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Top Three Signs of Alcoholism There are plenty of people who have a drinking problem, but they do not realize it. They are unaware that their frequent drinking has already gone beyond alcohol abuse and turned into a full-blown addiction. Found below are the top three signs of alcoholism, the key indicators which prove one has already developed a dependency on alcohol. Sign #1: Physical Tolerance One of the signs of alcoholism Program is physical tolerance. When one starts to drink, it will take only a couple of drinks before the alcohol take effect. When one develops tolerance, the person would have to drink more than usual just to feel intoxicated. When the person does become inebriated, he or she would have already consumed a considerable amount. Withdrawal is another sign of physical tolerance. People who drink frequently and in copious amounts enable their body to get used to having so much alcohol. This is why is they stop drinking, they experience severe physical reactions such as nausea, shakiness, sweating, tremors and even convulsions. The severity of the withdrawal symptoms will depend on the severity of the addiction. Sign # 2: Loss of Control in Drinking The loss of control in drinking is another one of the sure signs of alcoholism (XA3NJ6P8fN). Individuals can usually control how much they drink; they can set a limit to their drinking and stick to it. Alcoholics can no longer do this. Even if they want to have just a couple of drinks, they find themselves having more. Their consumption has become out of their control. They cannot stop even if they want to.

Another thing that is beyond their control is their cravings. Alcohol stops being a want—it turns into a need. The desire to drink becomes so strong that they can barely think of anything else. Their main preoccupation is drinking—or at least finding a drink. Alcoholics also have a drinking schedule. In the event they fail to drink an alcoholic beverage in a time when they usually have one, the cravings would be intense enough to overwhelm them. Sign #3: Preoccupation with Alcohol The aforementioned preoccupation with alcohol is the last of the three signs of alcoholism. Alcoholics are so consumed by the thought of alcohol that everything else becomes secondary. They forget their academic or professional responsibilities, which is why problems in school and work become inevitable. Because their main interest has become alcohol, they lose interest in their hobbies and other things they love. Alcoholism also causes people to ignore families and friends, which then results in broken relationships. Do you recognize these signs of addiction in yourself or someone you know? If you do, call our 24/7 hotline and let our counselors to help you.

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There are plenty of people who have a drinking problem, but they do not realize it, XA3NJ6P8fN. They are unaware that their frequent drinkin...

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