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FSR Suspension FACT Carbon Smoother is Faster Specialized 29 Technology Aerodynamics Specialized Women Body Geometry Fit Be One With Your Bike


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Trail Stumpjumper FSR Camber Women’s Trail Safire Myka FSR All-Mountain/Enduro Gravity Demo Status SX Cross-Country Epic Stumpjumper Carve Fate Jett Recreational Rockhopper Hardrock Myka HT



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Competitive Road Venge Tarmac Amira Allez Shiv TT Cyclocross Crux Endurance Road Roubaix Secteur Women’s Endurance Road Ruby Dolce Track/Langster Freeroad/Tricross

Fitness/Commute Sirrus Vita Crosstrail Ariel Recreational Expedition Kids/Hotrock Dirt/Park/Street P. Series

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Who we are

02  Who we are

Specialized has grown up in the birthplace of mountain biking and immersed in some   of the best road riding in the country – when we’re looking for inspiration,   it’s never too far away. Each and every piece of performance equipment we   create is shaped by who we are, where   we live and by the riders around the world who make what we do the best   job in the world. And when it comes to setting our bikes   and equipment apart from anything   else out there, Specialized has always counted on our biggest advantage over the competition — our people. We don’t just hire the best people we can find to   do what they do, we go out of our way to   hire people who bring something else   to the table. The diverse experience our people have   in competitive cycling, motocross,   and other sports plays a huge role in   understanding what riders are looking for, which helps give us the edge on the   competition — and gives us lots of great people to ride with.

FSR Suspension FULLY ACTIVE, FULLY INDEPENDENT We blazed the trail in fully active, fully independent suspension, and have been refining it ever since. FSR technology delivers more comfort, control and efficiency than any other   suspension design, by effectively isolating chain and brake loads. Through our nearly 20-year progression of FSR we’ve been able to tune the ride to match   the experience. The result:   The same FSR technology that smooths the trail for Christoph Sauser to sprint up the mountain faster than anyone in the world, Sam Hill and Troy Brosnan   call upon to capture another downhill Rainbow Jersey.

Comfort Control Efficiency Active suspension is free to absorb trail-induced forces so the rider’s body doesn’t have to. Maximum traction means greater control. The FSR design is independent of chain and brake forces, therefore it’s free to compress and rebound over terrain features whether you’re pedalling or not; allowing the tyres to maintain contact with the ground a greater percentage of the time. Maximising each rotation of the cranks is the key to riding efficiently. Chain torque won’t engage the suspension, so as a rider puts effort into the pedals the bike will propel forward, not up and down.

04  FSR suspension

LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION. The heart of our FSR suspension is the two chainstay FSR pivots. By modifying the FSR pivot location we can tune the bike’s desired spring rate and performance to match the desired experience.

Demo 8


Junior World Champion Troy Brosnan. Stumpjumper FSR

FACT Carbon TURNING CARBON INTO GOLD What is FACT? Otherwise   known as Functional Advanced Composite Technology, FACT represents our holistic approach to working with composites.   Like any project at Specialized, FACT bikes and equipment are based on the needs of the rider, then we apply critical disciplines to achieve the design targets that will best serve those rider needs: Design & Engineering, Material Selection, Fabrication Process, and Testing. What’s the result   of the FACT process? Superior carbon bikes and equipment that deliver real-world performance benefits for the target rider.

Step 1  Rider Needs

Guided by the needs of the rider experience — Competitive Road, Triathlon, CX, etc. — we determine the essential properties for each bike.

Step 2  Design & Engineering

Innovation and optimisation. This is where we dream up new technologies to make each bike the best of its breed.

An innovation like the one-piece BB/chainstay design resists deflection under pedal loads for improved power transfer.

Step 3  Material Selection

Then we select the specific fibres, resins, and weaves for each bike before manufacturing begins.

The down tube, bottom bracket, and top tube of the Roubaix utilise a higher mixture of E390 high modulus carbon fiber, which is stiffer to prevent torsional flex for better power transfer. This area uses mostly 0-degree angle fibers to make it very stiff.

06  FACT Carbon

Step 4  Fabrication Processes 2011 Giro d’Italia champion Alberto Contador.

We create the carbon layup for each bike, choose the appropriate manufacturing method, and bake the finished frame.

 he seatstays of the Roubaix are constructed T from E240, a lower modulus but higher tensile strength carbon that allows the stays to flex and absorb vibration, but remain strong over the life of the bike. These fibers are mainly oriented in 45-degree angles to allow vertical compliance, but maintain torsional stiffness.

Step 5  Testing

Finally, we lab-test frame prototypes at all load points, ride test them with our pros, then make multiple iterations until we’re satisfied.

Testing is a crucial part of the FACT carbon development cycle. To be sure that our bikes live up to your (and our) expectations, all of our bikes undergo extensive testing in the lab, as well as on the road and trail.

Smoother is Faster More Control/Less Fatigue/ Higher speeds It’s a big idea we’ve been pushing for a long time. The concept “Smoother is Faster” originated with our FSR suspension, but   we quickly applied the same   logic to the road through bikes like the Roubaix, Ruby, Secteur   and Dolce — as well as an ever expanding range of equipment. After three consecutive victories at Paris-Roubaix on the   Specialized Roubaix, plus   World Championships in XC   and Downhill, our pros and enthusiasts alike continue   to validate the performance benefits of a smoother ride.

Vibration Damping Zertz viscoelastic dampers in the fork and seatstays filter vibrations from the road, so your body doesn’t have to.

Plush Stays Seatstays on our road bikes and hardtail mountain bikes are engineered for vertical compliance.

Thin To Win Smaller diameter posts on our road and hardtail mountain bikes increase vertical compliance.

Steering Precision The Tarmac SL4’s and Roubaix’s uniquely shaped head tube/steerer assemblies taper from 1-1/8" at the top to 1-3/8" at the bottom (instead of the industry standard 1-1/2"). This improves vertical compliance for a smoother ride, but through unique shaping we’ve managed to increase torsional stiffness, providing more precise steering.

FSR Suspension Delivers unsurpassed comfort, control, and efficiency by decoupling suspension from drivetrain and braking forces.

08  Smoother is Faster

Specialized 29 Technology WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WINNING INNOVATION Integrated innovation with the focus on complete performance makes our 29ers the lightest, fastest and most efficient   bikes in the sport. For 2012,   our 29er line expands to   include more models, plus all-new, confidence-inspiring women’s bikes.

Smoother is Faster Most Responsive Handling

We keep our chainstays short on all our 29er frames, so the rear triangle remains stiff for a responsive ride. We also use shorter, tapered head tubes to keep the front end low for agile and controlled handling.

Lightest 29ers

Each of our 29er models is optimised for lightweight performance. From FACT carbon fiber frames to tubeless-ready Roval wheelsets, we shave weight to improve the riding experience.

Best Power Transfer

Our 29ers offer unmatched BB and torsional rigidity to translate every watt into forward motion. The lightweight PressFit 30 BB offers a narrow Q-factor, more ankle clearance, greater bearing durability, stiffer/stronger crank construction, and simple maintenance. Our low BB height lets the rider sit deeper in the bike to boost stability and control.

Optimised Wheelsets

We’ve developed 29er XC Trail-specific wheelsets with more spokes and a wider rim to meet the demands of each riding experience.

29er Specific Components

In order to give riders the best 29er possible, we develop our own wheels, tyres, handlebars, suspension and custom gearing combinations for the most complete package.

10  29er Technology

2011 World Cup Champion Jaroslav Kulhavy.

Aerodynamics Going Fast is no Drag

HTC-Highroad sprint Champion Mark Cavendish.

Every aerodynamic product at Specialized is developed through a process of innovative design, meticulous   engineering, and relentless testing. We have always invested heavily in aero­dynamic R&D because we firmly believe there’s no greater benefit than giving athletes free speed.

Aerodynamic bikes and Benefits Driveside

(Apparatus drag subtracted) Non-Driveside

Normalized Bike-Axis Drag Force (gF)








521 487





548 515



537 530 481









529 506

508 496



352 300








Specialized Shiv Cervelo P4 w/Aerobottle Giant Trinity Advanced







Yaw Angle (deg)

Power vs. Speed

Track Testing on Indoor Velodrome 375 351

350 300

Rider Power Output (W)



Shiv TT Master of the crosswind; 25% more aero in crosswinds than a Cervelo P4


250 200




118 122




42 45

50 0






Riding Speed (kph) 2012 S-Works Venge 2011 S-Works Tarmac SL3

12  Aerodynamics



venge “I rode the Venge and Tarmac back -to-back on a velodrome. Working with the guys at SRM, we measured my power output at different speeds, and the results were clear: At every speed, I was using fewer watts on the Venge. And the faster I went the more watts I saved!” -Chris D’Aluisio, Director of Advanced R&D

Saxo Bank Pro Tour team.

proDuCT DeVeLopmenT proCeSS 1. Goal

Like all Specialized products, our aero bikes and equipment must include purposeful improvements with true performance benefits. We don’t just want our aero products to be fast; we want them to give the athlete a noticeable advantage. Cambered Airfoil X-Section Seatstays: To optimise the crosswind aerodynamics of the seatstays without sacrificing stiffness, we developed the cambered airfoil x-section seatstays. These aeroplane wing-shaped stays feature a flat outer surface and a smooth, rounded inner surface to calm crosswind airflow before it passes by the wheels. Plus, since cyclists most often face crosswinds (approximately 15% yaw on average), we’ve slightly cambered the stays to allow wind to hit directly on the leading edge of the upwind stay. This minimises air disturbance and wraps airflow around the stay and smoothly out the back.

2. Design To make our bikes and equipment as fast as possible we study how air flows around various shapes in CFD and the wind tunnel, and then optimise them based on the data. This process takes several iterations, whether it’s a small or large part of the frame.

The goal is to shape every part of the frame in a way that maintains attached airflow in high crosswinds, which means less turbulence; this smoother airflow means better aerodynamics, and consequently, a faster bike.

3. Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD allows us to create a virtual wind tunnel to study airflow from 3D CAD models. It’s essential in helping us understand how air moves around structures, so we can optimise the shapes of our aero products.

4. Test

We narrowed the seatstays on the Shiv, putting them closer to the rear wheel to decrease frontal area of the entire package. This frontal view illustrates how svelte they are hidden behind the fork.

Through testing at MIT, San Diego Low Speed, University of Washington and A2 wind tunnels, we measure the drag of our bikes and equipment and study actual airflow and resistance in a controlled environment to optimise our products for real-world applications. By power testing on the road and track, we validate the improvements made in CFD and the wind tunnel, and gain real-world quantifiable results in free speed (mph at the same power output) or free power (watts saved at the same average speed).

5. Win!

14  aerodynamicS

During wind tunnel testing at the A2 facility in North Carolina, “Aero Pharaoh” Mark Cote and Chris D’Aluisio do some fine tuning on an early Venge prototype.

HTC-Highroad rider Tony Martin.

Specialized Women Confidence is power We have a motto here for our women’s products: “CONFIDENCE IS POWER.” That’s why we work with the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, and use   anthropometric testing, to scientifically dial our women’s bikes and equipment. This research instills the immediate confidence that comes with a perfect fit and optimal function for riders of any size or skill   level. Confident riders are   more powerful mentally and physically — and more likely to   give just a little extra effort   and nail a personal best on a   local mountain road, or finally clean that rocky section on a favourite trail.


16  Specialized women

Body Geometry Fit The Most Advanced and Comprehensive Fit Method Developed in partnership with   Dr. Andy Pruitt of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, BG FIT is a comprehensive fit system that creates the perfect marriage between bike and body. Through an opening interview, 20-step fit assessment, detailed equipment adjustments, and a thorough follow-up, our BG FIT tech­nicians can adjust all riders’ bikes to fit their bodies.

WHY BG FIT? > S cientifically tested to improve power, comfort, and efficiency while reducing the chance of injury > Addresses all aspects of the athlete’s positioning and all factors that affect rider comfort and performance > Applicable to any brand of bike or when designing custom frames > Trusted by Pro Tour teams like Saxo Bank-SunGard, and Astana, plus Specialized Racing athletes like Christoph Sauser, Chris McCormack, and Desiree Ficker > Includes Body Geometry equipment (such as saddles, shoes, gloves, grips) founded on the same tech­nology as BG FIT

Produces Consistently Positive Results > Doesn’t try to place everyone in a predetermined “ideal” position based on averages, like other fit systems > Helps riders go faster by improving rider efficiency; no need to sacrifice comfort for power 18  Body Geometry fit

Dr. Andy Pruitt observes Evelyn Stevens’ TT position during her BG FIT session at winter camp before the 2011 season. Rider obser­­va­tion is a key tool in dialing a proper fit.

Astana’s Roman Kreutziger enjoys his Best Young Rider podium moment at the 2011 Giro. BG FIT has helped him get to the top of his game.

testimonials “Everyone has opinions on your position, but the great thing with my BG FIT is that now I have the answers to those opinions. I’m confident now: I know why I’m in this position — why I’m comfortable now. I know why it’s optimal for me. I know why I’m using the equipment I’m now using. So I dare someone to attack me ... ’cuz I’ve got all the answers now!” — Chris “Macca” McCormack, Specialized Racing 2010 Ironman World Champion

“Working with the HTCHighroad teams allowed me to share the benefits of BG FIT with racers who may be resistant and wary of change. These racers gained tremendous confidence through the thorough and professional process and have demonstrated their improvements throughout the 2011 race season. I wish BG FIT was around when I was racing!” — Jan Bolland Tanner Certified Master BG FIT Technician Benidorm Bikes, Canton, CT

be one WiTh Your bike

Shoe TeChnoLoGY Developed with Dr. Andy Pruitt of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, Specialized shoes combined with BG High Performance Footbeds help athletes ride farther, faster, in greater comfort, and with reduced chance of injury.

boDY GeomeTrY ConneCTS The bike anD riDer in perFeCT harmonY bg shoes, saddles, and gloves are  scientifically proven to help you  ride farther, faster and in greater  comfort.

SaDDLe TeChnoLoGY Developed with ergonomic expert Dr. Roger Minkow M.D., our Body Geometry saddles are scientifically tested and ergonomically designed to reduce pressure for all-day riding comfort.

GLoVe TeChnoLoGY Featuring BG padding and road-specific design, Body Geometry road gloves are designed to improve rider comfort, endurance, and bar control.

20  be one With your bike




Built-in varus angulation improves pedalling alignment for greater power and endurance. Also prevents knee pressure and strain.

Built-in arch support and metatarsal button eliminate hot spots and numbness and help maximise your power transfer with proper arch support.

Three distinct levels of arch and metatarsal support help you customise your fit.




The anatomically designed BG cut-out or groove takes pressure off arteries and soft tissue for improved blood flow and comfort. Pressure mapping research helps us detemine areas of high/low pressure so we can optimise the design of each saddle.

Since a properly sized saddle increases your comfort and power on the bike, BG saddles come in a range of widths to fit every rider.

We design the shape of every saddle to complement the way you ride. Based on your position and preferences, you can find your match from a variety of flat, curved, and comfort saddles.

Body Geometry Shoe

Competitor’s Shoe



Rider Position:

Body Position Top Bar


Drop Bars




Our palm construction, seam placement and premium materials optimise comfort and fit.

We tune the size and location of the padding for riding position and experience.

Our ergonomically shaped Body Geometry Gel padding dissipates pressure on the ulnar nerve to reduce numbness.

WiTh GLoVe

WiThouT GLoVe


Mountain  23

Trail The Stumpjumper FSR and Camber are the world’s most versatile trail bikes. to showcase their capability we held the world debut of the 2012 models on the dynamic terrain of the Italian Alps. With over five inches of travel, plus 26-inch, 29er, and EVO models, everyone in our crew had their ideal bike to shred the killer Italian trails. The only thing more impressive than our all-new bikes were the breathtaking Alps themselves – or maybe the cuisine! “Of all the times I’ve ridden in the Italian Alps, I’ve never had more fun than on this trip, on these new bikes.” Ned Overend

24 Trail

stuMPJuMPer Fsr tHe leGenDary trail BiKe

the Stumpjumper FSr is the most versatile mountain bike in the world. the current riding-style-specific evo models further enhance the overall Stumpjumper riding experience. with 140mm of plush FSr suspension, the Stumpy is the only bike in the world featuring the groundbreaking autoSag suspension tuning system. also, the Stumpjumper FSr evo shares these amazing features, but is also purpose-built for aggressive riding and ideal for riders who push the limits. 26 trail / Stumpjumper FSr


rime MtB

Command Post Blacklite 


28  Trail / Camber

rime MtB

Command Post Blacklite  Command Post Black lite Henge expert


everytHinG you neeD, notHinG you Don’t

when it comes to having fun on the mountain, no bike captures the essence of trail riding like the Camber. no bike in the sport packs more performance and value into such a capable package. with plush FSr suspension, the Camber is available in all-new 29er models, and ultra-capable 26-inch versions. the Camber is the perfect bike for everything from weekend trail rides to all-day epic excursions.


Women’s Trail

30  Women’s Trail

For this year’s annual mountain bike trip we headed to Sun Valley, Idaho, to ride the sport’s sweetest singletrack and check out the local culture – like the annual 4th of July rodeo! The Sun Valley terrain is all about having fun, and our new women’s 29ers and FSR trail bikes were the perfect choice for the epic trails. Ranging from smooth and flowy to fast and twisty, our bikes gave us the confidence we were looking for to push ourselves, and occasionally each other, on these great new bikes!


sHreD WitH ConFiDenCe

women trail riders demand lightweight performance, and the Safire delivers. with 120mm of FSr suspension and balanced, women’s tuned spring rates, the Safire flies up the mountain as fast as it speeds down the trail. the Safire is equipped with women’s cross-country geometry, and is built to inspire confidence. with its ultra-capable component spec the Safire is the most complete women’s trail bike in the sport. 32 trail / SaFIre


ariel Comp 


BG ridge Wiretap™


MyKa Fsr

Full-susPension PerForManCe the Myka FSr is the perfect trail bike for the woman looking for new trail adventures. built to deliver high value and quality, the Myka FSr features women’s cross-country geometry, a lightweight alloy frame, 100mm of custom-tuned suspension and reliable hydraulic disc brakes. exploring new trails is what the Myka is all about.


riata MtB 

the Captain sport

Trail / Myka FSR  35

rime MtB


CliMB HiGHer, DesCenD FartHer

there’s no climb too technical or descent too intense for the Specialized enduro. with 170mm of plush, yet efficient, FSr suspension, thru-axle hubs, chainguide mounts and Command post blacklite dropper seatpost, the enduro is the sport’s most versatile and capable all-Mountain machine. downhill-oriented evo models, the enduro is available in unique options for riders of all styles. From whistler to Moab, the enduro is the king of the mountain.


36 all-Mountain / eNDurO

Command Post Blacklite  Clutch sX


No mountain bike event celebrates two-wheel freedom like Whistler’s Crankworx Festival. The week-long gathering is held at the world’s best mountain bike park, where the amazing terrain is ideal for our Demo 8, all-new Status, and SX FSR suspension bikes. Whether racing against the clock, competing head-to-head or just ripping through the bike park with friends, our gravity bikes were perfectly built for fun and performance.


Gravity  39


PusHinG tHe BounDaries

downhill racing is a balance of calculated risk and confidence in one’s equipment. the world-Championship-winning demo 8 is a pure-bred downhill race bike, featuring 200mm of FSr suspension to gives riders maximum control and efficiency on technical terrain. at home on the racecourse or in a bike park, the demo 8 gets its world-class handling from a low centre of gravity, short chainstays and low-slung top tube. available in one model, and as a frameset, there’s a demo 8 perfect for everyone. 40 gravity / DemO



Grappler locking Grip

Butcher DH


PusHinG tHe BounDaries

the Status is the symbol of the evolution of the sport, by making downhill bike performance available to more riders. Summertime bike parks are booming everywhere, and riders need appropriate downhill worthy equipment to take to the trail. the Status is the perfect bike for the job. Featuring proven FSr suspension, like our flagship downhill race bike, the demo 8, the Status has 200mm of plush travel ideal for aspiring downhillers hungry to test their bike park skills. Status models feature hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power, and quality suspension components from rockShox, Fox and x-Fusion.


42 gravity/ StatuS

Deviant ii


Butcher DH

44 Gravity/ SX


PusHinG tHe BounDaries

the Sx trail was built for going big. with 180mm of travel, plus the versatility of a single-crown fork, the Sx trail is designed to handle the most technical downhill terrain you can find, yet agile enough to launch into orbit on bike park stunts. the M5 aluminium Sx trail features plush FSr suspension, top-shelf Fox racing Shox components, and the ultra-versatile Specialized butcher Sx tyres. SX TRAIL

enduro Glove


Clutch sX


46  Cross-country

cross-country Trails around the world feature challenging terrain that push competitors to excel both uphill and down. To meet those demands our racers harness an arsenal of 29- Inch wheel weapons like the Epic, Stumpjumper, Fate and Carve. From the World Cup level to grassroots racing, Specialized cross-country bikes deliver pure-bred race performance that continues to rack up wins at every level and in every corner of the globe.


tHe only Full-susPension 29er  WorlD CuP XC Winner

the epic is the world’s fastest cross-country racing machine, and is versatile enough for everyday trail adventures.the renowned epic features 100mm of ultra-efficient FSr suspension and is equipped with Specialized’s unique brain shock. lightweight and durable, the epic is synonymous with victory, as its resume features multiple world Championship titles. 48 CroSS-Country / epIC


Phenom Comp Gel

s-Works MtB

s-Works Fast trak

50  Cross-country / Stumpjumper


raCe-reaDy - out oF tHe BoX

the all-new Stumpjumper is built for cross-country speedsters searching for the fastest hardtail in the sport. with 90mm of suspension travel, plus alloy and carbon fibre frame options, the Stumpjumper is designed to be quick, efficient and agile.


s-Works Prevail team

BG Gel long

roval Control trail 29


raCe-Proven PerForManCe

From your weekend race to national Championships, Carve is ready for any event. with 29-inch wheels, and an M4Sl aluminium frame with shaped seatstays for a smooth ride, the Carve offers race-level performance while being wallet friendly. with 80mm of travel and versatile, fast-rolling Specialized the Captain tyres, the Carve is an efficient, durable and smooth cross-country weapon. CARVE PRO 29


Pro MtB

Ground Control 29

Cross-Country / CARVE  53

WoMen’s CrossCountry


trail CaPaBle, raCe reaDy

the Fate 29 is the best-fitting women’s 29er in the world. designed with women’s performance cross-country geometry, the carbon fibre Fate is at home on singletrack terrain or the racecourse. the world’s first carbon fibre hardtail 29er for women, the Fate embodies the newest technologies, like custom 29er gearing, and lightweight, women’s-tuned suspension to deliver quick-handling and lightning fast speed for the serious rider. 54 CroSS-Country / Fate




 Jett Comp

56  Cross-Country / Jett

Mira Jersey

Motodiva MtB 

the Captain Control


roll WitH ConFiDenCe

the jett hardtail is a women’s bike built for singletrack adventures. available 29-inch wheel sizes, the jett inspires confidence with its low standover height. with 80mm of custom-tuned suspension, comfortable body geometry components, and powerful hydraulic disc brakes, the jett combines reliability and performance in an affordable package. JETT EXPERT 29

This spring we set off for fun riding and “team building” at the famous 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo race. Heading into the weekend, our team’s goal was to get some sweet pictures of our new bikes in action and just have some fun. So we were all surprised when we finished on the podium! Despite sideways rain and hurricane winds through the night, we’re even talking about racing it again next year! “It’s not every day you jump on a bike for a photo shoot, and end the weekend standing on a podium! But we’re gluttons for punishment.” Todd Cannatelli - Specialized Bike Developer

58 Recreational



national-CHaMPion PerForManCe

the rockhopper is synonymous with reliable performance. the timeless rockhopper is more versatile than ever. with an M4 aluminium frame, 100mm of front suspension and powerful hydraulic disc brakes, the value-packed rockhopper is primed for adventures from the trail to the neighbourhood. 60 reCreational / rOCkHOpper


Pro Jersey

sport MtB

BG Gel Wiretap


tahoe sport 

Fast trak lK sport

62 reCreational / HarDrOCk


tHe real Mountain BiKe 

whether exploring singletrack or cruising bike paths, the hardrock is available in numerous versatile, reliable and fun-filled offerings. the all-new hardrock features a lightweight aluminium frame, 80mm-travel fork, disc brakes, plus, integrated rack and mudguard mounts for hassle-free rides through campus.


64 Recreational / Myka HT


tahoe sport

Myka Grips

MyKa Ht

enGineereD For aDventure

the Myka hardtail is the perfect bike for riders looking for their first singletrack adventure, or first adventure of the season. with women’s recreational geometry the Myka ht is built to inspire confidence on the trail or riding through the neighborhood. Myka ht riders will appreciate the 80mm of smooth fork travel, the reliable stopping power of disc brakes and the perfect fit of the women’s components. MYKA HT ELITE

66  Road



When it comes to our Competitive Road bikes, the Pro Tour is our proving ground. Nothing is more valuable than the feedback we get When our pros, Alberto Contador, Mark Cavendish, and the women of HTC-Highroad, put our bikes through the ultimate test of performance, durability,   and functionality. Wins in nearly every major cycling event in the world, including the Tour de France, Giro d’ Italia, and Milan-San Remo prove this relationship works to great effect.   Of course, all our race-proven technology trickles down, so you reap the benefits no matter what family   or model you choose.

Competitive  69


moRe BiKe tHan aeRo

flyers off the front. monster pulls. all-out sprints to the line. itu  triathlons. if this is how you ride, venge is what you need. pros like  mark cavendish – who won fi ve tour de france stages on a venge  – demand its winning formula of tarmac-inspired light weight and  stiffness, and shiv-inspired aerodynamics. the fact is carbon  frame features an oversized bottom bracket to optimise power  transfer and handling, while the uci-legal airfoil tubing and fork  slice the wind. the result? up to 20 watts of free power! 70  competitive / Venge


s-Works prevail 

Romin evo expert

Roval Rapide sl 45

72  Competitive / Tarmac


notHinG is liGHteR and stiFFeR

With a long history of winning – whether it’s the tour de  france, a local crit or a city-limit sprint, tarmac lets you  ride hard and fast, enjoying every minute of making the  competition (or your friends) suffer. no wonder it’s the  go-to bike for pro tour teams like saxo bank-sungard.  the fact is carbon frames are unbelievably stiff and light,  with features like an oversized down tube/bottom bracket  and tapered head tube, so you can bolt away from the pack,  fl oat up a climb, or tear through tight corners. trickle down  technology and premium spec packages assure every  model is ready for your next victory.


Romin expert

s-Works Road 

Rapide al 35 



oura expert


notHinG is liGHteR and stiFFeR

if the road is your racecourse, amira is the bike for you.  Whether edging out the fi eld for the sprinter’s jersey  or vying for queen of the mountain, this true women’s race  bike lets you push the limits and rewards every effort.  its ultra-light, stiff, and effi cient fact is carbon frame is  all about all-out speed and performance, with an oversized  down tube/bottom bracket and tapered head tube. and  since it’s designed and spec’d from the ground up specifi cally  for women, it will fi t you perfectly and keep you  pedalling as effi ciently as possible all day.


competitive / amIra  75


taRmac-BRed peRFoRmance

allez means go. and this bike can really go! designed after  the legendary tarmac – with nearly identical geometry  and comparable torsional stiffness – the race-ready allez  offers pro-level looks and high-end performance at an  incredible value. features like a tapered head tube, squared  seat tube, and quality spec will help you explode off the  front and whip through corners; but you’ll still have money  left to buy beers after you dust your friends.


76  competitive / alleZ

BG comp Bib shorts

pro Road

BG pro


s-Works Fact

78  competitive / sHIV TT

trivent expert

sHiv tt

too Fast FoR tHe uci

cheating the wind is just one part of the equation for a great  tt or tri bike – you also need to be able to whip through  corners and hammer up hills to save every second possible.  and of course it needs to fi t properly. so we engineered the  fact is carbon frame and integrated cockpit with the best  combination of stiffness, light weight, and aerodynamics,  plus a wide range of adjustability. this stealthy speed  machine has won World championships in both time trial  and ironman triathlon: it’s completely uci- and triathlonlegal, and the perfect choice for your race against the clock.



80  Cyclocross

Mountain bike champions Todd Wells and Ned Overend   swapped their Epics for CruX’s at the 2010 CYCLOcross   National Championships in Bend, Oregon. Todd added   yet another Stars and Stripes jersey to his wardrobe,   winning his third pro National title of the year. Ned added   to his legend, capturing his age group National title.   “This was the one race I really wanted to win this year,   so I couldn’t be happier with my performance and my bike.”  TODD WELLS


puRe-BRed cRoss cHamp

to be a contender in the fast and furious world of cyclocross you  need a purpose-built race bike to excel in adverse conditions.  the cruX is the perfect weapon for the job. the e5 aluminium  frame, s-Works carbon fi bre fork and race-optimised geometry  offer an unparalleled combination of light weight, stiffness and  precise handling. all cruX models feature an ultra-stiff osbb and  internal cable routing; plus new disc brake models for premium  performance in sloppy conditions. 82  cyclocRoss / cruX


s-Works prevail team

s-Works mtB

terra pro


The notorious Paris-Roubaix and the almost unimaginable Race Across America define the word endurance, and our Endurance Road bikes – like Roubaix which has won both races – define the category. These bikes are all about stability and efficiency over the long haul, featuring geometries that support a more neutral position, and tubesets and forks designed to soak up road chatter and minimise fatigue. All without compromising light weight and quick responsiveness. whether you’re racing the cobbles of Europe or exploring your hometown country roads, these bikes show you why smoother is faster.

Endurance  85


notHinG is smootHeR and FasteR

if you’re looking to ride into a new level of fi tness, ability,  and endurance – and you value ride quality, stability, and  progressive technology above all – the smoother, faster Roubaix  will power you through. from weekend club rides to gran  fondos, it’s the premier do-everything road bike. the ultralight,  stiff carbon frame and race-ready spec will help you  set a personal best, but with far less fatigue thanks to zertz  vibration-damping inserts that soak up road chatter. 86  enduRance / rouBaIX


toupé plus expert 

sW Road

Roubaix pro


RouBaiX-BRed peRFoRmance

like its big brother, the Roubaix, this bike is designed with  endurance geometry and zertz vibration-damping inserts in  the frame (select models) and fork for maximum comfort and  confi dence. secteur is ideal for fi tness-inspired riders who  want to go longer, faster, while minimising fatigue, whether  it’s a gran fondo, weekly group ride, or even a fi rst triathlon.  if light weight and effi ciency are important, but stability,  comfort, and value are top priority, this is the perfect bike.


BG RBX short

elite Road


endurance / secteur  89

Women’s Endurance

90  Women’s Endurance

Few places are better suited to meandering days and   long-lit evenings spent exploring by bike than northern   Spain. That’s why the women of Specialized couldn’t   wait to road test our 2012 line of Women’s Endurance   bikes There. The performance-focused components   and women’s geometry of the Ruby and Dolce made   carving down narrow roads to the coast and climbing   to sheep-dotted vistas both fly by with ease. And it   goes without saying that the stylish new colours   looked pretty sweet parked outside local cafes. “It’s almost hard to decide what was more   fun – discovering endless amazing roads or   endless plates of pintxos!” Denise Bannert,   Specialized Central Europe Marketing


notHinG is smootHeR and FasteR

the Ruby will allow you to ride farther and faster than you ever  could before, and in more comfort than you’ve ever thought  possible. its carbon frame is stiff, light, and highly effi cient,  and the women’s endurance geometry keeps you in a more relaxed  position. shaped seatstays and zertz vibration-damping inserts  in the frame and fork soak up road chatter and minimise fatigue.  this combination provides the smoothest, fastest ride possible  for your long weekend group ride or gran fondo. 92  enduRance / ruBY


sW prevail

ember shoe

BG RBX short

94  Endurance / Dolce


RuBy-BRed peRFoRmance

like its big sister the Ruby, this bike is designed with  endurance geometry and zertz vibration-damping inserts  for maximum comfort and confi dence. from social rides  to weekly workouts to challenging centuries to triathlons,  dolce is built from the ground up specifi cally for women who  want a comfortable, stable ride without breaking the bank.



torch shoe

 solar vita

96  Track / Langster

tRacK s-Works prevail

comp Road

BG comp

lanGsteR Go Fast, tuRn leFt

the langster is designed for fl ying full-throttle around the  banked turns of a velodrome, but is also a fun way to whip  through city streets. With a track-focused frame design,  and named after road bike product manager don langley  (pictured), the langster’s classic, minimalist style is  available in either steel or aero aluminium frames, and is  equipped for versatility with both fi xed gear and single  speed hub options. the race-focused aero aluminium  frame features steeper head/seat tube angles and  shorter chainstays for better responsiveness and  snappier acceleration.


FReeRoad tRicRoss

paved, diRt, oR no Road

tricross gives you the freedom to roam wherever you  please, whether exploring tarmac, gravel, dirt, you  name it: it’s the one bike to have if you only have one bike.  this multi-purpose, all-terrain vehicle features a lightweight,  extremely durable alloy frame, with rack and mudguard  mounts, triple drivetrains, and secondary brake levers.  and with internal cable routing and optional disc brakes,  the tricross will perform in any weather with powerful  braking and lower maintenance. TRICROSS ELITE DISC


sport touring

BG comp Red

98  fReeRoad / TrIcross


Multi-use  101

With speed, style and great performance features, our multi-tasking Fitness/Commute bikes transition smoothly across multiple terrains and purposes. Perfectly suited for getting you to work as well as getting some exercise after work, bikes within this family are ready to become part of your daily routine. From rails-to-trails exploring to late-for-a-meeting sprints, features like disc brakes, sturdy tyres and Body Geometry components ensure that no matter your destination, you won’t want to get off the bike when you get there.

Fitness/ commute

Fitness/commute  103


Road HeaRt, citY soul

combining the heart of the world’s best road bikes with a flat-bar, urban-friendly form, sirrus redefines the notion of versatility. plus we completely redesigned the lightweight alloy frames with our bike fitting and ergonomics experts, so the bike will fit you great right out of the box. throw in high-quality, experience-specific components, and no matter the task this sleek, modern, do-it-all rig will equip you to conquer it faster, in greater comfort. 104 fitness/coMMute / SirrUS



BG contour targa

all condition armadillo elite


Road HeaRt, citY soul

vita offers that rare combination of road bike speed and handling with the comfort and confidence that comes from a flat bar. plus we completely redesigned the new lightweight alloy frame with our bike fitting and ergonomics experts, so the bike will fit you great right out of the box, whether you’re exercising, commuting, or hitting the open road. throw in high-quality, experience-specific components and vita is comfortable enough for recreational rides, but still packs enough performance for an occasional event ride or even a first triathlon.



BG sport

BG contour locking

fitness/coMMute / ViTA  107


BG contour Xct



tRail touGH and stReet sMaRt

if you don’t want to be limited to one type of riding, crosstrail is a fast, efficient road bike and capable mountain bike, all in one. from your weekday commute to a weekend singletrack ride, this lightweight alloy bike offers true hybrid versatility, with triple gearing for added efficiency on any terrain. the sturdy 700c alloy wheels are smooth-rolling and efficient on road or trail, and a legitimate suspension fork means off-road bliss. CROSSTRAIL LIMITED DISC

108 fitness/coMMute / CrOSSTrAil


tRail touGH and stReet sMaRt

if you don’t want to be limited to one type of riding, ariel is designed specifically for women to be a fast, efficient road bike and capable mountain bike, all in one. from your weekday commute to a weekend singletrack ride, this lightweight alloy bike offers true hybrid versatility, with triple gearing for added efficiency and a low standover frame for added confidence. the sturdy 700c alloy wheels are smooth-rolling and efficient on road or trail, and a legitimate suspension fork means off-road bliss. ARIEL COMP DISC




Fitness/commute / Ariel  111

Recreational Few experiences can create memories and bring the family close together like a casual ride around the neighbourhood, by the beach, or through the countryside. Our confidenceinspiring recreational bikes will ensure you have a stable, comfortable, durable, and efficient bike — so even if it’s been a while since you’ve been in the saddle, you’ll be riding like a seasoned veteran in no time. Features like suspension forks and seatposts, ultra-plush saddles, and all-terrain tyres, will keep you rolling from tarmac to dirt path in full control and comfort.

112 Recreational


coMFoRt, contRol, conFidence

With ground control geometry, the expedition provides a safe, stable, and confidence-inspiring ride. this is the perfect bike to start pedalling again for a healthier lifestyle, as an alternate mode of transportation, or just to cruise the local bike paths with the family. a super plush saddle and front suspension fork guarantee a smooth ride no matter what the terrain, and the optional step-though frame provides even more confidence, with the lowest standover height possible. EXPEDITION ELITE


BG contour Xct


recreational / eXPeDiTiON  115


BG kid’s Glove



enGineeRed FoR saFetY, desiGned FoR Fun

your future road or dirt groms deserve the “big kid” quality and technology of our “little kid” bikes, whether getting their first feel for the dirt on a front suspension mountain bike or cruising the tarmac on a 12" walker. all hotrocks and hotwalks feature alloy frames and reliable components, and are designed from the ground up to be light, durable, safe, and easy to control. these bikes are highly adjustable and built to last, so they’ll make great hand-me-downs as the kids grow up. HOTROCK A1 FS 24

kids / hotrock  117

dirt/park/ Street

P. Series bikes are built from the ground up for our team riders like Martin Söderström, who has the skills to throw down style riding both dirt and street. Whether sessioning the legendary Post Office jumps in Aptos, California, or ripping through the streets of San Francisco like Steve McQueen in “Bullitt,” P.Bikes are dialLed to give progressive riders the simple, durable, and most importantly — MANOEUVRABLE bike they’re looking for.

Dirt/park/street  119

p. seRies

p. is FoR pRoGRessiVe

p. bikes are built to be ridden hard, fast and with style. perfect for dirt jumps, street riding, pump tracks and skate parks, the p. series hardtails have wheel size options from 20 to 26 inches, and are equipped with simple, single speed drivetrains. With lightweight and durable components and compact, bMx-inspired gearing, our p. bikes meet riders’ needs as they push their limits and progress in the sport.

120 dirt/park/street / P. SerieS



series platform

Shoes over 150 Pro Tour professionals choose Specialized shoes with BG technology Our shoes offer unparalleled performance and more rider benefits than any other cycling shoe. That’s a big claim, but we stand behind it because we design our shoes based on medical testing. Accord­ing to a Manchester University study, “The smallest amount of misalignment in the lower limb can lead to knee and pelvic problems, and more importantly it can also reduce power output.” That’s why our research and analysis is cycling-specific to eliminate forefoot problems and imbalances through the entire pedal stroke. This same research found that varus corrections like our forefoot varus wedge result in a 3-10 percent improvement in power output. Body Geometry is proven technology that will make you faster, more efficient and more comfortable.

Body Geometry ergonomics What This Means

> Improved performance > Less fatigue > Increased comfort



Fact Composite What This Means

> Ultimate efficiency > Light weight/ decreased rotating mass > Less fatigue

122  Shoes


BOA DIAL Designed in exclusive collaboration between Boa and Specialized, the S1 dial allows incremental, on-the-fly tightening and loosening. Dual reels allow you to isolate specific areas of the foot for a truly customisable fit.

MTB Pro Carbon


> Simple operation > Comfortable and secure fit > Easy adjustability



> Lightweight > Fast > Comfortable, secure fit

Alberto Contador en route to his 2011 Giro d’ Italia victory.

Handcrafting of our S-Works shoes.

Tahoe Sport

LACING/VELCRO What This Means :

> Traditional styling > Secure > Safe

Saddles We don’t just make road or mountain or tri saddles, we make rider-specific saddles All Body Geometry saddles have been developed with Dr. Roger Minkow and medically tested to be the most comfortable and anatomically correct in the world for all day riding comfort.

BODY GEOMETRY Fit What This Means

> Rider- and position-specific saddles > More options for more riders > Multiple widths and shapes for optimal comfort BODY GEOMETRY ERGoNOMICS What This Means

> Ergonomically designed, medically tested > Gender-specific designs > Increased comfort, less fatigue, more power and endurance


Designed for riders who prefer a lower position on the bike

124  Saddles


Designed for riders who prefer a more relaxed position on the bike


Oura Expert




Romin Evo




Oura Expert

The first women’s shaped saddle designed to position the rider for optimal power transfer, efficiency and comfort. > Women’s cutout designed through pressure mapping > Women’s-tuned shell stiffness for all-day riding comfort and efficiency


Equally at home on the road or trail, this women’s endurance saddle provides moderate cushioning for all-day comfort and performance.


This pro-level women’s XC saddle is super light and strong, with firm cushioning for long rides on the trail.


Whether bombing the local trails, cruising the bike paths, or commuting, this is a great all round women’s saddle for road or mountain use with a plush yet supportive ride.


Romin Evo

This stiff saddle is contoured to position the rider for optimal power transfer and comfort, while its extrawide channel maximises blood flow.


Featherweight XC saddle, tuned for stiffness that makes it popular for road and ’cross as well.


Our highest performance road saddle, ultralight and tuned for racing stiffness.


Perfect XC or all-mountain saddle with anti-snag rounded tail and broad, flat mid-section.

Gloves DEVELOPED FOR COMFORT AND CONTROL IN ALL CONDITIONS Our BG road and mountain gloves are scientifically proven to reduce numbness in the hands. This results in maximum comfort and control with minimal fatigue, no matter what type of terrain you ride.


Why It Works

WireTap allows you to use a touch screen device without glove removal. What This Means

> Time saver > Hassle free > Comfortable

126  Gloves

Materials We use a wide range of experience-specific materials for our gloves. Road or mountain, hot or cold, we have engineered perfect materials, just for you. Hipora Shell When it’s cold and raining this waterproof liner will protect your hands by keeping them dry for the duration of the ride.


Gore Windstopper Windstopper is not only known for its durable wind protection, but also for its great breathability attributes.

BG Element

PRImaloft Found on our Sub Zero winter gloves, this lightweight and compressible material provides great insulation while remaining breathable.

Sub Zero

Philippe Gilbert wins a stage at the 2011 Tour de France.

BG Element

Ax Suede Found on the palm of our BG Element gloves, this water repellent material with incredible stretch will keep your hands dry while providing great fit, and articulation on a winter glove.

BG Pro

MICROWIPE Our absorbent Microwipe material is soft and effective for wiping away sweat. A special thumb gusset provides great articulation and unrestricted movement of the thumb.


Pittards Found on our new '74 model, this high performance leather is ultra supple, like a second skin that both breathes and resists perspiration.

BG Gel Long Finger

4-Way Stretch Mesh This lightweight summer material provides breathability, great all-day comfort and an ability to eliminate pressure points.

Helmets Cooler heads Prevail We take our helmets seriously because our riders expect the lightest, coolest and most advanced wind-cheating designs available. As a result, we relentlessly pursue new innovations and cutting edge technology. Two of our newest models, Prevail and Dissident, showcase industry-leading technology in the form of aero­dynamics, materials, fit and ventilation. This constant refinement has resulted in the best helmets in the world.


Our goal with Dissident was to make the lightest, safest and most technologically advanced full-face, DH Race/Gravity helmet in the world. Three years in the making, Dissident was designed and shaped in-house by the “Godfather” of full-face motocross helmets, Bob Lakes. With no feature overlooked and no corners cut, the world’s best helmet designers have created the ultimate, no-holds-barred DH Race/Bike park/Slopestyle helmet. We’ve even added built-in recesses for audio system earphones as well as a channel in the back of the helmet for the earphone wire.

128 Helmets


S-Works Prevail

S-Works Prevail Team

Aerodynamics Prevail

Our primary goal was to create a more aero helmet through careful design elements and extensive wind tunnel testing. Our data proves we created a shape with one of the lowest drags in the industry.

Kevlar Inner Matrix

HTC-Highroad’s Mark Cavendish: The fastest man on two wheels.


> Optimum protection > Lower overall weight > Increased ventilation KEVLAR INNER MATRIX What This Means

> More protection > Increased ventilation > Lighter weight 4th Dimension Cooling What This Means

> Increased cooling > Less sweat build-up > Consistent and effective airflow Tri-fix What This Means

> Easy strap adjustment > Best possible fit > Increased comfort

Junior World Downhill Champion Troy Brosnan.

Tyres Tyres are in our blood Our enduring tradition of excellence began in 1976 when Mike Sinyard introduced the first product ever under the Specialized banner, the Touring tyre, followed two years later by the Turbo — the first clincher to offer performance equal to tubular. To this day, whether it’s an innovative new design like the Roubaix 23c/25c or timeless technology like Armadillo Elite, we continue to develop the most comprehensive and highest quality tyres available for all types of cycling.

130  Page Tyres tk  TK


Specialized is the only bike tyre manufacturer to use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to develop and test tread patterns. A next-generation technology, FEA is adapted from the auto tyre industry and allows us to create and test designs on computers to dial in the perfect tread. Thanks to the FEA process, we can predict each tyre’s performance in any terrain and for any experience before we begin the next in-depth process: actual ride testing with our in-house testers and professional athletes. What This Means

> Lower rolling resistance > Improved grip > Better cornering


Why It Works

Rolling resistance

Puncture protection

Because a tyre is the most important component with regards to ride feel, we work hard to achieve perfection. As a result every design is relentlessly tested outside the lab by our team of pros and field testers. Our team of professionals includes multi-time downhill World Champion Sam Hill, former XC and Marathon World Champion Christoph Sauser as well as mountain bike legend Ned Overend; all play a deep role in Specialized product development. What This Means

> Thorough testing to ensure optimum designs

DH World Champion, Sam Hill Friction

Find the perfect Tyre Armadillo Elite Superior puncture resistance in a lightweight package. A Kevlar cap ply protects the sidewalls, providing bead-to-bead puncture protection, and a Nylon subtread belt increases durability where the tyre contacts the ground.


Why It Works

We’ve developed the fastest casings for every condition and experience through constant research and testing. Our road casings have between 26 and 290 TPI (threads per inch) while our mountain tyres have additional plies for added durability.

Armadillo A woven nylon cap ply with woven aramid belt under tread provides solid puncture resistance, while the wire bead keeps the tyre securely on the rim and the price down.

120TPI CAsing

Armadillo Elite Protection (Bead to Bead) Armadillo Elite Protection (Belt) Folding Bead

elite 60TPI CAsing

Armadillo Protection (Bead to Bead) Armadillo Protection (Belt) Wire Bead

What This Means

> Faster rolling > Better traction > Light weight


Our puncture protection is the most comprehensive in the business. Armadillo offers bead-to-bead casing protection through Kevlar and nylon while its cousin Endurant is lighter and faster (thanks to a 120 TPI count) with the same bead-to-bead coverage. Blackbelt is our lightest and most efficient puncture protection with a strip of tightly woven material directly under the tread and it’s found on our fastest tyres. No matter your intended use or experience, our puncture protection is found in every tyre. What This Means

> Longer lifespan and faster rolling > Increased durability > Maximum dependability

132  Tyres

BlackBelt Our most efficient and dynamic puncture protection for our fastest tyres. A strip of tightly cross-woven material is tucked directly under the tread, providing ultra-tough puncture and cut resistance.

Dual Compound Tread 120TPI CAsing

Composite Kevlar Belt Folding Bead

Pro 2BLISS READY Available in racespecific S-Works casings and trailspecific Control casings, 2Bliss Ready tyres give you all the versatility you need.

120TPI CAsing

Permeable tube-type Casing 2Bliss ready bead

Endurant Our secret weapon: Armadillo Elite tough and Blackbelt fast. The 120 TPI Endurant casing is strong, but lightweight, and the tyre’s restructured design means triplewall protection from bead to bead.

Flak Jacket Our entry-level construction gives you a durable casing, long-wearing compound, Flak Jacket puncture protection and wire bead at a great value.

e road





fast trak




Ground control

inďŹ nity





all condition



Visit for more information on our hundreds of tyres and to find the one that’s right for you.

roval WheelS a Great WheelSet iS the QuicKeSt Way to iMProve the handlinG, control and efficiency of your BiKe.

fact carBon riMS Why it Works

Because carbon has better stiffness-to-weight ratio than aluminium, our engineers developed specific carbon layups for each rim, allowing us to achieve an optimal combination of strength, stiffness, and compliance for the given ride experience, be it competitive road or mountain biking. We’ve also improved overall strength and durability compared to aluminium. What thiS MeanS

Roval wheels are optimised for every facet of rider experience, from durability and handlingPREVIOUS to ROVAL 135MM compliance and efficiency. Whether a fully aero road wheel or lightweight carbon 29" trailNEW ROVAL 135MM model, every Roval wheelset is carefully engineered around the same experience-specific principles as all other ROVAL 142+ Specialized products. Roval wheels are hand built with 2:1 lacing on the rear and radial lacing on the front with straight pull, bladed spokes and hidden nipples. Our aluminium road rims have welded and machined sidewalls with 9mm brake tracks.

> Reduced rotational weight > Ride tuned construction > Maximum durability

x-12 142+ international rear Wheel SPacinG Why it Works

PreviouS roval 135MM 6mm WIDER

neW roval 135MM ADDITIONAL

2mm W I D E R (8mm total)

roval 142+

Our 12mm rear thru-axle works in important ways to improve your mountain bike experience. It increases surface area between the hub and dropouts while increasing effective width of the hub for an overall stiffer wheel. We’re also able to push the position of the cassette 2mm out from the hub centre compared to a standard wheel and put the flanges at the edges to widen spoke stance. This technology improves wheel stiffness and balances spoke tension between sides. We also added hub guides to our frames to prevent the rear wheel from getting misaligned in the dropouts, guaranteeing secure performance and easy installation. What thiS MeanS

> Stronger, stiffer wheel build > Increased torsional rigidity > Easier, quicker wheel changes

oS 28 overSized end caPS Why it Works

Our unique 28mm oversized end caps increase surface area at the hub/dropout interface to dramatically decrease flex between the wheel and fork. They can be added to any Roval mountain front wheel and are compatible with Specialized or RockShox suspension lowers (24mm end caps available for Fox forks). Our OS 28 end caps are proven to be lighter and stiffer than 15mm thru-axles. What thiS MeanS

> Stiffer front end > Better handling > No weight penalty

134 ROvAl WheelS



roVaL rapide sL 45 The hand-built Rapide SL 45 wheelset features hybrid FACT carbon/E5 alloy aero rims, DT Aerolite straightpull spokes, and a DT Swiss ratchet system to create the perfect weapon for racing and training.

roVaL controL sL Moulded carbon rims, combined with a top-of-theline rear hub set, make this a crazy-light, stiff, and fast XC race wheel.

roVaL rapide aL 35 New for 2012, the Rapide AL 35 alloy aero wheelset offers stiffness, and lightweight in one very high-performance high-value package.

roVaL controL (29") This lightweight XC race wheel helps you climb to the top of the peak faster, yet packs enough strength to handle rocky, muddy, serpentine terrain year after year.

roVaL FUsÉe sLx The hand-built, low-profile FusÊe SLX is our lightest wheelset. And a wider internal rim width provides a better tyre profile for incredibly precise handling, while the asymmetrical rear rim helps balance spoke tension, allowing the rim to stay truer over time.

roVaL controL traiL sL (29", 142+) Our top-of-the-line XC Trail wheelset combines an All-Mountain carbon rim with Control SL hubs and spokes to create this extremely stiff, light, and strong package.

WARNING: The action depicted in this brochure is potentially dangerous. The riders seen are experienced experts or professionals. Refer to your owner’s manual for instructions regarding the use of your bicycle. Do not attempt to duplicate any stunts that are beyond the capabilities of your bicycle or your own capabilities. Always wear the appro­priate safety gear.

2011 World Cup Champion Jaroslav Kulhavy.

WARRANTY Specialized Bicycle Components Inc. and it’s subsidiary Specialized (UK) Ltd. (company registration number 02354268) (‘Specialized’) located at 29 Barwell Business Park, Leatherhead Road, Chessington, Surrey, KT9 2NY makes the following Limited Warranty concerning Specialized bicycles and framesets: LIMITED TWO (2) YEAR WARRANTY ON COMPLETE BICYCLE Subject to the following limitations, terms and conditions, Specialized warrants to the original owner of this bicycle that this bicycle when new is free of defective materials and workmanship. This warranty shall expire two (2) years from the date of the original purchase from an authorised Specialized dealer and is conditioned upon the bicycle being operated under normal conditions and use, and properly maintained. This warranty is void if the bicycle was not assembled by an authorised Specialized dealer in accordance with Specialized’s instructions. LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY ON FRAMES AND FRAMESETS Also subject to the following limitations, terms and conditions, Specialized warrants to the original owner of this bicycle that this Specialized bicycle’s frame or frameset when new is free of defective materials and workmanship. The lifetime limited warranty is conditioned upon the bicycle being operated under normal conditions and use, and properly maintained. This limited warranty does not apply to paint/finish or components attached to the bicycle frame/frameset such as front forks (unless Specialized branded non-suspension forks forming part of the frameset), wheels, drive train, brakes, seatpost, handlebar and stem or any suspension related parts or components. Paint/finish, components attached to the bicycle frame/frameset such as front forks (to the extent not covered by this limited warranty), wheels, drive train, brakes, seatpost, handlebar and stem or any suspension related parts or components are covered under the limited two (2) year warranty (above). Certain suspension related parts or components may also be covered under the limited five (5) year warranty (below). This warranty is void if the bicycle or frameset was not assembled by an authorised Specialized dealer in accordance with Specialized’s instructions and does not transfer to subsequent owners of this bicycle. LIMITED FIVE (5) YEAR WARRANTY ON SUSPENSION ATTACHMENTS AND SUSPENSION RELATED EQUIPMENT Also subject to the following limitations, terms and conditions, Specialized warrants to the original owner of this bicycle that any Specialized branded suspension attachment points, and any Specialized branded suspension related equipment (including pivot points, bushings, shock units, front suspension forks, stays, plates, fasteners) when new are free of defective materials or workmanship. This warranty shall expire five (5) years from the date of the original purchase from an authorised Specialized dealer and is conditioned upon the bicycle being operated under normal conditions and use, properly maintained and set up correctly for the rider’s weight. This warranty is void if the bicycle was not assembled by an authorised Specialized dealer in accordance with Specialized’s instructions and does not transfer to subsequent owners of the bicycle. This warranty does not apply to attachments and equipment which is unbranded or branded otherwise than with the Specialized brand, however suspension equipment which is branded otherwise than with the Specialized brand may have warranty coverage offered by the specific manufacturer. Please check in your owner’s manual pack for information regarding these warranties or check with your authorised Specialized dealer for details. ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS This Limited Warranty is made on new Specialized bicycles or framesets purchased from an authorised Specialized dealer. In order to exercise your rights under this limited warranty, the bicycle or frameset must be presented to an authorised Specialized dealer, together with a proof of purchase. Should this bicycle, frameset or any part be determined by Specialized to be covered by this warranty, it will be repaired or replaced, at Specialized’s sole option, which will be conclusive and binding. Under no circumstances does this limited warranty include the cost of travel or shipment to and from an authorised Specialized dealer. Such costs, if any, shall be borne by the owner. This limited warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, nor to claimed defects, malfunctions or failures that result from abuse, neglect, improper assembly, improper maintenance, alteration, collision, crash or misuse. This bicycle or frameset has not been designed, engineered, distributed, manufactured, or retailed for uses in trick riding, ramp riding, jumping, aggressive riding, riding on severe terrain, riding in severe climates, riding with heavy loads, commercial activities, or any similar activities; such uses may damage the bicycle, can cause serious injury to the rider, and in all cases will void this warranty. USEFUL PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE Every Specialized bicycle and frameset has a useful product life cycle. The length of that useful product life cycle will vary with the construction and materials of the bicycle or frameset, the maintenance and care the bicycle or frameset receives over its useful product life cycle, and the type and amount of use the bicycle or frameset is subject to. Uses in competitive events, trick riding, ramp riding, jumping, aggressive riding, riding on severe terrain, riding in severe climates, riding with heavy loads, commercial activities and other types of non-standard use can dramatically shorten the useful product life cycle of a Specialized bicycle or frameset. Any one or a combination of these conditions may result in an unpredictable failure of a Specialized bicycle or frameset that would not be covered by this warranty. ALL SPECIALIZED BICYCLES AND FRAMESETS SHOULD BE PERIODICALLY CHECKED BY AN AUTHORISED SPECIALIZED DEALER for indicators of stress and/or potential failure, including cracks, deformation, corrosion, paint peeling, dents, and any other indicators of potential problems, inappropriate use, or abuse. These are important safety checks and very important to help prevent accidents, bodily injury to the rider and shortened useful product life cycle of a Specialized bicycle or frameset. THIS IS AN INTEGRATED AND FINAL STATEMENT OF SPECIALIZED’S LIMITED WARRANTY. SPECIALIZED DOES NOT AUTHORISE OR ALLOW ANYONE, INCLUDING ITS AUTHORISED DEALERS, TO EXTEND ANY OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, FOR SPECIALIZED. NO OTHER REPRESENTATION, AND NO STATEMENT OF ANYONE BUT SPECIALIZED, INCLUDING A DEMONSTRATION OF ANY KIND BY ANYONE SHALL CREATE ANY WARRANTY REGARDING THIS BICYCLE OR FRAMESET. ALL OF THE REMEDIES AVAILABLE TO THE OWNER ARE STATED HEREIN. SPECIALIZED ACCEPTS ALL LIABILITY FOR DEATH OR PERSONAL INJURY OCCASIONED FROM ANY NEGLIGENT ACT OR OMISSION OF SPECIALIZED, ITS SUBSIDIARIES, ITS EMPLOYEES, ITS SUBSIDIARIES EMPLOYEES, ITS AGENTS OR ITS SUBSIDIARIES AGENTS. SUBJECT TO THE FOREGOING STATEMENT, SPECIALIZED LIMITS ITS LIABILITY UNDER THIS LIMITED WARRANTY TO THE AMOUNT OF THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE AND IN NO EVENT SHALL SPECIALIZED BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. DISCLAIMER All other remedies, obligations, liabilities, rights, warranties, express or implied are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law. If any provision of this warranty is found unenforceable, only that provision shall be stricken and all others shall apply. THE OWNER’S STATUTORY RIGHTS ARE NOT AFFECTED BY THIS WARRANTY. PLEASE NOTE All photos, colours and specifications contained in this catalogue are based on the latest production information at the time of publication. Specialized reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, to colours, materials, equipment, specifications and models. A list of authorised Specialized dealers is available from Specialized upon request.

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