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!!e st l)"ion I--J"pp. nings Volume 2


Issue 4

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8-5 Wednesday 8-Noon Closed for lunch 12-1 Phone: 638-9978 Fax:638-6593 www.scwesfunion,com Email: town deoartment@bells Police Department: 6389099 Mayor: Linda Oliver 247-7392 Council: Dan Cappelen Missy Cappelen Bethany Peay Sharon Zimmerman Clerk: Cecilia Atkins Town Works: James Watkins Police Chief: Mike Eppes

Fire Chief: Jess Neville

April Council meeting The monthly meeting

will be held on Tuesday, April 9,2013 at 6pm.

Anyone interested can go by Town Hall and pick up an application.


Fire Department

+The daisy and the sweet pea are the flowers

The Fire Department will be flushing hydrants the week of

*Diamonds are the birthstone of



Just a reminder that carpet, insulation, shingles, or tires cannot be burned and needs to be disposed of properly.

of April.


*April9,1865, General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant in the

Civil war.

Maintenance Department The trash cans are for household garbage

only.No wood or metal trash will be picked up if found in the can. Just a rerninder that grass cutting season has started so watch for the maintenance workers cutting grass on the roadsides.

Police Department We are taking applications for someone to clean Town Hall once a month.

Facts about

Anyone who sees any suspicious activity is encouraged to call 911.

*April 15,1912, The Titanic

struck an iceberg and sank.

*April 23,1564, Williarr Shakespeare

was bom.

*April 30,1789, George Washingtonwas inaugurated as the first President of the US.

*April30,1975, the Vietnam war ended.


We want to wish Dan Cappelen a very Happy Birthday on

April 16!!!!

Fun In The Sun zOn Update The T-shirts are now available to purchase. We have tie dye for $15, pink, purple, orange and gray adult sizes for $12, and pink and orange kid's sizes for $12. Anyone interested in purchasing one can come by Town Hall to pick it up. Also, anyone interested in volunteering to help on the day of the fe stival please contact Sharon Zimmerman at 280-A1,4I . Anyone interested in becoming a vendor the the festival can contact Bethany Peay at723-3781.