. Whether it is the commercialisation of Christmas or a sanitised version of the nativity story we can easily forget the reason for the season - the birth of Jesus Christ. His birth was far from schmaltzy being born in a stable and under the threat of death from Herod. As we look forward to a New Year we will commemorating the outbreak of the First World War. It will be an opportunity to reconnect with the memorials throughout Enfield dedicated to the local soldiers who fought for our freedoms. On a lighter note, I also hope it will be a year when we can put the Ashes trauma behind us and bring the World Cup home - but that may be more a dream than reality! My best wishes for Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

David Burrowes MP David and Nick de Bois MP supporting Dogs Trust Campaign “Paws for Thought” Contact David Write: David Burrowes MP, Sir Anthony Berry House, 1C Chaseville Parade, Chaseville Park Road, LONDON, N21 1PG Constituency office: 0208 360 0234 / Westminster Office: 0207 219 5414 Email: / Twitter: @davidburrowesmp Promoted by Stewart Green on behalf of David Burrowes MP both of 1 Chaseville Parade, Chaseville Park Road, London, N21 1PG Contact: 0208 364 2194

David Burrowes MP Good economic news for Enfield! I welcomed the local figures earlier this month from JobCentre Plus which show that Jobseeker’s Allowance claims have fallen by a further 2.4% and are now at their lowest since February 2009. The number of unemployed young people has also dropped below 2,000 for the first time since January 2009. Long term unemployment and those over 50 have both dropped again. 7th December was Small Business Day when I launched a campaign to support our high street. The Government has announced a £1,000 discount for retail shops and a 2% cap on business rate increases. It is now time for Enfield Council to use it’s powers to cut business rates as well. Please sign the petition at:

Over 200 Honour 7 Arctic Convoy Survivors in Enfield Last month, David hosted a service to commemorate the recent award of a new medal for valour and bravery, The Arctic Star. The service was in remembrance and thanksgiving for the men who fought in the treacherous Arctic Convoys of World War Two. David Burrowes MP, Andy Love MP, the Enfield Mayor, Naval Attaches from America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, the Royal British Legion, Sea and Air Cadets, Police Officers, Councillors and local residents had the special opportunity to say thank you to 7 of the remaining 200 survivors of the Arctic Convoy at the event. These veterans withstood appalling arctic conditions on the North Atlantic seas and attacks from German U-boats and aircraft as they sought to provide vital supplies to Russia. The deep link between the Arctic Convoy and Enfield was highlighted at the event; by public subscription the two old boroughs of Enfield - Southgate and Edmonton - adopted 4 ships in the convoy. David Burrowes helped lead the campaign for the Arctic Star to be created, alongside many veterans and

“Sex for Sale” Advertisements: I have been contacted by a number of constituents who are concerned by the rise in “sex for sale” advertisements in the media, online and in print, and particularly in some Enfield local newspapers. I the concern of the Metropolitan Police Anti-Trafficking Unit that these advertisements are promoting brothels linked to human trafficking. I have started a petition calling for the House of Commons to urge Editors of the Enfield newspapers and other media outlets to stop these advertisements and to review the legislation and regulatory tools available to prevent such practices. Please join me and sign the petition online at

David’s Report Praised by PM and the Speaker The Prime Minister has praised the work of a cross-party inquiry into racism and discrimination in electoral conduct. I played a key role on the committee which has made a number of recommendations for action. In particular, the report accuses the UK equalities watchdog, the Equality and Human Rights Commission of a “dereliction of duty” over its lack of action to prevent discrimination during election campaigns. They are encouraged to begin to issue guidance for local authorities. Political parties were also criticised for failing to deal with the "culture of silence" and ill-preparing candidates for campaigns. The report called for cross-party agreement on a system for reporting discrimination claims to be investigated by named officials to a set timetable with the findings published. Our panel conducted a thorough investigation and come up with what we think are practical and workable recommendations. Our country has much to be proud of in the way we conduct elections but there are still incidents of discriminatory campaigning. In publishing our report, we are seeking to provide frameworks for exposing and stamping out such racism when it occurs. I look forward to working with colleagues and Government to take forward the recommendations in the report.

Council sell off "family silver" and short change public I was saddened to receive the news that Southgate's Old Town Hall has finally been sold off for a housing development. I welcome the planned improvements in the Palmers Green library and prospect of a GP clinic but these should not come at the expense of selling off Southgate's community asset for a housing development. The Council has continuously ignored the schools places crisis in this part of my constituency and ignored the opportunity of a new school at the Old Town Hall. We now have the prospect of more housing without school places for these new families. The Old Town Hall is an important part of the heritage of Southgate. Enfield Council has now sold off our family silver and short changed the people of Enfield Southgate.

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