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Santa Barbara Dui Lawyer – Helping To Get Away With Minimum Punishment Consumption of alcohol impairs the ability of a person to make judgments and a driver who is driving under the influence of alcohol can cause accidents which may prove to be fatal or cause grievous injuries to the victim. States look down upon such reckless behavior and the state laws are very strict when it relates to drinking under the influence of alcohol. In California a driver may be charged for DUI offense if found guilty of one or both of the following counts. 

It can be proved that the driver due to the influence of alcohol or drug was not able to operate the vehicle in a manner a reasonable person would be expected to behave in that circumstance. It can be proved that the alcohol content in the driver’s blood was more than 0.8% by weight. If one is under the age of 21 the permissible limit would drop to 0.5%

If you are charged with DUI you should immediately get in touch with a Santa Barbara DUI lawyer to get you out of the trouble that you have created for yourself. The quantum of punishment that is given is depended upon a number of factors such as the level of alcohol found, the level of cooperation with police, whether it led to an accident or injury, age, driving history, the passengers in the car (the law is very severe if a child under the age of 14 is in the car) etc. The punishments meted out include temporary suspension of the driving license, permanent revocation of the license, heavy penalties and prison terms. Santa Barbara DUI attorneys have the essential skills and experience to ensure that you come out of the hole with the minimum damage possible. It is imperative that you contact a Santa Barbara DUI lawyer immediately as under the California laws if the DMV hearing is not scheduled within 10 days of the offense the license would be suspended automatically and it could possibly even be revoked. The laws relating to DUI are very complex and it would be very difficult for a layman to win the case without professional help. At the time of the offense the driving license is taken away by the officer and a pink slip which acts as a temporary driving license is handed over with other documents. These documents are not easy to comprehend and the prosecuting lawyers would all the tricks in the book to get a higher conviction. The laws governing DUI are full of ambiguities and the test results are subject to challenge. Santa Barbara DUI attorneys aggressively cross examine the officers and witness, find out the loopholes in the papers submitted by the prosecution to win you a favorable judgment. Summary If you are arrested on charge of DUI you should immediately contact a DUI attorney who with his skills and experience can ensure that you come out with the minimum punishment. Author Box: Santa Barbara DUI lawyer William C. Makler has 20 years of experience working in the State and Federal criminal justice systems and represents clients charged with all varieties of DUI/Drunk Driving offenses.

Santa Barbara Dui Lawyer – Helping To Get Away With Minimum Punishment