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Revisions are required in Laws for Native Americans There is a basic difference in the laws that govern Native American tribes. While they are allowed to hunt game and angle and also keep equipment like bows and arrows in their houses, the more important issues are overlooked. The laws that keep them safe needs to be reaffirmed and they need to feel more secure. Native American women have been in the news for long and mostly for the tortures they have faced. The tortures have not stopped and neither have the laws been strengthened to help them out. They are still at the receiving end of household violence and sexual terrorism. A study in 2008 showed that 38% of Native American women were victims of domestic violence in their lifetime and the percentage of rape and sexual abuse is almost double than that of normal Americans. The study also showed that 70% of the crimes committed on these women are by non natives and that is the reason the Tribal Indian councils cannot take any action against them. These cases then to go the Federal Government who takes it up from there. However, a lot of time is lost and the crimes keep increasing. Owing to the rise in the crime rates, the US Congress has decided to review the Violence against Women Act. This Act mainly concentrates on the laws that need to be tightened around the crimes against women and it was first passed in 1994. In 2004 and 2005, this act was revised and in the present day, there are recommendations to include points to help the Native American women. The people who are proposing a revision in the act claim that these revisions will help tribal governments to be able to provide greater protection to their women. These revisions in will expedite the process to bring the guilty to justice and will also help the women to feel safe. A lady who had been sexually assaulted her entire childhood and could not save her daughters from being abused sadly stated that "it is not a matter if they are raped, but when." The new laws will help the tribal councils to get hold of the guilty without having to wait for the Federal government to do the job and then the women will not feel that "it is a hazard to be a Native American woman". Summary Though the Native Americans are given several liberties, they are not given the safety and the security that could make their women feel safer than they are. Author Box The Swimmer Law offices have unmatched experience in assisting Tribal Indians and tribal enterprises to overcome unprecedented labor challenges. Native American Lawyers provides range of legal services to Indian Tribes in areas like environmental, taxation, gaming & Native American laws.

Revisions Are Required In Laws For Native Americans  

Though the Native Americans are given several liberties, they are not given the safety and the security that could make their women feel saf...

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