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Applying for Medicaid in NJ: The Know How Before we talk about the process involved in applying for Medicaid, it is important that we know what Medicaid is and who is eligible for the Medicaid program. . To simply put it, Medicaid is a federal system of health insurance that helps people who need financial aid to go through with medical expenses. But this does not mean that anyone can apply for this program. There are about 25 categories under which you can apply for Medicaid and there are varying eligibility criteria for every category. In order to apply for Medicaid in NJ, you have to be under any of the following categories: children from low income families, individuals above 65 not economically viable, individuals with disabilities, adults with dependents and children, and pregnant women who cannot fend for themselves. It is mandatory that the income of the people in all these categories is below the poverty level. If it is found that the income level is not as required by the Medicaid process, the aid will be cancelled and the people submitting false documentation will face penalties. You can receive clearer details about the categories and the eligibility requirements from NJ Medicaid attorneys. These attorneys not only help people to understand the various points that need to be followed to apply for Medicaid, but also provide support during the application process. There is an extensive application for that one needs to complete in order to apply for Medicaid. There are certain documents too that are necessary to prove general and financial conditions and these documents need to be submitted with the application form. Once the Medicaid board for NJ finds that you are eligible to receive Medicaid, you need to go through a functional eligibility assessment and then it will be decided whether you can receive long term services of Medicaid. This eligibility test can be taken by the applicant and also by any other person who the applicant designates. These designated people can be family members or even the applicant's lawyer. But it is necessary that the representative is familiar with the applicant's condition and is able to project his/her condition well. These people also should have access to your financial records so if you are planning to authorize someone for this screening, make sure that the person is trust worthy. This eligibility test can also include a face to face interview. The Medicaid lawyers in NJ will prepare you for the interview that you may have to undergo. . Summary Medicaid helps the economically challenged to take care of their medical expenses. Thus one needs to be aware of the procedures that need to be followed in order to apply for Medicaid. Author Box A New Jersey Medicaid Lawyer will help you applying for Medicaid in NJ and will represent you through the applications and all face-to-face meetings with Medicaid caseworkers or higher-level officials. For help in payment of assisted living and home-based care under Medicaid waiver programs in New Jersey contact NJ Medicaid attorney, Hanlon Niemann.

Applying for medicaid in nj the know how  

Medicaid helps the economically challenged to take care of their medical expenses. Thus one needs to be aware of the procedures that need to...

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