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About Tomato Cages The development of horticulture and agriculture carries on with the development of mankind. Old days are gone, now there are different kinds of methods introduced in planting like tomato cages, which is a reliable and a solid plant help and totally different from the traditional cages.

The Spiral Shaped Cages The spiral shaped tomato cage is the newly designed cage, which adjoins to any stake chose to protect tomato plant with a strong support that allows smooth and normal growth. The tomato cages of spiral shaped, upholds the perfect growth of tomato plants and also allows the gardeners in the meantime, so they can care for their plants properly. Contd.........

The spiral shaped tomato cage is a creative and a revolutionary step towards horticulture industry. It is a plant support system, which gives another choice to the planting, other than tying and retying. Veggie cage is the new form of a tomato cage, but very different from the usual tomato cages. Veggie cages are made of a strong material like "garden green" polypropylene which wane into the ground.

Attribute Of A Tomato Cage 1) Tomato cage is a type of a plant support, which allows tomato plants to grow high. If the tomato plants staked properly, then there is no chance for tomato plants tumble down. 2) It can sustain every growing season due to its durability.


3) The tomato cage permits the plant to precisely to comply accordingly to the shape of the cage. So during the entire tomato growing season, there is no need for tying and retying the tomato plants. 4) Crush the tomato cage to back to the basic level of basic and compact stockpiling.


5) The new tomato cages are made of a "garden green" polypropylene material which disappears into the ground inside the leaves as the plant grows higher. In fact, this will never rust like the metal cages, because the new tomato cage is manufactured out of a solid and durable plastic.

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