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TAG - Overview FACT:

Everyone Needs Independent Financial Advice. At TAG, we tend to avoid generalisations but this one is hard to argue with.

Think about it ... Everyone needs one or more financial products. Whether it be a mortgage, pension, life assurance, investment, car insurance or any of a hundred more items we could mention. But with so much choice and change in today’s financial world, how do you know who will give you the best deals? We all need a trusted professional to help us work out exactly what we need as well as how to get it.

TAG - Overview WHY:

Settle For Anything But The Best? There’s a big difference in the amounts charged by financial companies for similar products. You need an objective professional to point you in the right direction.





£586 Per Month

£798 Per Month


£55 Per Month

£85 Per Month


£ 62.47 Per Month

£129.01 Per Month

*Mortgage sourced via Trigold software 10-12-08 2 year fixed rate. Interest Only. £170,000 ** Car Insurance based on quotes received from and Endsleigh insurance 9-1-08 . *** Income Protection policy for male non-smoker age 37 produced on exweb system 23-04-08 . All figures are examples only and do not necessarily represent current offers available.

TAG - Overview WHY:

The More We Search The Less We Understand. A recent study* has shown that Britons spend nearly 180 million hours each year researching essential financial purchases. The study also suggests that the more time we spend researching, the less we understand the nature of what we have bought. • 72% don't know what type of mortgage they have (tracker, fixed rate, etc). • 67% don't know what their monthly mortgage payment is. • 78% don't know the interest rate of their mortgage. • 59% don't know the basic details of their contents insurance policy.


TAG - Overview TRUE:

Nothing Can Beat Good Advice From Real People. Understanding what we are buying is the first step to ensuring we get value for money. Understanding a product and whether it is right for you often means you will need to ask some questions. People need quality advice as well as on-line searches. They need to be able to ask someone what “all risks” means and what “accidental damage” covers. They need someone to explain to them why a flexible mortgage may be worth considering and why they may want to consider an investment portfolio which regularly rebalances itself. In short, people need good advice and to get that, they need good Advisors.


TAG - Overview WHAT: All Kinds Of Everything. But where can you find an expert who you can really trust to help you with each of your financial requirements? Sometimes they can be hard to track down. In each area of advice we need someone who can offer specialist advice. In today’s financial world, there is no longer room for a Jack of all trades. But finding a range of financial specialists in one place has been a real challenge. Until now‌ TAG has created a website which puts you in touch with specialist Advisors.professionals who understand their areas thoroughly and are able to help you find exactly what you need as well as guiding you to the most suitable product providers.

TAG - Overview HOW:

Follow An Expert Guide. The Financial Landscape is arduous enough! Don’t go it alone. Get some specialist help. It costs nothing to talk with one of our Third party Advisors

Need an Advisor who speaks your language? Need someone who understands your culture or your industry background? Whoever you are, wherever you live and whatever your advice requirements might be, we have access to independent, specialist Advisors who understand your circumstances and can offer expert guidance.

TAG - Overview WHO:

Great Advice – Even Better Service! We screen all our specialist Advisors and select only those who can ensure that TAG Members receive the highest levels of customer service.

All firms are authorised where required and, in the case of financial Advisors, regulated by the Financial Services Authority. We screen the Advisors and select only those who can demonstrate an ability and a willingness to offer high levels of service and advice. Not only have we selected firms which are already customer oriented, but Advisors are aware that TAG members feed back a service rating each time they deal with any of our TPAs

TAG - Overview TOOLS: Money Management – Your Financial Filing Cabinet & Free Annual Financial Health Check. At last. A simple way for every TAG Member to keep tabs on all their financial products and planning. Never lose track of what you’ve got and the reason you’ve got it. Your Financial Filing Cabinet allows you to log all your financial products, plans and policies in one place. Held in ultra secure storage, only you can access the data but you can allow your specialist Advisors access from time to time which will save you (and them) hours of time filling out forms to gather this information. What’s more, we have developed a Free TAG Financial Health Check Report which turns this information into a meaningful annual financial report . This supplies you with an easy to read graphic illustration of where you stand financially as well as highlighting those areas which do not currently measure up to your goals and objectives. If you want to take action to resolve any of these areas, simply click the relevant link in the report and a specialist Advisor will be in touch. It’s as simple as that!

TAG - Overview TOOLS: Advisor Centre – Keeping You In The Picture Sometimes a financial purchase can be a process in itself. Now, keeping on top of it all has never been easier. Imagine you’re moving house. You are dealing with ; the mortgage Advisor, the solicitor handling the conveyance, the firm organising the new buildings and contents insurance, the estate agent and a specialist life assurance Advisor. A sure fire recipe for stress. Advisor Centre is a communication platform hosted on our website. TAG Members can log in using an ultrasecure password system and not only view the notes on each of the Advisors’ files with whom they are dealing, but also communicate with the Advisor instantly and by e-mail, check to see the outstanding action points and check off tasks completed which were assigned to them. Everything is in real time so they can be bang up to date with what’s going on. So whether you are moving house, dealing with a protracted pension transfer or a simple life assurance application which ends up being not so simple, Advisor Centre can help take the stress out of it all and make sure you remain well and truly in the picture.

TAG - Overview TOOLS: Financial Auto-Pilot & Mortgage Watch Never Miss An Opportunity To Save Money. One of the first things you need to do as a TAG member is log your insurance renewal dates. Although it is a common misconception that certain insurances should only be changed at renewal, it is true to say that that’s when most of us do it. If you miss the opportunity, to compare what you are paying versus what’s available in the marketplace , you could find yourself out of pocket for the next 12 months.

TAG Financial Auto-Pilot allows you to enter your insurance renewal dates in your Financial Filing cabinet and then forget about them. A specialist Advisor will be assigned by TAG to contact you ahead of time to ensure you are aware of your money saving options. As a TAG member, you can benefit from our Mortgage Watch system which will ensure that before your current mortgage rate expires, you will be contacted by a specialist mortgage Advisor who will help you to find the best available rates and options available. This continues throughout the term of the mortgage - a service which could save you thousands of pounds.

TAG - Overview TOOLS: Money Management & Financial Know-How. They don’t teach money management at school – but it’s a skill we all need in everyday life.

We want TAG members to be financially educated. That’s why we will constantly make available; tips, systems and information to our members to make sure they know how to use their money wisely. Many of our Third Party Advisors have agreed to contribute articles and conduct on-line seminars for the benefit of our members who have expressed an interest in a whole range of subjects from insuring their homes to how to save tax If you don’t control your money, it will most certainly control you.

Free Membership WIN: Get Your Own Back. We have negotiated some particularly favourable terms and conditions with each of the specialists who have agreed to advise our members. This includes the fact that part of the commission or fees which the Advisor earns when they transact your business comes back to TAG. And therefore…to you! It’s not going to make you rich but it’s our way of saying thank you for being a TAG Member and using the TAG website to access those products and services you already buy. It’s another reason to make TAG your first choice when it comes to financial purchases.


TAG - Overview TEAM: Its A Partnership. We encourage our members to help their Advisors by being responsive, returning calls and documentation and trying to make the Advisor’s job as easy as possible.

After all, the Advisors are giving back a significant percentage of their revenues. It is in everybody’s interests to ensure that they remains profitable. When TAG members work hand in hand with Advisors, the team effort produces a powerfully effective win-win solution!

Club Membership NEW:

Serious Benefits For Those Who Are Serious About Their Finances. Club Membership offers you a chance to take control like never before.

In addition to all the benefits of free membership, TAG Club members have access to the following significant financial planning benefits: • Financial G.P. • Financial GURU Education Program. • Specialist Advisor On-Line Seminars. • Live Events. • TAG Travel & Leisure Club.

Club Membership NEW:

Financial G.P. Imagine having your own retained fee based Advisor who helps you to manage your finances all year round.

A Financial General Practitioner is an holistic Advisor with a general understanding in all areas of financial advice. He or she will be your first port of call for any financial planning or product purchase and will bring in and oversee specialist Advisors when their contributions are required. Since Financial G.P.s are paid by TAG to be completely objective , Club Members can relax in the knowledge that all the advice they receive is under the direction and scrutiny of a Financial G.P. who does not depend on commissions from the sale of products. Up until now, this has been an option which has been out of reach for many individuals since the cost of a fee based Advisor has traditionally been out of reach for all but the wealthiest individuals. Now thanks to Club Membership, professional fee based advice is accessible to all TAG Members .

Club Membership NEW:

Financial Guru Program Knowledge is power and this program empowers each Club Member to take total control of their financial future .

The Financial Guru Program uses an on-line training module system to lead TAG Club Members through a series of tasks designed to enhance their understanding of their own financial planning. As TAG Club Members progress through the GURU program, they will find their own financial situation improving as a result. Their knowledge of how to save money and how to make it work for them will increase significantly. As a result, their discussions with their Financial G.P. will become ever more meaningful.

Club Membership LEARN: Online Seminars & Live “Invitation Only� Events Whatever your interest and whatever lies on your financial horizon, prepare by attending our regular live and on-line seminars . Nothing beats hearing it from Financial Specialists and being able to ask questions. Maybe you have an inheritance tax concern and would like to attend an on-line seminar or perhaps you are thinking of retiring and you want to explore your options as to how best to take your pension. Whatever your interest, these events will prove invaluable. Most live events allow you to bring a friend and on-line events allow you to take it all in whilst relaxing at home in your favourite armchair.

Club Membership ENJOY: TAG Travel & Leisure Club A whole host of money saving offers are available EXCLUSIVELY to TAG Club Members. In addition to the benefits which are available as a matter of course to TAG Club Members, TAG has teamed up with The U.K’s premier discount voucher company to prepare a whole host of offers which, if you were to use them all, would save you up to £5,000 in retail value. We recognise that not all these vouchers will apply but we are convinced that most members will save at least the cost of their Club Membership over the course of the year.

Club Membership GAIN: Cashback on EVERY transaction. Club Members receive a cash reward each time they transact business.

It doesn’t take a lot to say “Thank You.” We think actions speak louder than words so we have arranged a cash back for Club Members each time they transact business.

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1. Access to Products

1. Access to Products

2. Market Leading Prices

2. Market Leading Prices 3. Financial Filing cabinet 4. Financial Health Check

3. Financial Filing cabinet 4. Financial Health Check 5. Advisor Centre

5. Advisor Centre

6. Financial Auto-Pilot

6. Financial Auto-Pilot

7. Mortgage Watch

7. Mortgage Watch

8. Cash Back

8. Cash Back

9. Financial GP 10. Financial GURU 11. Seminars & Events 12. Travel & Leisure Club

Statutory Warnings We are required under UK Law and for legal compliance reasons to make you aware of the following information:You must not offer financial advice. IT IS UNLAWFUL FOR YOU TO GIVE ADVICE IN RESPECT OF ANY PRODUCT OR OTHER MATTERS REGULATED BY THE FINANCIAL SERVICES ACT 1986 (OR AS AMENDED) OR REGULATED BY THE MORTGAGE CODE, INCLUDING INVESTMENT ADVICE. FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE LOSS OF TAG MEMBERSHIP. Statutory Warning Tag GB Limited ("the Company") of 21a Bank St. Ashford, Kent, TN23 1DG is the promoter of this trading scheme in the United Kingdom. The goods and services which are promoted under this scheme are membership of TAG and related goods and services. 1. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join the scheme.. 2. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. TAG Membership does not constitute an offer of employment Members are independent contractors and are not purchasers of a franchise. The Member Agreement between TAG and its Members does not constitute an employer/employee, agency, partnership or joint venture relationship. Members shall have no legal right or authority to bind TAG to any obligation or to make representations or warranties on behalf of TAG. The Member shall be responsible for filing all necessary tax returns and paying all applicable taxes. TAG does not offer advice. Please note that TAG is not authorised to offer advice and will act only in the capacity of an introducer to companies and individuals who are qualified and authorised to offer specialist financial and legal advice. TAG can accept no responsibility for the advice given by Advisors to whom it introduces. All financial Advisors who have agreed to advise TAG members are regulated by the Financial Services Authority and are screened in accordance with an internal vetting procedure details of which are available on request. Regulatory Statement TAG is regulated by the Financial Services Authority as an introducer.

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