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GAUTHREAUX Leads Heretic Into President’s Day Weekend

Patty Griffin

Opens Up About the Gay Community

Romeo and Juliet Gets an All-Male Twist

Wh i s t l i n g Ps y c h e by Sebastian Barry

Joanna Daniel as Florence Nightingale Kathleen McManus as Dr James Barry directed by Rebecca Frank

“It was a strange love without English or history, existing instead in a realm of story and dream...”

February 13-23, 2014 Woodruff Arts Center Black Box Theatre 3rd floor, Woodruff Arts Center 1280 Peachtree Street NE Atlanta GA 30309 404.692.0053

This production is being presented under the auspices of the Actors’ Equity Association Members’ Project Code.

2.12.14 V.17 I.7

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A Note from the


With Allies Like Piers Morgan…


like to think of myself as a pretty firm believer in giving people the benefit of the doubt. When somebody says they’re an ally to the LGBT community, for example, I believe that they’re telling the truth. Now, that doesn’t mean they know everything about our community or are immune from making mistakes, but I can at least believe they’re well-intentioned and simply need to be told why they’re wrong, and what they can do to correct themselves. But boy, is Piers Morgan trying my belief. If you haven’t heard, trans activist Janet Mock went on Morgan’s show last week to discuss her new book, Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More. The interview itself wasn’t all that explosive, but Mock went on Twitter after the segments aired to express her disappointment in Morgan’s treatment of her. Chryons on-screen stated that Mock “was a boy until 18” and was “formerly a man,” which isn’t an accurate description of how Mock identifies herself, and Morgan himself largely dwelled on pre-transition parts of Mock’s story in a similar manner. Morgan’s response? An increasingly caustic series of tweets directed at Mock and her defenders. He called himself a “victim of cisphobia,” which is about as valid an argument as a conservative claiming to be the “victim of heterophobia.” He invited Mock to come back on his show live the next night, and their debate again focused primarily on Morgan’s belief that at one point, Mock was a boy.

2) Within the community, by and large, we tend to be the most aware of our own issues. I think that’s understandable, since our issues are the most immediate to us. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work to educate ourselves on what others in the community face, and that’s especially true for trans issues. We all need to be respectful of other people’s experiences, and not act like we can’t learn from others. 3) While Mock’s supporters did tweet some nasty things to Morgan, Morgan’s equally nasty responses were largely aimed at Mock, who was fairly respectful in her comments to Morgan. While it’s not exactly surprising, given Morgan’s propensity for creating feuds out of thin air, it’s not the way an ally should behave. Or anyone, really. Telling someone that you know more about their experiences than they do is so wrong-headed, it shouldn’t require any explanation for why it’s wrong. But to be clear: it’s a safe bet that, for example, a trans person is going to have a better idea than an ally of what it means to be trans.

I can only hope that people who call There are plenty of issues to get into with this whole scenario, themselves allies will use this as a learnso I can only touch on a few this week. But I think it’s impor- ing experience on how to not behave as an ally, because with allies like Piers tant to highlight those issues, however briefly: Morgan, who needs enemies? 1) In the wide range of LGBT issues, trans issues are very different from LGB issues. Trans people go through a different set of experiences than gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Trying to conflate all of the issues together can lead to a lot of confusion regarding trans issues, simply because gay issues tend to get more attention. 8 // 02.12.2014

Elijah Sarkesian



with Zachary Shots Welch


f you’re looking for a great drink to go with your Sunday Funday brunch, check out Zachary over at Ten Atlanta. Zachary knows what he’s doing when it comes to your morning mimosa or Bloody Mary, and his drinks are a great way to kick off your morning (or afternoon)! What’s your favorite philosophy with bartending? I think the more times someone who’s been drinking says, “Trust me,” the less I should trust them. (Laughs) Also, I love that my momma always used to tell me, on a first date, watch how your date treats the server or bartender. That’s how they will treat you one day. What’s your favorite drink to make, and what’s in it? My favorite drink is a Bulleit Mule. It’s 2 ounces of Bulleit Bourbon topped with ginger beer and fresh lime. The lime is key since it pulls out the citrus flavors in the Bulleit. Come try one! How did you get your start? My former boyfriend’s dream was to co-own a bar, so I wanted to be able to help him with his dream. I started bartending house parties three years ago, so that I could help him. And now I’m the a.m. bartender at Ten Atlanta! 10 // 02.12.2014

By Dylan Michael // 11


Deep Inside Hollywood

By Romeo San Vicente

Casting and recasting: Mara in for Mia in Carol Skeleton and Strange Sell at Sundance Things change. Rooney Mara (Her) will now be playing the lead in Carol, the adaptation of lesbian author Patricia Highsmith’s novel The Price of Salt. Mia Wasikowska was originally cast in the main role as a young woman named Therese who falls for an older married woman (to be played by Cate Blanchett, probably perfectly), but she’s dropped out. Enter Mara, whose arty lesbian fanbase was solidified by The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Side Effects, and who can seemingly do no wrong; she’s a wise choice when you want to cool-up your cast list. Furthermore, with Todd Haynes as director, an adapted screenplay by Phyllis Nagy, Christine Vachon as producer and lesbian actress Sarah Paulson (12 Years a Slave), this is the kind of project that would make for an avalanche of points if there such a thing as gay filmmaking fantasy leagues. Actually, who knows, maybe there are.

Ira Sachs, writer-director of the acclaimed gay indie Keep the Lights On, is on a career roll. His latest feature, Love is Strange, just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and will now be distributed by Sony Pictures Classics. Starring Alfred Molina and John Lithgow as a gay couple in New York who’ve been together for decades, the film revolves around what happens when they lose their home and are forced to rely on friends and family. It co-stars Marisa Tomei and Cheyenne Jackson and will now see the kind of release other indie filmmakers dream about. Meanwhile, filmmaker Craig Johnson’s latest dark comedy-drama, The Skeleton Twins – which also played at Sundance – will find its own way into theaters later this year. It stars Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader in dramatic roles as estranged, depressed siblings (Hader’s character is gay) who try to piece their lives back together after failed mutual suicide attempts. It co-stars Luke Wilson as Wiig’s husband and Ty Burrell as Hader’s ex. And just go ahead and decide right now to check Brokeback Mountain opera opening in Madrid your “Stefon” expectations at the door. The most memorable operas, the ones that inspire longterm devotion, are the tragedies. And Brokeback Mountain, the Annie Proulx novella turned into a film and gay cultural touchstone, is nothing if not tragic. The story of two closeted ranch workers in the gay forbidden zone of 1960s Wyoming, Brokeback has crossed over into the world of music with a brand new opera. Composed by gay 75-year-old Charles Wuorinen, the Pulitzer Prize-winning composer whose challenging work has earned him a career filled with both the admiration of his peers as well as approval from audiences in search of new “classical” music, Brokeback Mountain stars Canadian bass-baritone Daniel Okulitch and U.S. tenor Tom Randle with a libretto by Proulx herself. The Englishlanguage production is being staged at Madrid’s Teatro Real right now, so you can either hop on a plane or wish, hope and pray for an adventurous opera company in the United States to mount the production. Nah, better just hop on that plane. 12 // 02.12.2014

Effie Gray with a bit of gay Euphemia “Effie” Gray was the teenage bride of the Victorian art critic John Ruskin, yet she refused to consummate that unhappy union. Instead she had it annulled before running off with Ruskin’s protégé, the painter John Everett Millais. It was quite the scandal, you see, a proper aristocratic love triangle. And now, for lucky fans of corsets, tea and big hats, it’s going to be a film from director John Laxton, written by Emma Thompson. Dakota Fanning (all grown up now) will play Miss Gray, and the supporting cast is populated by at least two cool gay character actors, Being Human’s Russell Tovey (also featured on this season of Looking) and acclaimed veteran stage and screen presence Derek Jacobi (The King’s Speech). But gay cast members aside, the real draws here for queer audiences are going to be the costumes, the fancy setting and that champion of sipping martinis on stage at the Golden Globes, Emma Thompson. We’ll follow her anywhere, even to that weird Saving Mr. Banks fluff.


ON SALE NOW! • March 4-9 // 13



‘Romeo and Juliet’ For A New Generation


e all know the story of Romeo and Juliet, and have seen it multiple times, in multiple formats – but you haven’t seen it like this! The Fabrefaction Theater Company is rebooting the show, and bringing a script by Joe Calarco to life on its stage. In this version, the actors are all men (which is how they did theater way back in the day), and they play all different parts.

Shakespeare’s R&J is the story of four young prep school friends who, day in and day out, have the same monotonous tasks such as learning to conjugate Latin. One day, they decide to break out of the routine by reading a copy of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. They all take turns reading the play aloud, and are immediately swept away by the words of Shakespeare. They become so enraptured in the words, they start to break rules in order to continue reading. The boys begin to draw comparisons between their lives and the lives of the characters, from roles in their families to their roles in society. Everything in the world begins to make sense, and then, suddenly, no sense. While all four of the boys have been taking turns reading the play, two of the boys eventually emerge solely playing Romeo and Juliet, adding in a new dimension to the story. The fun of acting eventually fades as the acting turns 14 // 02.12.2014

By Dylan Michael

serious and the words, and their meanings, begin to hit home and bear weight all the way through the tragic end. The Fabrefaction Theater is transitioning from a Company to a Conservatory and this is the first step in the right direction. It features an all-star cast of rising local talent featuring Brian Hatch, Kyle Brumley, Justin Walker, and Chase Anderson. At the helm of the production is local theater icon Brian Clowdus. Clowdus, the director of the production, had this to say about the show: “I could not be more excited to be directing this ground breaking adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. We will be the first regional production outside of The Signature Theatre (where it premiered) to be using the revamped Joe Calarco script, even before it’s publishing. This show gets to the heart of Romeo and Juliet with four powerhouse actors playing every role embracing the angst, lust and forbidden circumstances of the story all set within the confines of an all-boy Catholic prep school. If truer words were ever spoken, this is not your Grandmother’s Romeo and Juliet!” The show runs every Thursday through Sunday, starting Feb. 14, in the 156-seat theater in West Midtown – just in time for Valentine’s Day! If your significant other is a theater fan, this is one way to spend the holiday. You can purchase tickets online at


Out of Town:

Exploring San Francisco’s SoMa Neighborhood


ncompassing a vast, architecturally and demographically diverse tract of central San Francisco ( that extends from the Mission District to the bay, SoMa is most markedly defined by what it stands for: it’s the neighborhood south of Market Street. Within this urban swath containing everything from shiny new loft condos to vintage refurbished warehouses, you’ll find a vibrant stretch of waterfront on the bay, the culturally dynamic Yerba Buena Gardens complex, several stylish hotels, the heart of the city’s leatherand-Levi’s queer scene, a few of the longest-running gay dance clubs in the country, and some of the city’s trendiest restaurants and cafes.

By Andrew Collins

SoMa Sightseeing Highlights

Right where Market Street ends on the bay, at Embarcadero, you’ll find San Francisco’s Ferry Terminal Building, which contains a slew of great restaurants and food shops. The gorgeously restored 1898 building overlooks San Francisco Bay – ferry boats to Oakland, Sausalito, Tiburon, and elsewhere still leave from the piers behind the building. Inside, you’ll find merchants and restaurants proffering a dizzying variety of mouthwatering morsels, including wines, olive oils, sausages, cheeses, coffee and tea, sweets – you name it. There’s also a terrific farmers market early on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Across street, stop inside the small but very interesting San Francisco Railway Museum, Day or night, you’ll find plenty to see and do in SoMa. Although which contains exhibits on the city’s famed cable cars and LGBT tourists often look upon the Castro as San Francisco’s F-line streetcars. must-see neighborhood, the SoMa gay scene – concentrated around Folsom and Harrison streets near the confluence of The contemporary Yerba Buena Gardens comprises terraced the 101 and I-80 freeways – has been humming along for gardens and waterfalls, sculptures, an arts center with pereven longer, and it offers an impressively eclectic, creative, formance halls and art galleries, cafes, a children’s museum, and edgy vibe that appeals to everyone from queer artists to and an ice-skating and bowling center. Taking up two large sophisticated foodies to leather-and-fetish aficionados. city blocks, this complex also contains the huge and modern Metreon shopping mall and movie plex, and several inAt the upper (northeastern) end of SoMa, closer to the triguing museums: the Museum of the African Diaspora, the Financial District and waterfront, the neighborhood is more Cartoon Art Museum, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, touristy and traditional. This section is anchored by the mam- and the California Historical Society. Across from Yerba moth Moscone Convention Center, named for former mayor Buena, the outstanding San Francisco Museum of Modern George Moscone who was – with iconic gay rights activist Art (SFMOMA) is closed during a major expansion until early Harvey Milk – assassinated in 1978. Business travelers and 2016, but the excellent SFMOMA museum store is still open, tourists of all types are drawn to the several museums, up- and in the meantime, the museum is presenting a number of scale shopping malls, and luxury hotels in this area. rotating exhibits at other venues around the city. 16 // 02.12.2014

The neighborhood has quite a few commercial art galleries, too – 111 Minna Gallery and Terra Gallery are notable venues not too far from Yerba Buena Gardens, while down near the Mission, the SoMa Arts Cultural Center presents provocative exhibits throughout the year – they’re often specifically of queer interest. Several other galleries are located along Howard and Folsom streets in this part of the neighborhood.

Nearby, the Lone Star Saloon ( is a beloved neighborhood bar with a good-size patio, great happy hour drink specials, and a furry all-ages crowd.

11th Street between Folsom and Harrison has gradually become SoMa’s hippest bar-hopping block, with a slew of notable restaurants, lounges, and clubs, including the gay nightspot BeatBox (, an eclectic space for dancing Restaurants that offers everything from country music on Tuesdays to Tea-Rex T-dances on Sundays; and DNA Lounge (dnalounge. SoMa’s upper reaches abound with noteworthy restaurants, com), a huge dance club and live-music venue with a mixed many of them located in the upscale hotels mentioned below. crowd and an adjacent pizza restaurant that’s handily open In the Ferry Terminal Building, don’t miss Gott’s Roadside for 24/7. delicious burgers, seafood, and garlic fries; and the Slanted Door for upscale Vietnamese cuisine. Nearby, the massive 1015 Folsom ( nightclub has some highly popular circuit-style parties and raves – check Many of the top tables in SoMa are down in the lower end, how- the calendar for details. Cat Club ( is anever, amid the neighborhood’s gay bars. A culinary high point other cool dance space with different theme nights, many is Radius San Francisco (, a stylish high-ceilinged with a strong queer following – Throwback Thursdays and storefront space specializing in gorgeously plated, locally Wednesday’s Bondage A-Gogo are two of the city’s better sourced California cuisine and fine regional wines – on warmer midweek clubbing adventures. days, dine on the patio. With vintage photos and framed Life Magazine covers on the wall, old-school Rocco’s (roccoscafe. Where to Stay in SoMa com) is a lively, gay-popular spot for well-prepared classic redsauce Italian fare, from linguine with sautéed calamari to chick- Across the street from the Ferry Terminal Building, the sleek en marsala with pasto pesto. Along buzzy 11th Street, check and contemporary Hotel Vitale ( is part of the out Bergerac ( – a glamorous space with craft stylish Joie de Vivre chain; many of its airy rooms overlook cocktails and creative small-plates snacks (Asian duck tacos, the bay, and there’s a great little urban spa on-site. Just a shrimp fritters) – and Bar Agricole (, known for block away and occupying part of a historic YMCA building, stellar mod-American cooking. the Harbor Court ( is one of two SoMa members of the gay-popular, San Francisco-based Kimpton Gay Bars and Nightclubs brand. This 131-room property has a large ground-floor “living room” off the lobby with a fireplace and plenty of comfy SoMa’s lower section is home to some of the city’s most his- armchairs – it’s a lovely spot to while away an afternoon. The toric gay bars, including the End Up, which has been going design-driven W San Francisco ( rises 31 strong since 1973 – it was featured famously in Armistead stories above Yerba Beuna Gardens, its rooms chockfull of Maupin’s Tales of the City series. The crowd these days is a cushy amenities, and its TRACE restaurants drawing a seecatch-all: queer and straight clubbers of all ages, from col- and-be-seen crowd for drinks and dining. lege students to some who may very well have been here on opening night four decades ago. Also legendary is The One of the better deals in the neighborhood, the gay-popular Stud (, which is nearing its 50th birthday and is Mosser Victorian ( is a smartly renovated redjustly famous for its Meow Mix gender-bender Tueday variety brick beauty right in the heart of the neighborhood. Next door shows and is fun for dancing on weekends, too. is Kimpton’s other SoMa property, the dapper Palomar San Francisco (, which has a decidedly plush The neighborhood has long been one of the world’s leading and modern vibe, its rooms outfitted with gourmet minibars hubs of gay leather culture – it plays host to the infamous and iPod docks. Folsom Street Fair ( each September as well as the Up Your Alley fetish fair in late July. The re- Down closer to gay nightlife are several mid-range chain propnowned San Francisco Eagle (, which shuttered erties, the best of which are the Holiday Inn San Franciscofor a time and was nearly redeveloped as an upscale res- Civic Center ( and the retro-decorated Best Western taurant (causing a huge community kerfuffle), reopened early Plus Americania ( Next to the latter, the in 2013 and is as invitingly dark and saucy as ever, if less arty, eco-conscious, and still reasonably priced Good Hotel strictly leather-oriented than it used to be. These days you’ll ( is, indeed, a good place to lay your head find a diverse crowd, including otters and bears, hipsters, for the night. Strictly for those on a tight budget, the dive-y leather daddies, and even some twinks. Other good bets but economical (rates start under $100) San Francisco Inn along Folsom Street include the ultra-cruise-y Powerhouse ( is a bare-bones motel with free (, with such creative theme nights at parking that works well in a pinch. And you can’t beat the Nipple Play and Kink Salon, and the venerable Hole in the Wall location for SoMa nightlife – it’s right by the Stud nightclub Saloon (, which has long billed itself and less than three blocks from most of the other gay clubs “a nice little queer bar for filthy bikers and loudmouth punks.” in the neighborhood. // 17


President’s Man: DJ Joe Gauthreaux Leads Heretic President’s Weekend

By Mack Trivoli

photo & cover photo: Eli Hue Photography


resident’s Day Weekend is all about celebrating our country’s leaders. On the gay dance floor, it’s DJ Joe Gauthreaux who leads the pack, weaving tribal, EDM, and progressive house with commercial vocal anthems. Inspired by DJ Chus, Peter Rauhofer, and Brazilian producers like Mauro Mozart, Enrry, and Rogerio Lima, he says his goal is to keep his sound fresh and the floor’s momentum pumping. “The worst thing a DJ can do is get stuck in a certain sound for too long,” he says. “Music is constantly changing and evolving. If you don’t change with it, you’ll get left behind.”

DA: What advice do you have for up-and-coming DJs?

Joe Gauthreaux: I happened to be in Los Angeles this year so I got to see it live in person, which was crazy! Of course, the wedding part of the night was so moving. The whole arena was cheering during the commercial break.  It was one of those moments that I was so happy to be there and get to witness it in person.

JG: Oh yes. I always struggle with what to put on my podcast and what to hold back for my live sets. I can promise you there will be a lot of surprises.

JG: Always be one step ahead. Don’t get too caught up in the trends. Keep changing your sound to keep people interested. DA: DJing to thousands has got to be stressful. Is there anything that keeps you up at night?

JG: There are so many things that keep me up at night because by nature I’m a worry wart. Right now, my biggest fear is that a really bad snow storm will prevent me from getting to work. I’ve It’s why, six years ago, Joe Gauthreaux decided to dabble in pro- never watched the weather more closely in my whole life than duction work. In that time, he’s worked with some of the big- this winter.  It’s been crazy. gest dance artists in the biz including Kristine W, Jeanie Tracy, and Tony Moran. Last year, he made the leap from club to major DA: What are you currently working on productionartists, remixing for superstar acts like Ne-Yo, The Wanted and wise? even Justin Bieber. “It was for ‘Boyfriend’, the first single from Justin’s new album,” Gauthreaux explains. “At the time, nobody JG: Actually, I’m working on releasing my first single. I’ve written had heard his new direction. I was excited to have the oppor- about five songs and recorded with some amazing artists.  I’m tunity to present his voice in a clubbier production. I think my just trying to figure out which one I want to release first. I’ve been favorite thing about that project is that I helped show people in working on this for a while and am very excited about finally bethe dance community that Justin’s a real artist with talent and a ing able to release my own tracks.  It’s what I’ve been working great voice.” Joe Gauthreaux spins the Presidents Day Weekend towards all these years. Party at Heretic Saturday, February 15. DA: Will you be bringing any new beats to Atlanta for David Atlanta: Is it true you attended the Grammy’s? President’s Day?

DA: Finish this sentence: When I think of Atlanta, I…

JG: …think of all the friends I’ve made here. It’s nice looking out DA: We’re celebrating leaders this President’s Day. on the dance floor and recognizing all the faces. How did you become a leader of the dance floor? JG: Well, first of all, thank you for considering me to be a leader on the dancefloor! I just play the music I like and hope the crowd does too. I wish it were more complex, but it isn’t.  I’m simply being myself.  18 // 02.12.2014


Joe Gauthreaux spins the Presidents Day Weekend Party at Heretic Saturday, February 15. For more information, visit or

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Lost & Found photo: Cambria Harkey

Patty Griffin Reflects on Feeling Close to the Gay Community, Being a ‘Weirdo’ and Helping a Kid Come Out

There are singers, there are songwriters – and then there’s Patty Griffin. Not only has the celebrated songstress been praised for her versatility, Griffin’s untouchable talent has earned her a Grammy and landed her material on releases from some of the industry’s biggest names. For artists seeking poetic musings (and really sad songs), Griffin is a go-to. Besides the Dixie Chicks, Kelly Clarkson, Bette Midler and Emmylou Harris have all given a second life to the writer’s rootsy tunes. Griffin’s own catalog, though, is immense, and just this last year she added two more gems to her repertoire: American Kid – a work of staggering genius that, not surprisingly, topped many best-of lists – and Silver Bell, her “lost” LP, shelved by her then-label, that was released 13 years after she recorded it. From her hometown of Austin, Texas, Griffin recently chatted about feeling like a “weirdo,” which song of hers helped a kid come out to his parents and getting over her religious prejudices to record a gospel album. David Atlanta: American Kid is obviously very connected to your late father, who was dying as you were writing it. What is the most difficult song for you to get through live? Patty Griffin: I don’t think I have a great deal of difficulty getting through them. My emotional response varies from night to night, and there are times when that can make it hard to sing, but there hasn’t been one in particular that’s gotten me too emotional to sing. It’s all emotional. (Laughs) 22 // 02.12.2014

By Chris Azzopardi

It’s been really great to have songs in my own life that speak about him. I didn’t think about it at the time, about honoring him; I was just trying to get myself through him passing away. I didn’t think about how great it would be later to tell his story, at least from my point of view. I don’t know how thrilled he’d be about some of these things! (Laughs) DA: How is creating and performing music a catharsis for you? PG: To me, it’s just my nature. It’s how I’m built. I feel like I have to do it, you know? I think anybody who’s a musician who gets to be 50 and is still a musician, that’s really how they’re built. They really have to do it. So it’s very second nature to me. It’s really, really not hard for me to express myself that way. DA: I think of your debut, Living With Ghosts, as the older cousin to American Kid; they’re both so raw. PG: Yes! (Laughs) DA: How was your approach to American Kid different or similar to Living With Ghosts? PG: Oh, I did think of just doing a straight acoustic record, but there are certain things on it that were crying out for arrangements and other instrumentation, so I wanted to make it a small-sounding record. I’m glad you said “raw,” because that’s what I was aiming for. I wanted it to not be polished at all. For me, I thought Downtown Church, although it was recorded live with a band in church, was a very polished sound. Children Running Through is probably the most polished sound of any record I’ve done. So I was just ready to get out of Nashville and out of that mindset of everything having that cleanness to it. (Recording in) Memphis really made sense to me – they don’t do clean! DA: Your songwriting has always come from a personal place. Of all your albums, do you feel particularly closest to one? Which has the most significance in your life?

PG: No, but Downtown Church was a great learning experience – one of the reasons I carry those songs into this tour. There’s so much controversy, and spirituality has been abused and confiscated so much over the centuries, causing countless people to manipulate people and make them feel terrible. When you boil it down to these songs and express the spirit in a really honest way – especially listening to a lot of black gospel music or right-off-the-farm white gospel music – when it gets to be that close to the bone, it’s honest, it’s moving and it’s uplifting, and that’s what it should be.

PG: You know, yes…yes, it was. (Laughs) That was one of my best friends many years ago, yeah. I was feeling sorry for myself, and after I’m like, “I’m sorry, Paul!”

PG: Very aware of it. I have many, many close friends in the gay community. Sometimes I think I know more gay people than I do straight people right now in my life. Looking back through my life, even to my childhood, I’ve always had gay friends – although, when I was little, I didn’t know they were gay! (Laughs)

Later on, after we had graduated and I had moved on and out from where I grew up, I found out that he had killed himself. I didn’t really intend to write anything for people to use, but I guess it does work that way. The point is that everybody’s suffering with something. That’s the place I wrote it from.

One of the reasons the energy of the gay community works really well with me is that when you’re different and outside of what’s considered normal and acceptable, you have to either plunge into darkness and never get out or grow into something really strong. You have to develop just to survive, so there’s a depth, a strength, a resilience and also a real kindness within yourself. You have to be really good friends with yourself – and that’s what’s really attracted me to gay people in my life.

DA: That’s what you capture so well in your music: the human connection and the human spirit.

Actually, he saved my life, that guy. But yeah, I was just feeling sorry about my failed marriage when I wrote that song, but actually, I didn’t know how positive that would be when I wrote it.

DA: How about “Tony,” which has become particularly relevant after the rash of suicides in the It was an epiphany for me, and it helped open up my mind gay and lesbian community these last few years. to a whole school of music that I had brushed off because I When you wrote that song, did you think it would didn’t wanna just hear a patriarchal God. If you can remove connect so much with that community? your prejudices for a moment and get past some of them, it’s a whole world of incredible music. It’s a big treasure chest. PG: I remember I was on the road in the late ’90s and I was at a gig in Montana, I think, and this kid came up to me DA: Hey, who says God can’t be a woman? with a friend of his and said that he had just used that song to come out to his family. He was in tears and he thanked PG: (Laughs) If you were raised in any kind of traditional me for that. Christian home, you never heard them refer to God as a “she.” I didn’t really think about that when I wrote it. Again, I’m always exploring myself, you know? I wrote that song for DA: Speaking of religion making people feel ter- myself about being a weirdo and suffering from being a rible, let’s talk about the gay community. How weirdo and realizing that there was this really quiet kid in aware are you of a gay fan base? front of me (at school) who was obviously gay.

My gay friends are just unbelievably resilient and such solid people, and I can’t say that I find the same with straight friends. There’s a little more wonkiness going on. But I think, for me, I always feel – just because of what I’ve chosen to do for a living, and how everybody in my family scored really high on their SATs and they’ve all got careers – I’m the weirdo. (Laughs) It’s been really great for me to be able to hang out with people who just automatically had to develop that resilience, and maybe there’s something that reads from my music that gay people have to look for.

PG: Well, trying for it. (Laughs) DA: Are there any plans to release any songs from the stockpile of unreleased material you have? PG: There are songs I’ve done that I’ve forgotten! I probably won’t. I have so many things I wanna do in my life and doing that is not one of them – sorry! (Laughs) At least not right now. My brain won’t work that way. Maybe at some point all my focus will go into that because that’s where I need to be, but right now I just wanna do other things. I don’t wanna worry about what’s out there sitting around. I figure if it’s gonna have a life, it’ll have a life. DA: Now that you’re romantically involved with Robert Plant, might we hear some happy love songs that aren’t just about your dog?

DA: The song “Moses” from Living With Ghosts mentions your “best friend who is queer” being PG: I don’t know about that! (Laughs) oblivious to your pain. Was it written about a reallife gay friend? 24 // 02.12.2014 // 25

Joes on Juniper 1049 Juniper Street Atlanta, GA 30309 444.875.6634

e r ’ We ’ brain n s! i g ’ n e a o h at J



The Lego Movie

By Elijah Sarkesian

The message is balanced out with a rapid-fire sense of humor. While it’s kid-friendly, the humor skews heavily towards pop culture references and satire. One of the most engaging bits of satire is the film’s take on pop music, which comes down to a single K-pop–style song called “Everything is AWESOME!!!” t’s a film that, on paper, shouldn’t work. At the very Be warned: the song will be stuck in your head when leaving least, it sounds like the biggest commercial for a single the theater. brand ever. But with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who previously teamed for Cloudy with a Chance of It also helps that the film includes a number of talented acMeatballs and 21 Jump Street, at the helm, The Lego tors playing characters that offer twists on characters they Movie is a frequently hilarious, surprisingly heartfelt film that frequently portray. Morgan Freeman’s Vitruvius, for example, transcends its ties to the toy bricks that populate the screen. takes the wise older man role Freeman’s played so many times, and makes him a bit crazy. Liam Neeson’s Good Cop/ The film centers around Emmet Brickowski (voiced by Chris Bad Cop takes advantage of the two-sided faces to many Pratt), a construction worker who’s used to living by the in- Lego minifigures so that he can play aggressive and kind structions laid out by President Business (Will Ferrell). One within seconds of each other. The center of the film, though, day, though, Emmet finds himself distracted by the rear- is Emmet, and Chris Pratt brings all of the manchild amazekicking Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) and inadvertently stuck ment that he’s brought to other roles for this one sweet but to something called the Piece of Resistance, which is the only naive character. thing that can stop President Business, a.k.a. Lord Business, from unleashing a weapon called the Kragle on all of the And then there’s the animation. While largely CGI, the film Lego worlds. Keeping Emmet away from Lord Business and also includes a lot of stop-motion animation. As far as the his henchman, Bad Cop/Good Cop (Liam Neeson), Wyldstyle animation goes, with the exception of the characters’ faces, takes him through different lands where they meet the Master everything looks like something someone with a lot of time Builders, a group that can build anything they can think of (and money for the world’s largest Lego collection) could recwithout instructions. But will Emmet be able to prove that he reate. That includes characters that only move at their joints, is the Special, the one who can stop Lord Business? and elements like water that are made from translucent blue plastic Legos. It’s a nice touch. I’ll admit that I thought this movie would simply be a cashgrab for Lego up until I saw the first trailer several months Out of all the films marketed to kids every year, there are usuago. Instead, Lord and Miller have taken this opportunity to ally a few that are great for adults as well. This year, The Lego create a story about the importance of two different concepts: Movie is one of those films. Just think of it as the more hyperhaving the freedom to be creative, and being able to follow active version of Toy Story. instructions to accomplish something. The film includes a twist in the third act that, in particular, shows the dangers of The Lego Movie is now playing in thesquashing creativity, and it’s done in a way that should suraters. It’s rated PG for mild action and prise most audiences. It’s definitely a message aimed more rude humor. for the adults bringing children to this movie. Don’t let the animation – or the name – fool you. The Lego Movie is a fun and engaging film for all audiences.



28 // 02.12.2014

Lenox Overlook Townhomes From the

Mid $200’s

Move-In Ready and Basement Homes Available! Community Features: • Gated Community • Amenities Include a Pool, Cabana and Bark Park • 2-Car Garages • 3 Bedroom/2.5 Bath or 4 Bedroom/3.5 Bath Floor Plans from 1,900 Sq. Ft. to 2,600 Sq. Ft. • Exterior Building Maintenance


For more information, please call 404-633-0604 or visit

® ®

In the Atlanta division, prices, plans and specifications are subject to change without notice. Photographs and or renderings are for illustrative purposes only. Information believed to be accurate but not warranted. BUILDER magazine named Ryland Homes the 2012 “Fastest-Growing Public Homebuilder” in the May 2013 issue of Builder 100. See Sales Counselor for details and a complete list of HouseWorks® features. © 2013 The Ryland Group, Inc. // 29

30 // 02.12.2014 // 31 // 35

36 // 02.12.2014

38 // 02.12.2014

42 // 02.12.2014

theScene 1

10th & Piedmont 991 Piedmont Ave. NE

14 Cowtippers

27 Jungle

40 The Model T


Amsterdam 502 Amsterdam Ave. NE

15 Daiquiri Factory

28 Las Margaritas

41 Tripps


Atlanta Eagle 306 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE

16 Einstein's

29 Manifest 4 U

42 Urban Body Fitness


BJ Roosters 2043 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

17 F.R.O.G.S

30 Mixx

43 Woof's


Blake's 227 10th St. NE

18 Felix's

31 Oscar's

44 XS Ultra Lounge


Bliss 2284 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

19 Flex Spa

32 Opus 1


Boy Next Door 1447 Piedmont Ave. NE

20 Friends

33 Roxx


Brushstrokes 1510 Piedmont Ave. NE

21 Gatsby's

34 Sam's Hair Salon

Le Buzz 585 Franklin Rd. SE Marietta, GA


Bubbles Salon 1579 Monroe Dr. NE

22 Gilbert's

35 Southern Nights

Mary's 1287 Glenwood Ave. SE

10 Bulldogs

23 Gravity Fitness

36 Ten Atlanta

My Sister's Room 1271 Glenwood Ave. SE

11 Burkhart's

24 Heretic

37 The Den

Club Rush 2715 Buford Hwy. NE

12 Capulets

25 Hobnob

38 The Fifth Ivory

Sister Louisa’s Church 466 Edgewood Ave. SE

13 Club Eros

26 Joe's on Juniper

39 The Hideaway

Swinging Richard's 1400 Northside Dr. NW

893 Peachtree St. NE 1492 Piedmont Ave. NE 1510 Piedmont Ave. NE 2219 Faulkner Rd. NE

1600 Piedmont Ave. NE 889 W. Peachtree Str. NW 1077 Juniper St. NE 931 Monroe Cir. NE 1510 Piedmont Ave. NE 76 4th St. NW

2115 Faulkner Rd. NE

699 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE

1842 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

1931 Piedmont Cir. NE

2103 Faulkner Rd. NE

500 Amsterdam Ave. NE

1492 Piedmont Ave. NE

2425 Piedmont Rd. NE

1510 Piedmont Ave. NE

708 Spring Str. NW Not Shown: Cockpit 465 Boulevard SE

1086 Alco St. NE

736 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE 931 Monroe Dr. NE 219 10th St. NE

1824 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 2000 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 2205 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

2201 Faulkner Rd. NE 2069 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 1551 Piedmont Ave. NE 1049 Juniper Str. NE

990 Piedmont Ave. Ne 2135 Liddell Dr. NE 794 Juniper Str. NE 1544 Piedmont Ave. NE













48 // 02.12.2014

Midtown Monroe Dr. NE

42 2 Amsterdam Ave.


1 22 5

10th St. NE

9th St. NE Charles Allen Dr. NE


e D r.




Ave. NE Piedmont

. NE Juniper St

St. NE

ree St. NW



Ponce De Leon Pl. NE


Pi e



West Peac ht

Spring St. NW


Piedmont Park



10th St. NE


tA ve .


Juniper St. NE

West Peachtree St. NW

Spring St. NW

14th St. NE

4th St. NE



40 20

Ponce De Leon Ave. NE








e rg



32 6

.N Dr

A lco





E .N tA ve on m ed Pi

. NE

Manchester St. NE

Piedmont Rd



ed m on tC ir.

Monroe Dr. NE

Piedmont Park






id Br


L i d de l l D



ge R Brid




34 4

28 ge


13 er





29 Fa






R d. N





tA ve





L in

n t R d.


12 18 11 31 30

Lindbergh Dr.



Ponce De Leon Ave. NE


. // 49


10th & piedmont Half Price Wine Bottles BLAKE’S Trivia at 11. $$$ prizes BURKHART’S Blue Monday Karaoke with Darlene at 10PM COCKPIT  Big Red Cup All Day, specials EAGLE Music Videos with Scotty FELIX’S  Free Pool FRIENDS Manic Mondays DJ opens - 2 pm G’s Half Price Wine Bottles and Trivia HERETIC Jukebox drag with Knomie Moore HIDEAWAY  $2.50 Domestic Beer JUNGLE Stars of the Century Show 11pm MODEL T Monday Night Madness Free Pool - 10pm - 2am OSCAR’S Service Industry Night with Eric swinging richards Hip-Hop Night, Sponsored by Hennessy 8:30pm

got an upcoming event? lips atlanta Bitchy Bingo SATURDAY model t Party with Elvis - 9 pm

10th & piedmont Bellini Brunch blake’s Open at 1pm, All NEW Show, DragXotic 11pm BURKHART’S SYNERGY with Shawnna Brooks and Monica Van Pelt at 11PM blake’s Texas Hold’Em Poker 7pm, “Duct cockpit  DJ Diablo Rojo, guest VJ/DJ’s Tape Dynasty” with Shawnna Brooks 11pm eagle DJ Dance Party BURKHART’S DANCEFLOOR DIVAS felix’s Karaoke w/ Brett & Tyler 10pm with Phoenix (RuPaul’s Drag Race s3) at friends Free Pool and Cheap beer with DJ! 11:30PM 2 pm - 6 pm cockpit  Dirty Boy Bingo w/ Ruby Redd G’s All you care to eat brunch eagle Balls Deep Karaoke w/ Mikey heretic Varies: Club Night or 3 Legged felix’s Karaoke w/ Brett & Tyler 10pm Cowboy Night - 10pm friends  Where Girls Who Like Girls Meet hideaway Open at 12:30pm! Saturday Girls with Regina Simms 8-closing Night Party G’s Game Night with Mr. Brent Star jungle Ruby’s Redd Light District 9pm; heretic  3 Legged Cowboy Night 9pm Club Night, Various Guest DJ’s hideaway  Service Industry Night lips atlanta Glitz & Glamour Las Vegas jungle Sing for Your Life 8pm Style Las Margaritas Dirty South Trivia model t Texas Holdem Poker - 3 pm | 10th & piedmont Shareable Experience $5 Smirnoff & Cuervo Drinks. House Cash Party with the M&M Boiz - 9 pm BLAKE’S Karaoke with Sasie Monroe & Prizes & $5 Wings oscar’s DJ Christopher Kind Suzanne Gleeson @ 11pm lips atlanta Dinner with the Divas swinging richards T-Shirt Review $10 BURKHART’S DRAG-EOKE with Angelica model t Party Time with Michael - 9 pm ten atlanta Music & Videos by DJ Rob D’Paige and Ruby Redd at 10PM oscar’s Twisted Thursday with Eric Reum 10pm club rush “Tipsy Tuesday” 18 & up swinging richards 2-4-1 VIP & Entry Open until 4am ten atlanta Decadence | A Night of COCKPIT  80s Party 9pm, specials 5-8pm Drinking and Debauchery w/ Wet Under10th & piedmont Bellini Brunch | FlashEAGLE Tuesdays w/ Tony wear Contest at 11pm back Showgirls with Angelica D’Paige FELIX’S  Smirnoff Martini Night blake’s Open at 1pm - High Energy MuFRIENDS Let’s Make A Deal with Ken 6 pm sic & Video w/ Bill Berdeaux & Daryl Cox G’s Industry Night HERETIC 2-Step Tuesday, dance till 11pm 10th & piedmont Bites & Bubbles 5:00- BURKHART’S The Armorettes at 9PM 7:15; 1st Friday- Popstars, Last Friday club rush Hip Hop and R&B - 18 & up HIDEAWAY Trivia with Wil 9 pm Open until 4am las margaritas Cuban Night - $12.95 – Swank All You Can Eat Cuban Buffet & $5 Mojitos blake’s 5-9pm TGIF, Charlie’s Angels 11pm felix’s  Bloody Marys & Mimosas BURKHART’S FEMME FATALE with Desfriends Open @ 2pm; Dinner @ 4pm MODEL T Wii Tuesday Afternoons 2pm tiny Brooks and Justice Taylor at 11PM while it lasts 9pm $2.50 beer / $3.0 well vodka G’s All you care to eat brunch | Karaoke OSCAR’S Show Tune Tuesday with Chad- club rush “Got Leche” Free entry until 11pm 18 & up - Open until 4am with DJ Audio Prism 8 pm cockpit  DJ Diablo Rojo, guest VJ/DJ’s hideaway  Atlanta’s Favorite Bloody Mary SWINGING RICHARDS 1/2 Price cover eagle DJ Dance Party Bar! 12:30 pm friends Happy Time Friday Kelly & Ken 6 pm lips atlanta Gospel Brunch w/ Bubba heretic FUR Friday D. Licious BLAKE’S 5-9pm Doug’s party pop hits, hideaway  Kick Back Fridays! las margaritas Papi’s $17.95 Charlie Harding’s Hardbodies Party 11pm jungle Dinner and a Movie 7 pm; The Unlimited Brunch & Choice of Mimosas, “American Horror Story” 10 pm Other Show with Edie Cheezburger 9:30pm Sangrias, Bloody Maria’s, & Mojitos BURKHART’S HUMPDAY KARAOKE with lips atlanta Glitz & Glamour Las Vegas model t Sunday Dinner with Ron 3:30 pm Darlene at 10PM Style oscar’s Sunday Fun-day COCKPIT Balls Deep Karaoke 10pm model t Friday Bagels - 10 am | Texas ten atlanta Brunch 11am & Music by EAGLE Underwear Night with Tony Holdem Poker 8 pm DJ Rob Reum 4pm Friends Hump Night with Regina Simms oscar’s Music Video Night G’s Karaoke with DJ Audio Prism swinging richards T-Shirt Review,$10 heretic  Pig Dance Black Out Party DJ ten atlanta Music & Videos by DJ Stan Jackson 10pm-3am NO COVER Shane V / DJ Daryl Cox 10pm hideaway 1/2 Price Beer jungle Dragnificence 10pm oscar’s Ruby Redd’s After Party - 10 pm swinging richards 2-4-1 VIP Room






50 // 02.12.2014

Datebook Mastering the Art of Bragging Wednesday, Feb. 12 • 6–8 p.m. • Phillip Rush Center (1530 Dekalb Avenue NE, Suite A) Regain the skill of bragging with the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, as leadership coach Darcy Eikenberg teaches techniques on selling yourself to the world. For more information, visit

Atlanta Cupid’s Undie Run Saturday, Feb. 15 • Noon • Rí Rá (1080 Peachtree St NE) • A bunch of half-naked runners will be raising funds for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. The run itself starts at 2:30 p.m.

Love Them, Love Them Not Thursday, Feb. 13 • 6:30–9:30 p.m. • Phillip Rush Center (1530 Dekalb Ave NE, Suite A) • This Valentine’s party, hosted by the Georgia Stonewall Democrats, includes pro-LGBT legislators. The event includes creation of “Broken Hearts,” created “for those who have yet to figure out Love is Love,” which will be delivered to anti-gay legislators on Valentine’s Day. The Frisky Affair Thursday, Feb. 13 • 7 p.m. • Smith’s Olde Bar (1578 Piedmont Ave) • Frisky Monkey plays in concert with special guests Evan Andree and Jade Lemons & The Crimson Lust. Valentines in the Garden Friday, Feb. 14 • 7–11 p.m. • Atlanta Botanical Garden (1345 Piedmont Ave NE) • Experience the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s current exhibit, “Orchid Daze: Lasting Impressions,” while sipping cocktails, dancing to live RoboCop: Kicking off a weekend of remakes of 1980s films, music, and enjoying chocolates and RoboCop follows a company that wants to bring its military other sweets. drone program to the homefront. When a cop is injured in the line of duty, he’s turned into a part-man, part-robot police Drunk in Love officer. Friday, Feb. 14 • 11 p.m. • Tantra Lounge (2285 Peachtree St) • About Last Night: In this remake of the 80s romantic comWassup N ATL brings in Magic Mario and DJ Trouble for their edy, two couples are followed over the course of their relaDrunk in Love party. tionships. Expect a lot of manic energy from Kevin Hart.

This Week in Theatres

Well-Strung Friday, Feb. 14–Sunday, Feb. 16 • Actor’s Express (887 W Marietta St, Suite J-107) • It’s a different kind of boy band. The all-male string quartet features musicians who sing, presenting their takes on classics from Mozart and Vivaldi, as well as newer songs by Lady Gaga, Adele, Rihanna and more. The shows on Friday and Saturday are at 8 p.m., and Sunday’s show is at 2 p.m.

Endless Love: Yet another 80s remake. In this one, a privileged girl and charismatic boy begin a reckless love affair that their parents try to stop. Winter’s Tale: Spanning the course of a century, Winter’s Tale is a story of miracles, crossed destinies, and the age-old battle between good and evil. // 51


Kyle’s Bed & Breakfast

Website - 54 // 02.12.2014

E-Mail -

by Greg Fox


404.244.7000 FREE to listen and reply to ads!

FREE CODE : David For other local numbers call:

1-888-MegaMates 24/7 Friendly Customer Care 1(888) 634.2628 18+ Š2013 PC LLC


2609 // 55

fairyscopes ARIES (March 20 – April 19):

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22):

You will be ardently into the joy of life today! You see each moment as a blessing and you’ll want to make the most of all of them. What could be the source of such boundless bliss? Perhaps there’s a handsome man waiting for you in your very near future, and he’s not wearing pants.

Expect your day to be like the arms of a metronome, constantly swinging left to right, pausing briefly at one extreme before racing back towards the other, never stopping anywhere in between. It could be a wild ride, and don’t expect the tempo to change any time soon.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20):

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21):

Don’t let fast-paced people knock you off your game today. Some might call it plodding, but you prefer meticulous. In either case, you’ll be holding up traffic and not only because of the wide load. Did I say that in public? Let them know that rushing you won’t make you go any faster.

You’ll be prancing and preening today, with so much high energy you’ll need to work it off somewhere -- so why not the gym? Let the stress of the workday roll off your shoulders and ground yourself for the rest of the week. Don’t forget to check out who else is working off some excess energy. You two may have more in common than you think.

GEMINI (May 21- June 20):

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 20):

You talk a good game, but can you really hit the bulls-eye? Be careful of exaggerated boasts today, as some may challenge you on them. It’ll be cool if they dare you to make a killer cheesecake. But if they ask you to drop your pants you may not be so self-assured.

Today you’re feeling like a macho, macho man. You swagger with the confidence of a rock star yet with the refined manners of an English gentleman. You’ll be quite a catch for some lucky guy who doesn’t mind having his moon continually eclipsed by your sun.

CANCER (June 21- July 22):

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 19):

A spat with your boss may leave you on the brink of explosion. Don’t allow professional problems to ruin your evening, though. Chant your mantra, take a few deep breaths and then follow them with some shots of tequila at happy hour with a few, very trustworthy coworkers. There’s no telling what you might say after a few cocktails.

You may have to rally the troops with strong words of motivation. Whether they buy that drivel depends on how forcefully you deliver it. But you better start working it because the clock is ticking, and once they go off on that extended lunch, nothing will get done.

LEO (July 23 – August 22):

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18):

You rarely make plans during the week because you like to roll with your after work moods. And besides, the good times usually come to you without much work on your part. Tonight is right for casual happy hour drinks that morph into a late night supper with someone particularly special.

It’ll be like you’re hyper-charged with electricity today. That will make you extremely hard to handle for those who are attracted to you. Whenever they try to touch your voluminous power they will be zapped into nothingness. Kind of makes it hard to form meaningful relationships, doesn’t it?

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22):

PISCES (February 19 – March 19):

You may be dealing with coworker problems, but let it go. The petty revenge you’ve been planning will only get in the way of completing that big project. And what could be better revenge, truly, than receiving a big promotion or raise because of the success of said project? Keep your eye on the prize and move on.

You may have to start adopting fictitious names and phone numbers to keep guys from bugging you. You’re too nice to tell guys to piss off, and herein is the root of your dilemma. So pass out the old faux name and info today. Guys will be psyched when they see that they got Zac Efron’s phone number.

56 // 02.12.2014

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now hiring

real estate

Blue Ridge Mountain Getaway! 4.64 AC – only $44,800


Beautifully wooded 4.64 Acre estate with picturesque rolling mountain views. Ideally located at the end of the of a quiet country road with no traffic. Enjoy the privacy along with the peace and quiet you deserve. Building is easy – when you are ready - with all underground utilities including water, electric, fiber optic cable. Excellent financing. Perfect for weekend mtn cabin or year-round residence. Only one like it. Wont last, call now 866-952-5303, x 144.

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alentine’s Day is just around the corner! For some of us, it’s a night of tawdry sex in a hotel room that charges by the 15 minutes ... and for others, it’s just another box of cheap chocolates, raggedy teddy bears, grocery store flowers and a night of disappointment. Speaking of disappointment, this week’s Favorite Bitch is all about the Cupid’s arrow that left bitches with sore behinds and sorry-ass motha fuckahs! Hopefully, Cupid will have his GPS in tact when he comes looking for you!

Dear Miss Tiger, My fiancé has a lot of bad habits, including forgetting about Valentine’s Day. He assures me that he’ll change once we’re married. Should I trust him? -Jasmine Dear Cancel The Wedding Planner, There are two things that straight men don’t change: 1. Their underwear on a daily basis 2. Their temporary amnesia when it comes to things like holidays and anniversaries NEXT!

Dear Miss Tiger, I can’t believe my man cheated on me a few weeks before Valentine’s Day. He thinks buying me some roses is going Dear Miss Tiger, make up for what he did. Help! Me and my man are always fighting. We were on our way to -Tiago have an early Valentine’s dinner and got into a fight on the train. He jumped out at the next stop and left me on the train Dear You’re Asking For Help When You Should by myself. I was lost in the middle of nowhere and barely Be Throwing Him And His Discount FTD Box In found my way back home. I just need some advice on what The Trash Where They Both Belong, to do about him. -Kenny Hmm, let’s see ... Dear Another Ghetto Opera On Public He got lucky with every drunken slut in the bar on St. Patrick’s Transportation, Day. He’s hopped in & out of more beds than the goddamn Easter Bunny. His fire cracker exploded on the Fourth of July Boo, if your man is bold enough to pull that shit when y’all ... and it wasn’t in your boypussy. He’s everyone’s ‘boo’ on are on your way for an intimate dinner ... let’s just say that Halloween. He puts the Ho Ho Ho in Christmas. he left your ass way before ditching you on that goddamn train. Get a life, get a new Valentine, get a new dick and last So why the fuck should Valentine’s Day be any different? but not least ... get a fucking map so you can find your way NEXT! back home! Dear Miss Tiger, I’m seeing a married dude on the DL. Out of nowhere he bought some red, lace panties and asked that I wear them when we hook up on Valentine’s Day. I’m a personal trainer and not femme in the least bit. I told him hell no and now’s he’s upset. Any advice? -Salvatore Dear You Were Thirsty For Some DL Dick So Now Deal With The DL Drama, Be glad his fetish is just a pair of hooker panties. He could’ve asked you to put on a pair of Depend Undergarments and shit in them. NEXT! 58 // 02.12.2014

It pays to Be Your Own Valentine! Visit the FaceBook page and enter to win one of my Favorite Bitch t-shirts! Giveaway ends Valentine’s Day, so ya better hurry that ass on and enter!

Miss Tiger

Advice columnist • SiriusXM radio personality ... and everyone’s #FAVORITEBITCH Website: Facebook: /MissTiger Advice :

Bitch SESSION SEND US YOUR BITCHES! Text 404.969.BTCH or email

Turn your nose up at people, thinking you look fabulous in your kaleidoscope outfit and unflattering hairstyle, but failing to realize you’re the hot mess.

Put your feet in the air like you just don’t care.

He looks like he would just lay there the whole time.

If you’re old enough to open and hold a Coke bottle, you should be old enough to pull your pants up. Nobody wants to see your underwear, gross.

Has anyone ever noticed that the ATL A-List queens all look alike? They must all go to the same plastic surgeon! 60 // 02.12.2014

I never understood people who are into getting off on Skype. I could just watch porn instead, which would look better anyways.

Finally charged my phone after it was dead for five hours. I feel like Misty Day.

How many times do I have to roll my eyes to burn any calories? LGBT senior housing? Can we have only the G? Maybe the B and maybe the T (FTM). But NO L, please. Bitch Boy replies: Seriously? Do you just want a senior home for your own hookups? Get over yourself.

Being known as “the fun one” of the group is a good thing, unless you’re in prison.

Licking something to discourage others from stealing it may be how oral sex was invented.

*This page reflects the bitchiness of the community not David Atlanta or its publisher (although we’re bitchy too!)

24/7 404.815.0456 76 4th Street NW Atlanta, GA 30308

David Atlanta Vol. 17 Issue 7  

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