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Razor Electric Dune Buggy Get started on another thrilling 4-wheel electric ride on razor's electric dune buggy. This can be called as a good combination of the best of both go kart and mini ATV model. The razor dune buggy gives a vintage feel with a bucket seat and diamond plate floorboards. The razor dune buggy is chain driven and the motor has a reduction drive giving maximum torque and with variable speed which can handle up to 9 mph. The maximum load the Electric Dune Buggy can carry is up to 120 lbs and children around 8 yrs and above can only use it. The product as such designed very light around 79 lbs and is well equipped with 8� knobby pneumatic tyres providing good rear suspension for a smooth ride. The razor dune buggy comes along with rechargeable batteries which is UL approved. The battery used is 24 volt (two 12v) sealed with lead acid battery system to withstand a motor power of 350 watts. The charging time required is 12 hours for 45 minutes of continuous ride. On buying the electric dune buggy its important to know upon its usage in controlled environments and the safety equipments required to drive on it , a helmet , knee pad and elbow pad is recommended. Read and understand the enclosed owner’s manual before riding. The Dune Buggy for sale at razorama. Grab in the best deal and surprise your kid on getting the razor dune buggy. Log in to place your order at Note that this item due to some shipping restrictions cannot be shipped to Canada alone. If your kid is an adventure freak and would like to experiment on a 4 wheel drive, then razor dune buggy would probably be the best buy for your little one. Razor Electric Dune Buggy is preferred for kids of age 8 years and above and can withstand a maximum rider weight of 220 lbs. It also comes along with a replacement wheel set. The caste board comes at a very affordable rate when compared to others in the market. If you’re young ones a speed thrill, then this should probably be the best u can gift.

Razor Electric Dune Buggy  

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